so goodbye unfollowers

a little goodbye :)

hi guys! just wanted to say that i’m going on a trip and i won’t post anything (or almost anything) for one or two weeks. it means that i’ll miss a lot of Sprousehart/Riverdale updates and especially Cole’s birthday (😭) but even more i’m gonna miss YOU, babies, so much. i hope you won’t unfollow 🙊 so, goodbye for now, and i wish you not breadcrumbs but the most thriving bakery if you know what i mean 😄🍞🍞 *sending hugs to everyone who read this ❤*

So I’m sure the unfollow came as a surprise to y'all and I’m sorry. It’s just the best decision I can do right now for my mental health. I’m under too much stress and I didn’t want that to affect my writing. I hope that I’ll rp with you guys in the future and please don’t be strangers. I’d love to stay in contact with all of you. Love you awesome nerds xoxo.
Ps. If you want to know more don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll answer when I can (:

anonymous asked:

You reblogging your friends' pics is super annoying so I'm unfollowing you goodbye you are the weakest link

fuck you. Im reblogging my friends pictures because I love them and theyre super important to me. Isnt the whole point of having a blog having the liberty to make it what YOU want it to be? Eat a dick man. Your following will not be missed. I hope what few friends you have ignore your pictures to support your shitty blog.