so goddamn canon

anyway can you believe that black sails unironically has a gay man use the biblical telling of god’s creation of adam and eve to describe his partnership with the man he loves I mean what a time to be alive


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Shiro likes sharing happy moments he’s had with Lance and Keith is really supportive of that; he always encourages him and engages with the conversation as Shiro’s stammering and red in the face. It’s embarrassing for him, but Lance makes him so happy he wants to share it with Keith. Let him know he’s happy.

Shiro: Hey Keith why don’t you tell me about Hunk for a change?

Keith: No. You’ll fall in love with him.

Shiro: …. I think I won-

Keith: YOU WILL. NO.

Anyway Keith and Shiro hanging out together, joking about their boyfriends.


Hello. It’s me. Trash.
And this is my YOI shit post. Hi.

You know what people sending hate over one of my ships has done? It hasn’t made me think my ship is wrong, it has made me scared to reblog anything to do with it.

In fact, I’ve been put off of an entire series because of the fandom, and seeing the “good” ship that I’m supposed to ship on my dash gives me anxiety. I actually know a lot of people who have been emotionally or mentally affected by ship hate.

Don’t be an asshole. If you don’t like a ship, you know what’s better than spamming my inbox? Blacklisting the tag, or even unfollowing me.

the 100-day love challenge

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Author: jeosheo
Rating: NC15
Genre: Non AU, Canon Compliant, Variety Shows, Challenges, Mutual Pining, Slow Build
Summary: For a variety show challenge, Jimin must tell Yoongi every day for 100 days that he loves him.

Let’s get this shit started.

Admin Notes: this is the greatest yoonmin fic ive read in a long time. characterization is so absolutely PERFECT tht i literally saw this happen behind my fucking eyelids. funny, and witty at times. angsty and anxiety inducing at others. 20k words of pure perfection, like. I CRIED I LAUGHED ND I LIVED. pls read it itll literally make u a new person. who was i, before this fic,

Link: AO3

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In case anyone wants to know just how far down the rabbit hole I’ve gone today

I present to to you the Crosshairs masterlist of the Normandy SR1 Crew Roster (post Eden Prime and the subsequent Spectre Promotion and Shepard gaining command of the Normandy):

I’m working on a “the ranks explained” post, because I’ve sat here for a good portion of the day working it out myself. BioWare’s ranking system on the wikipedia is not only… lacking, it’s not even complete itself as there are military personnel in the games with ranks not included on their list. So I took liberties, melding Navy, Air Force, and Marine ranks into one ‘Alliance Military’ system, accounting for career paths - some of which are not marked for command paths, despite being of ‘equal rank’. Anyway, that will be a post of it’s own in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy my insanity:

Ranking Personnel:

  • CO: Lieutenant Commander Olivia Shepard
  • XO:  Master Sergeant (Navigator) Charles Pressly
  • Head of Marine Detail: Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
  • Helmsman: Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau
  • Navigator: Sergeant Gali Groves
  • Comms Specialist: Technical Sergeant Andy Shaw
  • Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Greg Adams
  • Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Karin Chakwas
  • Mess Sergeant: Serviceman First Class Orden Laflamme
  • Armory Chief: Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams / Service Chief Brooke Buchanan
  • Requisitions Officer: Petty Officer 1st Class Raymond Tanaka
  • Yeoman: Chief Petty Officer Hector Emerson


  • Ground Team: 
    • Lieutenant Commander Olivia Shepard
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
    • Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams
    • Garrus Vakarian (given rank clearance of Operations Chief)
    • Wrex (given rank clearance of Corporal)
    • Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (given rank clearance of Chief Petty Officer)
    • Liara T’Soni (given rank clearance of Corporal)
  • Engineering Team: 
    • Lieutenant Greg Adams
    • Technical Sergeant Addison Chase (propulsion)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Grieco (power)
    • Technical Sergeant Mandira Rahmin (shields)
    • Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (power and shields)
  • Medical Team: 
    • Chief Medical Officer Doctor Karin Chakwas
    • Medical Officer Doctor Jamin Bakari
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko (field medic)
  • Navigators: 
    • Master Sergeant Charles Pressly
    • Sergeant Gali Groves
  • Pilots: 
    • Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau
    • Airman Alexei Dubyansky
    • Airman First Class Monica Negulesco
  • Comms: 
    • Technical Sergeant Andy Shaw
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
    • Ensign Caroline Grenado
    • Sergeant Robert Felawa
  • Overnight Deck Watch Roster: 
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
    • Sergeant Gali Groves
    • Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams
    • Airman First Class Monica Negulesco
    • Master Sergeant Charles Pressly
    • Chief Sergeant Marshall Kim
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Lynne Gibson
    • Technical Sergeant Andy Shaw
  • Bridge Technicians / CIC Officers previously unmentioned:
    • Sergeant Rosamund Draven
    • Staff Sergeant Helen Lowe
    • Staff Sergeant Adah Cho
    • Ensign Kami Pitre
    • Technical Sergeant Loria Lawler
    • Chief Petty Officer Jasmine Allison
    • Ensign Abishek Pakti
  • Marines serving Ship Security: *
    • Private First Class Evan Fredericks
    • Private First Class Silas Crosby
    • Corporal Laure Dougherty
    • Service Chief Brooke Buchanan
  • Enlisted / NCO Crewmen: 
    • Serviceman Second Class Talitha Draven
    • Serviceman First Class Carlton Tucks
    • Serviceman First Class Lee Mcdaniel
    • Petty Officer First Class Germeen Barret
    • Petty Officer Second Class Harvey Gladstone
    • Petty Officer First Class Amina Waaberi

* these marines may go ground-side if the situation calls for it

I think a martial artist making out with another martial artist would be really hilariously hot. Want to dominate the action? Scissor sweep them and boom position of power. Looking for the submission? Get to the step before a chokehold, and the just kiss them because you’ve won and you’re awesome.
Of course, then whenever you were actually sparring, you’d be much more likely to get accidentally turned on.


So, apparently “black-haired snarky vampire who falls in love with overenthusiastic hero of a roommate” is now a recurring trope in all of my ships…………..

In other words, genderbent Snowbaz is here to stay <3 

(and very, very canon too!) 

alive in a room as usual (if you are broken)

[lafontaine and perry help take care of a slightly-injured carmilla. laferry & carmilla x laura fluff. based on the prompt: carmilla x laura, ‘i’m not used to people caring about me.’]


alive in a room as usual (if you are broken)


try explaining a life bundled with episodes of this—/ swallowing mud, swallowing glass, the smell of blood/ on the first four knuckles./ we pull our boots on with both hands/ but we can’t punch ourselves awake

—richard siken, “the torn-up road”


You and Perry see the whole thing coming: you spot Carmilla completely oblivious to the world, backpack slung over one shoulder, headphones in, seemingly reading something on her phone, and, predictably, she walks right into the path of a dude riding his bike, which sends her phone flying and you hear a crack before she crumples in on herself.

You’re with Perry walking back from dinner—she’d desperately wanted falafel—and you figure Carmilla was probably headed back to her dorm from her her historiography and historicism seminar—you actually know this is the case, because you had stalked her, after all. Perry sees the entire thing happen too, and she rushes over so you follow.

Carmilla is sitting up and cradling her left arm, gritting her teeth and fighting back obvious tears, and when they guy on the bike tries to apologize profusely, Carmilla just glares at him.

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Civil War Spoilers

Don’t you dare tell me that Bucky doesn’t recognize Natasha. First of all, he probably knows that she is skilled in weaponry, which is why he went to the locker labeled “Romanoff” in the quinjet and uses one of her guns. He knew exactly where to find the weapons he needed because he knows her. Secondly, when Tony asks Bucky if he “even remembers them” and he replies with “I remember all of them,” that means as the winter soldier, Bucky remembered Natasha when he shot a bullet straight through her. He remembered every moment they had.

I have a lot of headcanons about gilbert finally really moving in with roderich and his mounting horror as he discovers how lazy and indifferent roderich is to cleanliness like behind that elegant get up is a man who does not know how to take care of himself or his house he was too lazy to learn after all the servants left he tried for like a week and kept dropping things and was finally like u know what fuck it so gilbert finds dustbunny empires under the sofa and the carpet and one day he just walks in on roderich scooping a bowl out of the dishwasher and he’s like I haven’t run that yet and roderich’s like ehh it looks clean, and gilbert is just standing there flabbergasted like


can you look like that

and yet


Honestly, I don’t want Cartinelli to be canon just because it’s my ship; I want it to be canon for the fucking representation.