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this is all @mistystarshine‘s fault for saying yoriko would want to dress up as beatrice in like one of the only fictional things she actually takes an interest in and naturally i was like “shit this means kira would HAVE to be the Other Cat Based Murder Villain, bernkastel” so (i macguyvered together a version of bern’s outfit that kira might actually wear because hes not going anywhere dressed as a small victorian doll)

spreads open arms

this happened

Five in the Morning- Angelica Schuyler X Reader

Once I started reading, that’s all I was doing for the night. It didn’t matter that I had set several alarms throughout the night to try and get me to periodically take a break and maybe go to sleep because I knew once I opened the book that it would be one of those nights. I felt my eyes begin to close to my annoyance and I forced them to stay open so I could continue reading again. A satisfied feeling sat in my stomach as I watched the right stack of pages grow smaller and smaller until… finished. I closed the book, smiling a bit before realizing that it must’ve been at least a couple of hours. I groaned, turning over in my bed and I squinted at the window, seeing light coming through curtains.

Shit how long was I up for? I wondered and I saw my phone lying on the floor, discarded along with a charger cord and headphones. I reached over to grab it, nearly falling over the side in the process. The digital clock read 5:09 am and I set my phone down on the bed and I sat up and approached the curtains wearily, knowing that if I did this now, I wasn’t getting any sleep this morning. I opened them up, the first rays of sunlight filling my room and illuminating the sky in beautiful colors. I frowned a bit, knowing that I was going to hate myself later for not getting any sleep.
I absentmindedly began to play games, sending requests to my friends and not thinking anything of it before putting my phone back down, realizing that it was at three percent. I began to walk to my kitchen when I heard my phone buzz and I frowned, wondering who in their right mind would be up at this time. I picked my phone up and I stared at the name on my phone.

The Sassiest Schuyler Sister: wth are you sending me candy crush requests at five in the morning

I opened my phone and I opened Messages, staring at the screen before typing quickly.

Me: why aren’t you sending me candy crush requests at five in the morning

I exited our conversation and went over to mine and Lafayette’s conversation.

Me: please play candy crush

I knew he would be up, considering he always was at this ungodly hour.

French Fry:why are you up already? have i been sucked into an alternate universe in which you *gasp* get up early?

Me: i may or may not have started a good book last night

Me: therefore causing sleep to become unimportant

French Fry: i’m out getting caffeinated drinks right now, i’ll be at your apartment in ten.

Me: bless.

I smiled a bit and I exited our conversation and went into Angelica and mines conversation, seeing that she had left a new message.

The Sassiest Schuyler Sister: guessing you found a good book last night so that’s why you are still up

Me: no i am just really passionate and dedicated about candy crush

I smiled as I sent the message, knowing that she would either be shaking her head or laughing, or possibly both at the same time.
Someone knocked loudly on my front door.

“My slightly insane friend, I’ve brought offerings!” Lafayette practically yelled and I laughed a bit before running out of my bedroom and opening the door to let Lafayette into my apartment. He was holding five cups and I took the one he handed me gratefully. He set everything down on the table and looked at me seriously. “You look tired.”

“Thanks I try.” I rolled my eyes at him and he grinned, rubbing my hair and messing it up. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow at the remaining four coffees.

“Are you going to drink all four of those?” I asked him and he grinned.

“Ah, no. They are for Laurens, Hercules and Hamilton. And me of course.” He told me and smirked slightly at my caffeinated beverage, which I began to eye suspiously.

“Laf what did you do?”

“Nothing?” He tried and failed miserably to look innocently at me. I shook my head and I continued to inspect the cup. On the part where you’re supposed to write the persons name, he had requested the barista to write ‘date angelica’. I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked at Lafayette, who was choking on his coffee with laughter.

“I may be tired but I can still kill you.”

“I believe you but if you are in jail then how are you going to see Angelica?” He teased and I punched him without force.

“Okay but don’t you see what I see in her?” I asked him, looking at him as if he is crazy. He smirked and looked at me.

“No but please do tell.”

“Laf she is… amazing. I mean have you seen her smile…? Have you seen the way she looks when she is thinking about something? She is amazing. Her mind is extraordinary and she gets so silly when no one else is around. And her eyes! Her eyes light up every single time she reads something amazing and she starts saying the words out loud when she is reading! And…” I noticed I was staring off and when I turned back to Lafayette, he was smiling. Not smirking or snickering but smiling, genuinely excited.

“Y/N, I think you love her.” He said, his smile soft.


“Have you heard yourself talk about her?”

“I mean yes but… I don’t think she loves me in that way. I’m her best friend.”

“And so you’re just going to stand to the side?” He asked and I nodded.

“That was the plan, yes.”

“God you’re worse than Burr. Just kidding.”

“No you’re right. At least Theodosia and Burr are dating. He told her and I’m just waiting for Angelica.”

“You just don’t know how to tell her and that’s alright. Just take your time.” I heard a knock on my door and I moved towards the door and opened it, not expecting to see Angelica. When she saw me, a relieved smile until she studied me closely. Her smile reflected her concern and she grew more worried.

“You look exhausted. Lafayette, get back to the boys and please don’t give them caffeine.” She said, crossing her arms. Lafayette held his hands up in surrender and he smiled a bit before he grabbed the cup holder containing the coffee and he left, hugging me before he did. Angelica watched him leave and she hugged me after he did. I relaxed into her touch. She backed away and looked at me.

“You really need to sleep more.” She whispered and I shook my head.

“I’m not tired.”

“Look me in the eye and tell me that you aren’t tired.” She countered and I laughed.

“Okay okay you caught me. But I am going to make breakfast or something first.” I protested and she shook her head.

“You are going to end up burning your apartment down. I’ll make some just go to sleep, alright?”


“You are desperately in need of sleep. I’ll wake you up in several hours.”


“Of course. Now have a good sleep, Y/N.” She smiled and headed into my kitchen and I went into my bedroom, closing the curtains and I plopped down into my bed and passed out almost instantly.
Several hours later, I felt someone shaking me gently from sleep.

“It’s too early.” I groaned.

“It’s noon. I figured that seven hours of sleep would hopefully be enough for you.” Angelica said, a joking tone in her voice.

“What did you do for seven hours?”

“Cooked pancakes for you and read a book. I must say that Lafayette has an amazing nickname for you, on that cup.” She added and I sprung up, looking at her.

“Oh sh-”

“I feel the same way, if it’s any consolation.” She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“It is.” I smiled back and she leaned over and kissed me gently.

i really liked the relationship J and harley had in lego batman so it’s kinda like that in my AU. she’s protective of him, like a big sister. and she makes no attempt to hide her opinion that J could do better than bruce. maybe someone a bit more open, a bit less emotionally constipated. 

she will beat the everloving shit out of anyone who makes J feel sad.

they’re both nocturnal animals so after school he tends to go over to her place for a little (3-4 hours) afternoon nap. they’re both hella gay for their respective partners so their naps are platonic. they kinda have a policy not to date people who have a problem with their closeness, it’s kind of a deal breaker. (bruce has a bit of a problem with it but would rather jump off a cliff than admit it)

Paladins going to Burger King and buying a full meal and when it comes to Shiro he gets the kid’s meal and he just sits there with a straight face but eats anyway.

And Keith being a little shit opens the toy for Shiro and is like, “Look Shiro, a toy.” and sets it down for him. Shiro is amused by it and plays with it.

Stray Facts

While waiting for the cross signal at the intersection of Clark and Balmoral an attractive older man asked me, “How’s the run?” Breathless, I said, “Still going,” true and yet inaccurate in its way, in its incompleteness. I wanted to say, “Deliciously,” but I also didn’t want him to think I was coming on to him. But the run was going deliciously and it was still going (three-quarters mile of the four remained). I was exhilarated. The air. The fragrance of the city in its thaw—vile trash, cheap perfume, fried foods, bus exhaust, and icy lake water. You could taste the air. The dead leaves awake in sunshine, rotting. The aroma of weed drifting from a porch, dog shit dank. Someone practices scales in a big stone house on Magnolia, and her room is bright orange—supposedly painted so to stimulate creativity—and she had her windows open to let us know she sings not only in the summertime. Also I did want to come on to the older man. He seemed pleasant, rich, enthused—as electrified by the temperatures as I; muscly, stylish, and above all happy. Spontaneity repels me and when I looked back at him he had done the same but I cold fish faced it, pretending to stretch. I told myself, “You are not in Chekhov story, you are not even in a story, you are not even in a shitty episode of ‘Hunting Season.’ You are exercising in ponderously high temperatures for February, you might as well respect the dying Earth, and speed home, and do your crunches, and tell Daniel about the beautiful older man, and kiss his jealous face as avariciously as a teenager new to being naked with another body.” 

I get home from a 6.75 hour shift where i’ve been manning the desk alone and haven’t taken a piss in 7 hours so i come home and go to the bathroom and as soon as i get in there and close the door my piece of shit of an uncle tries to open the door cos he needs to go and im like ‘can you pls wait 5 mins’ and he yells at me and starts bitching, because this piece of shit feels so entitled he should be able to use and do whatever he wants when he wants it.. I mean he could have just waited 30 seconds for me to take a goddamn piss but instead he had to yell at me, bitch and moan and upset my grandmother who cries at the drop of a hat. I have mad love for my gran even though i don’t talk to her anymore (because all my family are toxic as fuck) but she could have done a much better job raising her sons to not be over entitled sexist pieces of shit, and this is why i don’t have any time for my family anymore,  they are all horrible, rude, disrespectful, over entitled, sexist, brainwashed pieces of shit that hide behind their ‘peaceful’ muslim religion because they think it masks how shitty and fucked up they really are. 

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

things i loved about moana

-chief moana, not princess moana
-david bowie crab was fab
-moana and maui putting their hair up in BUNS while doing shit like wow that’s such a little thing but so realistic
-moana cried A LOT and i loved it like it wasn’t really ever a “helpless princess moment” where they cry because it’s the low point of the movie. she cried when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was angry, when she was confused like a lot but it was just really nice to see from someone who cries like 24/7
-the music holy shit
-like from the opening song my jaw dropped it was just so beautiful
-stingray grandma every damn time was beautiful
-sassy beautiful ocean
-moana and maui’s friendship
-te fiti and te ka are AWESOME

Just a lot of good shit honestly go watch moana

THE STYDIA KISS (and hug)- an Extra™ frame by frame analysis

ok so we start out with this shit. even before this frame, dude is staring at them Martin lips like he’s in the middle of the desert and they’re the only water for miles. Then we get here and they both go in OPEN goddamn MOUTH for this kiss. she is PUCKERED for him. She was puckered ten feet ago, she was puckered when she walked in the damn door, hell, she was puckered 3 months ago. She got her tongue fucking ready to dock at Port Stilinski Lips.

She comes in fucking Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready with the hands on the neck. goddamn. And they are PRESSED into each other. If they were kissing any deeper they would swallow each other. Which now, come to think of it, might have been their goal.

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Step one is sometimes the most important step

Rogue: I go to pick the lock to the church

DM (Me): You put the lockpick into the lock, and after a few seconds you notice that it feels different than most other locks you’ve picked

Rogue: Shit this isn’t good

Druid: I cast detect magic!

Me: You don’t notice any sort of magic affecting the lock

Bard: Should we go in through the window?

*general muttering in agreement*

Barbarian: Hold up, I’m just gonna try the handle. I’ve got danger sense so if it’s trapped I’ll probably be okay.

Me: The door swings open. It was never locked

Queue everyone making fun of the Rogue for the next 2 hours

what is dodie yellow

recently, many of us have been begging the question: is it dodie yellow though? today i am here to solve this conundrum, this question plaguing a generation. today i am here with dodie’s twitter opened and actively not doing my homework just so that we can say definitively, “this is dodie yellow.”

ok so because most of our interactions with this elusive color are on twitter, that’s exactly where we’ll start. first of all, this reply

i put the second one into one of those hex code from image things and got this

problem solved, right? this is dodie yellow, however ugly and brown it may seem, the facts don’t lie, but wait there's more! in another twitter reply, dodie said that this was dodie yellow

but when i put it into the hex code finder..

not only a completely different color than what she said before but even more ugly and brown. there's also other tweets where she claims that both of these are dodie yellow

the hex codes of these, respectively, are below

as you can tell, dodie has gone a bit mad. she’s given us four completely different yellows to work with. from here, it gets a bit tricky. it’s less about facts and more about intuition with a slight sprinkling of opinion. saying this, i’m going to go ahead and completely rule out number one and two as they are more brown than yellow and ngl they look kind of gross.

now, we’re down to the top two. unfortunately, there’s no real way of knowing which is the true dodie yellow without dodie herself approving it but we now have two possible hex codes for dodie yellow and are further along than we were when we started this journey so i think we should count that as a success. hopefully, we will have a more definitive answer in the near future but this is, unfortunately, as close as we will get to solving the age old question today.

The Pumpkin King

Context: So we’re playing our Halloween special campaign and I’m playing my Fire Genasai monk

DM: You wander into town for the All Hallows Eve Festival, and see many turnip Jack-o-lanterns hanging around town.

Me: My Genasai upon seeing the turnips has an idea, is the town market still open?

DM: Yeah, why?

Me: I go buy a pumpkin the size of my head, and carve it into a jack-o-lantern and put it on my head and proceed to run around the town declaring myself to be the pumpkin king.

DM: The children love your flame spouting pumpkin head and soon are dancing around you, well done you are now jack skellington.

  • Us: Hey, uh, people like deserve to live.
  • Them: Actually you don't deserve to live and here's exactly why you living would not benefit our society and it's actually selfish of you to act like everyone deserve to live. And now let me open up this PowerPoint on why you are subhuman and don't deserve anything.
  • Us: Okay fuck off and literally do not talk to us again.
  • Some anon: Oh my god you guys are so rude. You know that is NOT the way to approach people you are having a debate with. You're supposed to treat your fellow human being with respect and you're just being ridiculous, honestly. How do you ever expect people to feel safe enough to talk to you if you just treat people like shit? Take a look in the mirror next time, you're supposed to love everybody!
Tweaker Problems

When your really high and you forget where you put everything. You hit the pipe then walk 5 ft and you some how loose the mother fuckin lighter. Fuck. 30 minutes later you find the lighter and decide to smoke a cigarette, well FUCK-MY-LIFE where are my cigarettes? Holy shit. You spend another hour looking for them BC every drawer you open your ass can’t help but tweak through everything. Your busy doing that and you forget what your even looking for in the first place. So you decide your going to hit the pipe so you can gather your thoughts….but oh wait my stupid ass can’t find the lighter AGAIN.
Fuck I seriously hate how motherfuckin burnt up I can be sometimes.

Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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When Yuri!!! on Ice was first beginning, it was compared endlessly to Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, but now that both shows are completed, does that comparison hold up?

Text Transcript under the cut

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  • Otabek: Yuri, I got you a present.
  • Yurio: *Grabs the box from Otabek's hands*
  • Otabek: I just knew how much you loved leopard print... So I hope you like it
  • Yurio: *Rips the present open*
  • Yurio: Holy... Shit...
  • Yurio: A leopard print hELMET!!
  • Otabek: You like it?
  • Yurio: Of cOURSE I DO!
  • Otabek: It's snowing outside Yurio
  • Yurio: *grabs Otabek's hand* I don't care we're going anyways.
Character Introductions

So, it’s the start of a new 3.5 campaign, and of the eight people in the room (seven players + DM), five of them have never played D&D. So, the DM finishes his opening spiel about some basic history of the land/plot, and then gestures towards us to introduce our characters. Since I have the most experience, and I am also immediately to his left, I go first.

Me (A CG Elven Spellthief):  *introducing my character and explaining my motivations for being in the pub we’re starting in*

Druid (first time player):  Why would you reveal your alignment this early?

Me:  I’m chaotic good, why the fuck do I care?