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My part of an arttrade on Deviantart!

They asked me for ‘Tom teasing Edd about his height’

Let’s be honest here, he’d definitely be cocky about being taller and would tease Edd lovingly about him being a smol cutie. (Also Tom loves picking Edd up and carrying him around the house)

30 day studyblr challenge by @hayley-studies: day 6: a photo showing how you relax

it’s the weekend before chinese new year and most of my family is currently in hong kong because they don’t want to stay in singapore! so i’m alone at home catching up on tv shows, reading a new book and very obviously ignoring all my projects hurrah! 新年快乐, indeed!


any of y'all sing well? i’m tryna contract one of y'all to do my answering machine costanza style, really doe (via jeremy)