so glad you finally went somewhere

Gods, he wanted a nice, hot cup of tea and a warm bath. He wanted
to forget about everything for a little while. He sent for Echo on his
way back to his apartments. She seemed to be acting as housekeeper,
though he didn’t know why. A part of him worried Maggie was ill.

When he got to his home, he shut the door behind him and let out a 
breath, letting his own space engulf him. He went straight to his room,
washed off the makeup, took the ash out of his hair, and then climbed
into the bath. 

By then, Echo had arrived, and was starting a pot of tea for him. 

He stuck his head into Sinead’s room, and found only Circe.

After asking, Circe told him she was somewhere in the house. Finally,
he found her walking around the outside of the house, murmuring to

He walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and
murmured, “I’m so glad I’m coming home to you.”