so god damn nice

Me : I got a Homestuck tattoo because it was the first time I fell in love so completely with a story, it fuelled my imagination and pushed me to discover new things like nothing else ever did, plus it lasted for years, and I’ve only known TAZ for like, 10 months – I’m not gonna get a tattoo of this story, it’d be weird

Me :

Me : but a B.O.B tattoo though

I used to drink because my body was cold and the alcohol brought warmth. But then I met you, my sunshine boy, and your laugh brought more warmth in me than the bottles ever did.
—  so honey don’t tell me you don’t like your laugh

obvious spoilers ahead




  • I set an alarm for midnight to start this let’s dO THIS, BOYYYYY
  • This background music is so beautiful holy shit
  • “Ray”?… sounds fake but okay
  • I’m getting major Stranger Danger™ signals. Classic MysMe wow I love this game so much-
  • saeran ur laugh is so cute wow
  • Saeran, if you don’t stop calling this a “game” and the members “AI” I am going to sOB
  • Chatroom: *opens* Zen: *sends a message* Me: *AUDIBLY GASPS AND THEN IMMEDIATELY BEGINS TO CRY*
  • I had an awful rush of sad when I remembered that the entire RFA doesn’t know who I am and had to pause for a while to cry some more.
  • *continues to cry after everything Zen says because oh my god I’ve missed him so much-*
  • V, please stop apologizing,,,, you’re so sweet I’m just-
  • V: “I need to call you.” Me: “Of course, dear, my number is-”
  • *is still crying*
  • Jumin and Seven made me laugh a lot though, I love them
  • Oooh everyone’s profiles! And everyone is sending me greeting texts!!! :D
  • The first heart that I got was from zen and I spasmed.
  • *smooches Zen’s profile picture, for good luck*

Ok so the trailer for the new Pixar movie Coco came out today and honestly??? I’m little let down. Visually it just looks really generic especially compared to The Book of Life.

Like look at how the main character looks, his design doesn’t look really outstanding at all. Recently all Pixar humans have started to look the same like this guy could have come out of Inside Out or something.

Ok now look at The Book of Life’s character designs

Look at how stylized the characters in The Book of Life look I love it. In fact, The Book of Life in general is so god damn wonderful aesthetically like 

It’s so nice to look at. The Book of Life is such a wonderful movie it’s so overlooked.

The only part of the Coco trailer that looked really nice was this part

This looks great, I really hope Coco has more stuff like this in it because this looks wonderful.

I’m sure Coco will be a good movie since it’s Pixar and Pixar doesn’t usually mess up that much but so far it just looks really generic character design wise.

I have the melody of Choke in my head like 24/7 but I don’t know any of the lyrics so lmao
Leak the album already Dallon


Hi guys! This is the sequel to Ice! Shawn and Jo are still separated in this, stay strong! Hope you like it!

Read the first part of break up make up here: Ice

The Miami sun was shining bright as Jo adjusted her bikini top, stretching on her sunbed. She rolled onto her belly, squinting her eyes, scrolling through Spotify until she could blast “Shout out to my ex” through her headphones.

Spending the summer at her dad’s place with her family was just what she needed although there has been no escape. He was everywhere. On the TV. On the radio. Everywhere.

Jo’s dad stepped outside, sitting next to his daughter on a free sunbed.

“Hola, mi hija linda!”

“Hey dad,” Jo replied, squinting at him.

“So, how are you?” he asked, his Spanish accent making Jo smile a little.

“Good, so far…”

“I am glad you broke up with that gringo boy… he was not good for you,” Carlos Perez stated matter-of-factly, adjusting his hat that would have looked ridiculous on any other person but on Carlos it looked just right and very cool.

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Hey can I have a scenario/headcanon where Bakugo has a crush on a really nice person and "gently bullies" to get their attention but the crush breaks down and cries one day because they don't know what they did wrong to be picked on like that

I’m sorry those god a little bit long uwu I hope it will meet your expectations !

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Bakugou Katsuki 

• ‘Why are they so god damn nice?’ would be the daily question that he had occupied himself with on basis – he couldnt deal with that kind of person and behavior yet at the same time they had something magnetic on them which causes him to be occasionally around them (too much maybe?) 

• He probably havent even noticed his crush until someone would’ve pointed it out to him – when it comes to other people feelings Bakugou is the fucking master of observing and analyzing but when it comes to his own? Can be god damn foolish like icy-hot, they surely have similiarities at times

• And when he knows, Mr Mcsplode starts to pester the kind person with considering for him gently bullying while not being aware that he wanted god damn attention from them. From the crush’s character lets people assume that they’d hang out with that loser Deku a lot and it hella pisses him off

• Perhaps it was jealousy but it didnt make him stop, especially not when that pimp tells him to stop doing so – why did he think he has the right to tell Bakugou of what to do?! So he continues until they would’ve reached their own limit, taking every word he had mouthed by heart without his knowledge

• When they started crying, Baks froze in place, prods harsher than anticipted why the fuck they’re crying for. And after they explained why and what their constant question was guilt washes all over his god damn being. Bakugou. Actually feeling guilty. You heard the right words, he was feeling horrible???

• Just „Tchs“ this and walks away but internally there are serious struggles. He never intended to make them feel this way and to even make them cry was probably the worst of all this but his pride would never allow him to srsly mouth out a proper apology which they did damn deserve but he just couldnt?

• Promises himself though that he will try to make it up for them in his own way. Expect from the ash-blonde small but significant sweet gestures after talking it through with Ashido Mina (god he hates this girl [he doesnt] but she’s the only one he can talk to this about bc she’s a girl and she knows what to do). 

• Will decrease the bullying to almost none but will leave some space between them, considering to really confess during that time tho. To stop those misunderstandings and to let them finally talk normally again – yet them still being nice to him doesnt make things easy on him. He feels a bit at loss

“Stop giving me that stupid smile of yours..”

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Higher (pt 2)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Slight Smut/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

The man touched your elbow slightly as you both landed in front of the doors to the penthouse. His hand went to the knob, turning it and swinging the door open.

“I’m pretty sure this is illegal,” you pointed out, and the man’s grin grew wider, the dimple at the side of his mouth becoming more apparent as he motioned for you to enter.

He chuckled, “Nothing’s illegal when you have money.”

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Cookie-cutter [1]

pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: “You really should watch your mouth.”

tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @baleesi @motleymoose @ambrosegirlforever @justhavingfun123469 @wrestlingnoob @wrestlingxbalorxrollins @blondekel77 @nickysmum1909 @kyoukohorimiya

author’s note: straight from someone’s diary, but not mine.

My fingers wrap around my phone tighter as I grab a glass from the cabinet, “No, we’re not talking about this, alright? Finn might be home any minute and I cannot deal with him hearing what I have to say, at least without a full explanation from me.”

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