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anon with the scars on her legs is back again! i wore shorts and some jerk asked me "did you do that to yourself? oh my god, go get help" and it was funny to see his face change when i told him no and i was proud to have them. everyone was really supportive! thanks morty! (and person behind his beautiful blog)

I’m SO proud of you, I’m so glad! And I mean, even if you did do it to yourself that’s not an okay reaction, you know, what a jerk!  But speaking up and letting people know your story is AMAZING, I know it c-can be SUPER hard, and I am so glad you created dialogue and that people were accepting!! They’re beautiful, and they’re part of you, and NO one can take that survival and beauty from you!!

I’m just so glad that Kravitz being black and having twists is fanon. Like say what you will about the state of fandom but if TAZ had come back in 2012, the second people heard the word “handsome” and a British accent there would have been nothing but Benedict Cumberpatch facecasts in the tag.

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Have Sakura and Yuta met?

Sakura-san !


I see, so this is why you suddently diseappered from the after life world. You weren’t really a part of this world to begin with.

Yeah, I was in a sort of coma according Yukimaru that’s why….

I see, I am glad to know you are safe and back with Hina.

But…Allow me to ask…Your arm?

Hah that? Well I lost it in the explosion.

I see. It must be difficult. But I know you, you are strong so it will be okay.

Thank you !


At first I couldn’t quite believe it when I looked into the mail earlier this week and found an envelope with British stamps and with my address written in my own hand writing on it. After a few seconds in which my brain had a blackout I realized that’s the same envelope I have enclosed with my thank you card for Jamie Parker. I have passed it to a member of security at the stage door on May 14. I didn’t expect him to reply so quickly!

Not only did he sign my Cursed Child ticket of said performance which I put into the envelope, but he also was so friendly to reply to my rambling. To save you the trouble I summerize my text. I thanked him for his marvellous performance and for “bringing Harry back to us”.  He wrote that he is glad that I thought “the show was up to scratch”. I also wrote that this show really needed a talk back/Q&A event, but that would have been “a very looong business”. To which Jamie replied: “And yes, a talk back would be good, but would probably last several days…” Don’t worry Jamie, if we’re allowed to bring food into the Palace, we can sit through several days. >:)

This is the first time so far that I sent someone “fan mail”. It was for the reason that I had never had the chance to talk to him directly since whenever I saw the show he wasn’t at the stage door afterwards. I’m glad that he indeed received and read my words of appreciation. I always like to thank the actors for their performance no matter which play it is. This case was special for me since his performance was one my favourites and he also was portraying my favourite character. And he signed the ticket of the performance of May 14. That was when I saw the original cast for the last time.
I hope to see him in future in an other play. But when he has to rush off to catch the train and skip the stage door again, I’d suggest we collect in the SD queue for his taxi, so he can stay. ;)

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Hi 😸 So about six months ago one of our snakes escaped its enclosure and despite constant searching and worrying we couldn't find him. Until this morning that is when our 5 year old came in telling us he was in the lounge room💕. He is in good health and didn't even snap when my partner caught him and he is so much bigger now. I'm super glad he's is back in his enclosure and safe but I still feel like a bad snake parent so does anybody else have any escaped snake stories?

I am so glad you found him omg! <3 
I had Thresh escape once (when I was a very new keeper and kept him in a glass tank) when I forgot to latch one side. Luckily he had found his old hide in the storage under his cage and was just sitting under it :P

applications closed + a great big thanks to you all!

hello everyone! thank you all so much for your support and your excitement for the zine! we are definitely closing the application submission period right now but we just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to everyone that has followed us, reblogged/liked our posts, applied to join us in our first issue, and just especially all of you for appreciating allura and loving allura.

and honestly, we’re so glad to see all the enthusiasm for her. it’s good to know that she is well-loved as she is so deserving. not to mention that you are all so encouraging to jules and myself! thank you for your lovely messages — we’re honored that you trust us to put this zine together and that you want to see this product be the best. 

fandom, you amaze us every day. we just have to return that love and dedication back.

and nowwwwww, onto application reviewing! jules and i plan to get back to you before the end of this weekend. (timing will be tough but we don’t like to be off schedule and we like to deliver, haha.) everyone will be emailed and notified of our decisions!

again, thank you so much. we know we are among a brilliant fandom and it will take us many tough and hard decisions, but regardless of what happens, please know that we appreciate all of you for sharing your talent. 

no matter what, please continue to shine, as you all always do. 

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Hey love I am so glad I can finally read new things from you😍 so I decided maybe you could do a blurb for me too, with number 13 and R. You don't have to but thank you if you do❤

“We’re stuck in a maze!” and “It’s magic!”

“You want me to go for a walk with you? At 2:39 in the morning? Under an invisible cloak?” You quizzed your best friend as you sat on a lounge in front of the fire in the common room. 

“Well, yeah.” He mumbled, looking down and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Okay.” You happily smiled at him, standing up. “Let’s go.” He smiled at you, grabbed his invisibility cloak, put it over you two and lead you out of the common room. 

“Where do you want to go?” He asked you as you made your way outside.

“I don’t know, you’re the one who wanted to go on a walk.” You reminded him. He didn’t reply as you walked outside the castle. “Harry?” You asked biting your lip.

“Yeah?” He stopped walking to look at your worried face.

“Don’t worry.” You shook it off, going to walk, but being dragged back by Harry.

“What?” He asked, holding onto your wrist. 

“It’s just, we aren’t going to get attacked by anything, are we?” You were embarrassed to ask, but it was a real fear.  

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” He smiled as you continued to walk. You giggled as you walked a little behind him, following his movements. 

“Are you scared for the first task?” You asked, looking up at him.

“A little yeah, I don’t really know what to expect.” He admitted, staring straight ahead.

“You’ll be fine, I know you will. And don’t worry, I’ll scream the loudest for you.” You teased nudging him with your hip.

“Thanks.” He breathed out a laugh.

“Do you know where we are?” You asked, realising you didn’t know where you were anymore.

“Uhm, not really.” He admitted sheepishly. You gently slapped his chest. “What? It’s dark!” He defended himself. 

“I can’t believe you lead me to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night!” You exclaimed taking the cloak off. No one would see you anyways.

“Not purposely.” He took the cloak as well. You sighed and continued walking until you were met with a large hedge.

“Has Hogwarts always had hedges?” You asked.

“I don’t know,” Harry exclaimed standing behind you.

“Odd.” You noted.

“Maybe you should hold my hand, so we don’t get separated.” He offered and you were glad it was dark so he couldn’t see your red cheeks. You didn’t respond but held onto his hand before continuing to walk. 

You walked a few more steps before coming to face another hedge. You tried another way, another hedge.

“Harry?” You asked, turning to face him. “You don’t think this could be a maze do you?” You asked sheepishly, it was a wild idea, but this was Hogwarts after all.

“Lumos,” Harry said and it revealed hedges all around you, exactly like a maze. “We’re stuck in a maze!” Harry huffed as you gripped his hand tighter.

“Great.” You mumbled.

“Confringo,” Harry muttered, but the spell just bounced off.

“Great, it’s magic!” You groaned stomping your foot. 

“Well, at least I know what one of the tasks will be.” Harry shrugged making you laugh. 


first of all

i want to thank everyone who’s been
with me through this whole ordeal.
your support and kind words are so
good to hear.
i’m not mad. i’m actually kind glad.
i made so many new friends through his
whole thing, friends who i know have got my back.
ya’ll know who you are.


i’m sorry i’ve dragged you all into this.
i wasn’t going to do anything about it,
i just wanted it to die.
but i wasn’t about to let my ass be dragged
through the dirt over LIES.

i do not want you sending these people anything.
i don’t want to see them being harassed.
on my behalf, the best way to support me is just to
send encouraging words and to be here for me.
which you all have done a fantastic job!

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To answer your question on how you have influenced my thoughts, just things about Eric and Dylan mostly. Your blog has really opened my eyes and made me realize that how I have felt in the past is not me being alone. It's kinda scary how much I relate to the boys, but I see that people like you realize they weren't monsters even though what they did was monstrous.

I’m glad you actually came back and told me this!!! People on the outside looking in seem to forget about how complex Eric and Dylan were as people. No one is one-dimensional. Just because they did what they did doesn’t change them from people into monsters. That’s why they’re so relatable. Everyone has darkness inside them somewhere - the problem is, they let it swallow them whole.

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Ok so I've been watching monster factory(it's on the same chanle) and car boys is the next playlist I was going to watch but I decided to just watch it and it's funny and I'm glad I'm watching it but sad that I'm running out of episodes soon

I always have that feeling for every series I watch.

I am so excited for every episode that comes, but the dread of the whole thing ending at some point is always in the back of my mind. Best is to enjoy what you have as long as you can.

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Okay, a couple of things. First of all, I love this fic bracket competition just as much as I did last time. Second of all, PRIORITY RESCUE IS BACK!! EEEP! I hope someone actually picks it up this time around (if I decide not to) if it loses again! And third of all, for that one AU prompt, replacing FitzSimmons with Philinda with the 1x22 pod moment is GENIUS. Kudos to whoever suggested that prompt! I've been so bored the past few days so doing this makes me pretty happy :)

Yay! I’m glad you’re having fun with it ;) I’m actually enjoying it more than last year… from an organizational standpoint alone! (can you believe I built a website for this insanity?)  Also, yes: PRIORITY RESCUE. It was a fan fave last year and lost out in the semifinals and one of my prompts was literally just “bring priority rescue back from the dead” or something like that. It is risen. I wish I could tell you who submitted the Philinda pod fic prompt, but they were anonymous :( I’ve checked by my asks and my google form, but I can’t find a name. Anon? Wanna come out and get credit for your genius?

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Congrats on finishing A Class Act! I was the anon that asked you the "quizzy thinks cullen hates her when really he's just smitten and awkward" prompt way back in the day lol. I've been obsessed with their story ever since! I'm so glad this amazing fic had an equally-amazing ending. This is one I'll be re-reading for years! Thanks for all your hard work! Congrats again!

OH MY GOODNESS YOU WERE!?!?!?!? I have honestly thought so many times, I wonder who that anon was…and I hope they know just how much I love them. 

Look, Class Act was probably going to get written anyway, but I was still searching for direction and unsure what story to tell. And then I got that anon message, and filled the prompt…and well…here were are. I am so grateful to you, you really have no idea. 

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I just love you a lot. Thank you, and thank you for sending me this sweet message <3


made some postcards 💫

The Coca Cola “America the Beautiful” commercial

The Schuyler Sisters singing “and sisterhood”

Lady Gaga singing Born This Way

This Super Bowl is asking “How mad can we make all the racists, sexists, and homophobes?” AND I’M LOVING IT.

its au time you sons of hecks

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What’s up, it’s Alexei!

When Ngozi posted this picture yesterday of young post-draft Tater “trying his darnedest to answer press questions in English,” I thought, “You know, I could make a play fic out of that.” Which is what led to the following 2700+ words about Tater and his ESL tutor.

Many, many thanks to @ktheunready for being my Russian authenticity consultant and beta!

Georgia Martin stood at the back of the media scrum and watched Alexei Mashkov stumble his way through his post-draft interview, saw the way his fingers kneaded the brim of the brand-new Falconers’ cap he’d been handed for the initial official photos, saw the way his eyes widened and stayed intently glued to whoever was asking him a question, like he was afraid he’d miss some key bit of meaning if he blinked.

She pulled out her phone and made a call.


«No, Mama, I promise, my room is very nice. The family is very nice. Everything is very…»

«Let me guess, nice? »

Alexei sighed. «Yes.»

«You know I don’t doubt you, right, Alyosha? I’m not worried you can’t do this. You will be fine. But I know this is your first time to live in another country, with none of the boys from your teams here. It can be… hard, sometimes. I know.»

«Yeah, Mama, I know. You told me.»

«Are you telling me you’ve heard the stories of my youth too many times?» she asked in mock outrage.

«No, no!» he laughed. «Of course not.»

«Good. I should think not.» He could picture her face exactly, and it made him smile. «I’m glad your host family seems nice, Alyosha. I’m sure you will have many friends in no time.»

He flopped back on the bed again and stared at the ceiling. «I hope so.»

«We’ll talk again soon. Love you, son.»

«Love you, too.»

He hung up and let his phone rest on his chest. He’d been to America before. He’d thought he’d known what it would be like, that it wouldn’t be so bad. Different, yes, but there would be so many interesting new things to see, and new teammates, and he certainly knew how to play hockey. What he had failed to take into account, apparently, was how exhausting it was to try to function in English all day. For a US hockey team, the Falconers’ roster was shockingly low on Russian players, so his host family was one of the French Canadian ones. To their credit, they did speak some Russian, but it was hardly enough to have a real conversation. Alexei felt like he’d been practically mute all day.

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Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

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A Lesson in Love (Creative Writing)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,547

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, we’re nearing the end of this series. I’d say there’s 4-5 parts left. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - Forever grateful for your editing assistance.

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The sun is out as you walk to your Creative Writing class. It’s a sign that winter is really being left behind, only to be replaced by longer days, warmer weather and an abundance of thriving greenery.

As much of a fan that you are of the freezing season, you’re grateful to see it go. The temperamental radiator in your apartment made your nights especially cold and knowing that you don’t have to depend on that for warmth anymore is a big relief.

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the timing is all wrong- h.s imagine

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You chuckled softly and excused yourself from the conversation you were having with one of your friends.

Harry drunkenly plopped his body next to yours, his body almost on top of yours. He buried his face into your neck and smiled.

As if your hands had a mind of their own, they started to rub his back in a soothing matter. “How are you doing, birthday boy?”

Harry hummed and pulled his body back so he could look at you properly. He had a stupid, drunk, smile on his face. “I’m having the time of my life!”

You laughed, heart swelling at your best friend. “Good! You deserve the world.”

Even in Harry’s drunken state, his stomach did backflips hearing your words.

“Harry! Come on, let’s dance!” a female voice shouted from the middle of the dance floor.

You cleared your throat and nodded your head towards her, “Your girlfriend is calling you.”

Harry looked back between Brooklyn and you. He opened his mouth but was interrupted by Brooklyn calling him once again.

You tapped on his cheek, “Go! We’ll talk later!” Harry gave you a peck on your cheek and promised to meet up again later and proceeded to dance with Brooklyn.

You stared as he wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her a hard kiss to which she returned, her arms wrapping around his neck. You cleared your throat and looked down at the beer bottle in your hands before taking a long chug from it.

Louis came over and sat next to you, placing a hand on your thigh. He leaned into your ear and whispered, “I saw that.”

You looked at Louis and smirked, “What? Saw Harry acting like a proper drunk idiot?”

Louis shook his head and returned a smirk back to you, “No. Saw you drooling over the drunk idiot.”

You smacked Louis hard on his chest. “I told you that in secrecy!”

Louis rubbed where you hit him and gave you a look, “Oi! I haven’t told anyone!”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “I’m surprised you haven’t with that giant mouth of yours.”

Louis held his hands up in defense, “To be honest with you, I am too.”

You gave him one more look before the two of you burst out into laughter. You shook your head and looked back to Harry and Brooklyn dancing to a slower song, arms wrapped around each other. Still looking at him, you told Louis, “Doesn’t matter. He would never feel the same anyways.”

The next morning, you woke up to a slight headache. Damn it. Should have drank more water last night. You picked up your phone to see several messages from Harry, no doubt he texted it to you when he was drunk; the thought making you smile softly.

Y/N love! Miss you!

We should totally rent a boat.

Promised you a dance! Where r u

Did u leave u dick

LOL you don’t have a dick

Wait do u




You laughed at Harry’s texts, wondering how in the world could he ever get these kind of ideas in his head. You glanced at the time at the top of your phone and figured you should make sure he got home alright.

“Hello?” Harry groggily answered.

“Morning sunshine.” You smiled getting up from your bed, heading over to the kitchen.

“I am anything from being in a sunshine mood this morning” Harry said, eyes closed, snuggling into his covers. “Can you bring me breakfast?”

You shut your fridge door and balanced the phone between your ear and shoulder, twisting a water bottle open, “Pass.”

Harry groaned loudly into the phone, “But it’s my birthday!”

You gulped down your swig of water, “It was last night, idiot!” Harry pouted, “But I’m hungry. And you love me.”

You rolled your eyes and chuckled. Harry whined, “Please Y/N.”

You sighed and smiled, shaking your head. “Fine.”

Harry cheered before wincing from the sudden movement, very hung over. “Maybe bring some aspirin as well.”

You were humming to yourself softly, holding a bag filled with Harry’s favorite breakfast: Avocado toast. Yours: A chocolate croissant.

You walked up to George, Harry’s doorman and dropped a bag in front of him. You smiled, “Hey George.”

George looked up at you and smiled before reaching into the bag. “Morning Miss Y/L/N.”

“I grabbed you a breakfast sandwich this time. George put his hand over his heart, “A woman that knows my heart.”

You laughed and walked away, “See ya, George!”

After taking the elevator to Harry’s apartment, you finally got to his door. You pulled his spare key out of your pocket and unlocked the door. You shut the door quietly, careful not to make too much noise. You placed your purse and bad with food on the counter. You began to walk to Harry’s bedroom but froze instantly. You heard a very loud moan come out of his room. You peeked your head from behind the hallway and were met with a rather disgusting sight. Brooklyn was on her knees in front of Harry. You quickly turned around and walked away, picking up the food and purse on your way out. Once you finally exited his apartment, you leaned against the door and sighed. She must of came over as soon as we hung up. Not wanting to let the food go to waste, you reached into your back pocket and pulled out your phone.


Louis sat at his dining room table, hand on his chin, pouting, “If I knew you were going to give me this, I wouldn’t have answered your text.” You shrugged your shoulders, finishing the rest of your croissant. “Harry loves that.”

Louis crossed his arms and mumbled, “Harry also likes sardines.”

You wiped your mouth before Louis spoke up again, “Why didn’t you just give him this then?”

You picked at the button on the top of your shirt, “I was but decided not to.”

Louis stared at you, “Brooklyn was there wasn’t she?”

You sighed and shook your head yes. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Brooklyn. She was a very sweet girl. You tried to look for something small to dislike her but unfortunately, you couldn’t. Brooklyn was lovely. She was someone Harry needed.

Louis bit his lip, a look of sympathy on his face. He didn’t understand how Harry could be so blind. Y/N was perfect in his eyes. She was funny, the right amount of sassy, and beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have the honor to call her their girlfriend. Wanting to change your mood, he asked, “Let me show you something.”

“Louis! That was awesome!” You shouted. The two of you were sat in Louis’s mini studio inside his apartment. He just played back a song that he was recently working on, planning for it to be his next hit.

Louis pressed the stop button and smiled brightly at you, “You liked it?”

“Loved it! So proud of you!” You smiled, giving him a hug. Louis smiled and hugged you back a little tighter, “I’m glad.”

Harry was sat on the couch in your living room apartment, feet on the coffee table. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while.” You came back into the living room, popcorn in your hands. You sat next to him, getting into the same comfortable position as well. You shrugged your shoulders and grabbed the remote, going through the DVR. You clicked on the episode of Game of Thrones you were looking for and nestled into the couch a little more. “Wait, you skipped an episode. We didn’t watch that one yet.” Harry interrupted you.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I watched that episode with Louis the other night” you said, grabbing the remote again. “I’ll watch it again if you’ll like.”

Harry turned his body so it was facing you, “Since when have you and Louis started hanging out?”

You shrugged your shoulders once more, “We’ve always hung out.” Harry scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah..but never alone..”

You gave him a confused look, “What does that have to do with anything?”

Harry sighed, “It doesn’t but I didn’t know you guys were on that friendship level..”

You gave him one more look before laughing, “Louis is great company, what’s the big deal?”

Harry got back into his position and rested his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer, a sense of worry going through his body. “I’m being silly, sorry love. Can we watch the episode?”

You were holding your chest, trying to gain your breath back. Louis stood next to you, tapping his foot, hands on his hips. “Y/N-” You held up your finger, still trying to catch your breath.

He rolled his eyes. “Oh for fuck’s sake, Y/N it was only a block!”

You and Louis started to grab some takeout. While you guys were walking back to his apartment, it started to rain. Not wanting the food to get ruined, Louis suggested the two of you to run the short distance. Finally, you were able to breathe. You narrowed your eyes at him, “I could have slipped on the rain and died.”

The two of you stepped into the elevator, he smirked at you. “That would be an unfortunate way to die. ‘Girl defeated by rain.’ Now that’s a buzzfeed article I would read.”

Ever since Harry’s birthday party, you and Louis became insanely close. At first you saw Louis as a distraction from your feelings for Harry but eventually you grew to really enjoy his company. Louis always admired you and hanging out with you lately has made his feelings for you grow more.

After the two of you finished the food, you really wanted to hear Louis’s new song again. Louis pretended to be annoyed but his heart warmed at the thought of you loving his song. As Louis played back the song, you began dancing like a mad woman. Louis was watching you, laughing at your horrid dance moves. As you were dancing, your foot caught on one of the wires that was on the floor. Louis quickly grabbed you before you fell to the floor. You placed your hands on his arms and looked up at him. You don’t know who kissed who first but you soon found yourself sitting on Louis’s lap, hands tangled in his hair. The two of you kissing as his song was playing quietly in the background, repeating itself.

You were walking to your door, hand in your hand, smiling at Louis’s latest text to you. You quickly sent him a text, arranging to meet up later. As soon as you opened the door, Harry was on the other side. His hand was up, looking like he was going to knock before you opened the door. “Hey. what are you doing here?” you asked, putting your phone into your back pocket.

“I broke up with Brooklyn.”

part 2?