so good she still remembers that tour

Thunderbirds    Chapter 28

t/w: Smut

 Jane spent most of the rest of the trip with her headphones on and her laptop out, trying to get some writing done.  The book I had read was the first in a series and she had a deadline to meet, tour or not.  I left her alone and hung out with the guys, playing video games and being our usual loud, obnoxious selves.  Jane didn’t seem to pay us any attention, lost to whatever muse had ahold of her.

   When we got to the hotel I quickly hopped out for a smoke while Tony went inside to take care of getting the rooms sorted.  The quality of our accommodations on the road was often wildly unpredictable, and this place looked especially worrying but anything beat another day on the bus.  It was going to be 5 days after this show before we had another night in a hotel.  I wondered how Jane was going to handle it. While we waited she went for a walk around the parking lot to stretch her legs as I huddled with the other nicotine addicts, catching up with Kevin, one of the techs that were traveling with us.  He was having problems with his girl back home and I was a good listener so we had ended up talking quite a bit over the course of the tour. I was completely caught up in the conversation so I didn’t realize how much time had passed until Jane came back from one her laps around the lot.

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Literally all the anti-Gal Godot posts come from anti-semites blogging about the evil Zionist conspiracy or some shit. Every last one of them are anti-semites.

This website pretends to be so inclusive and yet they’ll tear down anyone who isn’t a white straight cis man. Do you remember when Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner called Scarlet Johansson’s character a slut? They apologised but then Jeremy Renner took it back. Yet most people were fine with it. Their excuse was that they were tired. Ok but Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have had nothing but praise for their female co-stars and the Batman vs Superman press tour was a lot more stressful. They still do. They still will at the Justice League press tour. Even the stars of Suicide Squad praised each other and we know the hate they got. Well they didn’t praise Jared Leto but that’s for obvious reasons of course. Remember how supportive everyone was of Amber Heard as well?

Gal Godot is a mother of two and she loves her family, she loves her husband, believes in the good, is like the literal embodiment of everything Wonder Woman stands for and is such a ray of sunshine. This website is so fucking horrible and yes as you said, the people who make those posts are anti-semites and they should all be ashamed of themselves. Especially if you attack Gal Godot for being cast as Wonder Woman when the person you wanted didn’t. That’s just horrible and those actresses wouldn’t like that you behave that way.

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I was just wondering if you've got an kind of receipts on Halsey???


hello lil pal!!! this is going to be super fun and a little nerve wracking. (also this actually took me three days to make, fuck). 

(before i start, i’d like to thank leghannepinnock & englishgraffiti for helping me find all of these links because it wouldn’t have been possible without them tbh).

*this post generally excludes tweets because she has so many tweets, it’d be impossible to go back and read like a year of them. but if i find any specific links/tweets after I post this, it’ll be updated.*

Originally, I was going to make a super long post about how she broke the internet in 2012 and how people that have been in the 1D (and or the 5SOS) fandom since late 2012/early 2013 have known about her for ages and have some really strong opinions on her. 

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serena had thrown herself to her work. having just started as an intern, she just decided to do as many shifts as she could after the break up, and here she was, five years later and still doing it. being the first time she’d had her heart broken, she didn’t deal well. and it was best to keep herself busy than to remember that she had lost the love of her life. she was just off an all night shift, walking down the street because driving whilst exhausted wasn’t good, when she bumped into him. “b-bray…” her breath was taken as she looked at him, bags under her eyes, no life in them at all anymore.

Bray was in between tours at the moment, wandering the town he’d called his home for so long. Although, it didn’t really feel like home anymore. His twenty-eighth birthday had just passed, an affair, alone, with a cupcake in his apartment. He didn’t even have his kitten anymore, he’d given her to a friend when there was no longer somebody at home to watch her, and in those five years, he hadn’t stopped wondering why? Being lost in these thoughts is what caused him to bump into a fellow walker, “I’m s-…Serena?” He whispered, arms falling back to his sides.

So that’s how me and my daughter and my two grandsons got rid of the vampires in Santa Carla.  At least, those vampires we know about.

After that things pretty much returned to normal.  We fixed up the house, Lucy got a new job, Michael went back to school.  Star did, too, after she found a place to stay at the Widow Johnson’s.  Laddie remembered where his parents lived.  And Sam decided he wanted to learn to stuff animals.

But there’s one little piece of the story I haven’t told you about.  Didn’t know it myself until Michael and Star took Lucy and me on a tour of the Lost Boys’ cave.

It’s quite a place.  A good piece of a hotel just fell into the earth, back about a hundred years ago.  They built things to last in those days, so most of it’s still there.  Pretty impressive.  Might make a good tourist attraction someday, if we let anybody know about it.

But it’s what’s behind the hotel that’s really spooky.  That place where all the Lost Boys slept is only the beginnings of the cave.  Those tunnels seem to go on forever, maybe even all the way back into Santa Carla.  And the noises that come out of there?  My daughter insists it’s just gotta be the wind.  Sam says it’s probably some sort of animal.

But nobody knows for sure.  So you’ll excuse us if we only visit the hotel during the daylight.  And we haven’t quite gotten the gumption to go back there and check those noises out.

Would you?

—  Epilogue, THE LOST BOYS novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner

Look how far we’ve come taylorswift
❤️ June 20th will forever be the best day in my life and I’ll never forget you as long as I live.

So here’s a little story for you, about my dream coming true:
I became a Swiftie at age 14 (in 2009) and since then, I’ve always imagined what it must feel like to be one of Taylor’s friends. I used to daydream about it and sometimes, I even talked to my posters (yeah okay you got me, I still do that sometimes lol). I also remember that one night I was watching the Ellen show via live stream at 2 am (because of time difference) where Taylor surprised a fan. When that girl saw Tay she started bawling and so did I. I was so happy for her. I never gave up on the thought that maybe, even when there’s such a small chance, this could be me someday and so held on to that dream. Of course there where times where I thought that Taylor will never notice me because I’m just another small town girl from Germany and her fame had grown bigger and bigger but I still had that spark of hope in me. Then, 2 days before my 19th Birthday (on October 15th), at a time where I least expected it, Taylor followed me on tumblr. Since then, she liked lots of posts of me and my Squad. A few month later Taylor even reblogged me and my friend Zoe and added #HAYYY GERMANY in the hashtags which meant, that she knew where I was from, she knew me. I cried so hard every time she liked something. But that wasn’t everything; on the tour weekend I got a DM from Taylor that said I’m a great fan. It meant that SHE wanted to meet ME. So when my Squad & I got into Loft 89, she considered us as her friends and screamed “OMG you’re my tumblr buddies! This is such a good group!” she continued to say so many beautiful, personal things to us and even remembered me as “her twin”. That’s when I realized that I ACTUALLY AM ONE OF TAYLORS FRIENDS.
I still can’t believe all of this happened in real life…all of these “silly” daydreams I used to had came true and I can’t even put into words, how much that means to me. But I think the sentence “Thanks to Taylor Swift she found herself, and somehow that was everything.” sums it up pretty well. I would not be the person that I am today, without growing up with her by my side. Taylor will forever be my person and I could not thank my younger self more for choosing her as my idol/ best friend. 😭❤️

From the girl who never thought she would ever be noticed or even be friends with her idol…

Love, Jana

Weird Thoughts - part four

Mace. Lies. SFW. Previous parts can be found on my fanfic page.

VidCon with her two best friends is exactly as it should be; stressful party time with her two best friends.

Hannah is pretty glad that she has a quieter than normal summer planned. There is an ache in her bones which she associates with a really long term kind of tiredness, and recharging the batteries would probably be a good idea. Resting doesn’t come naturally to Hannah, but Sarah had insisted.

“Hannah… last summer was Camp Takota. The summer before that was your tour. The summer before that you had just finished getting settled in LA. Just… take a bit of time, after VidCon, huh? You can still do videos, just less of everything else.”

Hannah had been all ready to protest, but they’d died on her lips when Sarah had given her that look, and Hannah had remembered that compromise was the recipe to a successful everything.

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