so glad youre back on my tv

Thank you! I’m so glad you like my writing! Here’s your story! I love your blog btw I just followed you today tbh. Love your humor!


“Can you just let this go?” Tom asked. He was sitting on the couch, watching some ghost hunting tv show. Marco was trudging back and forth like a madman, stewing, clearly furious. He whirled around and looked at the demon.

“How can you be so calm about this!?” Marco demanded. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Because it’s not a big deal.” Tom responded.

“He made fun of you! He LAUGHED at you! Are you just going to let this slide?” Marco asked. Tom sighed.

“Because it’s not a big deal. Yes I… feel bad that he made fun of me but I’m not going to attack him, Marco.” Tom explained.

“I will!” Marco hissed. “NOBODY makes fun of my Tommy, and gets away with it!” Marco seethed. He punched the wall and started pacing back and forth in fury. Tom tilted his head and got down off of the bed. He walked up to the human and gave him a kiss on the nose. Marco stopped stewing and looked a little shocked at this action, but blushed and managed to calm down.

“Better?” Tom asked. Marco nodded. “Good, now let it go.” Tom insisted. Marco sat down next to his demon, calmer now, but he was NOT going to let it go.


Marco approached the kid who was making fun of Tom the previous day in the cafeteria. He tapped on the guy’s shoulder. He turned around annoyed.

“What do you want?” He hissed. He saw who it was and laughed. “Oh it’s Diaz! Is your pet freak here with you?” he laughed. All his friends did as well. Marco laughed sarcastically and loudly, he then grabbed the guy by his collar.

“Listen here you ass! If you ever make fun of my boyfriend AGAIN I will LITERALLY hurt you!” He snapped.

“Pfff. What are you going to do?” He tried to say. But fear was clear in his voice. Marco smirked.

“I was hoping you would ask.” Marco laughed. He raised his fist and punched the guy straight up in the face. There was an ugly crunch heard across the cafeteria.


“You broke his nose.” The principal said. Marco nodded.

“I did.”

“He’s in the hospital.” He continued. Marco nodded again.

“That he is.” Marco admitted. The administrator was there and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Marco, I came all the way down here because this is the sixth time this month you got in trouble!” He snapped.

“Look, that guy was mean to my boyfriend so I had to do what was right.” Marco said, heroically. The principle put his head down on the desk, but Marco kept his smug look.

“This is enough.” The administrator said. “Marco go back to class please we will deal with this tomorrow. I don’t want you missing anymore class time over this.”


“I can’t believe you broke Reggie’s nose.” Tom said, disappointed. Marco shrugged.

“Well I did.” He told Tom. “And he’s in the hospital.” Marco continued. Tom cut him off with a kiss.

“I can’t believe you sent somebody to the hospital for me!” Tom cried, kissing him again. He then pulled away and crossed his arms. “No! I am very mad at you! Why would you do something like that?” Tom demanded.

“Because you felt so bad about yourself. I just wanted you to be happy, I guess I went about it the wrong way.” Marco sighed. “I’m sorry.” Tom smiled and hugged him.

“It’s okay… but I am mad at you, Marco Diaz!” He repeated. Marco laughed.

“Okay, Tom.”

“I am!”

“Sure, Tom.”