so good to have norma back

before midnight (dylan massett)

warnings: i talk about boobs a lot. also there’s a mention of the sex trade deal from season 1 

word count: 1.566

a/n: i took an au from this and changed it up a bit

story line: you see him smoking by his truck every night outside the motel and one night you accidentally leave the curtains open when changing 

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ive been looking super feminine lately and its been stressing me out.

Back To School Essentials
  • A backpack. Let’s be honest, we all know why it is essential to have one. But when buying one make sure that you are buying a bag that’s USEFUL. Your bag had to be big enough for all your things to fit, light and comfortable because you’ll have to carry, and durable. I own a Samsonite bak with a special pocket for my laptop. It’s not the cheapest one but it has lasted me a couple of years, so I prefer spending a little more for a bag I’ll be able to use all through highschool.

  • An agenda/planner/bullet journal. They are super useful to keep yourself organized and to know which assignments do you have. So people prefer agendas that already come with dates, but I’ve personally liked more the bullet journal type because it’s more free (I’m just starting it so we’ll see how it works for me). The functionality of it is more important than the brand, keep that in mind. And try different ones, to what works for you. 

  • Notebooks. I personally prefer to have one notebook per class. That way I can carry with me just one notebook if I have just one homework. Use notebooks that you like, since you’ll be using them a lot, and it is motivational. And take good care of them, so that they last all year. Last year I bough one from the brand Five Star and it was really worth it. The rest are from a national brand (Norma) which is really good and they last a lot as well. 

  • Folders. I used to have one folder per class, to have everything organized and tidy. For some classes I store the exams and assignments on a pocket on the front of the notebook. The important thing is to store all exams, essays and assignments you are given back. It can help you study at the end of the year, and it’s always important to have in mind the feedback you are receiving. 

  • Binder. So this year I’ll be trying to use a binder rather than a notebook for one class. We’ll see hoe it works for me. I like a lot the idea of being able to put new pages in between and delete pages you don’t need, move them around and stuff. I recommend it to people who like having everything very organized. 

  • Pencil case.  It is always important to have all your supplies together, so a pencil case that’s big enough but not too bulky is just perfect. Make sure it’s a pencil case that you notice so that you don’t leave it at school or at home. I also recommend to leave a small pencil case (with one pencil, a pen and an eraser) at school just in case you have any emergency.  

  • Pencils. I personally like taking notes, and exams on pencil. I have a 0.7 mechanical pencil, so that’s not too thin or too thick. Pencil is great because you can erase it, and you don’t have to be using liquid paper or crossing out things if you mess up. 

  • Black Pens. Black pens are essential. They are important for every assignment or exams that you obligatory have to do in pen. My motto is to do everything in black pen if someone else is going to read it (or grade it). It is easier to read in black ink, and it looks more professional. Always have black pens. 

  • Colored Pens. In case you like giving some color to you notes. Some people love to have tons of colored pens, but having one or two is also okay. I carry 5 in my pencil case daily, and have a collection of 20 stabilos at home for my bullet journal or thing I want to make more beautiful. 

  • Erasers. Because we all make mistakes. Always have a good eraser. They are even useful to remove some stains in a paper or assignment you need to give to a teacher. 

  • Liquid Paper. In case you hate crossing out stuff (Like me). I don’t like much the way it looks, so I use very little and only on extreme conditions. 

  • Sharpener. If you have mechanical pencils, extra mines, but a sharpener for pencils and colored pencils is essential. 

  • Highlighter. I don’t like highlighting much, I only highlight quotes I need in the future and use it to do squares around formulas or important stuff in my notes. 

  • A Ruler. I hate doing crooked lines, so I use a ruler for way too many things (including highlighting). 

  • A Calculator. A basic one is okay, I have a graphing calculator because my school requires it, but still, I carry in my pencil case a small, scientific one because it’s always useful. To calculate your grades, average or how much time to spend on a project per day. 

  • Post-its. To write lists and stuff you need to remember. And to annotate books and textbooks that are not yours. 

For artistic people (like me):

  • A dark pencil (like a 6B) or several drawing pencils.
  • Colored pencils.
  • A piece of charcoal.
  • An esfumino (I don’t know how other call them, that’s how I call them, sorry)
I mean, not like a date date...

“Hey.” Oliver says gently as he walks down to the new foundry, calling out for Felicity’s attention so he doesn’t scare her.

Still, the blonde jumps a little in her seat before the screens, but quickly recovers and smiles. “Hey. How did it go?”

It’s been a few of weeks since they finally put Slade and the Mirakuru away for good and they have trying to go back to norma ever since. Or as close to normal as they will ever get again.

They have been making good use of their time. Felicity has been rebuilding the foundry’s system while keeping her job at a Queen Consolidated without CEO or clear direction. Oliver has been working on that, meeting with investors, lining up the assets he has left, getting his company back while keeping an eye on Starling’s city crime rate. 

“We monitored SCPD radio and it doesn’t seem like there’s much going on today.” He simply says.

Felicity notices the ‘we’ but also that he’s come back alone. “So you are not going out tonight?”

He shakes his head. “We thought Detective Lance can handle it, so we decided to take the day off. The guys already left. How are you doing?” He moves his head towards the screens.

“I was about to try a new encryption sequence for our firewalls, more complex.” She says, turning back to the screen but using the pause in the typing to take her glasses off and wipe her eyes with her hands.

Oliver nods along, with a smile to his lips. “You look a little tired, though.” He tries to speak calmly. “What do you say you call it a night too and I take you out to dinner?”

Felicity considers it and finds she is actually realy hungry and this could take hours. She turns around with a smile.

“Okay… it’s a date!” She states. Her face scrunches as she grimaces in horror just a couple of seconds later. “I mean…” She stumbles. “It… It’s not like a date date…we’re friends… just friends… so it won’t be a date date.” She doesn’t dare to look to Oliver as she rambles about something they haven’t discussed since Lian Yu. “It’s just… a date.” She finally says, lacking a better word.

The blonde looks up to an amused Oliver, looking at her adoringly.

“Felicity.” He says, to stop any more possible flow of words. “I actually was hoping you’d want to go on a date date with me tonight.”