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shiro: hey, is it really true that you faked your death and then left a secret message on your grave revealing your true location in a code only your long-lost family members could possibly understand?

matt: ya lol

shiro: … why??

matt: because i’m a paranoid, bored, and dramatic gay with a genius-level intellect, that’s why. sue me shirogane

shiro: what??

matt: i’m. gay. bitch.


I didn’t expect anyone to request the twins so I’m pleasantly surprised :p

I like to call this “stop squishing Lily 2.0″

biibobitch  asked:

Hello! Could I recommend "Cores of Diamonds" by Speaks?? It's an incredible 25k+ word masterpiece of slowburn klance ft. hopeless romantic lance, clueless keith, and jumping each other's bones in the lion while watching stars collide ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

hol y shit im so w e a k thank you so much!!! - Karri

Cores of Diamond by speaks (1/1 | 25,545 | Mature)

Falling in love is easy, as it turns out. Painfully easy. All it takes is one smile, one tender unguarded second with the boy beneath Lance’s bravado, and that’s it. He’s done for. No questions, no bartering, no phase of denial. But if falling for Lance is the easiest thing Keith has ever done, then learning to express it is the hardest. So if he can’t say it, can’t put into words the way the entire world hinges around the moment Lance barged into his lifeㅡ

ㅡwell then he’ll just have to settle for showing him.

Niall is not only a good singer, he’s also an amazing musician and songwriter. He’s such a talented artist, and he deserves all the praise and recognition for his work. I’m so so so proud of him and I’m excited to see him conquering the world with his music and his charm