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Guys.  Stop what you’re doing and look at these unbelievable charts made by asthebelltolls, who allowed me to share them with all of you.  Send love their way, because this is gorgeous and fabulous!  Thank you SO MUCH!

(And if you’re not sure about where your voice sits, check out this post for some help!)

You may not fit perfectly into one of these categories, or your range may span over many! That’s alright–each voice is unique. This just gives a very general look at various ranges!

Here’s the little clip from 1994’s Icelandic comedy television show (Áramótaskaup) featuring the one and only Stefán Karl back when he was 19. I will post the full YouTube link below if you’d like to appreciate Icelandic comedy I personally think it’s brilliant ♥


Side note,
He’s so fucking gorgeous ughhh, just look how fabulous he is like GOODNESS. Stefáni Karli Stefánssyni is a jack of all trades hands down. I love him ♥

Things I Have Been Reading - June

It is the end of June already! During our little heat wave over here I found it difficult to sleep which did kinda suck BUT it meant I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading some awesome fics, some of which I present here to you in this list.  

For more fic recs feel free to follow my @girl-next-door-recommends which is a blog I set up fairly recently to keep track of all the great stuff I have been reading.  I also have a tagging system to make it easy to find your fandom amongst the many.

So, without any further pre-amble, here are my fic recs for June 2017…

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InoSai as they grew :’D I’m sorry but just…look at these two? Are they or are they not the most beautiful creatures you’ve ever laid your eyes on? They are beautiful. Just…absolutely stunning. Honestly, I am so in love with this OTP that I’m drowning in it and I’m quite content here. So please…leave me here. Thank yoooouuu….. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Today, July the 20th, is the birthday of two amazing men from seattle, two wonderful musicians whom i’ve count amongst my favourites for a few years already

I’m gonna start with my favourite one: Stone Gossard. Idk what to say about him lmao… He’s my second favourite musician because he’s an incredible guitarist, Pearl jam wouldn’t be the same without him imo ♥ He’s also super nice and funny, as well as he’s extremely handsome, I mean he just turned 51 and he’s still looking fab and cute af! He’s my diva ♥ Happy birthday mama Stone, i love you so so so so fucking much, and i always will. I hope you’ll stay healthy and that you’re having a fab birthday with your loved ones ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Then, there’s my fourth favourite musician: Chris Cornell. This angel left us last may, and today he would have turned 53… I miss him so much, i can’t even put words on what i’ve felt after his death, this kinda void in my heart… I’ve loved his music since i’m 13, and only 4 years after my love for him began he was stolen from us all… What can I say about him? His voice…his voice was one of the most powerful, beautiful ones i’ve ever heard, and he was a fabulous guitar player ♥ He was also so gorgeous, and kind, as well as caring ♥ Happy birthday Chris, my angel. I really wish you were still here with us to celebrate your 53th birthday ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I heard you wanted fanart ^_^

So I may have gone a bit overboard here BUT YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SO FUN TO DRAW so… yeah.

Also, Alba is gorgeous? How do you make his hair look so fabulous. It’s amazing.


((THIS IS SO GOOD??? Thank you so much ahhhhhh i have no words!! Both of them look so cute I’m CRYING))

anonymous asked:

some of the tangle keychains and the 'sparkle red' tangle palms and tangle flatz from the learning shop on amazon uk (the shop that sells the tangle rxz bling) are also transparent

Anon, I checked out the Learning Shop’s Amazon storefront today and nothing was coming up for me. I was looking to see if they still had the blue/red/clear Tangle Palm they used to stock and couldn’t find it or the others, so I assumed some fabulous stimmer had bought the gorgeous things!

Anyway, I went back and searched for the Palm and Flatz by name. The red Flatz still didn’t come up, but I found it through various “similar products” link clicking. Why were they not coming up for me before is a mystery we will never solve, but thank you for reminding us that these things still available for purchase.

Unfortunately, neither item ships to Australia, so I think they might be UK or UK and Europe only listings.

Tangle Palm Sparkle Red - £6.99 GBP.

Tangle Flatz Sparkle Red - £4.99 GBP.

I’m going to link to all the other cool, out of print and rare Tangles UK folks really should check out, by the way:

Tangle Zen Bling | Tangle Jr Java  | Tangle Jr Angels  | Tangle Original Chrome | Tangle Silly Words | Tangle Palm Solid Red | Tangle Jr Keychain Bats | Tangle Jr Keychain Happy and Grumpy |

Tangle Jr Flatz Solid Blue | Tangle Jr Flatz Solid White | Tangle Jr Flatz Solid Black |

Tangle Jr Solid Yellow | Tangle Jr Solid Green | Tangle Jr Solid Orange | Tangle Jr Solid Pink | Tangle Jr Solid Blue | Tangle Jr Solid Red | Tangle Jr Solid Black |

Tangle Jr Blue and Green | Tangle Jr Pink and Green | Tangle Jr Pink and Blue |

Thanks again, anon!

- Mod K.A.


I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT, 2008, dir. Shamim Sarif

Okay so the title is pretty bad, and the acting is sometimes stilted, and not all the dialogue works AND it has my least favorite trope in queer cinema (the “out yourself immediately or i’m dumping you” trope) - BUT… there’s still a lot I love about this. And it’s not just that Lisa Ray is so so so gorgeous. (But…she is.) It’s beautifully shot. Fabulous costumes and scenery/set design. I love that this movie manages to feel very light even while showing the trouble these women have in bridging their worlds - Tala, the daughter of wealthy Palestinian Christians living in Jordan and Leyla, a British Indian from a working-class Muslim family living in London. The development of their relationship is charming and satisfying and all comes to a happy end in Sarif’s semi-autobiographical movie.