so gorgeous in suit

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my crush is gentle and tall and can speak french fluently and just loves people he is so cute and can sing and hes so sweet and he wears the most gorgeous suits. he has the best intentions and will do whatever he can to save his man. he is so perfect and beautiful. he is glorious. he is ethereal. he is a prince. he is an angel. he is tsukiyama

fuck off

so i’ve been watching CTV’s Motive (with Louis Ferreira…for science for I am a scientist) and a lot of actors from SGU guest star and it’s just glorious?

Two years ago I went to prom in a girly dress with a boy. This year, I went with my gorgeous girlfriend, in a suit. I am so happy and so lucky that I got to celebrate the end of a difficult year with sextielock and my wonderful friends and family. I’m so so happy that I’m out now, that I can dress how I want to dress and cut off all my hair and be ultra gay. This is who I have always wanted to be and I am ecstatic to have made it through the hard times to get here.

Oh. My. Gosh. Can this man be anymore attractive?! I don’t think that’s possible…well maybe if he took his shirt off.. 😍But he’s surfing at a beach that’s about 20 minutes from my house and I didn’t know about it!! Gahhhh I’m so mad I didn’t know!! 😫

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I'm leaving for quepos costa rica tomorrow morning. And I'm so excited got any tips for when I get there?

OMG YES <p>Okay so <b>#1</b> definitely hit up wag-your-tail, she’s super awesome and full of wonderful advice and also an adorable amazing human being

In Quepos I’d say the biggest attraction is Manuel Antonio. You can hike around and see all kinds of animals (I hate tour guides, but I recommend one here if you like animals - they see all kinds of shit I’d never have found on my own), and also the beaches there are GORGEOUS, so bring your suit.

other than that, I’d say just walk around and check stuff out! If you have a car, there is a really cute beach town about 45 minutes from there (in the SJ direction), but I can’t remember what it’s called.


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hi, just a shy mutual here, wanted to let y know I think you're so gorgeous honestly just so pretty, also love the new brown hair it suits u so well

omg omg i love u woah thank you so much !!

((also feel free to talk to me anytime okay honey))

«Rose straightened herself up and fussed with her hair while Donna shook her head and muttered how he wasn’t worth it.

She opened the door and the Doctor just about fell on top of her, catching himself on the door frame. He stood up and stared at her. “Rose! I was just here to see you!” he exclaimed.

Rose did her best not to laugh at how nervous he was. “Yeah, I heard. So, what do you want?”

He tugged at his ear and Rose couldn’t help but feel her heart beat a little faster. He was so adorable in his pinstripe suit and trainers with his gorgeous hair all mussed up from what she assumed was him tugging at it nervously.»

- The Academy, by Kelkat9 (Chap.4)

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Your boyfriend looked so good in his suit at prom! You guys are both gorgeous

I know, he looked so great😍 and thank you so much☺️