so gorgeous in suit

So I was shopping at the thrift shop (which was fortunately a successful trip, I have 4 dresses now) and I saw the most gorgeous man. I may even dare say as beautiful as Monty. Yeah, that gorgeous. He looked like the cute dad from fresh off the boat but more tan and a strong jawline and gelled back hair…… I may have semi followed him around the store and he smiled at me. In general, I have cute dresses now and I had an incredible time.

anonymous asked:

Don't apologise at all, tumblr is a piece of crap sometimes, smh. I love how Amell also replied to them! It's so cute to see such good friendships :') And also Jensen liking Jared's picture, gosh, they're so cute! Any photoshoot of theirs is gorgeous but them in suits just kills me. I'm glad you had a great day ily - dean anon

Oh my goodness, Dean anon, I love the way they mess with each other so much! And I’d like to start a petition to put Sam and Dean in suits at least, oh idk, always! Lol. And now today we have ACKLES TWINS news XD. Today has been so wonderful even despite the 5 hour nap I accidentally took, rip me.