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Come Over

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Warnings: Smut, Daddy kink, Bondage, Spanking, Cursing

A/N: Guys my first smut! Ok so I’m kinky as hell so sorry if you’re not. Anyway I’m in the process of moving so my wifi is turned off and i couldn’t upload yesterday. sorry.

Peter wasn’t answering his phone. Being Peter he of course left it on the coffee table of the Avengers tower living room.

So when a text popped up saying something like, “Come over, I miss you,” and Steve happened to see it, he couldn’t help but ask Tony if Peter was seeing someone. Tony had no clue if Peter had a girlfriend, but he wanted to find out. “Let’s check his facebook,” Tony suggested.

Steve left the online stuff to Tony. Being frozen for 40 years didn’t make him tech friendly.

Natasha had walked it when another text had beeped on Pete’s phone. She read aloud, “We can have some fun? With a winky face? Hey, is Spider-boy dating someone?”

Tony and Steve both shrugged their shoulders not wanting to look away from the boy’s facebook page.

“Are you checking his facebook?” She already knew the answer though, she saw it in Tony’s glasses. They both only nodded.

Natasha walked up behind the men to get a look. “Holy shit is that her?” Tony asked astonished. “She’s dropped dead gorgeous.”

Sam, who had walked over and stood next to Natasha, nodded saying, “Yeah she is. Who is that?”

“We think it’s Peter’s girlfriend,” Nat answered him.

“Now there’s no way Spidey got a girl who looks like that!”

Steve only shook his head at Sam. Natasha smiled, “And she’s texting him ‘come over’… with a winky face.”

Sam’s jaw dropped. “Damn Pete must have major game! Never been prouder!”

Tony laughed, “we should go give him his phone. Wouldn’t want him to miss out.”

“Wouldn’t want who to miss out on what?” Bucky walked in just in time for another text.

“Spider-kid has a girlfriend and she’s texting him come over,” Steve filled him in.

“Peter don’t make me beg.” Nat read the new text.

Bucky and Steve both choked. Sam was pumping his fist yelling ‘that’s my boy!’ and Tony gave a satisfied smile.

“Shit, she sent a picture.” Nat felt her cheeks heat up.

They hadn’t unlocked his phone but everyone was so curious about this picture Natasha had debated actually looking. She knew better, however, and pushed her way past the boys and out to the pool, where she knew Pete would be.

He was sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water.

“Peter, your phone has been blowing up with texts. So who’s,” she paused and glanced at the caller ID on his phone, “Angel?”

Pete turned bright red at the mention of Y/N. He kept her secret for a reason. He just wasn’t ready for the teasing from everyone.

“Umm I don’t know what you mean.” He crossed his arms. Peter wasn’t about to give up anything, even if she could torture it out of him.

“Is that so? Well I guess you would be fine if I handed this over to the guys. They’ve been very curious about the ‘come over’ texts and picture you got. I just barely got away before they opened it.” She turned around.

“Wait!” Peter jumped up and swung to the other side of the pool, next to Natasha. “She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now.”

Nat nodded, she would take what she could get, but she still wanted to know more. “Bring her home some time ok?”

“Can I have my phone if I agree?”

“You can have it back regardless Pete. I couldn’t keep you from what you’re about to get.” She winked at him and walked inside.

When he got to his room Peter finally declared it safe enough to unlock his phone and read his messages.

He got to her photo and his cock twitched at the sight of her perky breast on display for him.

‘On my way.’ He sent back.

Y/N smirked when she got a reply. She was so glad she didn’t live in the dorms right now. Quickly she got up to get ready. Y/N smudged her liner and dressed in matching underclothes. When she was finished there was a knock at the door.

She took a deep breath and went to open it.

Peter groaned when he saw her dressed in his button up shirt with no pants on. Her legs made him week kneed and she knew it. “You little minx. Do you realize how much trouble you’re in?” He entered and closed the door without taking his eyes off her.

Y/N smiled. She liked being in trouble with him.

“My team was very interested in these messages I was getting. And then I get that sexy picture.” He had her backed into a wall and placed his hands on her hips.

“You’re looking so fuckable right now I might have to forgive you.”

Y/N’s breath had quickened. “Peter please I’ve waited all day.”

“You’ve been waiting all day for daddy’s cock?” All shyness he had during his conversation with Natasha was gone. He was a whole new man with Y/N.

“Yes daddy, please let me have it.” She was whimpering out for him and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Peter ran his hands over her thighs and up the shirt she was wearing. “Not yet angel. I don’t know if I forgive you for teasing me with your tits.”

She bit her lip when his lips kissed her neck. He worked his lips over every inch of her neck, kissing, nipping, and licking the sensitive skin. His hands were feeling the smooth skin of her stomach. Peters lips were on her collar bone now. She moaned out when he bit her softly. Y/N tangled her hands in his hair and tugged but he pulled back completely.

“Hey what the hell?”

She didn’t get to say anything else because he smacked her ass. “Speak when spoken to angel. I didn’t like that tone of voice either,” smack, “so you get another one.”

Y/N whimpered.

“Now get upstairs, and I want this,” he pulled at the shirt she wore, “gone when I get there.”

She nodded, “yes sir.”

He’d make her wait a little longer. She survived all day then this wouldn’t kill her. When he walked through the door she was on the bed sitting on her feet. The shirt was gone just as he instructed and slowly she brought her hands up behind her. He heard the snap of her bra being unhooked. When it fell to the floor he thanked God for the beautiful girl in front of him.

Peter crossed the room, laid her on her back, and kissed her deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he sighed against her lips. “I’m gonna make you cum at least four times tonight darling.”

Her eyes widened, and he laughed. “Don’t look so frightened, I know that turns you on.” 

Pete touched her over her panties. “See how wet it makes you when I talk this way?” He pulled the thin material down her legs and kissed her body. “You’re so beautiful baby. So beautiful, and only for me.”

He grabbed her cunt and she bit her lip. “This is all mine. You got that?”

Y/N nodded furiously. “Say it baby. Tell me who’s pussy this is.”

“Yours daddy! All yours!”

He took her nipple into his mouth sucking and biting it while she fisted his hair. He rolled the other with his fingers before switching sides. “You like when I play with your tits baby girl?” She pushed against him with her hips but he held her down.

“Yes daddy, I love when you suck and bite me there.”

Peter smiled. “That’s my girl. Tell me where else you want my mouth angel.” He slid a finger up her soaked slit and Y/N moaned out his name.

“Please Peter!”

He landed a smack on her ass. “That’s not my name baby. Tell me where you want my mouth princess.”

“On my cunt daddy. Please.”

Peter didn’t give in just yet. He kissed down her body and down her thighs, then back up until he could taste her. She felt him lick a long strip up her pussy and she groaned. He worked her good, moving his tongue up and down against her. Peter’s tongue pushed into her and she yelped. “God yes! Daddy more!” He gave her just what she wanted. Peter pressed at her entrance with his finger while his tongue flicked her clit, before sinking into her. Y/N grabbed his hair, “Daddy yes!” Pete smirked as he nibble her clit. “Fuck Peter, you’re so good.”

He added a finger and moved them inside her. He rubbed his fingers against her walls and Y/N widened her legs wanting him deeper. “Shit right there! I’m so close baby!”

Peter moved faster to push her to her release. She came undone with a scream of his name. He’d swear that was his favorite sound.He carried her down from her orgasm and her fingers loosened in his hair.

“That’s it angel. You ready for another?” She nodded lazily.

“Hands up baby girl.” She raised her hands and he bound them with his tie to the headboard. This was always her favorite.

“Such a good girl for me angel.” Peter stripped and crawled back over her. He spread her legs and bit his lip at the sight of her opened up for him. “Baby please, I can’t wait any longer.”

He teased her entrance with the tip of his dick. “This what you want doll?” Peter was rubbing himself so she could see what she had done to him. “My cock pounding your tight, wet cunt? You want me to make you cum all over my dick? Make you scream my name?”

“Yes daddy please make me cum again.”

Peter pushed into her in one swift movement. Both of them moaned out at the feeling. He gave her a moment to adjust to his size. “Fuck angel you’re so tight.” He licked the shell of her ear and she whimpered.

Peter moved out of her and pushed back into her heat. They were pressed close together, chest against chest while he gave her all that she asked for. She was whining into his ear “more daddy please.” Peter kissed her neck, “You’ll kill me one day princess, I know you will,” but still he gave her what she wanted. He reached down to play with her clit and it didn’t take long until she was pulling her restraints until the tie stretched with the force she placed on it. He watched the way her back arched off the bed as she wrapped his waist with her legs and pulled him closer. Her hair was a mess against the pillow and her lips red from biting them. Her body was shining with sweat and Peter thought about how beautiful she looked in that moment.

When Pete hit that spot inside her, her eyes flew open and she shouted, “Pete right there!”

Peter couldn’t hold out for long. The way she was squeezing him and moaning his name, had him on the edge. He untied her hands and they were on his shoulders instantly. Y/N scratched his back and his arms while he worked her body passionately. The hand he didn’t have on her clit played with a breast and his lips were on her neck. With another bite to her neck she was screaming his name and clutching his biceps.

Peter went faster, chasing his orgasm.

He praised her while he came. “Good girl princess, you did so well.”

Peter dropped next to her and she cuddled into his side. “Holy shit,” she said.

Pete laughed, “that was only twice angel. The next one will be on the table, then I want you against a wall.”

Her eyes widened.

Drunk Confessions

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,337

Warnings: Drunk!Reader, Annoyed!Dean, feelings confessed, fluffy Dean at the end

Request: Hey can u do a dean x reader where the boys go on a hunt and they come back to the reader blasting music, dancing on the table, with a bottle of Jack in her hand and she admits her feeling for him

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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Being alone in the Bunker was fun. It was big and spacious, giving you more than enough space to do the things you wanted to do without Sam or Dean bothering you. Ah, Dean Winchester. Him and his brother were out on a hunt right now but that didn’t stop you from thinking about him.

He was always on your mind, whether that be his voice, his body, his eyes, the way he cooked or cleaned, the way his fixed his car up, the way he held a gun or anything for that matter, the way he hustled people in pool, the way he drove, and especially the way he killed monsters.

He was just a hero to you but there was no way you’d be able to tell him your feelings. You haven’t been with the Winchesters long enough to really know Dean. You’ve heard stories about his past and you even spent a night or two talking with Sam about Dean.

Sam knew about your little crush with Dean and tried to tell you everything but there were some things that Dean needed to tell you himself. Which was fine, you didn’t need to know everything now but you got what you needed from Sam anyways.

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After what you've done, aka wrecked me with that damien/colonel fic, can we get some fluff? Like the fluffiest shit you got, they deserved better :(

(( is this fluffy enough for you?? ^^ ))

It was snowing outside, and when Damien woke up he was greeted by a blanket of white. While winter wasn’t his favourite season, snow reminded him of some good childhood memories and it never failed to put him in a good mood.

Taking breakfast on the terrace of his house, Damien shivered at the cold air blowing through the city today on the back of the snowstorm that had happened overnight. Cupping a full mug of tea in his hands to keep them warm, Damien leant back and watched a gentle snowfall continue, too thin and flaky to fully stick to the snow already on the ground.

“Mayor Damien.”

Turning, Damien found his butler waiting for him, carrying the morning paper and some letters on a silver tray.

“Thank you.” Damien murmured, taking the paper and letters and offering a gentle smile. He needed to get ready soon to go to work, and he had a lot of meetings today, but all of that fled from his mind when he recognised the writing on one of the letters. It was an invitation from William to meet for dinner today, and Damien’s heart skipped a beat at the request.

The day couldn’t go quickly enough.

Damien was frozen by the time he reached the restaurant William had requested in his letter. Unable to send a letter back in time with the amount of work he had had to do that day, William had no idea Damien was coming, but the Colonel was still there waiting for him.

“You look cold, Damien.” William laughed, standing and holding out a hand for Damien to shake before sitting back down, settling back at the table and gesturing for a waiter to bring them more wine.
“I wasn’t aware you were coming.”

“I was a little busy.” Damien murmured, “So I never had the chance. Thank you for waiting for me.”

“You’re early anyway, just as I am.” Will shrugged, “I’m glad you actually came.”

“So am I.”

Conversation between them flowed easily despite having not seen each other for a few weeks, and it was nice to finally have some time like this away from the office, Damien thought. William ordered them a large feast of food, but Damien barely ate, too busy watching his friend and prompting him to talk as much as he could.

“Do you remember the first time we were allowed to go out in the snow alone?” Damien asked quietly as the waiter cleared their table and William waved him away when he asked whether they wanted dessert.

“Mark fell down a snow drift and you cried.” William chuckled, “I remember it well.”

Blushing, Damien shook his head, “We had fun as well William.”

“Oh, we did.” William agreed, “But those were the funniest parts. Are you ready to go?”

Nodding, Damien stood and went to slip into his coat. William took it up quickly and held it out for him, helping him inside it and waiting for Damien to fasten it up before tucking Damien’s scarf inside the collar to protect his neck.

“Are you going to be cold?” Will asked as the door was opened for them and they were hit with a blast of cold air. Damien’s shivers answered William’s question completely and the Colonel laughed, pulling off his own coat and wrapping it around Damien’s shoulders.

“No William, you will get cold!” Damien protested.

“Poppycock.” William smirked, “I’m used to the cold. Now, let’s get you home shall we?”

That was easier said than done. The snow had grown thicker while they had been eating and traffic around the city had ground to a halt. Damien was entirely happy to walk home, but as they were halfway through a park near Damien’s home, the wind picked up and the heavens opened, snow and rain coming down thick and fast. William hurried them under a shelter in the park, secluded under the trees as other people ran for cover as well.

“Well, this was an interesting turn of events.” He smirked.

“It’s…almost like a romantic novel.” Damien whispered.

“No, if it was a romantic novel, I’d have kissed you by now.” William added with a grin.

Blushing again, Damien went to turn away and watch the rain, but William grabbed his arm and pulled him flush against him.

“How about I do so?” He purred, before pressing their lips together.

Damien tensed, but relaxed almost immediately when William gently wrapped his arms around his waist and press him against the wall of the shelter.

“Your nose is cold.” Will whispered against Damien’s lips. “I’ll kiss that for you as well if you like?”

Laughing, Damien shook his head, “You can warm me up in other ways, if you want. But we need to get home first.”

“I’m not opposed to doing it right here right now.” William proposed, sliding one hand down Damien’s thigh to try and lift his leg but Damien resisted.

“I’m the Mayor, William! I can’t do anything in public!”

“Oh please, no one is here.”

Biting his lip, Damien glanced around and saw William was right. The rain was too heavy for anyone to get proper pictures or videos of him unless they were under the shelter with them.

“Alright…but just kissing, you hear me!” He ordered.

William grinned and kissed Damien hard again, murmuring “Bully!” as he did so.

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"I like it when you're proven wrong. You're pouty face is legitimately adorable." - ChloNath

“I like it when you’re proven wrong,” Chloe smirked. “Your pouty face is legitimately adorable.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” Nathaniel grumbled. “And I wasn’t proven wrong necessarily.”

“You aren’t really going to do this, are you?”

“Do what?”

“The thing where you don’t want to admit you were wrong so you try to talk your way around it until I’m bored enough to just agree with you,” Chloe sighed, looking at her fingernails.

“First of all, ouch, good to know you’re listening to me when I talk, I love you too, and second, I really do have good reasoning here.”

Chloe tried not to smile and leaned back against the couch cushion, getting comfortable. “Lay it on me, Red.”

“I still think Chat Noir is Adrien and I can tell you why.”

Chloe held up a hand. “And you still want to do this even though we literally just saw Chat Noir and Adrien standing right next to each other?”

“While we were fighting a cloning akuma!” Nathaniel exclaimed, waving his hands. “It’s still possible.

“And which one was the clone?”

Nathaniel frowned. “Well…”

“Because Chat was obviously still Chat and Adrien was very clearly Adrien so?” Chloe prodded smugly.

“Yeah, but–”

“And Chat was with us the entire time and we never saw him get hit with the cloning ray. Even if he had, there would have been two Chats, not a Chat and a whoever Chat is when he isn’t Chat.”

“Well, maybe, but–”

“Besides that,” Chloe continued, “do you really expect me to believe that Adrien Agreste, who is obviously perfect has been out moonlighting as a hero for the past three years and no one has figured it out?” She quirked an eyebrow. “The same Adrien whose picture is all over the place. The same Adrien who travels all the time. That Adrien is the one we see weekly in black leather?”

Nathaniel frowned, shoulders slumping. “When you put it like that…”

Chloe smiled, leaning forward and pinching his bottom lip. “There’s the pouty face I love so much.”

“You take way too much joy in proving me wrong,” he replied dryly, kissing her thumb in fond exasperation.


“You should’ve seen his face,” Queen B laughed, kicking her heels against the bricks as she looked over the city. “He was so sure he had you all figured out.”

Chat Noir chuckled. “You could have let him know he was right, Chlo. I really don’t mind.”

She waved a hand. “Oh, I will at some point, but he does this adorable pouty thing when he’s wrong and I can’t resist.”

Chat Noir shook his head with a grin. “Poor Nath.”

“Oh, please, he’s got it awesome. He’s dating me,” she preened.

He rolled his eyes. “It was a bit of a surreal experience, that’s for sure. Although I’m glad a lot of people were around. Should keep my identity safe for a while longer anyway.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how reluctant Ladybug was to do the Cure, Furface. You guys disappeared with your convenient clone a bit too long before that happened, if I remember correctly.”

Chat Noir flushed. “I don’t have any idea what you mean, Queenie.”

“All I’m saying is if we get another one of those cloning things, I’m demanding a turn.”

“You want two Nathaniels?”

“What?! Of course not. As much as I love him, one is more than enough, but the world could definitely use at least two of me. And then I could relax while the other Chloe took care of all the fighting and work and not as much fun stuff.”

Chat Noir held back a laugh as he nudged his shoulder against hers. “Never change, Chloe.”

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Hi! Thank you for making lovely comics and art with skill and care, it really shows! ^-^ I had a question about P. Crane. Does his height change at all when he adopts the look of an au's local Sans, or is it purely a color/face thing? I know he's somewhat tall, but say there's a particularly short Sans in an au. Does he get a bit shorter too, maybe by an inch or two? Thanks again! You have been, and are, very inspiring to me on my own artistic journey. Keep up the good work! ~Q

That’s a pretty interesting question ! The answer is no, Crane cannot change height that easily. For that he need to lose matter AKA get injured like lose an arm or something. He would reform into a much shorter version of himself until he gather back the material he lost.

Your nice words are so sweet… I’m really glad to be able to inspire people and I hope that no matter what, you’ll keep draw and grow, keep it up too~<3


Poppy: “Is she here?”

Watermelon: “No, they sent her to boarding school. If I leave they might not let me see her again…”

Poppy: “We’ll get her back. Okay? We will.”

Watermelon: “How?”

Poppy: “We’ll figure it out. Even if we have to sue to get you custody. You’re an adult, we’ll help you. Okay? We need to go.”

Watermelon: “Poppy…I’m so glad you’re here.”

RE: Jack’s Return

Hello friends it is me.

So I currently have some unexpected free time between work and class, so I naturally watched Jack’s video about being home from tour.

So to start with, I want @therealjacksepticeye to know I’m glad he and the Grumps had fun and I look forward to upcoming videos.

Secondly, I would like you to know that it’s gonna take more than a short break from videos, of which there was no earthly way of doing on time and still have to ability to enjoy yourself, to stop us from loving and respecting you.

We were here when you left and we’re here now you’re back. That won’t change my friend, and I strongly wish you know that.

We’re proud of you, we love you, and we’re happy you had fun.

(Side note: tumblr mobile won’t let me tag people for some reason :/)

(UPDATE: i’m home now so i fixed the tag issue.)

I’m back video 💚

First of @therealjacksepticeye I’m so glad you enjoy the tours and the experiences you got to enjoy in each of the countries and I can really tell that they really made you very happy and That just made me happier then you coming back in general and secondly don’t be afraid to take a break now and again if you ever need it now that you know that we can handle ourselves and thirdly I’m so glad you are back we missed you very much and I wish I could have gone to one of the shows like many people but I’m more happy for the people that did go and seeing their experiences so Sean from the video I could really see your energy in your eyes and through the whole video I was smiling and I can’t wait to see what’s next so have fun Sean we love you so much jack 💚💙❤️😊

  • Me (11): Student told me [this]
  • Boss (1130): You need to call DSS. I'm going to let the mom know what was said just so she doesn't freak out.
  • Boss (1145): She seemed a little panicked, but she was glad I told her.
  • Boss (100): She just called back. She was a lot angrier this time.
  • Boss (130): Can I just verify word for word what he said to you?
  • Boss (200): Can you write up an incident report, just so we have a record in writing?
  • Boss (205): Oh god, both parents are coming in to talk to me. I told them they need to be here before 3:00 because I have a meeting at 3:10, which I do.
  • Boss (235): Can I borrow that student for a minute?
  • Partner Teacher- By Phone (305): Are you in your classroom right now? DON'T LEAVE YOUR CLASSROOM! LET ME KNOW HOW ALL OF THIS GOES DOWN!

*music starts playing*

jack is back, back, back

back again

jack is back, back, back​

tell a friend.

Jack is back!!!

lol but seriously welcome back from tour jack! so glad you had fun traveling around and hanging out with friends. it was definitely strange with no videos but no one minded because as long as you were happy and out there having a grand old time thats all that matters :) you definitely needed this break friend and feel free to take another when you want/need to! so proud of ya and this whole journey that the channel has brought you :’) can’t wait for what the future holds ❤

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I agree! Part 7 Jason is the best looking of the zombie Jasons(6/7/8/9/X)with all the damage that carried over from the previous movies. I was glad that he went behind the producer's back and had Tina break Jason's mask. Plus Kane Hodder is so great with acting with the makeup on. You see Jason gag as Tina wraps the lamp cord around his neck and pulls him off his feet. II don't think her abusing him would have been the same if she didn't destroy his mask.

Kane does one of my favorite bits of Jason acting ever in that movie, when the tree branches are wrapping around his legs as Tina uses her power on him for the first time. He has no idea what’s going on. Tree branches have never attacked him before, this is a first, he’s taken completely by surprise. 

You can see him working it out. He looks around at everything going on, and then he looks right at her. As if just to say “This is you.” That’s such a great little moment, that you can see the gears turning in Jason’s head as he figures out what’s happening. 

All throughout that whole finale, Kane completely sells that this is the most frustrated and pissed off that Jason has ever been. He gave his last fuck when she made him fall face-first into that puddle and now he just wants her badly.

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Youre fic was so GREAT!!!!!!such good shit. For the first time in my life i feel so grateful,my skin is so clear,never find this all of my life. I love that duo emo couple. Never forget this until i die. Thankyou

Thank you! 

I’m glad, I always intended this to be a writing blog for both meta and fic so it’s nice to get back into fic again and have a warm reception. 

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I'm so glad you're back omg!!!! I have a lot I wanna request but I don't wanna spam you 😂

Awwh thank you! Psssh, hit me up with requests 💁🏻

I’m having a reaction writing day and trying to get a load of reactions done so I can write more fics 😂

So if anyone has requests just send them in 👏🏻👏🏻

Welcome Back My Lil Boy Jack!!!

@therealjacksepticeye, I glad of you back… YAY!!! I can’t believe you have fun from the tour!!!! and Now, I watched South Park The Gameplay is FUNNIEST Comedy series… But I was just so waiting break from the video… and Thank you so much your videos was amazing… and Now, You’re so Happy with me. I miss you so much Sean! and But I was just excited for this back… You have Business and WORK on Right now!!!! and I’m So Proud of you My Lil Boy (: and I hope you have great day!!! and But, I will tomorrow watched Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2!!!! 



Wow, its been so long since being on here, Im glad to be back here showing you guys apart of my life again. Its been a whole five years! Yes five, I have graduated from Howard with a health degree instead of Bio, I realized half way through that as my career was not what I wanted so I did it for my family and did what I wanted later. I am now 24!

After graduating I moved to L.A! Yes L.A, i realized not only was I in love with singing but acting as well. Just being a performer over all so I packed my things and went….and Jayden came with me! We have a condo here in L.A and are living together, he is a sports manager meanwhile I got a small job while searching for roles and auditioning.

Speaking of searching for roles I got one! Yes after thousands of auditions and reading of roles, I snatched one with a upcoming young director who is filming a  movie by the name of Star, it being about a girl and guy who connect through the streets of L.A. Im so excited to have the opportunity especially working with some one like Taraji P. Henson who is so nice y'all! Any way I will of course be showing you that process as the director is working towards us getting into Sundance. 

So, Im excited to show you guys more of my life, and my life as a grown up now lol. 

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Hi first off I love this blog ! Second I sent I a short fic request for 2p Canada? Or did tumble eat it

Thank you! We are glad you love this blog!
Yes I did get that 2p Canada request. I’m sorry it’s been waiting for a while but I have a lot of 2p asks and soul mate AUS at the moment.
So as soon as I get back from work today I will try my best to post some of them!
-Admin Jay


made some postcards 💫