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Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part V)

Part V – “But we’re still sleeping like we’re lovers”


I stood there, transfixed by the overwhelming feeling of her in my arms, unbelievingly real against the paleness of my tired memories. I didn’t know what had happened to her – clearly something had happened – but was only glad I had found her, right in the moment when my arms seemed to be so needed to hold her.

“Will ye tell me?” I murmured against her hair – fragrant like a freshly squeezed lemon, like a garden after pouring rain -, my hands rubbing her back in soothing circles. “What happened?”

“I will.” She tilted her chin, allowing our eyes to meet – hers were dry but glassy, as if her body was wrecked with fever. “I want to tell you.”

“Good.” I attempted a calming smile, but felt the muscles of my face stiff from concern. “Do ye want to sit down?”

“We can’t talk here.” Claire told me, finally stepping back, away from the comfort of my body – I felt the loss of her warmth as acutely as I would miss a limb. Phantom pain, permanent and excruciating, constructed by the mind to deal with unbearable loss. “This is Geillis place – she is a close friend – and she’ll be arriving shortly from work. I thought she had forgotten her keys when you knocked.”

“Ye can come to my house.” I offered, almost biting my tongue in eagerness. The image of Claire in my home - the tips of her fingers brushing the book spines in the shelf, her lips drinking from one of my glasses - a kiss shared through the marks we’d both leave there – made my heart swell to the point of bursting. “I mean, we can have a conversation there without being disturbed or interrupted.” I babbled, struggling to explain myself over a bout of flushing cheeks.

“Alright.” She nodded in agreement – trusting me implicitly. Naturally. “Let me just feed Adso and grab my coat.” The feline meowed in agreement and rubbed against Claire’s legs, sleek and charming, as if he had been waiting to be acknowledged.

We made our way through the pleasant streets of Edinburgh, headed towards my house, located just a few blocks away. We traded some words, but were mostly immersed in our thoughts – preparing what we would say and do, when we finally could expose ourselves in a safe haven. As we walked, we didn’t touch – not even our arms bumped into each other, in that casual way of shared movement. We were both consciously avoiding to touch, keeping a safe distance, even if acutely aware of each other.

“It isna a big house.” I apologized in a jumbled way as we entered my apartment, collecting unmatched socks and forgotten papers along the way.

“I love it!” Claire smiled in a reassuring way, admiring the big flat screen and black speakers. Her butterscotch eyes covered my pictures and books, the quilt thrown over the back of the sofa, the magazines and pamphlets I had sorted inside a little basket next to the bookcase. “I can tell you live here – it’s warm and alive. It’s a real home.”

I grinned in content – almost purring in satisfaction -, as she took off her coat. She wandered around, touching objects with a respectful hand and clicking her tongue in appreciation of my book collection. Eventually she talked again, her back turned to me.

“Where is your bedroom?” She asked in a rough voice, unhinged – and then, predicting my puzzlement, she added in a low and hesitant tone, as if talking to herself. “I haven’t been sleeping much – I didn’t want to close my eyes and let my mind roam freely. I can barely stand on my feet, to be honest. Besides,” Claire turned and glanced at me, fumbling again with her sleeves. “I think it would be easier to talk if we touched.”

“Aye.” I breathed deeply, walking towards my room. “Whatever ye need.”

I watched as she laid down on my bed, above the plaid that meant home to me – taking off her boots and socks in the process. Her movements were slow and calculated, as if she wished to cause minimal impact with her presence, so that I would carry on with my life after her departure. Claire rolled to her side, curled like an unborn child, safe and peaceful in the womb.

I came around the bed and managed to lay down – silent and precise as a thief in the night -, leaving an empty space between us, as I faced her. She seemed tired beyond her years and utterly broken.

Without a word she slid her hand to the middle of the bed, where I could reach out and touch it – I did so, softly playing with her fingers until she relaxed and our hands were entwined.

“Why are ye here?” I asked, my voice husky. Her face was a duality of shadows and bursts of light, coming from the window to dance on her features. “In Scotland?”

“I had to come.” Claire adjusted her face on the pillow, caressing the nail of my thumb with her fingers, her golden wedding ring cold like a fetch between us. “I couldn’t be in Boston right now – I needed time to think. This is the one place that has been home to me.”

“Are ye still married?” I risked, watching in anguish as she winced in pain. She sighed – but the movements of my hand in hers seemed to calm her enough to go on.

“Separated.” She licked her quivering bottom lip, avoiding my eyes. “It turns out Frank wasn’t the man I thought he was.  He wanted to own me.” Claire pursed her lips in anger. “And when he couldn’t own me, I wasn’t enough. Everyday became a war between us. A long and tiresome war.”

I gulped, taking in the shrapnel of her destruction. With a swift movement of my spare hand, I rolled up the sleeve of her sweater, revealing bruises the colour of mustard and moss, screaming against her marble white skin – marks of resentful fingers, forceful enough to break vessels and spirits. A lonely tear streamed down her cheek.

“He hurt ye!” I hissed furiously between clenched teeth, fighting the urge to maim the husband who had so recklessly broke the vow to protect her – to love her. She needed my restraint and I could offer it to her – not another display of bad temper by a man she had trusted. I hesitantly touched the bruises, wishing to erase them with kisses, to heal them with the adoration I would bestow upon her.

“I hurt him back.” Claire assured me, a look of shame crossing her face – as if I could pay witness to the degradations inflicted by both during their marriage. “He didn’t want me to leave. Frank said he still loves me.”

“Does he?” I asked with gentleness, battling the urge to ask her if she still loved him.

“I don’t know.” The tear track on her face glistened like a dry river, leaving thirst in its wake. “His love didn’t hurt like this, before.”

I wanted to ask her details on her failed marriage – her unhappiness was patent and unbearable – but restrained myself. She must have spent hours replaying the film of her derailed life, echoing words meant to harm – there was no cure to be found in saying them once more. I wished only to placate her pain – to take it all into myself, if I could. I longed to be the bringer of her smiles and not of her tears.

“I called ye.” I suddenly revealed, half embarrassed. “I waited too long – ye were gone by then. Maybe if I did…things would have been different.”

“Perhaps.” Claire agreed, haltingly. “But you were right – I shouldn’t have settled for less.”

I risked to brush her hair – silky and curly, so elementally Claire that took my breath away – and she closed her eyes in enjoyment of the intimate touch.

“What will ye do?” I asked, so afraid of the answer I could die. I wished for nothing more than to have her in my bed, lying so close to me as I memorized her, for the rest of my days. And yet I knew I had no guarantee of intimacy, of another conversation, of another touch – I savoured them all as a gift, for they were precious and not promised.

“I have to go back to Boston.” Claire explained, gripping my hand with strength. “I have a life there – a nursing job, medical school, friends and - .” She stopped, her eyes wide open.

Frank.” I swallowed hard, fighting against myself to offer her an encouraging smile. “Ye are still married to him.”

“Yes.” She closed her eyes, almost sobbing. I brought her hand closer to my mouth and kissed her knuckles.

“I won’t tell ye what to do – that is for ye to decide, mo nighean donn. But I need ye to know something, Claire.” I touched her chin with tenderness, urging her to open her eyes. “Ye alone hold all my heart – even before I knew yer name, ye meant light to me. I’ll wait for ye my whole live – and gladly so, even if it means that I’ll watch ye from afar, happy and fulfilled with another man, worthy of ye.”

“Jamie, I – “ Claire started, but I kissed her hand again and brought her against my chest, where my heart kept pounding, speaking enough to silence her.

“I’d rather ye dinna make promises ye may not wish to keep afterwards, when yer heart is less sore. When – if - ye mean them, I’ll be here.” I pleaded, staring into her eyes – she held my gaze for a while and nodded back. “Rest now, mo nighean donn. Let me watch over ye as ye sleep. Let me see ye safe.”

“I’m always safe with you.” She whispered.

I cherished her and held her hand until she fell asleep – finding new reasons to love her while she dreamt. She felt safe and protected with me – and, for that moment, it was enough.

Even when night came and we were left in complete darkness, I listened to her breathing, absorbing the symphony of the lover I craved. Once in a while I closed my eyes, making sure I could remember her perfectly – opening them again to correct a small detail, to drink another drop of her, afraid I would forget. Tormented I wouldn’t.

In the wee hours of night, I fought against sleep. I felt raw and tender, heart and body aching, calling me irresistibly to slumber.

I must have surrendered at some point. I had the vague recollection of a chaste kiss against my lips – timid, yet burning.

In the morning, she was gone.

After the Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

I sat on the cot taking in the scene that laid out in front of me, Madam Pomfrey and many volunteers making their way to each person healing their wounds, I glanced around looking for my boyfriend but he was nowhere to be seen. I stared at the entrance to the great hall hoping he would walk in any moment, as soon as I saw his messy black hair I jumped up and ran to him, “Harry” I breathed as I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding his head close to me “I was so worried” I whispered into his ear. “I’m fine y/n, I’m so glad you’re okay” he reassured me rubbing my back. “I love you” I told him for the first time, “I love you too” he smiled pulling away staring into my eyes. 

Ron Weasley 

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I walked out of the great entrance towards the bridge, I carefully stepped over the crumbled rocks, doing my best not to trip. Madam Pomfrey ordered me to stay off my feet, I had a mild concussion but I couldn’t sit around and wait for Ron to come and get himself looked at. Knowing him he was off with Harry and Hermione but he should be getting his injuries looked at, i spotted the fiery red hair across the bridge with his 2 famous friends “Ron!” I shouted catching his attention, I jogged towards him, I rested my head on his chest, “love, are you okay?” he asked stroking my hair, “you should be inside” I whispered “all of you” I said turning to face Harry and Hermione “y/n, what happened to your head?” he asked grazing his thumb over the band-aid on my forehead “mild concussion” I mumbled, smiling weakly. He shook his head at me “alright, let’s go” he smiled taking my hand as we walked back to the school.

George Weasley 

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I sat next to my crying boyfriend as he stared at his other half, tears falling down his face, I knew there was nothing I could say to make him feel better, Fred and George were inseparable, it was unimaginable to have one without the other. But now here we sat, one half of a whole, laying peacefully on the floor, the other half hovering over closely trying to imagine how terrible life could be now that his best friend is gone. I leaned my head on his shoulder, my arm wrapped around him, rubbing his arm “this is a nightmare” he sobbed trying to convince himself this wasn’t real, a tear fell from my eye I was watched the love of my life sit here heartbroken “I’m so sorry George” I whispered. He shook his head, drying his eyes “I shouldn’t have left him, this is all my fault” he cried “George, this isn’t your fault, if you were with him you would have died too” I said, shuttering at the thought. “It would’ve been better that way” he whispered,  my heart felt like it was stuck in my throat, hating myself because he thought that way “George, I love you, I can’t live without you, it’ll be okay” I sniffled, pressing my lips to his shoulder. “I love you too, I just miss him so much” he said dropping his head, the tears starting again, we sat there mourning over Fred and Percy wrapped in each other’s arms, both silently praying it was all a nightmare.

Fred Weasley

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I ran into the Great hall searching every where for the Weasley family until I spotted the group of red heads, I saw the group of them in tears, hovering over something. My heart stopped praying it wasn’t who I thought it was, I spotted George on the ground in tears, I slowly glanced over to see who it was, “Fred” I screamed dropping to the floor, holding my chest, the tears blinded my vision, I took deep breaths but it was like I couldn’t get enough air. It was like an elephant stomped on my chest, I wiped my eyes as I saw Ron standing next to me helping me up, I slowly walked over to his lifeless body, I threw myself onto him hoping I could hug him back to life “Fred, love, please, please wake up” I cried stroking his face. “Y/n, he’s gone” Molly whispered, hugging her husband “no, no he can’t be, Fred please, this is just a joke you’re just pulling a prank, it’s not funny anymore please baby wake up” I cried pushing his hair out of his face. I lay on his chest hugging him until finally I was pulled away by Ron while Arthur pulled George away, I latched onto George crying into him “he loved you so much y/n” George whispered “I didn’t get to tell him I loved him, one last time” I sobbed “he knew” he assured me “I’m so sorry George, he loved you more than anything, overtime we hung out he always had to tell me a story about you and him” I told him. We stood there comforting each other watching as Fred was carried away.

Draco Malfoy

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As I sat in the broken courtyard the scene of Draco walking over to his parents, to the death eaters, to Voldemort replayed in my head. I begged him not to leave, he didn’t have to go to their side, he could’ve stayed, but he was scared, scared of what Voldemort would do to the ones he loved. I don’t know where he went or if it’s safe to write him, if his dad will get mad. “I don’t want to talk Harry” I shouted as I heard footsteps behind me “well Potter may not be of any help but I might be” the familiar voice said. I spun around seeing Draco, his hair fallen into his eyes, dirt all over his black suit and pale face “Draco” I breathed walking towards him, he pulled me into his arms holding me tightly “I thought i would never see you again” I cried, burying my head in his neck “you thought I would ever leave you? and without even saying good bye?” he asked heartbroken. “I thought your father-” I started, “my father is gone, mother kicked him out, then sent me to come find you” he whispered kissing my head “I love you y/n, so so much” he mumbled into my hair “I love you too” I whispered not ever wanting to let go.

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Aaa I love your fics!! Could I request Carl having to shower in front of Negan? :o thank you!!

thanks friend, i’m so glad you enjoy my writing! hope you like this!

read lay us down (we’re in love) on ao3!


The grip on his arm should be slipping, but it’s not. The blood coating his skin should prevent the thick fingers from finding firm purchase around his fragile limb, but it doesn’t. He should be yanking his way out of the hold, but he isn’t.

Carl lets himself be dragged along, too tired to fight anymore. The rain is coming down hard but does nothing to wash away the blood. Carl feels sick, sticky, feels like everything he sees is colored in shades of red. He keeps his eye closed rather than try to watch the chaos settle around him. He doesn’t need to see to be pulled along, anyway. Distantly he realizes his teeth are chattering together, clicking and clacking from the cold. He tries to tune out the grating sound and focus on his breathing instead.

It doesn’t work, but he keeps trying.

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Little Green - Discoveries (Jongdae pt. 9) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

[ Jongdae | Little Green ]

 \ Discoveries

Teleportation is hard on the human mind even when you are at full health, and this one made you feel dizzy. It didn’t take more than a second, but it was long enough to stumble and be glad of Jongin’s arms holding you up. The two of you appeared in the pack’s living room.

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Celebrate with Daddy (SMUT)

Anon: “Derek smut where you just graduated college and he wants to congratulate you”
“I am so proud of you!” My mom says one more time, wrapping me up in her arms as we leave my graduation dinner. The door finally shuts behind us and I take a deep breath.

“It was a big day, how are you holding up?” my boyfriend of almost 2 years asks, looking over at me.

“I’m great. A little exhausted and glad to be going back to our apartment, but I’m great.” I kiss Derek’s cheek. He has been my rock all day as I have talked to professors, fellow classmates, family members and anyone else along the way. He wraps my hand in his.

“My girlfriend is a fucking genius. Magna Cum Laude from USC and headed to work for one of the largest record companies in the nation!” He calls out a little too loudly as we get into the car.

“Baby!” I say, embarrassed and laugh as he drives us home. The drive goes quickly for LA and I rest a little along the way. Before I know it, Luh has swooped me up into his arms and is lifting me out of the car. I laugh nervously as I wake up. He puts me down in the elevator and we head for the apartment we picked out together around Christmastime.

As we walk through the door, Derek puts his hands on my waist. “Now it’s finally time for our celebration,” he half-whispers into my neck. I get goosebumps when I feel his breath.

“Is that so?” I say softly and turn around, wrapping my arms around his neck. He nods and our lips quickly come together.

He pulls away, pulls out a chair from our kitchen counter and runs down the hall. “Wait there” he smirks, winking at me before vanishing. I get out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. These fun little surprises were part of the reason I loved Derek so much. He knew how to make a long day end well and the fun out of everything. He somehow always found exactly what I needed.

“Okay you can come back now!” I hear from our bedroom. I walk down the hall until I am facing the frosted French doors.

When I open them, the whole room is glowing and he is sitting on the bed with my silk robes, fluffy slippers and a beautifully wrapped present. I smile. “You spoil me, Baby” I climb onto our bed and kiss his nose. I kick my shoes off the end of the bed and he places the slippers on my feet, jokingly pretending I’m a princess.

I giggle and he wraps his arms around me, putting the present in my lap. I remove the shimmery, pearly white, paper and inside is the most beautiful briefcase I have ever seen. It has my initials monogrammed beautifully near the handle, exactly like I’ve always wanted. “I love it” I kiss him softly and he beams.

“I thought you would, Baby.” He pulls the strap of my white dress away from my shoulder and kisses my collarbone. “You are going to kill it at your new job. The music business is not even close to ready for you,” he pulls me further into his lap.

“Thanks” I say softly and lean forward. Derek unzips my dress and begins to kiss down my back. I feel the goosebumps come on and giggle as he presses his lips at the base of my neck. I hop of the bed and shake my dress off, pulling it over my head, my back facing Derek. He liked when I put on shows like this. I unhook my bra and toss it at him and he laughs.

“Come back to bed, I’ve got one more thing for the graduate” he smirks and I roll my eyes. He softly begins to message my tits, tweaking at the nipples. I sit in his lap and can already feel him getting hard beneath me. Our lips meet again, soft at first, but quickly gaining intensity. I grind lightly against his growing bulge.

“Am I turning you on, Daddy?” I whisper in his ear and he lets out a deep breath.

“Fuck yeah” he smirks. Soon, he tosses me down on the bed and I giggle as he leaves hickies on my soft skin. He works his way down my body, kissing along my stomach and down to my already pulsing and wet heat. He slips a finger around the fabric of my thong. “Already wet for Daddy, are we?” He smiles and slowly peels the thong off of me.

His breath is hot on my clit and a second later his tongue is against it, driving me crazy. I curl my toes as he sucks and flicks and licks me. He props my legs up on his back and dives his tongue into my dripping center. “I need to cum, Daddy” I squeak out, writhing and all of a sudden it all comes to a halt.

“Not yet,” he says, kneeling before me. He lifts me again and sets me on my stomach. Without warning, his rock hard cock slams into my snatch.

“Fuck!” I exclaim as he rocks on top of me, going deeper than I’ve ever felt him. I was close before so it does not take long for me to approach my edge again. Derek is breathing heavy, so I know he is also almost there"

“You’re so tight, Baby” he says, speeding up. Our moans fill our big lofty apartment and I get even more turned on. I moan even louder and Derek slams into me harder and harder. He spanks my ass lightly and that is just enough to send us both into orgasm.

“I’m cumming daddy” I turn back to look at my boyfriend.

“Me too, love” he says, getting sloppier until we both lie out on the bed.

“Congrats to both of us” I laugh, crawl into Derek’s arms.

“But mostly, congrats to you, Angel.” He kisses my forehead and we both fall asleep.


Hope you liked it! 😘😍
Write to me in hell


For JayTim Week 2016!! I hope you guys are enjoying the week so far. I’m glad I managed to get this out today.

Here is my second contribution!


Title: Confession
Fandom: DCU
Character(s):  Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Pairing: JasonTim
Rating: PG
Wordcount:  477
Summary: It’s late at night, but Tim can’t sleep. Even with Jason in his arms.


The bright red numbers on the alarm clock shine.


Tim blinks.


He exhales, closing his eyes against the red light.

It’s so late that it’s early, now. But Tim can’t sleep.

Jason sighs against his chest, holding Tim tighter. Like some oversized teddy bear.

One of Tim’s hands finds itself in Jason’s hair, soothingly running through the dark strands. Jason hums and settles.

They’d been sleeping together for a while now. But only just recently had they actually started sleeping together after their activities. It took a lot of trust from the both of them.

Funny how things work like that.

Tim opens his eyes.


Time passes so slowly when you’re trying to sleep.


Tim looks down at Jason.

His head is tucked against Tim’s neck, face against his collarbone and chest. His arms are around his torso.

Before this… thing they have together, Tim would have never guessed that Jason would have been a cuddler.

He runs his hand through Jason’s hair again.

This man…

Tim sighs.

Jason is rough. He’s like the sea: all-consuming and ferocious. He’s like a forest fire: burning and hot, ravaging.

Jason is a hardened man, ready to kill and maim.

Jason is a kind man, ready to cheer crying children and help old ladies across the street.

Jason is hard to define.

But Tim…

Tim looks at the clock again.


He sighs and his head falls back on the pillows.

What’s Tim?

He’s just a kid trying to help where he can. A drop-out. A forgotten child.

He’s not really a kid though, is he? Those people in this business couldn’t be children, no matter how young.

Tim brings the arm he’s lying on – the one not in Jason’s hair – up to cover his eyes with his hand.

He shouldn’t be awake. It’s late. Early. Whatever.

But he can’t stop thinking about Jason.

His soft hair, his scarred skin, and his muscles.

His teal eyes, square jaw, and pointed nose.

Tim curls around Jason just a bit more.

His strong back, arms, and thighs.

The way he enfolds Tim during their intimate moments.

The way his eyes shine when Tim gets him to laugh.

The way his big hands feel when they’re on Tim’s body.

Tim bites his lip.

He’s had these thoughts for a while. Perhaps even before they got together for sex.

His Robin.

Jason was always his Robin.

He doesn’t know what it is yet but…

“I could love you, Jason Todd.”

Jason shifts and his heart stills. Had he said that out loud?

He does his best not to tense and Jason settles once again.

Minutes pass and Tim sighs.


Almost four a.m.

Tim needs to stop contemplating things and go to sleep.



Tim’s breathing is steady, his body relaxed.

Jason presses a kiss to pale skin.

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take care with your injury!!! im glad the other nurses have been kinder to you and i hope ur situation gets better!

Thank u so much!!!!!<3 ;w; really hoping the pain goes away asap. RN it’s still agonizing, I emailed the professor andhope he checks his email before the final today at 3pm… I can’t hold a pencil or lift my arm so… he better check his email…

Metal Torture - Chapter 5

Author’s Note: I have all of this story pre-written up until about Chapter 16, so expect frequent updates until then.  I wrote this story several months ago and just now got the nerve up to post on here.  I’m really glad I did.  I love all the feedback and support I’m getting.  Things have been really hard as of late, and writing really does help me feel better.  Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

Warnings: Smut - so very much smut.


My legs were wrapped around his waist, his hands holding me against him, my arms thrown about his shoulders. I placed fevered kisses across his cheek, bringing my lips over to suck at his ear, my tongue coming out to trace the cartilage. I could feel the growl rattling up his chest as he rushed us through the front foyer and into the expansive den, the fire still roaring nicely, the white couch inviting.

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I feel so happy
Such a good feeling
Whenever you’re online
I wish to meet you one day
To hold you in my arms
To tell you everything will be alright
To tell you I’ll always be there
Because you mean the world to me.
Your beauty shines brighter than any star
Your personality burns hotter than any flame
Tho it’s not meant to be
You mean everything to me
For that I will always be by your side.

Imagine Being Crowley’s Daughter

Originally posted by acklesjensen

“Daddy is home!” My father announced, holding his arms out for emphasis. 

“Hello father,” I gave a mock curtsy, a smirk on my face. “Soul sales are up 20%, and I need your opinion on the training/ torture regime for new demons and damned souls.” I hand a clipboard to a demon nearby.

“Whatever you decide will be fine.” 

“Fab. Glad to have you back. I was starting to worry that I’d have to kill the Winchesters.” 

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m so over those boys.”

No, really
I’m glad you found her
There was a time when I was sure
That we were inseparable
Twins separated at birth
And walking mirror images
But the years have proven
That something about us
Just wasn’t designed to work
Your walls were far too high
And I needed far too much
So even if today I’m not the one
Holding you when you cry
Or reminding you to be strong
When some boy breaks your heart
I’m still glad that you have
Someone’s arms to fall into
And on nights like these
When the wind is howling at my door
And memory threatens to compromise
I’ll try to remember how glad that I am
That you’re happy now
Instead of thinking about how it used to sound
When you would whisper “forever”
—  “Proxy” by Jessy Hudson

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.../So responsive/... It leaned into his hand. "Well then, my dear Dragonslayer, I'm glad to hear it." the Shadow replied, its lips hovering over his as it hummed in thought. "I am capable of doing anything..." it stated, its mouth ghosting centimeters away from his as it met his eyes with a hungry look. "/Anything/..." Without further ado It pressed its lips against his, the hand in his hair moving to his neck, holding him there as its arm snaked around, pinning him against its frame.

A LAUGH, rich in timbre, dark eyes glittering with a rare sort of mirth. “Interesting~” The Man quirked an eyebrow in challenge, a teasing smirk emblazoned boldly on his face. “I’m quite excited to know what you could do, dear Shadow.” Gracelessly, Bard threw his arms around the Shadow’s neck, moan muffled by questing lips. When the need to breath grew too great, Bard pulled away, chuckling breathlessly. He pulled out, planting his hands on his hips, an enticing smile on his face. “As tempted I am with your proposition, I am not the type of man to roll in the hay without knowing who the other is. Would you be interested in a date?”


I love to  aimlessly wander around the city and take pictures. Spring in Lucky Palms isn’t very different from the summer. Only the sun less. I’m so glad we moved to this warm town and i’m so happy that my kids will born here. ooh…i can’t wait to see them and to hold them in my arms.  They will be here in 14 weeks♥

I think they would all really need to just hold their s/o after being separated for months.

Natsuki: “I didn’t know what to do while you were gone. I’m so glad you’re back!”

Originally posted by want-your-kisses

Tokiya: “I never realized how badly I needed you in my arms until you were gone.”

Originally posted by 11-11

Cecil: “Next time, you’re gone this long I might need to come with you.”

Originally posted by uncountablehope

Ren: “Eating, sleeping, waking up– Nothing felt the same while you were away.” 

Originally posted by -ridopernonpiangere-

Otoya: “Please don’t go away for that long again. I couldn’t handle it.”

Originally posted by un-ragazzo-distrutto

Syo: “I couldn’t wait! I’m just so glad you returned home safely!”

Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever

Masato: “I can’t properly express how much I missed you. I can only say it over and over again.”

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Michael Clifford Imagine

You sat in the hotel room while your boyfriend Michael was out recording with the boys. You were laying in bed, reading a book that you really started to enjoy. There was romance, comedy, and drama. A few hours into reading, you heard the door nob twist to open. You closed your book and looked at the door, expecting to see a red headed Michael come in when suddenly you see blue. You sat up onto your knees excited! “Michael?!” You said enthusiasticly. “Surprise babe!! I dyed it blue! Do you like it?!” He closed the door and walked to the bed to hug you hello. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped yours around his neck. Still holding him you replied, “I love it Mikey!! It looks so good on you! Why didn’t you tell me?!” “I wanted to surprise my baby. I’m glad she likes it.” He smiled while he put his hand on your cheek. You rubbed your cheek softly against his palm because of the comfort that came from it. “I’m glad you’re happy love, now come. Let’s cuddle and you tell me about your day. I can’t wait to hear everything.” You patted the space next to you and layed back down, your head on the pillow. Mikey crawled up and put his head on your chest while hugging your waist. “I love this position more. Is that okay?” He looked up at your with puppy eyes. “It’s more than okay, I get to play with your new colored hair” You said smiling down at him. He nodded and snuggled his head into a comfortable position on your chest before he began to tell you about the amazing new song they wrote that he felt was their next single. 

Holiday Season

Oh gosh i loved your austin imagine :) Would you write another one where you and your bf austin are on holiday in new york and it’s winter so you go ice walking in front of that famous tree at Rockefeller Center and austin asks you there to marry him :) please really fluffy and then in the hotel you cuddle at a fire place and then you might could add smut ? :)))


“Austin this is so exciting!” I squealed, holding onto my boyfriend’s muscular arm. He smiled down at me and laughed. 

“I’m glad you think so, Y/N. I love New York at Christmas time!” he replied. We walked around, our breath mirrored in the air. He told me all about his trips to the Big Apple with the band, and personal ones. All the great things he had seen here. It was my first time in this city and already I was in love.

“Everything is so beautiful. All the decorations, the snow, the lights. Even the people!" 

"True, but nothing here is as beautiful as you, my love,” he cooed, leaning down to give me a small kiss that made me blush with happiness. Austin and I had been together for about two years, and he had taken me on so many adventures with his band, but this one was special because it was just us. Our own personal holiday together. “You know where we should go?”


"We should go ice skating at Rockefeller Center! See the big tree all lit up when the sun goes down. We can get there just in time, the sun is already starting to set,” he suggested. My eyes widened with anticipation.

“Yesyesyesyes!!!!” I agreed, making Austin laugh and give me one of those loving looks again.

“God, I love you,” he whispered. 

“I love you, too, sweetheart,” I returned, giving his arm another squeeze. Austin led me to our destination. I was amazed by the sight of this amazing tree in front of me. We got ice skates and began to glide around together, holding hands. Austin was definitely a little shaky.

“How are you so good at this?!” he asked, almost falling down. Again. I laughed at him and shrugged.

“I’m just talented,” I said, smiling at him through the glow of the lights that were starting to shine down on us as the sun slipped below the horizon. Austin slipped and landed right on his butt, groaning in the process.

“Shit,” he mumbled, rubbing his aching bum when he finally got up. “Go ahead, laugh it up!” I couldn’t hardly hold it in anymore, so I let loose.

“Come here, you big teddy bear. Just follow my lead,” I told him, taking hold of his hands and gliding him slowly along. He started to get the hang of it a tad. After another close spill, we decided to go ahead and turn in our skates. Austin slung his arm around my shoulder casually. “This is so beautiful,” I whispered, looking at all the lights and the soft falling snow.

“Not as beautiful as you,” he whispered back, planting his lips on mine. He paused, cleared his throat, and then moved to stand in front of me, taking both my hands in his.

“What are you doing, silly goose?” I smiled up at him.

“Y/N, I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone. You are the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing person I have ever had the blessing of meeting. From the moment I saw you, I knew I loved you. And every minute since has been filled with nothing but happiness.” Austin got down on one knee, one hand digging in his coat pocket to pull out a small box. My breath caught in my throat. “Will you spend the rest of your life with me and make me the happiest man in the world?” Austin opened up the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. My hand flew to my mouth in shock.

“Austin…yes! Of course!” I told him, excitement boiling over. He stood up and engulfed me in a bear hug before kissing me with so much happiness I thought I’d fall over. Austin put the ring on my finger and people around us started to clap and cheer. He kissed me again, resting his forehead on mine.

“I love you so much.”

Austin and I returned to our hotel, smiles all the way. We were attached at the hip, celebrating our new engagement. As soon as we shut the door, Austin turned and pushed me against the door, cupping my face and kissing me over and over again. My arms wrapped around his neck. We were in our own blissful world.

“I love you. I love you. I love you…” Austin kept repeating between kisses, making me giggle. We removed our coats, still not breaking from each other. Soon enough, Austin’s tongue was exploring my mouth, my fingers running through his hair, pulling him ever closer to me. 

We both knew. Austin started to remove my shirt after pulling his over his head, leaving me to run my hands over his colorful chest. We moved to another wall, Austin’s hands running up and down my sides. His callused skin made me shiver in anticipation. My hands traveled to the button on his jeans, quickly undoing them and dropping them to the floor. He did the same with mine, tossing them aside.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” he whispered gruffly, his eyes scanning my exposed body. I bit my bottom lip, slowly running my hands over his shoulders. He kissed me again, but slowly this time, sweetly. It was soft and full of love and tenderness. 

“Austin..” I said hoarsely, his lips moving to my neck as he lifted my body against his. I was pinned to the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. Everything was slow now. Thoughtful. Loving. 

He moved us to the bed, hovering over me. His arms were bracing him on either side of my head. He broke away to look down into my eyes. We didn’t need words to communicate the love between us. Our message was unspoken, but clear as crystal.

Love me like you never have before.

His mouth returned to mine, and everything was different. We were connected in a way we never had been before. He reached down to slowly remove my bra, massaging my chest. Next came my panties. Austin sat up, folding my legs up and slowly dragging them down to my ankles and off, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. When that was done, he returned to me and removed his boxer briefs. 

“I love you,” I whispered up at him. He returned the sentiment, then kissed me all over as he entered me slowly. I bit my lip and my nails dug into the skin on his shoulders, tossing my head back into the pillows as he moved in and out. My hips moved in sync with his, causing him to moan. As we both grew closer and closer, sweat built up on our bodies and more grunts and moans were escaping. Austin brought his hands to mine, tangling our fingers together and pushing our hands down into the mattress. 

“Y/N, mmm…” Austin let out as he reached his high. I came seconds after, calling out his name in response. Our chests rose and fell rapidly. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“You’re amazing,” I told him, cupping his cheek with my hand and searching his eyes. Austin laid beside me and we cuddled into each other for the rest of the night, whispering ‘i love you’s until we fell into sleep.

The sound of his heart,
No one could know the joy it brings.
Just knowing someone so amazing,
Really cares about me.
Someone so Kind and Beautiful,
Exists, and holds me in their arms.
The look in his eyes,
Everytime he looks into mine.
I can’t help but be at a loss for words,
And my heart threatens to skip a beat.
For it is said that eyes are windows to the soul.
And the beauty that he allows the world to see,
Could never compare to how perfect he truly is.


@jinkxmonsoon I know you’re active on tumblr so you may read this. I don’t know. But if you do:
I don’t know if you remember meeting me, but it was in 2014 in Atlanta for Battle of the Seasons. I gave you a framed painting that I did of you holding ducks wearing your dress from the finale. I cried like a baby and told you how you saved my life. In about a month I’ll be getting your signature tattooed on my arm because you did, in fact, save my life. I’ve been so suicidal and thought “Jinkx made it, I can make it.” Now I think “Jinkx hugged me and said she was glad I’m alive, so I have to stay alive.” I quote water off a duck’s back at least once a day to help me cope with my anxiety. It’s gotten me through so much. I’m so glad I got to meet you, and you got to be on RuPaul. If you hadn’t, I don’t know if I would be alive. Honestly I owe you everything. Thank you. I love you.

Gray as a dad

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Request from @yamseboy :  Hello i love your blog♡♡ Can i request Gray as a dad?😊


Awh, I’m so glad you love it! Thanks for requesting! I got a little carried away cause I really love some of the AOMG people… I posted it on my main blog first whoops, sorry!

-Morgan ♥


  • He’d be in silent shock when his first child is born
  • Scared to even hold them
  • Like you have to push them into his arms basically…
  • These kids with be spoiled rotten
  • But not too bad cause he wants to raise ‘em right
  • Loves to rap/ sing them lullabies
  • You catch him just staring at them sometimes
  • Not in a creepy way, just really endearingly
  • He’s the “cool” dad
  • Lets his kids get away with almost everything
  • Always brings gifts home from tours
  • Freaks out when they cry
  • Awkwardly tries to cheer them up
  • Wants to teach his son about music
  • Secretly has tea parties with his daughter
  • Your daughter is no doubt a daddies girl
  • Gets all mopey when they start school
  • Especially when they start high school
  • Rues the day that his daughter starts dating
  • He basically full on interrogates her dates
  • Always stays up till she gets home
  • Doesn’t matter if it’s 9 P.M., he wants to know why she was out so ‘late’
  • Doesn’t pester his son as much, just asks where he’s been
  • Sad puppy face when his kids go to college
  • Doesn’t know what to do with an empty nest
  • Asks if you can have more
  • “No, Seonghwa we can’t have another…”
  • Super proud dad when they graduate college
  • Lets a tear or two slip at his daughter wedding
  • But he’ll deny it if you ask
  • Basically he loves his kids and would do anything for them
My Boys...Part 4

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Epilogue)

“Y/N!” Rossi calls out as he holds his arms out for you, “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“I wouldn’t miss your cooking for anything,” you smile, hugging him around his neck as he plants a delicate kiss on each cheek.

“Come on it,” he says, ushering you through his front door as he escorts you to the kitchen.

“Y/L/N!  You made it!” Morgan says, a smile crashing across his face as he picks up a wine glass.

“For you,” he says.

“Bless you, my child,” you say lowly, making the room chuckle as Spencer’s eyes lock onto you.

You were breath-taking.  Your Y/C/H hair thrown up messily in a french twist as earrings dangle from your ears, accentuating the length of your neck as the gems flicker upon your Y/C/S skin.

He loved watching your eyes light up as you talked with everyone in the room.

“Alright.  Who’s ready to assemble their plate?” Rossi asks.

“I swear I do more work eating food here than I do in my own home,” Hotch muses lightly.

“That’s because all you eat is take-out,” J.J. throws back at him, a sly smile crossing her cheeks.

“Hey.  I know how to cook a mean macaroni and cheese, thank you very much,” Hotch boasts.

“Maybe one day you can make it for us!” Garcia chimes in.

“He’s gotta get it from the grocery store deli first,” J.J. says through her giggles.

The entire night was like that.  Your boys were off with their friends for the weekend, and your house was incredibly empty.  You sometimes made excuses as to why you couldn’t come to Rossi’s dinner parties, but since the boys were out you figured you would get out of your lonely, quiet home.

The night was spent drinking good wine and indulging in good food, and as everyone’s spirits began to wind down, they parted off in couples or small groups as Rossi cued up some low music to waft throughout the house.  Penelope and Morgan usually made their way out back to have one of their “if we’re not married by 40″ conversations, J.J. and Hotch always slouched off into a corner, murmuring lowly about kids and familial dealings.

How you could relate to those more than they realized.

Usually it was you and David talking the evening away as Spencer slipped away, but this night was different.

This time, you found Spencer standing next to you, your eyes looking out past the window at the twinkling stars in the sky as you hold your wine glass close to your lips.

“You look incredible tonight,” he muses lightly as a light smile peels across your cheeks.

“Thanks, Spencer,” you say lightly.

“You haven’t come to the past couple of dinners.  I wasn’t really sure if you’d come to this one.”

“Well, I didn’t realize have a reason not to this time,” you muse, flicking your gaze over at him quickly before looking back out the window.

“It’s really nice to have you here,” Spencer says lowly.

You felt him take a light step towards you, his body heat coming closer as you try your best to keep your attention out the window.

“Look,” J.J. whispers, nudging Hotch as they both look your way.

“You think he’ll finally ask her out?” Rossi asks, coming up to the pair as the three of them look on at the two of you quietly talking at the window.

“He already has.  Twice,” J.J. admits, “once for coffee and lunch, and then once again because she told him they could possibly reschedule for next week.”

“Did she actually say that, or did he interpret it that way?” Hotch asks.

“No…she actually said that,” J.J. says.

“And how do you know this?” Rossi asks, cocking his eyebrow in the air.

“Morgan and I…may or may not…have possibly been around the corner while they were talking.”

The sentiment, as well as the mental picture, made Hotch curl his lips into his mouth in order to stifle his laughter

“Well…why is she turning him down?  It’s obvious how she feels,” Rossi says.

“I don’t know,” J.J. muses, “appearances, maybe?  Job-related stuff?”

“Y/N, could I ask you something?” Spencer asks.

“Sure,” you say, turning towards him as you become painfully aware of how close the two of you are standing, “you know you can ask me anything.”

“I just…I was thinking.  Maybe-…maybe I’m not being clear with my intentions?”

You felt your face drop slightly as your heart begins that oh-so-familiar beat within your chest.

“Clear with…what intentions?” you ask, trying to feign innocence.

“Y/N,” Spencer says as he reaches his free hand out for yours, taking your delicate hand within his as his thumb begins to trace light circles along your skin.

You felt your arm heat up at the sudden contact, and it took everyone you had not to flutter your eyes closed.

“Will you allow me to take you to dinner?” he asks.

Slowly dragging your eyes from your embraced hand all the way up to Spencer’s intense gaze, you are suddenly aware of your three teammates staring, their attention completely enraptured by the scenario playing out in Rossi’s home.

You were about to break their teammate’s heart in front of their eyes.

“Spencer, I-”

“Before you answer,” he says as he takes your wine glass from you, setting both his and yours on the window sill, “let me just say this.”

Taking both of your hands in his, he takes another step towards you as you close your eyes, willing your tears to stay at bay as the images of your sons continue to dance within your head.

He won’t understand.

He wouldn’t get it.

He would never accept your family for what it is.

You heard him speaking in the background, his voice pleading his case as you keep your eyes closed.  You hear the desperation in his voice as he squeezes your hands, trying desperately to convey to you physically all that he cannot verbally.  You feel his hands trembling with anxiousness and fear of rejection, once again, as the words tumble off the tip of a tongue that you wanted nothing more than to suck between your lips and trap there forever.

But you couldn’t.

“Spencer…” you breathe, proud of yourself for keeping your tears at bay as you open your eyes and slowly raise them to his.

You were about to do irreparable damage.

And yet, that didn’t stop you from doing it.

“I can’t,” you whisper.


“The only way to know is to re-watch the tapes.”

As everyone’s eyes pan towards you, Garcia looks up at you with pleading eyes.

“I won’t make you do it, Garcia,” you reassure her, “but the only way we’re going to know is if we go back and study the videos.”

“We don’t have that kind of time,” Hotch muses as he shakes his head.

“If I could have someone go through the tapes with me, I could help discern emotions while someone else catches the nuances in the background,” you state as your eyes slowly pan over to Spencer.

But he was still staring forward, his eyes blankly peeled onto the bulletin board.

“You can’t watch those tapes, Y/N,” Rossi muses.

“And why not?” you bite.

“Because you’ll be essentially watching what’ll happen to your sons,” Spencer glowers.

“I’m working this as any other agent would,” you bite, your voice getting louder, “as any other agent should.”

Your eyes were locked onto the side of Spencer’s head as he slowly pans it towards you.

“Spencer…” you breathe, his eyes connecting with yours as you finally take in the full-force of his hurt, your chest audibly heaves as his brow ticks ever so slightly in confusion.

“I know you hurt,” you say lowly, trying desperately to keep your tears at bay as you address him personally for the first time since Rossi’s dinner party two months ago, “and I know you’re confused.  But your anger’s with me.  Your hurt, Spencer…it’s with me.”

You weren’t aware yet of the tears plodding their way down your cheeks.

“Don’t take that out on my boys,” you plead, your wide, glistening eyes watching as Spencer slowly stands to his feet, his chest heaving slowly with his broad breath as he finally speaks to you directly.

For the first time in two months.

“Did you not think I would love them?” he asks.

But all you did was continue to stare at him.

“Did you-…did you think I would somehow judge you?  For…for the decisions you made in your life?  For what happened to you?”

You continued to blink rapidly at him as you listened closely, for the first time in months, to the words coming from his lips.

“Did you not think that I could love you…not…not despite those circumstances…but because of them?”

His breathless pleas knocked the wind from your lungs.

“Did you think that I would see you as damaged goods?  A-a-as…as someone’s…pathetic left-overs!?”

“Reid…” Hotch warns, his voice lowering in a protective state as your eyes widen at how loud Spencer’s voice is booming.

“Did you think that I’d see your stretch marks, or loose skin, or whatever it is you hide under these baggy shirts you always wear, and think you were disgusting!?”

“Reid, just calm-”

But Morgan’s pleas did nothing to calm the agent’s frustration.

“Did you think that I would see you the way you see yourself!?!” he yells at you, causing you to take a step back from him as you hiccup with a sob for the first time since barging into the BAU two hours ago.

You found yourself utterly speechless.

“Well!?” Spencer shrieks, throwing his arms in the air as he stares at you with wild eyes.

“Yes…” you whisper lowly, bringing the back of your hand up to wipe quickly across your cheeks, “Yes.  I did.”

And as Spencer drops his arms to his side, shaking his head at you as he snickers incredulously, he grabs his messenger bag as he tosses it over his shoulder and darts for the door.

“Reid!” J.J. calls after him.

“She comin’!?” Spencer calls back, thrusting his arm sharply out at you as you stare down at your feet.

Oh, what a mangled mess you had created.