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The 'believes in conspiracies' squad

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus

You don’t have to say ‘I love you’ to say ‘I love you
Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons,
We’ve been making shades of purple out of red and blue

Guess what song I’ve been listening to on repeat? :> Have a doodle that I cropped due to the lack of artistic talent- ((YES, THEY’RE WEARING TROYE SIVAN T-SHIRTS////))

anonymous asked:

Im asking all the ziams blogs this favor, i want you to put YOUR TOP 20 ziam moments (10 fetus /10 recently) with a gif is enough,well it will be like a xmas present for me thanks:)x

HEKC YEAH THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!! im so excited omfg *how recent is /recent/ tho bc im just going to go with 2013** OKAY here goes!!


10: visibly checking out eachothers asses when asked to twerk

9: zayn giving liam a rose (x2* can this only count as one pls)

8: the twister gangsta tweet

7: saying in an interview they’re wearing matching ‘i love you’ bracelets (x)

6: liam carrying zayn bridal style

5: playfighting/wrestling in Amsterdam more like amster-frickiN-DAMN tbh that was some hot shit

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