so goodbye please don't cry

Dear Tanis,

So it’s Friday, March 31st. And I’m not okay. My favorite blog is closing today. And I’m just not okay. This blog is the reason for my blog being here today. This blog is the reason I woke up some mornings. Because I knew there were still 38473838 stories I have yet to read. (Seriously that girl has written over 500 stories wtf) 

Those stories gave me advice and strength to keep going. I have no idea where I’d be without that blog. It literally is my life. I am in literal tears as I write this because I just won’t know what to do after today. That blog has stories that I still think of to this day. 

One of my personal favorites is the one where Joe is in a coma and the reader talks to him everyday. (Please, Wake Up

But I also loved Shoutout To My Ex, it was just so cute.


Out Of Place was so bloody adorable omg. Why can’t Zoe be my best friend. 

Divorced Birthday was also good. Even though I don’t have divorced parents, it was a good read. 


I honestly don’t think there’s one story that I don’t like on this blog. But those are just some of my faves.

I remember when I first found the blog, I was in shock as to how the masterlist had not one BUT two parts. (Now it has three wtf) I remember that I was determined to read them in order… then I clicked on the first one (1 Year. 12 Months. 365. Days) And I couldn’t do it. The very first story is one about how Joe died and I was like “wtf is wrong with the author”. 

So then I was like “I’ll read it backwards.” So I did. I started at Z and worked my way up. (Also those two smuts oml bless her) 

And about 3-4 days (i had already finished all of her stories on the masterlist) after I found that blog, the author took a break. And I was D E V E S T A T E D. I was a literal mess. I hated Tanis for a while (not anymore tho bc ur a smol bean and ily).

Then she came back after what seemed like a lifetime and I was happy again. I was getting two stories a day from my favorite writer. Some, that were even my requests. 

And then something crazy happened. 

Tanis noticed me.

If you weren’t here back then, I made a post called “Announcement” and she reblogged it adding her own wise words to mine. 

And let me tell you.

I absolutely D I E D.

I was freaking out. I screenshotted it and posted it saying how it was so shocked. 

And then something even crazier happened.

Tanis followed me.

You thought I freaked out before? Oh my god I was a mess. I was in tears, I was flailing on my bed as I texted Olivia and Sol. I wasn’t okay.

So then everything quieted down for a bit. I continued reading her stories. And she continued to make me a happy reader.

But then she posted “We Need to Talk” And my heart broke. I think I cried for a solid hour that day. I understood where she was coming from, but I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to handle it.

(Which is why I’m writing this)

So then I realized that I have to make the most of it. So I started not reading her stories. I saved up four or five so I would have some that I haven’t read after she was gone (she’s not dying omg why am i like this).

Anyways, that didn’t work. I read them this morning because I couldn’t NOT read my mom’s writing (lol).

So about a week ago I was just living life, scrolling through Tumblr. And then something hit me. Tanis was ending her blog in 8 days. Once again the tears began rolling. So I sent her an ask saying how sad I was and stuff. But it didn’t help. My favorite blog was ending and I couldn’t do anything about it.

And she continued to say that she’ll still have @tizniz and @thatchermaynardimagines . And I’m not gonna lie, my first thought was “fuck that. It’s not the same”. Luckily, I now know that it’s still gonna be the same person, just not in the same setting. And that took some time to wrap my head around.

I am NOT writing this to make Tanis feel bad. That’s not what this is meant for at all. 

This is meant for me to show Tanis how much she has changed my life. How much I’ve grown because of her. How much I’ll miss her.

So here it is:

I’ll miss you so fucking much Tanis. You have changed my life in too many ways to count. You made me feel loved and known. You made me cry (happy and sad tears). You gave me advice, through your stories and through the talks we’ve had. You showed me what an amazing writer looks like. You never gave up on me and you support me. You made me see a new point of view on life. You made me realize that life is so much more than I thought. And it’s worth living. You will always be my favorite imagine blog. Forever and always❤️ 



(here are some cute joe gifs bc im sad and he’s cute. hope it helps. bc he always helps make me happy. so maybe he can make you happy too. pls don’t cry. also sorry this is so long.)

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i felt the need to immortalise these screen caps in a separate post

daisuke didn’t get incredible scores or anything
but he is so content with his performance
this is his last competition in figure skating
and he promised the best performance that he can give
and he delivered so well

he deserves all the love that his fans from all across the world shower him in
he deserves to be revered as the man in japan men’s figure skating

for me there will never be anyone like daisuke
and i believe that there will never be anyone who will be like daisuke
the one and only, takahashi daisuke

Xiuhan goodbye
  • Luhan: Minseok... You know I
  • love you right?
  • Xiumin: Yes, and I love you too. Why do you look so nervous?
  • Luhan: I-I--I'm leaving.
  • Xiumin: ... What do you mean your leaving? You're breaking up with me? Its because of Sehun isn't it!
  • Luhan: No! No! I only love you... I don't want to leave you... But I'm going back to china.
  • Xiumin: ...
  • Luhan: You know my health hasn't been the best for the past few weeks. I can't keep doing this. I still love you though!
  • Xiumin: This isn't about us anymore! It's about Exo! What about We Are One? Did you forget that already? Our father left... Now our brother is going tonleave too?
  • Luhan: You know the truth. The company has been is failing. My health is failing. Why don't you tell Suho and Siwon to buy the company?! Everyonr is going to go down if we stay here. I can't perform because of my health! I want to so badly to stand up on that stage with all 12 of us! I miss that! But what can I do!
  • Xiumin: ...
  • Luhan: Minseok-ah... Say something, please... You don't hate me right?
  • Xiumin: I could never hate you Lu-ge... But I just don't want you to leave.
  • Luhan: I'm sorry...
  • Xiumin: But it's for the better. I love you, so I'll support your decision. All I really want is for you to be happy Lu-ge.
  • Luhan: I know. Thank you. I'm so sorry... (Crying)
  • Xiumin: Please don't cry... (Cries too)
  • Luhan: goodbye...
  • Xiumin: goodbye... (Whispers) i'll love you forever...
  • [my story/convo between luhan and xiumin. It kinda represents thr difference in th fans, the controversy with everything, with a mixnof my opinion...]

anonymous asked:

If I... should stay. I will only... be in your... way. So I'll go. But I know. I will think of you. Every step of, the way. Bittersweet. Memories. That is all I am taking with me. So, goodbye. Please. Don't cry. We both know that I'm not what you... you need.