so goddamn sleepy

Honestly no matter how many years pass no matter how awesome new anime openings there are there’s nothing that can beat Ao No Exorcist’s first OP and the lyrics “Life’s a bitch so if it’s easy you’re doing it wrong”
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[V LIVE] [ASTRO DDOCA] 아스트로 또까 in 재킷촬영장 


anonymous asked:

hcs for how the boys would be with an s/o that is sleepy a lot? thanks <3 i hope this isn't too vague or anything!!


  • probably wonders why they’re sleepy a lot but Akira will let them sleep on their bed if that tired and they’re cute!
  • S/O tells them they basically work to help their family out and sometimes they work the late shifts but tells Akira not to worry about it.
  • loves it when Akira decides to nap and sleep with them! really sluggish and warm cuddles ensue and they fall asleep easily.
  • however, when S/O tries to fix their sleep schedule they end up pulling an all-nighter on a school night.
  • literally dead when they arrive back at Akira’s place and Akira assures them they can take a nap on his bed if they want
  • but S/O protests! saying that it’s not fair for Akira and plus they would like to go on more dates with… which Akira appreciates their efforts.


  • for someone as energetic and outgoing as Ryuji, he probably complains about them being so goddamn sleepy all the time
  • but in reality, he finds himself blushing when S/O lets out a cute yawn or just stretch… it’s kind of weird for him lol.
  • they’re also the best cuddler when Ryuji’s stressed from going on heists or just school in general; it’s nice and comforting.
  • however, there are days where Ryuji likes to go jogging and brings their poor sleepy S/O along and running actually kind of wakes them up.
  • so from that day forward, every morning, S/O goes on a job to wake themselves up and will drag Ryuji with them.
  • now Ryuji misses the days when literally all they did was nap but at least they’re not falling asleep in class now and getting a lecture.


  • probably expresses the most concern for his S/O’s tiredness and literally lets them rest for as long as they need to at his dorm.
  • Yusuke takes advantage of their sleepiness and will doodle and sketch them out of boredom and to get his art in the flow.
  • however, it’s only when Yusuke needs to talk about his thoughts and musings when how sleepy S/O becomes something inconvenient.
  • decides one day he’s going drag them to do his favorite thing when he’s bored and tired, PEOPLE SEEING AND EXPLORING.
  • drags them out to the park and the sun is hurting sleepy S/O’s eyes “Yu-chan….. I’m so sleepy…. can we go back to your dorm?”
  • “Absolutely not,” he says, looking up from his rough sketch, “I can finally feel my artist block fading! Just another hour dear” S/O groans.