so goodbye please don't cry


i felt the need to immortalise these screen caps in a separate post

daisuke didn’t get incredible scores or anything
but he is so content with his performance
this is his last competition in figure skating
and he promised the best performance that he can give
and he delivered so well

he deserves all the love that his fans from all across the world shower him in
he deserves to be revered as the man in japan men’s figure skating

for me there will never be anyone like daisuke
and i believe that there will never be anyone who will be like daisuke
the one and only, takahashi daisuke

Xiuhan goodbye
  • Luhan: Minseok... You know I
  • love you right?
  • Xiumin: Yes, and I love you too. Why do you look so nervous?
  • Luhan: I-I--I'm leaving.
  • Xiumin: ... What do you mean your leaving? You're breaking up with me? Its because of Sehun isn't it!
  • Luhan: No! No! I only love you... I don't want to leave you... But I'm going back to china.
  • Xiumin: ...
  • Luhan: You know my health hasn't been the best for the past few weeks. I can't keep doing this. I still love you though!
  • Xiumin: This isn't about us anymore! It's about Exo! What about We Are One? Did you forget that already? Our father left... Now our brother is going tonleave too?
  • Luhan: You know the truth. The company has been is failing. My health is failing. Why don't you tell Suho and Siwon to buy the company?! Everyonr is going to go down if we stay here. I can't perform because of my health! I want to so badly to stand up on that stage with all 12 of us! I miss that! But what can I do!
  • Xiumin: ...
  • Luhan: Minseok-ah... Say something, please... You don't hate me right?
  • Xiumin: I could never hate you Lu-ge... But I just don't want you to leave.
  • Luhan: I'm sorry...
  • Xiumin: But it's for the better. I love you, so I'll support your decision. All I really want is for you to be happy Lu-ge.
  • Luhan: I know. Thank you. I'm so sorry... (Crying)
  • Xiumin: Please don't cry... (Cries too)
  • Luhan: goodbye...
  • Xiumin: goodbye... (Whispers) i'll love you forever...
  • [my story/convo between luhan and xiumin. It kinda represents thr difference in th fans, the controversy with everything, with a mixnof my opinion...]

anonymous asked:

If I... should stay. I will only... be in your... way. So I'll go. But I know. I will think of you. Every step of, the way. Bittersweet. Memories. That is all I am taking with me. So, goodbye. Please. Don't cry. We both know that I'm not what you... you need.