so good omg ahh

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

1.6k celebration: art requests now open!!

thank you @phanperra for making this banner for me<3

so we somehow reached 1.6k, holy crap this is so much for me, and thank you for supporting and appreciating me. the only thing i can do for you is make better art for you guys, keep on improving and creating.


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  • send in an ask suggesting 
    1. digital or traditional art
    2. content (composition, art style, colour theme, etc)
    3. palette; expression; pose challenge
    4. character/ person

*I’ve been considering this for so long and i still haven’t found the perfect timing to do this, so i’m going to post this now. Considering april is my exam month, i may not be very active here soon. Please put up with the time required and don’t expect i can do yours quickly. This is the first time i do this and idk what to expect. The art request will be open for long, unless this flops.

a wild kappasuit discovers a (also wild) dandelion 

anonymous asked:

Have you seen this recent video of him singing "Simple pleasures" where he did something wrong, stopped and smiled, and then made up for it by a long riff at the end - very cute. Youtube: watch?v=tLZbf5-jJ48. He really seems in top form on this tour and look so good.

Ahh omg how cute!!  Thank you for sharing! He seems like hes really enjoyed this tour.  It’ll be great to hear new music.  I wonder what he meant by “soon.”

itsclowreedsfault  asked:

EMILY I JUST WATCHED EP 10 OF SPIRITPACT AKJSHAJKSHAJKSHJKA Keika was so goddamn hot this episode I mean heck ya my boy you show 'em who's the real leader here // also the kisssss I was not expecting that and Keika blushing was so ajksahsjahsjh *screams* // WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST I NEED TO KNOWWW // also WAS THAT THE LAST EPISODE BECAUSE THERE WAS NO PREVIEW AND I?? THOUGHT THERE'D BE 12 OR 13?? What should I do with life now

oops I only saw your reply to that discussion post now! sorry, must have missed it in my notifications haha I’m def gonna read those chapters that are available at least!! // THAT CAP THOUGH 👌👌👌👌

OMG U WATCHED IT AHH HECK YE HES SO GOOD??? idk if he says this but i think he says something like “call me gRANDDADDY” I JUST I CANNOT HES SO UGH IM A MESS!!!! theres only 1 eps unfortunately 😭😭 so tragic because its such a good story its just subpar animation 😭😭 I SHIP THEM SO MUCH BUT LIKE SPOILERS IN THE LATER CHAPTER THERES ANOTHER BOY WHO COMES ALONG BUT EVEN I DONT KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN BC I STILL HAVENT FOUND A PLACE TO READ IT FREE UGHHHHH im so happy to find someone who watches it too ugh should i even edit anything for this show it feels like it wouldnt get notes at all lmaoooo :’)

find a new show!! imho i cant wait for spring anime i just dont want it to be a letdown again like winter anime was 🙄