so gutted right now

seeing wonders


So last year after Jibcon, there’s this Destiel project (which I don’t know what happened to it) where everybody was gonna submit a video dancing to “Who Do You Love” in support for Destiel. I was just looking through my external hard drive and found this :D

Not really caring about turn-out, crossing over, hitting my bum on the leap-over, etc when I made this. I was just having fun :D

  • someone: but getting kicked in the balls is worse than having a period
  • me: there is a fucking plug in my vagina because I am fucking bleeding out of it. a fucking Super+™ plug because my flow is so heavy. someone is fucking stabbing me in the gut and I'm on so many pills right now because of this fucking migraine shut the living fuck up you fucking walnut
pumpkin carving || michael

- “What do you mean October 10th is too early to buy a pumpkin?”

- Michael looking at carving designs, pointing out the ugly looking ones and saying it’s you


- Setting aside a full day for “pumpkin carving and shit” by writing it on the calender

- Only going to the shop for pumpkins and spending hours in there

- “Y/N, stop PRESSURING me, I need to pick out the perfect pumpkin!”

- “Yeah, well yours is gonna look shit, because you just picked out the first pumpkin you saw.”

- “Okay, fine, your pumpkin will look great, I’m sorry.”

- Both of you wearing Halloween jumpers


- Clinging onto each other because there’s guts all over the kitchen floor

- “You look so pretty right now. Even with this pumpkin in your hair.”

- Posting pumpkin selfies

- Little pouty Michael because his pumpkin isn’t quite going how he wanted

- Kissing his puffy bottom lip

- You finishing your pumpkin after half a hour, and having to wait another half a hour for Michael to even start

- “Finish this within the hour and I’ll give you a blowjob right here.”

- Mikey kissing your nose in between carving

- A Halloween playlist on repeat

- Him getting frustrated and bored, making you close your eyes, and just carving a dick

- “It represents the blowjob you’re about to give me for finishing my pumpkin.”