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The Most Awkward Semester Ever IV

Here it is! Hope you all like it
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Virgil couldn’t stop fidgeting, his hands endlessly worrying at the edge of his hoodie.

“Remind me why this isn’t a bad idea again?” he said, his voice pitching a little higher than usual.

“Because if you leave now you’ll regret it forever,” Roman replied, rolling his eyes from where he was standing next to him.

“I mena I already regret most of my life,” Virgil muttered, “So..”

“Virgil” Roman said exasperatedly.

“Fine, yeah, whatever” Virgil waved his hand, as if trying to brush away his words. “Just remember to pinch me if I start babbling or sounding stupid.”

It was then that Roman reached out and pinched him. Hard.

“Hey!” Virgil cried out, springing away from Roman. “What the hell was that for?”

“You said to pinch you if you started sounding stupid,” Roman retorted. “And you being this nervous is pretty freaking stupid. You’re going to be fine, Virgil. Try to relax a little. It’s a just a movie.”

“Sometimes I really fricking hate- oh god, he’s here!”

Virgil’s focus abruptly switched from Roman’s annoying ways to the approaching figure. Logan was wearing jeans. Virgil had never seen him in jeans before, he always wore slacks or khakis to school before, somehow making them look ridiculously good. But now, with these jeans…

“Fuck, I am so gay” Virgil breathed out, still unable to take his eyes off of Logan. He could hear Roman stifling a laugh next to him though, so without looking he reached out and smacked him, hearing a yelp.

“There,” he said, “Revenge for the pinch.”

Before Roman had a chance to retaliate, Logan had reached them.

“Salutations, Virgil,” he said with a soft smile. And dear god, he was going to end up killing Virgil someday.

Logan continued.

“I wanted to thank you for coming out with me today,” he said warmly, “I’ve been meaning to see Kubo for a while, but it’s more enjoyable with companions. Speaking of which, this is Patton. Patton, this is Virgil.

“Pleasure to meet you, champ!” The cheerful looking boy beside Logan stepped forward, holding out his hand. 

He continued, “I’ve heard a lot about you from Logan. It’s good to finally meet you face to face.”

Virgil’s mind raced. Logan had talked about him? What had he said? Was it good? Oh, who was he kidding, it was probably bad. Fuck, Patton probably already thought he was an idiot.

Trying not to show any of this on his face, Virgil reached out and shook the hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” he said quietly. “Ah, you were the one to make those cookies a little while back, right? They were-they were really good.“

Patton beamed.

“Aw, thanks!” he said. “I’m so glad you liked them! I love to bake, but I love sharing what I bake even more. Just let me know if you ever have a craving for baked goods. I can do more than cookies too. In fact I do a mean chocolate cheesecake.”

“Sorry to interrupt,” Roman broke in, stepping forward from where he had been behind Virgil. “But perhaps we should continue this conversation after we’ve gotten our seats. I’m Roman, by the way. Pleasure to meet you all.”

“Oh, well hello, Roman” Patton said cheerfully. “And yeah let’s go in. I hope we can get seats right in the middle. I’m so excited for this movie, the trailers looked so cool and I love animated movies!”

“I agree!” Roman said enthusiastically. “I especially love Disney movies. Tell me do you have a favorite?”

As they began to walk forward, Roman and Patton still chatting each other’s ears off, Logan fell in step with Virgil.

“I really am glad you agreed to come,” he said. “I hope you find the outing enjoyable.

“Um, yeah, sure I will” Virgil mumbled, hoping his face wasn’t too red. He could get through this though. Roman was right. It was just a movie. Just a movie.

He glanced back up again at Logan, and struggled to keep from blushing again. Why did he have to be so unfairly hot?

After they bought their tickets and made their way towards their theatre, Logan could see Virgil glancing at the concession stand.

“Did you want something?” he asked, wanting to make this experience as pleasant for Virgil as possible.

Virgil glanced up at him, looking startled.

“Uh, no, I’m okay,” he muttered. “We should just go sit down.”

“Are you sure?” Logan said, wanting to make sure before they reached their theatre.

“Yeah, I’m surprised,” Virgil’s friend Roman broke in. “You love movie popcorn.”

Virgil was now looking very uncomfortable and flustered, which was not what Logan wanted. So he made a decision.

“You two go on ahead,” he told Patton and Roman. “Save some seats for us. We’re going to get some snacks.”

With that, he grabbed Virgil’s hand and tugged him towards the concession stand.

“So we’re obviously getting popcorn,” he said thinking out loud, “But I might also get a soda as well. Do you want one? The salt from the popcorn might make you thirsty. Also I’ll get some chocolate for Patton, he loves sweet things.“

He looked back at Virgil, who was staring at Logan, slightly slack-jawed. When he saw Logan looking at him, he straightened up a bit.

“Um, that all sounds fine, I guess” he stammered out. “What-whatever you want.”

Logan nodded. Right, he’d get two popcorns, a drink for him, another for Virgil, and some chocolate for Patton. He wasn’t sure what Roman would want, so hopefully the popcorn would suffice.

It wasn’t until he’d almost reached the front of the line that he realized he’d never let of of Virgil’s hand. He glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the other boy, but Virgil didn’t seem like he was feeling uncomfortable or trying to shift away. Logan couldn’t help but feel a warmth spread inside his chest. It seemed like the other truly was becoming more comfortable around him.

It was with some regret that he had to break the hold once he’d placed the order so that he could pull out his wallet. But despite the broken grip, Virgil hadn’t moved away from him either. This was very promising and going much better than last time.

“Uh, hey how much should I pitch in?” Virgil asked uncertainly as Logan handed over his credit card.

“Nothing, it’s my treat,” Logan said absently, as he signed the receipt. “I am, after all, the one who invited you.”

“O-oh, but are you sure?” Virgil said. Logan could see him fidgeting. As he grabbed the chocolate and the drinks, he turned and smiled at him.

“Yes, I’m sure” he reassured Virgil. “Like I said, my treat. Now, can you carry the popcorn bags?”

“Yeah sure,” Virgil mumbled in reply. While he was keeping his eyes fixed downward, he didn’t appear to be truly distressed to Logan’s eyes. In fact, he could have sworn he saw a faint smile flicker across the other’s face.

Feeling content and very self-satisfied, Logan led the way to the theatre. He was going to see a movie he had been highly anticipating. He was accompanied by people he enjoyed spending time with. And best of all, he had finally made progress with Virgil. 

Perhaps, he found himself considering, glancing yet again at the other, we could even remain friends beyond the bounds of the project.

As he and Virgil settled down in the seats Patton and Roman has saved for them, the exact middle of the theatre as Patton had wanted, Logan let himself entertain the though further. Keeping his eyes discreetly fixed on Virgil, who was now curled up and absentmindedly eating popcorn as he watched the trailers. Yes, the thought of becoming friends was indeed quite a pleasant one.

Bonus! The conversation Roman and Patton have while waiting in the theatre:

Patton: So Virgil has quite the crush, doesn’t he?

Roman: Yeah, he’s pretty obvious about it. Has Logan figured it out?

Patton: Ah, Logan isn’t always the best with emotional and social, so no, he hasn’t. He thinks Virgil is afraid of him.

Roman: Well that’s better than what Virgil’s been worried about. He’s convinced Logan thinks he’s an idiot.

Patton: Oh no, he likes Virgil. That’s why he’s been trying to date him, even through he hasn’t figured out that’s what he’s been trying to do yet.

Roman: Ok, so these have been dates. I wasn’t sure.

Patton: Really? I didn’t think he was being that subtle.

Roman: Yes, but I have to rely on Virgil for information and he’s not the most reliable narrator when it comes to Logan.

Patton: That’s fair.

Laundry is Lit 🔥🔥🔥

Summary: Lily just really, really wants James to do the laundry. He decides to use his YouTube fame as motivation. Muggle AU, Modern AU, YouTube AU (???).

For the ever lovely @levins18 and @petalstofish because, yes, I did take two seconds of our conversation and turn it into a fic. 

I’m sorry that this is what friendship with me is like.

Read it on FF or AO3

James was standing in the kitchen when Lily walked through the door after work that evening, a container of yoghurt in his hand and a spoon hanging out of his mouth while he clicked around on his mobile.

He dropped the spoon back into the container, grinned at her as she walked through the door, ‘Hey, love.’

She smiled, 'Hey,’ and stood on her toes to kiss him.

'How was your day,’ she hung her bag up on the hook by the door, pulled out her laptop, and tucked it under her arm while she grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge.

'It was great,’ James said, and he turned his mobile around and showed her his screen. 'We uploaded this an hour ago and we’ve already got 65,000 views. Twitter is going mad.’

'Fucking hell, that’s brilliant,’ she leaned over and kissed him again, before taking a long drag of her water, 'Is the filming room a complete wreck again, or?’

James scoffed, 'Pardon me, we always clean up after ourselves.’ Lily smirked, raised an eyebrow, and James smiled at her, did his best to look charming. She rolled her eyes, smacked his shoulder, and he laughed, 'How was your day, Evans?’

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PUBG fun!!

So Bob did a stream today as you guys might know. But if you weren’t aware they were playing PUBG and they were playing again with fans/chat and such and I got to play a couple rounds and it was so much fun so glad that they’re doing this even though I’m not the best and I’m pretty sure my name got pronounce wrong once got called Stevers but it happens haha

@therealjacksepticeye I hope you guys plan to do more stuff like this in the future because it’s just so much fun 😁

Turn Loose the Mermaids(Part 31)

AU belongs to Taulun

Welp, this is probably my worst chapter yet. I apologize in advance. You will want me dead after next chapter anyway, so let’s enjoy the little victories lol. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta and dealing with my shit

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Tortuga was like no other place Marinette had ever seen. Albeit, she had only been in two ports so far, of which the second hadn’t been the most… pleasing experience, not with strange women trying to take her Chat away from her or with lecherous stinky drunks who ended up with cut tongues. But besides those incidents, it had been welcoming and enjoyable and, dare she say, comfortable. But this place, Tortuga, was giving her shivers. The port was well lighted, but it still felt as if lingering shadows were ready to jump you any moment. And while the joy in the air and the relaxed and euphoric state of people might have been enjoyable any other day, Marinette didn’t feel right in that atmosphere right now. And the streets were stinking! What was up with this port and poor cleaning? Hell knows what diseases will appear because of it. Chat didn’t seem to fare any better. As they were walking along the streets, keeping close to each other and holding hands, Marinette could have sworn she heard him cursing and saying something about how he hated Tortuga. With all the dirt on the ground, Marinette decided she had been inspired to pick a dress that reached above her ankles. She glanced around, noticing all the oddities that were sold at the stands of the merchants. Fish, alcohol, a variety of tools, weapons, but she also saw poisons and some rather weird looking animal limbs. Instinctively, she pulled herself closer to Chat. Her husband wrapped an arm around her and squeezed her shoulder, comforting her. Stopping suddenly, Chat moved aside to free the path for other walkers while pulling her along. Raising her hands, he kissed her knuckles and looked down at her.

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Love Your Mutuals Day!

Day seven of the SnK no hate awareness week, brought to you by @snkartists! The Mess™ is back with another list full of incoherent joy. This is two days late because reasons(Tumblr is a ButtMunch), but better late than never. This is in a-z order, bare with me and watch me screm, here we go:

@agent-2-6: Chezzaa, my honeydew queen 🍈 huehuehue. You’re extremely fun to talk to and exceptionally sweet? I love talking to you, we have great convos xD Much cute, I appreciate your existence~

@aurieackerman: Aurieee, okay, you just followed me but? A gift, a true gift, as a person and member of our fandom, and incredibly sweet?? You’re on discord now and I like talking to you, our first conversations have been.. interesting (¬‿¬) but nice nonetheless!! I hope to talk to you more! You’re really great c:

@captain-cleanliness: Hey Guy, since we were talking about extravagant words ands synonyms yesterday, here’s one that describes you: “RIBALD”. I feel like it sums you up beautifully 😂 anywhoo, you’re great, a very nice person and extremely funny. You always have me laughing at something, no matter how stupid it is lmao. Thanks for taking to me~

@corporalmizuki: Stelllaaaa, aye. You were like.. one of the first people to follow me? But not even just that, I think you talked to me first? You tagged me in some ask meme??? I have no idea wtf really happened but magic definitely took place. Beautiful, beautiful you are, I love seeing you in my dash and talking to you on the group chats we have. You have great ideas and you are salt shaker #2 Everything about you is just so special and thank you for still putting up with me ɷ◡ɷ (also, *cough* you’re an awesome writer and you don’t get near the amount of praise you should but what *cough*)

@dallyingdivergent: Gabyyy, an angel you are. You’re really fun to talk to and I always appreciate your kind words I sob,,, (I have yet to answer your ask but???? It did things tk my heart??? You are amazing??¿¿) I always look forward to our chats, you’re so great 😄

@dont–you–heichou–me: Chris, my nut friend. You’re really cool to talk to and you’re a talented writer. You’re also really funny lmao and a really nice person, I hope we get more opportunities to chat!!!

@eli-ereri: Eli, you’re the cutest ah, I love talking to you!! We’ve been mutuals for awhile now?? I don’t remember who followed who first but whatever happened I’m glad it did, you’re amazing. We have great chats and your art is the cutest, I’m still not over the pastel!levi art you made for me, my heart. Thank you for being you~

@eren–gayger: Berry! Even before discord, I feel like I’ve talked to you before??? Your url is so familiar… hmm.. anywho!! You’re great yo, even though we have an 8 hour time difference I sob, we still manage to talk and that’s great. You’re very lovely and I appreciate you letting me join discord hell hehe, high five ( also… also.. .. also, the snk/ereri cah game… i will win that one,,,, watch out yall)

@erenbaegerr: Nada! Beautiful you are! I don’t know how or why you followed me, I think I tripped out?? You’re just so cool. You have great art and your writing always has me swooning?? Our chats are the best, I’m blessed you like talking with me, I appreciate your existence as well~

@erensjaegerbombs: Heiiidiii, ayyye wassup. I still remember when you followed me, I still had my laptop then. I was on my bed with my cat and when I saw the notif, I kicked out my leg, and I guess it excited my cat because she pounced on my leg and did the bitey thing™, I’m sure I’ve told you this before.. 😂oh well. You’re a beautiful person and you tolerate me??? How?? I’m a mess with the attention span of a teeny ferret. I love when we salt together, you are part of my salt shaker (salt shaker #3) collection and it’s beautiful, the five of us discuss many great things. You’re blog is great and despite popularity you’re still a decent blogger, I love that. Thanks for being a friend and talking with me, keep being you!

@glassesgirl0401: Frauu, when you come on it’s always so nice to talk to you. You’re really sweet and funny, I wish to speak with you more, you’re great!

@icecat45: Icy hi! You’re really nice and you’re a great writer? I love the chats we have, and I hope we can have more in the future. You’re great ❄

@kahleniel: Kahl, you’re another really cool person and also.. your hair is so nice??! But that’s off topic. I like speaking with you, it’s fun and I’m happy you followed me back. We should def talk more! Also say hello to ur knife hamster for me!

@lampurple: Biancaaa, my beautiful purple, salt shaker number #4, beautiful friend.. we started talking through the group chat and I don’t regret it?? Lmao whenever I spewed my incoherent rants, you were always there make sense of whatever the issue was lolol, translating my nonsense like you’re Hange. You have beautiful art and great opinions, I’m so glad you talk to me, you’re definitely a treasured mutual as well, and once again a good friend. Thanks pal~

@spacebumblebees: Kayu! You are a beautiful person and you are extremely well rounded? Like.. you draw, write and many other things?? So great you are, please continue to shine~

@oh-eren-my-eren: Yuu, we just started talking but the minute I saw you speak on the group chat I was like “I wanna talk to this person, they seem wonderful and nice” and turns out?? You truly are?? That’s so great. You have beautiful art and you’re really sweet, also I have you to thank for my recent influx of notes because you went through my writing tag lmao,,, you’re just so great, I hope we get more opportunities to chat in the future c: (also you make the best cah suggestions I’m still cackling)

@perfectfearsomebeauty: Ammmmyyyy, my number one salt shaker, my beau, my hc buddy.. what is up! Als;labwowks ??? I was so excited when you followed me, but actually talked to me??? I was like “this really cool person who I admire wants to talk to me.. and likes my opinions.. i weep”. You’re so great, we have great chats,,,, and whenever we aren’t bathing in salt we are either rolling in filthy hcs or we are making sad hcs… but we have done all 3 before 😂 A long standing mutual but more importantly a long-standing friend?? I don’t know how you put up with me but ty, keep being awesome (also plz tell ur cats i said hi and that I think they are beautiful as well)

@pinkheichou: Linnnn, you’re so great??? I don’t know why you followed little me but like??? Why the hell didn’t I follow you sooner??? That’s how you know I was inactive because if I had any sense I would’ve followed back the second you followed me. Ooh, you have great ideas and are just an overall delight, we need to discuss hcs one day!!

@pureren: Tessa wth,,,, you’re the best??? Sobs,,, you followed me back in my Discourse™ days lmaoo, you’ve seen my blog at it’s saltiest and it’s stupidest, yet you still stay, that’s commitment. Your so great, I love when we talk, dude at this point whenever I see a keyboard smash I’m like “is that tessa” lmao, you’re awesome, thanks for putting up with me c:

@shulkie: Shulkie, I weep, how have you put up with me thus far. You’re an amazing person, I still cant think of a reason why you followed me, static comes up, but man I’m glad you did??! You’re fun to talk to, our word wars were fun and you an overall great person with amazing writes. Ty for being you and being just *shakes fist* so wonderful! I appreciate you~

@wonderseverythingabove: Adorableness, you are adorableness, wrapped up in a person, a human adorableness burrito. We dont talk much but hey!!! We need to???? You’re so awesome??? I weep, thanks for sticking around yo

And here to the rest of my mutuals as well (If you are down here it means either we are new mutuals and/or I have yet to talk to you! Let’s change that mhm 💗):

@captain-corporal, @coolsiberiahwinter, @coolsnksideblog, @dinklebert2, @dirtylevi, @dominant-eren, @fractal-bright, @hikariix, @im-eren-jaeger-sexual, @iristelle, @klahnces, @leanderp,@l-e-v-i-ackerman, @levixeren, @levizs, @mockingscout, @monsoondownpour, @mr-d-teufel, @nerdlevi, @nutella-and-ereri, @paladace, @plisehtsky, @raefill, @shitpost-no-kyojin, @sluttttysurveycorps, @suckaknob, @tatakaeeren, @thegreatestdecoy-shoyo, @zaevran

End of my list, have a wonderful day~ (also, you need to follow all these people yea) 💓💗💓

Chrom/M!Corrin C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


Corrin: Hello, Lord Chrom? May I speak with you about something?

Chrom: Of course, your highness, but you can leave out the “lord”.

Corrin: Haha, only if you drop the fancy titles as well.

Chrom: Duly noted. What did you need?

Corrin: I was wondering how it felt to lead a band of noble knights such as yours. As someone who had the responsibility thrust upon him, I just wanted a second perspective.

Chrom: Ah, yes. I enjoy being the leader of my army with my tactician at my side. I especially like having the opportunity to build bonds with my Shepherds. Those are very important to me.

Corrin: I know what you mean! Meeting all of the members of my army and having a chance to speak to them personally is truly a privilege like no other.

Chrom: Of course. Speaking of which, your presence seems familiar to me. Calming, in a way.

Corrin: W-what? Um, why?

Chrom: Just a feeling.

Corrin: (Why is he looking at me like that?!)

Chrom: Well, anyway, I think we can agree that it is a great honour to stand at the front of great armies filled with great heroes.

Corrin: We can. Thank you for this chat, Chrom. (And why is he smiling so broadly?)

Chrom: Anytime, Corrin.

[Chrom and Corrin have reached support rank C.]


Chrom: Oh, Corrin, hello again. What brings you to this corner of the battlefield?

Corrin: I noticed you took quite a hit from that lancer. Are you okay?

Chrom: Haha, don’t worry about me. I can take more than that.

Corrin: …If you say so.

Chrom: I do. Now that you’re here, would you mind helping me take care of those axemen?

Corrin: Just leave it to me!


Chrom: Whew, all done. I certainly wasn’t expecting them to cluster like that…

Corrin: Chrom, you’re favouring your shoulder. Are you sure you’re not injured?

Chrom: Don’t be silly. I’m perfectly fine.

Corrin: You don’t need to lie for anyone’s sake, you know. We are all here to help each other.

Chrom: I’m aware of that, Corrin. If I needed help I would seek it; please don’t waste too much time worrying about me. You know, you’re reminding me more and more of an old friend. May I ask-

Corrin: Um, right, right! As long as you’re not pushing yourself too hard. It would be terrible to lose a formidable commander such as yourself. (Why does he keep saying things like this?)

Chrom: Haha, no need to think so highly of me. I’m worth just the same as anyone else.

Corrin: But that doesn’t diminish the amount of that worth.

Chrom: Alright, alright, I concede!

Corrin: (There it is again! That warm look, like we’re sharing an old joke between friends.)

Chrom: Corrin?

Corrin: Y-yes?

Chrom: Nothing. It looked like you were spacing out for a second.

Corrin: (Is he seriously not realising what he’s doing?)

Chrom: There’s that funny look again. Ah, well. I’ll figure you out eventually, haha.

Corrin: *sigh*

Chrom: Well, I’ve got to get going. See you around, Corrin!

Corrin: … See you.

[Chrom and Corrin have reached support rank B.]


Chrom: Hmm, perhaps I should have heeded Corrin’s advice. This shoulder wound doesn’t look too good.

Corrin: I knew it!

Chrom: Ah! C-Corrin?!

Corrin: Your wound is infected, isn’t it?

Chrom: Wait, no! It’s not. I just strained it a bit too much. Don’t worry about it, my friend.

Corrin: (What the hell? He’s beaming at me so hard I can practically see sparkles. Does he even know he has that goofy expression on his face?)

Chrom: It’s okay, Corrin. I’ll find a healer and get it fixed up, quick as I can.

Corrin: [y/n] took all the healers out on a special quest, so that may take a while…

Chrom: Ah, well. I don’t want to burden you, so I’ll take my leave. I promise to go to [y/n] as soon as s/he gets back.

Corrin: No, no, I’ll stay with you until then. I don’t want you getting even more hurt pulling some reckless move, like smashing another hole in the wall. (Okay, I’m definitely not imagining it. There are literal sparkles surrounding him when he smiles at me.)

Chrom: Corrin? What’s wrong?

Corrin: Could you j-just… move over a bit?

Chrom: Okay?

Corrin: (Thank goodness, he’s finally out of the sun. I was going blind.)

Chrom: What was that?

Corrin: N-nothing! Nothing. Uh, Chrom, you said something about an old friend, yes?

Chrom: Oh, right. I was just saying that you have this air about you that reminds me of him.

Corrin: Is that so?

Chrom: It’s odd, but very comforting. I feel as though I could chat with you for hours.

Corrin: (I think he’s going delusional. Please hurry, [y/n]!)

Chrom: Did anyone ever tell you-

Corrin: Hey, look - there’s [y/n]! Let’s get you a healer. (… He’s staring again.)

[Chrom and Corrin have reached support rank A.]


Chrom: Corrin! I’m glad I caught you. I had something to talk to you about, actually.

Corrin: Oh? I’m all ears.

Chrom: I know I’ve bothered you incessantly about familiarity and the like, and I just wanted to apologise. I wasn’t quite thinking straight.

Corrin: It’s no trouble, Chrom. It didn’t bother me.

Chrom: I’ve been constantly comparing you to my friend back at home, and I realise that it was rather rude of me. You are your own person, and I love you for that - not for being someone else.

Corrin: E-excuse me?! Did you just say-

Chrom: No! I… didn’t say anything.

Corrin: (Did he just confess? He was mumbling so quietly I could barely hear a word. Now he’s giving me that hangdog look again.)

Chrom: Gods, I’m acting like a coward. I’ll just say it. Corrin, I’m in love with you.

Corrin: (Could it be that all this time he was giving me those weird signals because he was afraid to confess?!)

Chrom: … You don’t have to say anything. I know it’s silly. But I can’t control my what I know in my heart.

Corrin: Chrom, wait! Don’t leave.

Chrom: …

Corrin: The truth is, I’ve also felt myself inexplicably drawn to you. But I became friends with you because you’re a sincere person.

Chrom: Are you saying…?

Corrin: Yes. I… feel the same for you. (His eyes brightened with the light of ten suns. How cute…)

Chrom: I can barely believe this is truly happening! Oh! I have something for you.

Corrin: This ring is incredibly fancy… What’s this crest?

Chrom: It is the crest of the royal house of Ylisse. It was made on the day of my birth, and I was instructed to give it to the love of my life.

Corrin: Chrom, I… I don’t know what to say. This is such an honour…

Chrom: One that you well deserve.

Corrin: But what about when we have to leave this kingdom? What will happen then?

Chrom: I would follow you to the ends of the earth. My kingdom can be ruled by another, so long as I can stay with the one I love.

Corrin: (I can see the intense love in his eyes…) I… Thank you, Chrom. Thank you for everything.

Chrom: Anything for the one I love the most in any world.

[Chrom and Corrin have reached support rank S.]

i can’t believe ??? i actually lasted this long ??? i’ve tried running this blog so many times in the past, and every time i end up chickening out because i worry that i’m not good enough, or that nobody wants to interact with a character that so few people actually KNOW about. can you BELIEVE i established this blog (on a different account) almost FIVE years ago ????  i was ridiculously shy, and this year i was finally able to break out of that and talk to people, and HOO BOY am i glad i did. i’ve met so many amazing people on here, and made so many new friends. 

while i know for a fact i can credit some of this to my beloved deltas and how much they’ve helped me grow this past year, there are many people here who also helped me and my blog grow into who it is/i am today. so thank you, so so SO much. i love you guys so much and i hope we continue to talk/interact in the future💙💙💙 i have a shit memory, so i might’ve forgotten some people, but know that i love you to pieces still !!!

this got so much longer than it was supposed to be i’m so sorry omf

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Congratulations || Sam Drake x Reader ||

Characters: Sam Drake x Reader

Requested: Yis! By Anon, bless <3 [Next request would be cool something about a wedding? So flufff]

Prompt: Both you and Sam have been married for quite some time now, not having enough time for a proper ceremony. Only Elena and Nate discover months later that the two of you have been married happily, and demand some sort of ceremony to celebrate you two. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers @delicrieux @feelthefeelingsinsideyou @solarsystemus @roses-are-bae

Word Count: 1,255

A/N: okay so I know you asked for fluff but this ended up being just a shitty romantic comedy scene type thing almost, The request was hella quite but I just can’t picture Sam trying to suit up for a wedding, like a god bless his soul but no. also, Troy Baker cameo to break the fourth wall, bc WHY NOT?? 

Today was ‘the day’ if you could really call it that. Your ‘wedding-but-not-actual-wedding-day-day’ was today. Never mind that you had been married to Sam for exactly four months now, but Elena and Nate insisted on some form of ceremony to celebrate. 

Both you and Sam weren’t too keen on the idea of having a ceremony, in fact when you two decided to go to court for the marriage to be approved you were happy with that. But of course, Nate and Elena argued that the best part of marrying someone is the wedding while you two had argued that it didn’t matter, as long as you were with each other. 

And here you were, dressed nicely -as nicely as one could when at the beach-  observing yourself in the mirror with Sam admiring you from the bed. “You look great, you always do.” He grinned, standing up from his position and wrapping his arms around you. You rolled your eyes, “remind me again why we’re doing this?” 

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Q&A: LadyNoirJuly2k17

Prompt 2 and 4: Banter and Common Interest

I love these children so much. Alya is such an amazing character, I love including her.

Also, not all of these prompts are completely for me and I can’t see taking it in a non-generic direction, so I might combine them like this, though I could give each of these their own if I had the time.

Smol angst, large procrastination. Do I plan to get all of these prompts done? Perhaps.

May turn multi-chapter. Cross-posted indeed.

“You know, for a surprisingly private group of superheroes that don’t normally share information, you’re taking this two-on-one interview that’s covering way more than usual pretty well.”

“I mean, we’re not that private- “

Chat looked at her, and she sighed. “Okay, so we are. Can’t we indulge Paris a little?”

Alya shrugged. “Of course. Way more daily hits after every interview, so I don’t mind in the slightest. Gotta make a few extra euro somehow; equipment doesn’t pay for itself.”

Chat quipped, “Cost is all relative, depending on how much you value your safety and well-being in comparison to the Ladyblog. Judging by the lengths you go to for a scoop, I doubt human cost is that much. Your smartphone was your canvas for over a year.”

“Always improving, always upgrading. On the subject of cost, why are you two doing this for free, when you could make some serious cash from a legit news source?”

Ladybug paused. “Um, are we still on record?”

“Yes, we are.”

“Okay, well consider it a favor from friends.”

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Cherry: “Robin, you did amazing on the first challenge!  I love your book and it’s such a pleasure to get some one on one time with you.”

Robin: “Hermosa, thank you so much.  You were the inspiration for my story, even though I’d never written one before, it came naturally when i thought about you.”

Cherry: *blushes* “Robin you are so sweet and your win was well deserved.  I’ve never met anyone so genuinely kind as you are.  I’m glad that you’ve earned immunity and we’ll have another episode to get to know each other more.”

Because of Robin’s win Cherry Praised Her Book and Chatted with her.

Balconino Scene

For @chassecroise who wanted to see a fic using Marichat tropes with DJNoir. This was a lot of fun to write. I may have a new side ship now…

Essentially, Chat Noir visits Nino and asks for some romantic advice.

AO3 link

The night was cool enough that he didn’t mind leaving the door to his small balcony open. The fresh air was particularly pleasant given the unusually warm temperature tonight. Besides, the familiar sounds of Paris at night made an excellent backdrop to the music he was editing.

However, the sound of someone landing just outside his room was a little unusual.

Nino popped off his headphones, leaving them around his neck as he peered outside.

Of all the things he might have expected to see at midnight, Chat Noir, looking perhaps a little out of his element, was not one of them.

“Uh…” Nino stood and walked over. “Chat Noir?”

Chat Noir looked up at him, bright green eyes almost glowing. “Hey, um. Nino, right?”

“Yeah.” Given the fact that nearly all of the akuma attacks had happened at school and he was best friends with the girl running the Ladyblog, he wasn’t entirely sure why Chat Noir was pretending to be unsure of who he was. “Is…everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah! Just…” He seemed to think for a moment. “Just patrolling and saw your door was open. I wanted to check and see if you were all right.”

Nino raised a brow. As far as excuses went, that one seemed to be flimsy at best. He knew from experience that at least ten of his neighbors left their doors open when the temperature suited them. To prove his point, Nino walked out, stood beside to Chat Noir, and glanced around at the dozen or so open doors. “Lucky that you landed on my balcony.”

Chat Noir backed up a step, rubbing the back of his neck. “Oh, yeah. I… Yep.”

“So, what’s up?” Nino couldn’t bring himself to press the issue. Not when Chat Noir looked so nervous. In fact, he looked far more nervous than Nino had ever seen him, and he’d seen a lot of footage of Chat Noir. He had practically memorized the way he moved and fought. He’d definitely memorized the cut of his costume and the impressively toned lines of his body, which his costume managed to show off to an incredible degree, despite covering every inch of skin. Not that he’d thought about it outside of his hours of editing for the Ladyblog.

“Well, now that you mention it.” Chat Noir leaned back against the balcony with a small smile. “I heard from a friend that you give good advice.”

“I mean… I guess so.” Nino mirrored his pose, leaning back and watching him. He couldn’t help but wonder who he might know who would also be friends with Chat Noir.

Chat Noir fiddled with his baton, turning it over in his hands and staring down at it as he spoke. “About…love.”

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Unconditional Love

Summary: University AU in which Dan is a new freshman and Phil is his new history teacher, they run into each other and discover that they are soulmates, they get to know each other and date, despite the age difference.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,378

Warnings: well it’s studentxteacher type thing so idk not much.

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brittish-j replied to your post “Last Sentence tag game”

Then the tears came as slow as the light leaving Dontellis’s eyes. All was quiet once more. Their boat a row upon a zephyr. I love these games but don’t have any followers to tag.

I really like this! It sounds so poetic! 

I’m really glad you did this as a reply- even though you didn’t have followers to tag, it meant I got to read it. :D If you (or anyone!) want to do tag games this way as replies, that’s totally fine! I’m nosy and love seeing what people are working on. ;)

Long post ahead, press “J” on PC if you don’t wanna scroll!

Ahhhh so 2015 is finally coming to an end and it’s almost christmas! And I made a lot of good friends this year and hit my follower goal and I figured I’d do a follow forever! So, lets do this ^^

Also ik this is being posted a bit early but I’ll be busy until after the new year so lol

First personal messages to my closest friends! If I don’t write you a message please don’t be offended :(

First is @anglejeonghan Alishba you’re my absolute best friend I’m so sad since you went away to college but I can’t wait to see you over the break. We’ve been through a lot together and you literally mean so much to me I hope you know that! You understand me on a lot of topics, more so than any of my other friends and I understand you and I’m so glad we have each other and are friends I hope we can talk more in 2016 and continue to have our friendship prosper you really do mean a lot to me okay? I hope 2016 is easier for you, I hope you have a long and happy life okay! <333

Second is @btsgf Julie!!! ilysm you’re one of my best friends on here, you’re a meme loving f**k and whenever I see a bts meme/shitpost on my dash I don’t even have to look at the source to know you made it lol. I can talk to you about so much and I hope you feel the same way about me! I remember when we first talked and I wanted to add you to my group chat of then only me and two other friends, you were so shy and worried and I’ve really seen you grow so much in such a short time you’re friends with everyone now and bold and I’m so happy to be able to say that and to say that we’re friends! I hope we can talk more in 2016 :’+)

Next is @btscomeback Mae…my gf (giant frog) we actually don’t pm that much but I wish we did 😩 I’ve known you for a short time but I’m still so glad we’re friends! You’re so talented in different things I wish your photography and edits got more recognition! Your singing voice is also so nice I hope you continue to sing :) You’re also so pretty and down to earth, keep doing you kid.

Finally is @yaboyjeonghan Zehra my fave $.Coups stan,,, even though you don’t talk that much in our group chat I just want you to know I consider you a good friend and I think you’re absolutely hilarious on tumblr and in our group chat! I also love your cheesy space jokes so much esp when you try to make us feel better w them! You’re really nice tbh I’m glad we’re friends.

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anonymous asked:

Oh god, I'm a terrible person??? There's this person I REALLY admired, they're an artist, you see. They hosted live streams of them drawing, and I'd talk with the people there in the chat.. this person ended up really hurting my feelings, so, as the petty and vengeful person I am, I asked a blog known to unfairly demean and trash others artwork what they thought of this persons art, knowing they'd say hateful things. They did. I smiled a whole bunch when I saw. Sorry, I rly needed 2 tell some1

:(( im glad u vented for one thing!! but at the same time, what you did isn’t right. i understand wanting to get even, though.

if the artist found out abt the hateful things said, maybe you should come clean and apologize. actually, in any case, i think you should apologize. it’ll make you feel better!! and lying to ppl isn’t healthy too.

Your brother’s best friend (Calum imagine)

Part 1

It was nearly noon when Y/N pulled into the driveway of her childhood home. The house looked different than she had remembered, even though she’d only been gone for a couple years. Her parents stood on the stoop, wide smiles across their faces as they watched their beautiful daughter return home after a two year trip abroad in the US. She smiled back at her parents and waved happily, anxious to tell them about her travels overseas.

After gathering her belongings in the front seat and throwing them into her purse, she stepped out of the car and opened her back door to pull out her suitcases. Before she could grab the first one, a tall figure came up behind her and pulled her into his chest.

“I honestly never thought I would see you again, sis.”

Y/N turned to face her brother, Ashton. He was taller than the last time she saw him and she couldn’t help but laugh at the long curls that had magically appeared on his head, “I see you have been growing out your hair.”

“You better not be laughing at me. You just got here!” Ashton laughed, pulling Y/N in for another hug.”

She embraced him realizing how much she had missed him while she was away, “I’m not making fun! I just haven’t seen curls like that on your head since we were little kids.”

He rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah. You laugh it up,” she smiled and tugged on one of his curls. “I did miss you though, Y/N. Glad you are back!”

After a quick chat and greetings to her parents, she and Ashton grabbed her suitcases and went into the house. Except, it was no longer a place where she could stay.

“Wait, so you kicked me out of my own room?” she cried, looking back and forth between her parents.

Her father spoke first, “I’m sorry, sweetheart. Your grandmother wasn’t doing well so we moved her into your bedroom.”

“I can’t believe-”

“But your brother just bought a house and has a room available for you to move into. That is, if you are interested. It would be cheaper than getting your own place,” Y/N’s mother added.

She sat down at the kitchen table and took a deep breath. Her brother appeared in the doorway and gave her a subtle smile.

“So, do you want to move in with me and Calum?” Ashton asked, causing Y/N to sit up straight in her seat.

“You are roommates with Calum? Since when?”

“Since you went abroad,” he answered. “You guys get along well so I don’t see any problems in the near future.”  

Y/N rolled her eyes, “Yeah. Maybe not in the near future.”

Her brother ignored the slight exaggeration and grabbed her bags to put them back in her car, “Do you want to go over now? I’d assume you are tired from your long trip. I already set most of your stuff up so you wouldn’t have to do it when you got home.”

“I’m glad it wasn’t hard for mom and dad to just kick me out,” Y/N said, assisting with her bags.

“They didn’t kick you out,” Ashton corrected, “But I guess they didn’t let you stay.”

Y/N gave him a light smack before getting in the car and heading over to her brothers new place.


Y/N woke suddenly from her nap to the sound of cheering coming from the television. Her eyes widened as she tried to remember where she was and how she got there. As she began to recognize her surroundings, she sat up and squealed at the person sitting on the couch beside her.

“Shit, you are loud.”

Her eyes widened once she realized the person sitting next to her was Ashton’s best friend, Calum. She stared for a moment noticing how much older and taller he looked since the last time she saw him at prom senior year.

He stared back at her as she sat there mute, her eyes visibly moving over his tattoos.

“Do you speak anymore? I know you used to do a lot of it,” he finally said.

Y/N threw her pillow in his general direction but missed, “How long have you been sitting there?”

“Don’t worry your pants off. I’ve only been here for about ten minutes, but you have been sleeping for about four hours.”

She grabbed her phone that was lying on the wood floor and read the time.

“I wish someone would have woke me! It’s a quarter to six and I haven’t eaten anything all day,” Y/N added, standing from the couch and walking into the kitchen.

Calum jumped up from the couch and followed Y/N into the kitchen. He took a seat on one of the bar stools as she rummaged through the refrigerator for something to eat.

“Do you guys ever go shopping for groceries? There isn’t anything edible in this fridge.”

He shrugged his shoulders before reaching into one of the cabinets and pulling out a box of pasta and placing it on the counter, “This is mine, I’ve been hiding it from your brother. You can have it.”

She let out a sigh of relief to the site of normal food, “Thanks, but I don’t want to owe you anything Calum. That doesn’t usually end well.”

He stood up again from the bar stool and crossed his arms as he stood less than a foot away from her, “Listen, since we are living together and you are my best friends sister, we should probably put our hate for each other behind us.”

“I don’t hate you, Calum. I just dislike you a little, but you have the right idea. It’s probably better that we put that aside and try to be friends.”

Calum laughed, “I wouldn’t go that far and say we should be friends. I was thinking more  along the lines of acquaintances.”

“Whatever, Calum,” Y/N said before grabbing the box of pasta from the counter.

Before Calum could speak up again, Ashton appeared in the kitchen, “Hey! You’re awake. Did you have a good nap?”

She nodded, “I did, thanks. You look nice,” Ashton smiled. “Are you off to see Britt?”

“Yeah I am. I was actually thinking of staying the night there. Are you alright with that? I know it’s your first night back but, I figured you and Calum could just hangout and catch up.”

Y/N agreed with her brother and before she knew he was out the door. Calum stood in the same place he did a few minutes ago, his arms still crossed over his chest.

“I think I am going to go to bed. It’s been a long day,” She added before saying goodnight and heading toward her room.  


The clock on her dresser showed half past three as her eyes slowly opened. It was still dark outside which indicated it was three in the morning and not three in the afternoon which she had hoped. There was no reason to be up at this hour and Y/N was curious to why she had woken up in the first place.

“Maybe I got too much sleep?” she said out loud to herself.

As she closed her eyes and began to fall back asleep her eyes suddenly opened again after the sound of little feet came running across her wood floor toward her bed.

She immediately reached for her lamp and clicked it on, her eyes scanning the room for whatever made that sound.


Y/N stepped quietly onto the floor in hopes of getting out of the room and trapping whatever animal was in there. As she made the first step toward the door, a brown mouse came running past her toward the door and she let out a loud scream.


Before anything else could happen she ran out of the room and collided with Calum.

“What the hell is going on? Are you alright?” He asked, grabbing hold of her arms.

Y/N went to speak but before she could the mouse came running out of her room in the direction that her and Calum were standing, “Mouse, there’s a mouse!”

Calum didn’t say anything as Y/N grabbed his hand, pulling him up the stairs into his room and shutting the door behind him. The two of them were silent as they listened as they waited to hear tiny footsteps coming up the stairs, but nothing came.

“It was in my room, and I think it might have been on my bed at some point,” Y/N whispered, as if not to hint to the mouse of where they were.

“Well, it’s late and i’m exhausted, so i’m going to go back to sleep.”

“Wait, but i’m not going back downstairs, no way! Not while that thing is running around.”

“You can sleep in Ashton’s room,” Calum suggested.

She shook her head, “Ew, no. Unfortunately, I know how often him and Britt have sex.”

“That’s gross, thanks for sharing. Well, your only other choice is the couch.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, “ I’m not sleeping downstairs, Calum! That is where the mouse is.”

“Your only other option is to sleep in…my bed.”

Her eyes widened, “Yeah, right!”

She stood there for a moment contemplating her options. Sleeping downstairs in either her bed, or on the couch meant the possibility of waking up with a mouse staring at her. Sleeping in her brother’s bed was all around gross on so many levels, which meant that Calum’s bed was the next best choice.

“Fine! I’m sleeping in your bed,” Calum smiled but before he could say anything Y/N spoke up, “But, if you touch me Calum, god help you because I will kill you,” she said with a straight face.

“Oh, I got it,” he added, crawling into the bed beside her. “Goodnight.”

“Night,” Y/N added before closing her eyes in attempt to fall asleep, except she couldn’t.

She rolled over in the bed trying not to bother Calum as she found a place to stare at on the ceiling. She thought about the mouse, and her parents kicking her out. She also thought about her trip to the US and all the friends she made while she was there. As she thought about these things her eyes fluttered shut, but only for a minute until something else came to mind. It was Calum.

She turned over to face the wall as she began to think about the tattoos that adorned his arms and the ones that weren’t visible to her eyes. She thought about his plump lips moving over her skin as his hands pulled her closer into his toned chest. These crazy thoughts were calming her and helping her to fall asleep. Y/N couldn’t believe that she was thinking about these things, but sleeping beside him, and feeling his body against her earlier was causing all sorts of images to flash through her mind.

“Are you awake still?”

The thoughts left her mind as the sound of Calum’s voice echoed off the walls. She didn’t turn over to face him even though she knew he was facing her.

“I am. I can’t fall back to sleep,” she answered as he inched a bit closer to her.

He took a breath then inched closer once again, his chest practically pressed against her back, “I can help you fall back to sleep.”

A chill came over Y/N, she was curious, “How?”

“Let me show you,” he whispered, his lips pressed against her ear.

His hand was surprisingly warm as it moved over her thighs and under her tee to her chest. She choked a breath as his lips made contact with her neck, each one feeling better than the last. She reached behind her and tangled her fingers in his hair, a soft moan escaping him.

“This won’t help me go to sleep,” Y/N whispered.

Calum smiled into her neck as his hand moved slowly down her body to the waist of her panties. He slid under them with ease and could feel that Y/N was already wet.

He laughed, “I can tell we both wanted this.”

Y/N turned her head and and placed a light kiss on his lips, “So why don’t you give me what I want.”

*You want part 2, you have to work for part 2!* :P