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Because they’re all nerds and I love this crossover #PokeFAMOUS (idea by @conduiitz <3)

Delsin with Moltres (c'mon Phoenix-like fire bird? Perfect!)
Fetch with Purrloin (It’s feisty and pink.. and a cat. PURRFECT!)
Eugene with Porygon (the nerdiest of pokémon ever, how can it not be..)


I’m glad we found our lost kong cause now we got two so both dogs can play at same time 🐶☺️🐶

Growing Up

Summary: When they were younger, Lucy was taller than Natsu, and they made a bet for when they were older. Lucy goes through a hard time after Natsu moves away, and he tries to help her through it, completely forgetting about the bet until he’s standing in front of her once again. Inspired by Ayumichi-me’s comic on tumblr - Quick little one-shot (NaLu)

Rating: T for themes

Genre: Romance

So, this was inspired by this comic by @ayumichi-me:

“Hey Lucy. If I get to be this tall,” Natsu held his hand over Lucy’s head, but she cut in.

“You mean taller than me?”

Natsu nodded, “When we’re older, will you marry me?”

Lucy laughed at her partner. “I don’t think you’ll get that tall, Natsu.”

“What?” Natsu was red-faced and had his hands in fists at his sides, his cheeks puffing out. “I can be taller than you, you’ll see.”

Lucy pursed her lips. “Okay then.”

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“Who cares” says Liz, after 3 paragraphs and 95 words of red-faced, splittle-flecked raging about the PC snowflakes making the new Doctor Who companion a man.


embarrassingly, i cried while drawing this ~ 30 day otp challenge

Monsters (Part 8)

Winning an auction to the run down home on Neibolt Street leads the reader to moving to Derry.  With what you’re planning everything seemed perfect.  Though you didn’t mean to accidentally wake up the creature underneath your home sooner than he wanted.

All you wanted to do was hurry up with your plans.  This clown though seemed to keep showing up though, even in your dreams.  

Everything was going as planned.  And now maybe even better than ever.

It was time.  Let the show begin.  

I  am now a monster.

I’m not sure what I just got myself in to but I was happy.  Monsters together.

Revenge was so delicious.

What is he thinking?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

           Time went on and Pennywise kept his promise of not staying gone for weeks on end.  He would usually be at the house around the day time and most nights he was gone.  We had sex on a frequent basis depending on his moods.  If he was calm, sex would be more passionate.  If something went wrong that day while hunting or something had frustrated him it would be rough.  Sometimes we would only go once but other days he’d have me all day in bed.  It was nice to have someone around all the time. He would even go into town with me in his human form.  I had decided to tell the towns people that he and I were together.  Though I still got odd looks since it seemed as if I just started dating someone and they moved in with me right away.  Often, we’d go out at night to the river and walk down the river bed.  After a while he even showed me where he stayed besides my home.  His pile of things was a bit intimidating but it was interesting to walk around it and see what all he had collected throughout the years. He had been hesitating to bring me here due to the children, teens, and the adults floating around the tower. In a way I found it fascinating.  I knew I should have been horrified in some way but I had no personal connection with anyone here.  I had seen the floating body of (G) and I couldn’t help but giggle.  It was so satisfying to see him there.  Some days we’d come here and just get away from the small city.  After watching him feed for the first time he felt more comfortable eating around me. He’d make sure that the meal he was about to eat was dead.  I don’t think he wanted me to hear their cries for help.  

           One day was like any other.  I was laying on an old mattress with some blankets and pillows on it staring up the tower into the sunlight.  He sat next to it, eating and keeping an eye on me.  Winter was here and snowflakes were falling through gently.  They melted before they could reach the bottom though so it created a relaxing mood around us despite the crunching of bones from Pennywise.

           “Pennywise.”  I had thoughts of Christmas running through my head.  I had thought I’d be alone this year so I needed to quickly make some plans.

           “Yes (Y/N)?”  He finished up who he was eating and came to sit next to me on the mattress. He was still covered in blood.

           “What do you want for Christmas?” I looked over at him and he had such a dumbfounded expression.  

           “I’m,” He paused shortly trying to put some thought into it, “I’m not sure.  I’ve never been asked that.”  He sat there trying to think and then he looked at me, “What do you want for Christmas?”

           “I don’t want anything.”  I shrugged and smiled at him.  “I don’t think I can top having a monster for a whole year.”  I looked back up at the pile and my mind started to race.  “Actually,” I let the word hang in the air for a second, “There’s something but I know it can’t happen.”

           “What would that be little one?”  He gave me a quizzical look.

           “I don’t want you to go.”  I could feel the sting of tears in my eyes.  I knew in a couple months he’d have to leave.  Just the thought made it feel like my heart was shattering.

           “There may be something I can do.  But it’s your choice.”  He scooted closer and looked down at me, resting a hand on cheek.

           “And what would that be?”  I took in a deep breath, trying to calm my emotions.  I stared up at him.

           “If I’m able to find a willing host, so to speak, to be a mate I can try to make them like how I am.”  His voice was going from sweet to serious. “It would be extremely painful since you’d be shedding yourself of being a human and turning into what I am.  You’d have to be fully willing.  If you live we’d be connected permanently.”

           “Are there any downsides?”  I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit.  It was a weird coping mechanism of mine to laugh in serious situations.

           “You’d have to feast the way I do.” He pointed up, “Do as I do.”

           “I’m sure you’d teach me and show me the ropes.” I looked up to the tower then back to him. “And you have to do what you have to do to survive.  You know it doesn’t bother me watching you eat.  I’ve heard the screaming of kids and adults as I went out at night but it’s never phased me.”

           “It’s up to you though.  I won’t force this on you even though I want you to be my mate.” He laid down next to me, wrapping an arm around me.  

           “I’ll think it over.” I turned my head and gave him a kiss on his nose.

           “R-Really?”  He sounded surprised.

           “Why wouldn’t I?  I still stick by what I said at the river on Halloween.  There hasn’t been any reason for it to change.”

           A couple days later and I noticed he was becoming increasingly affectionate.  He was always wanting to hold me, cuddle when I wasn’t busy.  Thankfully he understood when I had to do so some work but right after he’d pull me into his arms or pull me on top of him on the couch.  He had also become a bit more possessive. Any guy eyeing me for too long and he would get rather angry.  I’d always have to give him a look or pull him aside to calm him down.

Since it was the middle of December I decided it was time to get a tree.  One day while he was out hunting I went to the local pine tree farmer and found the perfect tree for the house.  I had the owner help me attach it to the roof of my car and I drove back home.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to get Pennywise. What do you get an eldritch being who has just a tower of things?  I’d have to make it something personal.

           When I arrived home, the snow had begun to come down a bit heavy.  Carefully I untied the tree from the top of my car and dragged it inside.  There was a large window in the living that was perfect for it.  When it was up I stepped back and admired it.  My boxes of ornaments were downstairs in the basement so I went to go fetch them.  When I was downstairs I heard a loud noise upstairs from the front door.

           “He must be home.”  I grinned and came up the stairs with a box in my arms.

           I had reached the entrance to the living room and stood in the doorway.  It wasn’t him.  It wasn’t any of his forms.  There was a large man dressed in all black except for his face. He was searching around the room.  I could see a bag tucked into his belt.  In one of his hands was a knife.  I knew I shouldn’t have moved but I accidentally dropped the box, causing the man to look at me. He charged at me and I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.  I watched the man run out the door and I stared down.  The knife was still stuck inside me but I was still bleeding a lot. I gripped onto the wall and stumbled over to the house phone.  I barely could get my address but before I collapsed to the floor I heard that help would be on the way.  I could feel the blood pooling under me as I began to black out.  I could hear sirens in the distance.

           “Penny…”  Before I could finish his name everything went dark.

This part was shorter than the others since it’s a bit of a time jump.  Oopsies.

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Potion brewing day.

2 nb mage nerds exchanging recipes and trying to figure out which ingredients are the same things with different names.

No Control | Chapter Twenty-Four


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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Harry and I stand in the kitchen of my flat. I’m taking bites of the breakfast sandwich I never got to eat that Trev so kindly put in the fridge for me, and I’m waiting for the tea kettle to whistle. Harry’s taken a quick tour of the space and comes to stand beside me in front of the fridge. Trevor and I keep all our schedules and appointments and reminders on magnets on its surface so we’re informed about our goings-on at all times. Trev’s class and lab schedule are posted up as well as my current work schedule and any doctors appointments I’ve got coming up. Since I’m entering my final trimester, I’ve got appointments more frequently that I’ve got to keep track of, plus the yoga classes I attend a few times a week. There’s also a couple sets of ultrasound photos hanging in chronological order. I see Harry run his finger over them, tracing the outline of the baby as it develops more as the photos progress.

“When’s your next appointment?” he asks, not taking his eyes off the black and white pictures. 

I go to stand beside him and point to the calendar just under the photos, laying my finger on the specific date. “End of February,” I say.

Harry fishes his phone out of his back pocket and opens up the calendar on his phone. I try not to peek at his phone over his shoulder, since it’s none of my business, so I go to fetch some mugs out of the cabinets over the sink.  

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Nalu Fluff Week 2017 Within the Law, Chapter 2

fanfiction by impracticaldemon
Words: ~3000 | Also on FFnet | AO3 (coming soon) | CH. 1

Author’s Note:

Chapter 2 of Within the Law is based on the Day 4 prompt “History”, with several nods to the Day 1 prompt “Soulmates”.

I’d like to thank everyone who is reading, following and liking this story so far, with special thanks to those who have taken a moment to drop me a line to tell me what they think of the story. 

Chapter 2Friend or Foe?

Prompt: History


The interview did not go at all as Lucy expected. For one thing, it was a great deal more informal than any interview she’d ever had for a job (other than one for a paper route that her father wouldn’t let her keep). The real shock, however, was finding out that the law firm of Makarov & Vermilion—known to lawyers as Fairy Tail—had a history with her family.

The room was more or less what she had envisioned—corporate-Fiore standard boardroom with an oval table, big comfortable chairs, and fully updated with the newest in lacrima technology. The artwork was a little unusual, and appeared to have been contributed by various members of the firm, since there wasn’t any cohesion or similarity between the pieces that she could make out. Lucy couldn’t help but glance at Natsu when her eyes caught what appeared to be an original Star Wars movie poster in all its kitschy, late- seventies glory, mounted in a place of honour on one wall. Natsu gave her two thumbs up, apparently aware of her interest—in the poster—and Lucy found herself smiling.

“That’s the slightly more common version, of course,” he stage whispered to her as she sat down in her designated spot. “But I have the Type A poster at home.”

Lucy had no idea what he was talking about; apparently Natsu was an even bigger geek than she was. Also… was that a pick-up line? Gray either shared her concern or saw her expression. He punched Natsu none-too-lightly on the shoulder.

“Seriously, Pepto B? Lucy’s here for a job interview and you sound like some kind of nerdy pick-up artist.”

“What the hell, Gray?! I just thought she’d like to know—I mean she can recognize an Imperial Destroyer-class capital ship when she sees one!”

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me: yeah… i don’t really take any dc rumors seriously. who knows if any of them could be true at all

dc rumors: lex luthor is going to have a huge role in justice league, break out of prison, endear himself to the public, and then make brainiac in man of steel 2


Taking Care

Pairing: Phillip x Reader

Words: 429


Poor Phillip and Eliza. Your heart ached for the both of them.

You had just read The Reynolds Pamphlet, the affair that Alexander had had.

You knew that Phillip would be upset, even if he didn’t show it.

You ran up to the doors of the house seeing Eliza putting down the her youngest in the crib through the window.

You knocked quietly on the door, the entire house in a somber mood. A maid pointed you up to Phillip’s room and you ran up the stairs.

You saw Phillp sitting at his desk. You walked in and he turned to you, tears streaming down his face. Your heart broke and you wrapped him in a hug, as he buried his face into your hair and cried.

You pulled him over to his bed and tucked him in, sitting with him as he fell asleep.

While he was in dreamworld you went down and saw Eliza sitting on the couch, staring out the window. She didn’t notice you come down the stairs, she didn’t notice anything at all.

You grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders, making sure that she was comfortable before you went to check on all of the other kids.

You played with the younger ones, tucked Angie into bed just like Phillip, and helped the servants clean and cooked.

There was no sound in the house, save a few sobs that escaped Eliza’s mouth as she sat at the window.\

There was knock on the door and you went to answer it. It was Angelica, Phillip’s aunt.

She wrapped you in a hug, thanking you for everything that you had done, before making her way over to take care of Eliza. It seemed like you weren’t needed anymore so you went to go fetch your things from Phillip’s room, and take your leave.

“No don’t go.” a sleepy voice said as you were putting on your coat. “Please stay, I don’t want to be alone.”

You turned around to see Phillip sitting up in bed, holding his arms out to you. You gave him a small smile and climbed in next to him.

He pulled you as close as he physically could, not letting you go anytime soon.

You could feel him shaking.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Phillip.”


Alexander stood in the doorway of his son’s room, looking at him and his girlfriends cuddled up together. He gave them a bitter smile as they slept.

“Thank you Y/N, for taking care of my family when I couldn’t.”

Playing Safe
  • Genos: *takes tray of cookies out of the oven*
  • *Rover clearly lifted up to poke head in kitchen window*
  • "Rover": well gosh, Genos. Those cookies sure do smell good.
  • Genos: *slowly narrows eyes* thank you, Rover
  • "Rover": I'm feeling awful hungry, would you mind tossing one of those cookies out this window so I can go fetch it? You know...cause I'm a dog. You don't have to aim, I'll find it.
  • Genos: *gives a bland look*....of course, Rover. But you might want to wake up first.
  • Saitama: *quickly stands up holding a now sleeping Rover* Oh my god, why does he keep doing this when I hold him?!
  • Genos: He feels safe. It was a valiant effort, sensei.
  • Rover: zzzzz