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I think you are such an all around amazing person. You are genuine. Your words touch my soul and make my imagination run wild;not to mention how sexy you are. Oh and that smile 😍. You seem like such a great Dad. Your kids are lucky to have you as I'm sure you feel the same about them. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm certainly glad I did. It's been a life changer. Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with the world ❤

That’s the sweetest thing I’ve read in quite some time from anon. Thank you so much. ☺

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About your post about what you learned in school is so much more than me we learned just about STD's and how to not have sex till your married. I learned all the stuff I do know from the internet and now you. So thanks for your posts it does help a lot

You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps! I know sex ed it so bad!! I had to just ask my mom, my sister, and I worked in a hair salon starting my junior year of high school and those ladies were WILD! They talked about sex more than any people I’d ever met and it changed my life. I learned EVERYTHING from them. Ugh. It was so great. It was the first time in my life where I was like “wait, women talk about sex WAY MORE than men do!” And they were like, “welcome to the real world.” And my response was, “it’s good to be here.”

Summary 11

Summary of:  March 28th, 2017(Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Bioshock: Infinite)


“Tie that cot around your neck, cherie, and we’ll provide the mess.  Chat can sing, chat loves malice, but don’t forget the !cactus.  Be our guest!  Be our guest!  BE OUR MURDER VICTIM…ermmmm, GUEST!  Life is so unnerving for a murderer who’s not murderin’.” -frecklesandfarce, 2017

Shoutout to orionspencer!  Glad I could get you to join us!

Ryan’s gonna be late again, he says.XD

ceebeearrun supports both my idea to take over the stream due to Ryan’s lateness(and play one hour of Bioshock and two of Jackbox) and to name his bookshelf “Oreo”.

"BTW, @SyberiaWinx, love your stream summaries.  You have my permission to put me in them(wink wink).” -Epical_panda_mc, 2017       

"Let’s talk about how much of a nerd Ryan is while he’s gone.” -SageBailey, 2017

“You can dry and tistroy me.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017, inviting chat to challenge him in the game.

I love your stream, Ryan, but I wish you’d announce your streams a decent amount of time in advance. : P

Ryan, put some clothes on.^^;

Ryan’s favorite candy bars are Kit-Kats, Twix, and Snickers.

People are raving about Flake candy?

“We got flakes in America too.  We just made one president.” -Me, 2017


Ryan joked that “snitches get stitches” was the first thing he taught his kids, then corrected that it was actually “snitches get hugs and extra dessert”.

He’s singing a song from the perspective of a backpack.XD

And now he’s offering to choke people for free, and I’m not sure if he means that violently or erotically.^^;

He has not managed to kill a SINGLE person in this game so far and has died each time.

There was Diet Coke in Ryan’s Booker flask.  Of course.

GUNSHOT!XD  This one really startled him.

The car is blue so the enemy doesn’t see them coming when they’re driving through the water.

GUNSHOT!  These past three have all been Wendino, and it’s driving Ryan crazy.XD

Now everyone is cheering Ryan with the gunshot, and it’s giving him a small heart attack, since he’s playing a game where people are hunting you down to shoot you.XD  

Literally, DOZENS of gunshots.

And now Wendino is torturing Ryan with puns, too.

Ryan is praising us for being supportive of him, his family, and eachother.   He says he is proud of us. : D  

Please, Ryan.  The chat is trying to have a moment here.

Ryan was named “James Ryan Haywood” because his grandfather’s initials were also JHR.  His parents wanted to name him Ryan, however.  His grandfather called him “Bonzo”, after a monkey.  He also has a step-brother named “Ryan”.

Now everyone’s talking about their first and middle names.

Tonight’s storytime was super creepy!  As if Ryan didn’t already talk like a serial killer.: P

Today’s mission…………….kinda failed?  

I haven’t been talking a lot in here, not that I usually do so, it’s just that it has been better to keep things for myself. Either way, there is something I am really grateful for. For years I’ve had suicidal thoughts every single day, I don’t know how I bore such thing, but I am glad I did. I can’t quite tell if I am happier, but when I am desperate while dealing with difficult moments, I actually feel even more grateful for my life. I have been given those moments to keep fighting and to actually face them, not to long for death during each one, and it’s amazing how I know I will get better from my current situation, be happy for some time, then fall on another difficult situation, but I will always keep improving as a person because I am conscious of such process and because I am truly serious about this improvement.

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i started reading SOC bc you blog abt it and,,, thank you?? it's so good fuck me up. i would fight got with my bare hands for nina & jesper & inej. the others too, but especially them. i haven't gotten CK yet but im Pumped. anyway i love u & ur writing & ur blog, i have notifs on for u n i wish we were friends bc u seem so,, fuckign cool. i hope ur skin is clear and you feel confident and make good grades n life is gentle. 💜

man the fact that I’m just over here broadcasting my soc boner and I can push these golden books into people’s hands is like. ultimate

I’m SO glad you liked them, Nina and Jes are two of my favourites too!!! my buddy ck will change ur life give yourself a day and a quiet room and like.. tissues… and a glass of wine….. just a suggestion

also fuck dude….. it’s a ruse dude…. I’m like 20% cool…. 30% tops

definitely not cool enough to have the nicest people in the world just like….. handing me compliments??

all of those things back at you tenfold I hope someone drops a million dollars into ur open hands you absolute beauty

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I fall in love with trash lord Anakin Skywalker because of your art. I don't even know is it good or bad, but thank you. If someone said me "Join the dark side, we have a lot of Shorelle's art", i will join them immediately. You are wonderful person.

oh my lord, thank you so much anon! I’m so glad you fell in love with this trash lord too, IT’S TOTALLY A GOOD THING and honestly am just really honoured because Anakin Skywalker is literally the reason why I got back into drawing a few years ago!

// uses this excuse to doodle our original Space Trash King (now in eternally sassy force ghost form!!) (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ☆

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i'm a recent msr shipper and i feel outraged that i have been deprived of this ship for the first 20 years of my life tbhh. LIKE. WHERE. HAVE. I. BEEN. that's why right now i have 20 years of spazzing out to make up for. and your blog has been one of my biggest enablers~ one this confuses me though, if they had feelings for each other early on, why did it take them so long to get together? love your blog btw xx

Welcome to the ship of infinite pain, my new friend! Please chain yourself to the nearest rail and grab some fan fiction- the amount of holes you’re going to have to plug with it are unfathomable. This ship has been on the verge of sinking for years and we need all the shipper power we can get.

As for why it took so long to sail… the architect of this vessel had no background in naval engineering. The building process was akin to a toddler gluing macaroni art so it was up to us- the loyal crew- to make it water-ready. And we did! But, now we have to protect it from its creator as he insists on blowing holes in the hull every chance he gets. Try not to drown, okay? Because dying is the only way you’ll ever unchain yourself from this vessel.

Welcome aboard the good ship MSR!

Thanks @therealjacksepticeye.
Since Jack’s reached 15 millions subscribers I thought I’d just make a quick post thanking him. 
Although he didn’t really ‘save’ my life, as there wasn’t really any danger in my life at any point, he certainly helped me improve it. I’ve never really had that much access to games; growing up the only console me and my brother ever played on was a PlayStation 1 and 2, playing really only Star Wars Battlefront, Half Life and Disney’s Atlantis, so I wasn’t really into games when growing up. Only recently have I taken interest in them and Youtube Gamers were my only access to games I couldn’t play myself. And I’m sure as hell glad I discovered Jack’s channel. Some of his play-throughs have opened my mind in many ways, whether it be the art style, the music, the genre, the story, the characters, the graphics or the journey the games take us on. Games like The Final Station, Undertale, Papers Please and others have taught me that amazing graphics don’t have to be key in telling a story or creating intense atmospheres, just colours and simple shapes and the scale of the world on screen in a simple bitmap pixel art style can blow your mind. And The Final Station, along with Night In The Woods, Inside, Firewatch, Unravel  and many others, has inspired me and my art, discovering artists (with Jack’s assistance e.g. Simon  Stålenhag) and art styles that have helped my broaden my skills as an artist. A game I’d definitely thank Jack a million time over for introducing me to is Undertale, mainly for the music. After watching the whole of Jack’s play-through of the game I downloaded the soundtrack after falling in love with it. One day I had a panic attack on a crowded bus and need to calm down without causing a scene, so I put my headphones in and listened to Home and Home (Music Box) on a loop; the slow plinky-plonky melody was easy for my brain and breathing to follow to. Now my anxiety cure in crowded, fast situations and my calming music for a stressful day (along with Rainy Mood, again: thank you Jack) is Home by Undertale, which works every time now.
So thanks Jack for introducing me to many many games that have helped my coped with my daily snags, given me more paths of art to explore, and opened my eyes to realise the world is a much bigger place than I ever knew it to be. I would never have discovered them without LetsPlayers like you and my life would very different to what is it now. 
I know there are thousands of people who would thank you for so much more than what I’m thank you for, but that’s for them to say. For now, this is why I’m happy I discovered your channel and your friends. Thanks very much. :)

Songfic: A thousand years

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks. Really sorry.

Prompt:  For the songfics could you do 104 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri? Oh my gosh, that’s honestly one of my favorite songs, I’m so glad it was on the list. And for the fic could you make it fluffy please? Thank you! ☺️

Warinings: pregnancy, fluff, idiot Chris haha!


I exhale while I looked at him. He was so damn handsome. Even with that worry look in his face. Those sweet blue sky eyes… and the frown above them.

“So… what is it, babe?” Chris held my hands and kissed my knuckles.

“Chris, I… we…” I changed the direction of my life-changing speech “have only dated for a few months, we’ve had wonderful times together, I love you” I smiled, knowing that tears were close, really close to make their spectacular entrance.

“I love you too.” That’s the only thing he said “I think you knew that and I know that you love me, but I sense that there’s something else” I nodded and looked in my bag. I handed him a sonogram.

“I’m pregnant. I know that this wasn’t planned. I just found out and I’m terrified. Chris, please say something”. And out of the blues, I felt like… shit. He dropped my hand and ran his fingers through her barely-growing hair.

“Chris?” I insisted. He didn’t respond. I sighed. “Alright, then. I can’t imagine what you’re thinking, but when your girlfriend tells you she’s pregnant, you have to say something.” I stood up and made my way out of his place.


Chris didn’t stop me when I left. That made me so angry and sad. And angry again. It was a rollercoaster. I imagined that the news would turned out different. I hope it’d end differently. Now, he had been calling like crazy, but I wasn’t ready to face another rejection. Not for me, not to our baby.

I had told him that I was scared to death and he just stood there.

I felt so stupid for picturing the moment I told him in a totally different context. Him picking me up, making me spinning around. And I didn’t get a fucking word. I sighed looking at the photo on my desk. It was from our very first date. We had met on set. As a writer I got the chance to talk with the actors when they had questions about the script. And he had a lot of questions. Like, “would you like to go on a date with me?” and I said couldn’t even speak. I nodded.

Our date night was a mess. I was so late with the delivery of work that I forgot to call him to cancel. When I actually called him, he was outside of my house. I apologized over and over again. He just laughed and asked me to wait there. He picked me up in the office, took me to set. He had arranged everything. Someone was waiting for me with wardrobe and makeup. When I was ready. He had projected a night landscape on screen, the lights were almost off, making the atmosphere romantic and… special. Somehow, I knew that anything was going to be the same ever again. I had met the man of my life.

“Ok, tell something you’re embarrassed of?” he asked while he served another glass of wine.

“Are you for real? This is the first date I should impress you, not telling my weakness” I laughed and he looked at me, those penetrating and curious blue eyes were wondering in my being. It made me nervous. “What? Do I have something on my teeth?” I ran my tongue around my teeth and he just sighed. He didn’t lose his smile. Fuck. What was with him?


“Then?” I inquired.

“For the record I was already impressed before this date took place. Looking at you running on set, answering my questions patiently, I was impressed by you agreeing on this date. I just… I’m impressed by you. And I just pictured that I’ll find that out your embarrassing moments later, maybe in weeks, months or years. We’re going to know each other for a long time, y/n. I can’t wait to know you. Because to be honest, I want to.” I didn’t know what to say. To be honest, that was a speech. A breathtaking, beautiful and chilling speech. I bit my lips.

“I can’t dance” I murmured. He smiled “That’s something you should know. I… want to dance, but I just can’t.” he grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles. And that was how all began.

It’s corny and that’s what most girls would probably say after the first date with Capitan America. But I didn’t meet that facet of him. I met the pet lover and the sweet, funny Boston guy… where was him when I told him that there was a little person made by US growing inside me?

I guess that’s why my hopes were up. And amazing beginning, an unrealistic almost a fairytale story. But was it close to finish?

“Y/n? Do you have a moment?” my boss asked I nodded and he told me to go to the set. I put my ID and went down. The lights dimmed as I walked in. there was the same night landscape Chris and I saw in our first date. I looked behind and the doors was closed.

The spotlight made a way I started to follow. Flowers and candles everywhere. There was a shadow. I felt my heart racing I knew who it belonged to. Instinctively, my hand traveled to my not showing belly.

“What’s this?” I asked. He leaned and grabbed my hands, approaching me to his athletic body. He was using dark jeans and a dark gray sweater. I arched my eyebrow.

“I’m getting one step closer” I took my distance and put my arms around me.

“Chris… I don’t understand” I murmured. I saw the corners of his mouth getting up.

“Would you like to dance with me?” I look somewhere else as an ironic comeback. He knew that my abilities for dancing were closer to the floor than actually moving my feet. He didn’t let me answer, he grabbed me and started to smoothly dance. He, unlike me, knew how. His strong body guided my clumsy body.

“There’s no music” I tried to take a step back but he didn’t allow me to. It started a sweet melody by piano and violin. But it wasn’t from a record. I looked around and there was a band. “Chris?”

“A few years ago, I was the sexiest man alive. You know? Right now I’m only the stupidest man alive. I let the love of my life walk away from me with our baby.”

“Wait, what?” I inquired, this time, I took my distance. He was standing in front of me, he looked different. What did I miss?

“I love you. I loved you since the very first time I saw you running here, literally. I knew that you were the woman I needed to meet. That I needed to love. I have loved you since then and then I actually loved you and here we are. When we met, I asked you what embarrassed you the most. The thing I’m most embarrassed is letting you go, but” and suddenly, he knelt “I loved you. I love you, and I will always love you. I’m sorry I reacted that way, I’ll make it up to you and our baby. But right now, I just want you to know, that you’re not alone in this, y/n. I don’t have any doubts, when I look at you, everything disappear. Just, don’t be afraid, I’m not leaving you again. Let me love you forever, be my wife. y/n, will you marry me?” he opened a little red box. There was a ring on it. I was already crying.  

“Yes” I answered. “Yes, yes, and yes!” he stood up smiling and slid the ring on my finger.

“I’m so sorry, baby” I cried while he hugged me. He kissed me and knelt again. “Hi, baby, this is daddy. I just wanted you to know that I’ve loved you for a thousand years, and I’ll love you for a thousand more. Just like I love your mommy even when she’s the worst dancer ever.”

okay but i guarantee you slytherin upperclassmen are the nicest upperclassmen ever (within their own house of course)

  • dont have any more ink? lily in sixth year has some that turns misspelled words red so mcgonagall wont take points off
  • cant figure out the cheering charm and flitwick’s quizzing you on it after lunch? you can test it on me, my roommates great with countercharms just in case
  • gryffindors been bullying you? the prefects will be glad to ambush them and dock obscene amounts of points
  • guess who go a care package from home? the entire house practically bc emily from fifth year’s mom makes the best cookies you will ever have in your life and her mom cant bake enough
  • fifth years risking being late to their own classes bc the firsties havent gotten the hang of the castle yet
  • magic maps that outline the best paths to each class that are handed down to the incoming first years 
  • cant seem to stop blowing up your cauldron and snape’s face is a permanent look of hatred? there’s an empty potions room on the third floor and we do friday night tutorings
  • i just
  • upperclassmen taking care of the underclassmen

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Can I have headcannon for Revali and Sidon birthday surprise for their s/o ? I enjoy reading all your writing, it makes my heart goes warm and fuzzy. I keep screaming ahahaha so cute ahah in my head all the time!

Absolutely! And I’m glad you like it!

-Mod Pinks

Birthday surprise for s/o


  • Remembered
    • But could not think of what to give them for the life of him til a few nights before
  • On the special day, he surprises them with a glider he made for them to replace their old one
  • They then go flying together, and he uses his soaring abilities to get them all the way to the Divine Beast
  • Once there, they eat together and enjoy the view, watching over what feels like the whole world
  • Might teach them to shoot from up there, to avoid actually hitting someone


  • For someone who totally forgot until someone mentioned it the night before, he does manage to pull off an excellent surprise for his love
    • To be fair, he is a prince. A lot of things pile up on his plate, and while he does his best, some things will slip his mind until the last second. 
  • The day of, he takes his s/o to the place they went on their first date with a picnic basket, away from all the crowds.
  • They go swimming together, and he gives them a particularly pretty shell as a way to commemorate their day together
    • The best way to not admit he forgot to get them a gift
  • And that night, after dinner by the window, he gives them a night full of praise and… other things
And you let her go

So here is my contribution for the IRBB. It was actualy so hard to write that story and I thought so many times I wouldn’t make it on time, but here it is and I’m happy I did it.

Please check out the corresponding art by my partner @ deathbympreg here.  I really adore your work, I’m glad we were paired up! :) 


It’s been seven years since the war. Haunted by Yhwach’s theart to kill them at their happiest moment Ichigo left Karakura to protect everyone. Deciding for an unhappy life he moved to Hokkaido and became a doctor. Now after so many years he reminisces about how he ended up in this life: What could have been? How would his future have unfolded without this threat? What if he had told a certain someone about his feelings? 
Will he regain the resolve to crush destiny once again and claim the life he’d always longed for?

Rating: T

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance

Canon-compliant till 684

“Yo, it’s been a long time.”

He couldn’t remember how often he had imagined himself saying this particular sentence. Sometimes it had been more than once a day – especially when this day was drawing near again.

It had been ten years already. Ten years since his life had changed drastically. Ten years since his world had changed.  Ten years since he had met her on that night in May. And nearly seven years since he’d last seen her.

He had tried to leave everything behind – his family, his friends, his hometown, his past, her.

But it was useless. In the cold winter months the snowy landscape always reminded him of her. And in the summer months it was the blooming lavender fields. It was hopeless. He should have thought that through before moving to Hokkaido. Sure, he could have enrolled at a different university, but as time passed he realized that the reason for staying was probably because he didn’t want to forget her. Maybe he was just being a masochist.

“It’s been a long time! … Not… really.” Rukia hummed jokingly with a smile on her face entering the all too familiar house. It was one of her routine visits to Karakura after she had been reassigned to her former position here. Over a year had passed and although Soul Society was still under reconstruction she had volunteered to be in charge of this town again right after the war.

Her smile and anticipation faded away in an instant when she noticed Karin’s expression. The girl closed the door behind Rukia avoiding to meet her eyes while declaring emotionlessly: “He is gone.” The seconds passed as the raven haired woman tried to progress what was going on.

“He left.”

“So when is he going to be back?”

Her mouth had formed the words too fast as if it had been by instinct, but her soul seemed to have known the truth the moment she had stepped through the door. The way Karin had just refrained from addressing her brother as she would have done usually hurt. It hurt. She should have seen this coming, right? Why did she even ask? She knew the answer. //Please, don’t say it. Please.// she begged internally but reality hit her hard when she heard the word she was so incredibly afraid of.


“I’m sorry.” Rukia muttered motionless, staring at the floor. His sister walked past her, not turning around even once: “There’s a letter for you upstairs. Maybe you should read it.” With that Karin left to the living room.

Dear Rukia,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye. I didn’t have a choice, although you probably would have said otherwise and called me a fool. I don’t expect from you to understand the reason I left – maybe you already knew. If so, thank you for not holding me back. You always knew me better than anyone else, anyway. There are so many things I would’ve liked to tell you, that I couldn’t. But I want to thank you. Thank you for stepping into my life, for changing my world. I’m glad I was able to meet you and I hope you have a slight idea how important you are to me. Those words surely can’t make up for my sudden disappearance and I’m sorry for seemingly not trusting you enough to tell you about my plans.

I’m going to study and become a doctor. I’ll protect lots of people without being a Shinigami. That’s what I want to do. I’ve made my choice so please don’t try to find me to knock some sense into me. If you do I will never forgive you. It’s better that way.

Take care and be happy


“I hate you, Ichigo.”

That was the moment he lost her, the moment he gave up on her and his former life.

He was sipping at a coffee, sitting at the small kitchen table of his one-room apartment. He had woken a little too early due to a dream that had been haunting him.

“Again, huh?”

It was the same dream. The dream he had the first night after he’d moved to Asahikawa. A dream he’d been obsessed with for the past years. A dream he couldn’t let go off:

“So, what are you going to do now?”

They were at the riverside of Karasu River casually sitting next to each other when her question broke their silence.

He kept staring absent-mindedly into distance. His voice sounded rather disinterested.

“What do you mean?”

She frowned a little, examining him suspiciously from a corner of her eye.

“You have just…” Rukia put special emphasize on the following word as if to highlight his supposed naivety: “…graduated.”

“Well, don’t know. Haven’t decided yet.”  Ichigo answered without batting an eye.

“You haven’t decided?” Now she was directly facing him with as much disbelief or consternation – which was a little more accurately put – she was able to express. “Don’t you humans usually attend university after school?

“Yeah, probably going to study something…” He still sounded bored and didn’t really care about whatever she was trying to tell him.

“You really have no idea what you want to do with your life?”

She paused, waiting for a reaction but he didn’t respond. She wasn’t even sure if he’d listened.

“Are you sure?”

Nothing. Again.

For the first time she had really no idea what was going on in his mind.

Rukia turned away obviously annoyed by his behavior or non-behavior. “Maybe you should get yourself a wealthy wife so you can just keep slacking off and laze about as much as you please, stay home and take care of your children.” she sarcastically mumbled to herself.

“Very funny.” He was finally facing her.

She flipped over to look at him: “Oh so you were listening this time?”

“I was listening the whole time.” He glared at her slightly pissed.

Again, silence ensued with both of them resuming their own thoughts.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“I figured as much.”

“Well, thanks a lot.” he snarled.

Rukia again turned around to face him: “Do you want a girlfriend?”

Ichigo sighed: “…no.”

“Why not? Are you…?”

“Why are we even talking about that?!” he barked but his voice sounded hurt and his expression gave away she had just touched on a sensitive topic.

“I’m… sorry.  I didn’t mean to…”

He averted his gaze, looking to the ground. “No. I am sorry. “ It was just a whisper.

“If you want to talk about…”

Ichigo chuckled, but it wasn’t out of joy. It was sadness, bitterness.

“There’s… someone I can’t forget.”

She examined him for a moment. It was hard to see him like that… “Does she know?”

“Of course not.”

“You didn’t tell her?”

Ichigo sighed again: “No.”

“Why? You should’ve.”

“Because it doesn’t matter.” His tone delivered a finality that left her speechless for a second. Was it really that hopeless? Did he really give up that easily?

“How can you say something like that doesn’t matter?” She was shaken and she wondered if it was because she was just empathizing with him or if there was something else she couldn’t grasp yet.

“I know what she’d say.”

“And what is that?”

She could feel how painful it was for Ichigo to voice these words when he turned around and locked eyes with her:

“We can’t be together.”

Rukia took a deep breath without breaking eye contact: “Are you sure?”

“You know who I am talking about, don’t you?” It was a plea. He begged her to change their outcome. “I’m talking about you.”

The world around them slowly started to crumble.


She couldn’t move.

Trapped in the circle that was called fate, destiny, live. It was the way things went, the way of the world, the course of time. It was inevitable although she wished it was not. How things were, how things should be, how things would always be – for them.

“Don’t say that.” She was close to tears without even noticing it.

“Why not?” It was a remnant of who he’d been: Someone who’d fight against the rules, someone who’d fight for his friends, family, ideals… but never for himself. So it was a pointless question, he knew that. It wouldn’t lead anywhere. He knew her answer, knew the ending, the conclusion their story always had.

“Ichigo, we can’t be together.”

He wondered what could have been different. What if he had made other choices in his life than the ones he did? What if there was a parallel world where he was someone entirely different from the person he had become here? He could be anything, anyone. He could have everything he’d always wished for in another timeline - maybe.

Well, why not? He told himself, while his thoughts were wandering about.

“I’m in my house?” he exclaimed disbelievingly while sitting up in his bed.

“Yes, you’ve been asleep for almost a month yet.”

He looked at her, still a little confused about the circumstances.

Ichigo remembered this moment all too well. It was as if he could revive every word they’d exchanged that day, so he once again listened to her explanation closely examining her features.

His teenage-self pretended he didn’t care: “I see. I figured as much.”

“Y-you’re not alarmed?” She watched him incredulously.

His expression changed. He looked to the floor, not sure what to say.

The way she looked at him, pained, was still breaking his heart.

“Can we go outside?” he was finally able to phrase.

That was the moment where he gently patted his old-self on the shoulder, as if taking his place.

Everyone else in the room was about to leave for the door, when he added a confident: “Just the two of us?” He rose from his bed and she followed.

They were standing opposite each other, both with a melancholic atmosphere surrounding them.

“So… this is goodbye.” Rukia nearly whispered avoiding his gaze.

‘So it seems’ he had the urge to answer, but…


“What?” She looked up, not sure if she’d really heard that.

“No, it can’t be.”

“But, you’re…”

“I don’t want you to disappear from my world.” He cut her off with a determined glance.


“I’m sorry, please listen, cause I think there’s not much time left.”

Her silhouette was already starting to get blurry. Ichigo was scratching the back of his head: “Damn, how do I say this? Uhm… I…” He took a deep breath to collect his thoughts.

It was hard. Harder than he’d thought it’d be.

“You’re really important to me, you know.” He felt relieved after finally uttering that and suddenly the world seemed to be a little lighter weighing on his shoulders.

“You’ve changed my whole life – for the better.”

“For the better? Are you sure?” She wore a sad smile.

“Yeah, I’m glad you gave me your powers.” Although Ichigo didn’t know, that was probably already enough for her to hear, because it was proof that she didn’t have to blame herself for anything she’d done. She hadn’t ruined his life, she hadn’t dragged him into a world he didn’t want to belong to. He’d just thanked her for all she’d done.

“Maybe that’s the reason it feels as if we belong together somehow, because our souls are connected since that day.”

She didn’t say anything but he could see it in her eyes, that she was feeling the same.

“I don’t want to lose you. I’ll train hard to get my powers back to be able to see you again.”

He took a step closer to her.

“Will you wait for me?”

She placed a hand over his chest.

“Of course.”

“Rukia, I…” he wanted to add but was cut off by her midway.

“Maybe I’ll come visit to sneak up on you.” She offered playfully.

“Yeah, whatever.” He retorted with feigned anger. “I’ll see you around then.”

It could have been like that, if he’d had the courage back then, but in reality he didn’t say any of that. There was just her voice in his head with the ever same phrase he was tired of hearing: ‘We can’t be together.’

Instead he went through seventeen months of sheer unsteadiness without any purpose in his life, without any powers, without her.

“What if we had never met?”


“What if we had not met on that night?”

“No, stop. Don’t.”


“You would have died.”

“I don’t believe the right girl will just walk right through my door someday.”

That was his answer to one of Keigo’s repeated attempts to drag him to one of those stupid trips to hit on girls. Without a good-looking wingman this idiot would be kinda left alone – literally.

In retrospect it was a little funny, he had to admit, that said girl had done exactly that. Well, strictly speaking she had walked just through the walls of his room, but one shouldn’t be too pedantic.

It had been seventeen months already since he’d lost his power. It seemed as if the rain would just keep on falling every day since she’d left, even when no single drop was falling from the sky it was raining, in his heart. He didn’t want to admit it in front of anyone else, he even had difficulties admitting that to himself. Something was missing, something important and it were not only his powers he was talking about. Actually he would have liked to punch himself in the face, one because he felt utterly stupid to be such a wimp, second because he didn’t have the guts to tell her what she meant to him.

Sometimes he’d hear her voice in his dreams but he was never able to reach out to her. He wondered what that meant.

He clearly remembered the expression on her face when they said goodbye. She had seemed as if she’d wanted to say something. Maybe he’d never be able to find out what that would have been.

Thinking back on that time he figured it must have been his own fault for never making the first move. However somewhere in the back of his head there was another voice saying that it was fate, that it was not meant to be, that it was engraved into the grain of sand he currently was on.

“Why can’t we be together?”

Rukia was on one of her regular visits to the human world. They were walking down the snowy streets of Karakura, when his question caught her completely off guard.

“What are you talking about?” She really had no idea what he was talking about.

“Every time I told you about me feelings you said we couldn’t be together.” He remembered all these times by far too well for his liking.

“How many times did I tell you that?” She still didn’t get his point. Well, no wonder because all these rejections had happened at different times, at different places, in different timelines. It was the first time she’d ever heard him say something like that.

“I stopped counting.” He desperately retorted looking to the ground.

“I hated you, you know.” Rukia stopped in her track.

“I’m sorry.” He was feeling down, utterly horrible.

“You left without telling me. I always thought you trusted me.” She folded her arms giving him a reproachful glance.

“I do. You’re the person I trust the most.” He knew he’d made a mistake, a huge mistake, but he wanted to get things sorted out.

“Why is that?”

“I don’t know actually. I don’t think you can really explain the concept of ‘trust’. It is what it is.”

She continued staring at him disappointedly: “It’s been four years already.”

“I know. There wasn’t a single day I didn’t think about you, these four years.”

She sighed. “You’re such an idiot. Why didn’t you tell me back then?”

“Huh?” He didn’t get where she was aiming.

“I’m engaged. I’m getting married.”

It felt as if someone had just stabbed his heart.

“To whom?” He sounded accusing.


Ichigo had to contain his anger somehow.


“Yes.” Her voice sounded so far away.

“You don’t love him.” He declared as if that was the one and only truth.

“That’s not the point.” Rukia continued to walk, walk away from him.

“Why do you marry him?” He ran after her, still not getting why she’d do something like that. That wasn’t her.

“Because I have to. I have no choice.” She kept going and looked straight avoiding his eyes.

“You have no choice?” He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. That wasn’t the same Rukia he’d known for so long. What did happen to her? Was it his fault? Was it because he left?

“It is my duty you could say. I am responsible for the clan and…”

He caught her wrist and turned her around so she had to face him.

“Marry me.”

He had never been that serious about something like this before.

“What? Don’t be stupid.” She labeled him an idiot, an insane idiot, he could hear the subtext in her voice.

Again, he seemed to lose everything, lose her.

“That’s impossible. We can’t be together.”

I want to forget you. I tried. I tried really hard to just forget you. You’ve turned me down so many times hurt me so many times – why do I still keep trusting you? Why can’t I have a peaceful, normal life without you? – Without you on my mind.

Why can’t I forget you? Just leave! Leave me please! I can’t take this anymore. Why is it so damn hard to get you out of my mind?

Because you changed my world? Because you made me a better person?

Why do I feel as if something was missing when I’m without you? I saved two, three worlds and still why don’t you give me a single chance – give us a single chance? Why do I even try again? I know you. I know you better than anyone else does and still I don’t get it. I know about your feelings and you know, too. I know you’re lying. Stop your lame excuses and finally tell me what you really feel.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No, I want you to stay.”

“You just said you want to forget me.”

“I do. But I can’t.”

Their first goodbye hadn’t been a goodbye in that sense – it had been forced, their parting. She had been taken from him, just like that and he hadn’t been able to do anything at all. He had been lying on the ground soaked wet from the rain and his own blood. When his sight started to blurry away he still saw her sad face before his inner eye and that was the moment he knew, he wanted to see her smile again no matter what.

When the time came he finally was able to see that smile he ironically didn’t feel happy. He was happy for her, because she seemed to have found the place she belonged, the place she wanted to belong, but… this place wasn’t with him. Back then he didn’t quite get why he felt so down. He had just blamed the long time they both had spent so close to each other.

“I’ve decided to remain here.”

It took a while to process her words.

“Ok, that’s good.”

No it’s not.

“Well, if you’ve already made up your mind…”

Stop pretending, you…!

“If that’s what you really want…”

How do you know?!

“Then the best thing for you would be to stay here.”

Come back with me.

“Come back with me.” That’s what you should have said, god dammit! You should have just thrown her over your shoulder and carry her home!

But he didn’t.

He never did.

Sometimes he would dream about his fight against Juhabach. Although he had fought the battle relatively alone he would sense someone else’s presence on the battlefield who hadn’t been there before. The silhouette of a woman surrounded by a cold, white, misty atmosphere. Her reiatsu was so familiar, although his heart knew who she was his mind was completely at a loss – it just didn’t get through. A blurry image of the one person he would have wished to be by his side on the battlefield, guiding him like a ray of light in the darkness, giving him strength when he needed it the most, trusting in him and his abilities, believing that they both together would be able to end this war.

What could have been if they had fought together? Would they have succeeded? Would they have been able to destroy their enemy to protect Soul Society and the human world

“Have you made your decision yet?” She looked over to him.

They were both sitting next to each other somewhere outside Sereitei on a hill.

“Yeah.” His short but sincere reply drifted through the air.

“So… are you going?” Rukia asked him a little insecure.

“I think so.” He was staring in the distance, but he wasn’t absent-mindedly at all. He was calm, he was at peace.

“Are you sure?” She waited a moment before she continued. “You really want to abandon everything?”

A tiny sigh escaped him. “Well, someone has to do it and Kyôraku-san is right when he says that I’d be a good choice, so…” The war was over, but there was a lot to do now. Sereitei needed to be rebuilt, some ranks had to be refilled, a new Soul King had to be elected.

“You’d stop being a human. Are you really ok with that?” Her voice sounded concerned. She didn’t want him to accept the offer just because he felt he had to.

“I am.” Ichigo answered determined, to her surprise.

“It may sound stupid, but deep down I had already decided I would stay here after the war… although I wouldn’t have imagined to be offered to become the next Soul King.”

He sighed again suddenly a little uneasy.

“I wonder if I can do that.”

“I’m sure you can.” She reassured him turning to face him. “You’ve changed a lot here in Soul Society, you know?” She smiled and he remembered the first time he had to say goodbye to her after she’d told him she’s stay here. He remembered the reason why he wanted to save her so desperately that time that he plunged into a whole new world beating the hell out of anyone who’d get in his way.

“We won’t see each other a lot when I’m in the Royal Realm.” He noted, his mood getting rather melancholic.

“Yeah, that’s probably right.” She replied equally mournful.

They sat in silence, daydreaming for a while.

“Why don’t you come with me?” Ichigo finally had the courage to ask what had been on his mind for quite a time.

“What?” She was confused by this sudden strong commitment.

“We could do that together – change Soul Society.” He turned to face her. “Without you I wouldn’t be here, maybe I wouldn’t even be a Shinigami and I wouldn’t have been able to change all that in the first place. It’s all thanks to you.”

Rukia still seemed a little uncertain: “But is that even possible?”

A smirk formed on his lips: “Well, as the new Soul King I could just order you to come with me.”

She feigned indignation: “You wouldn’t do that.”

He still grinned stupidly: “Maybe not, but I could.” His expression changed back to his more serious side: “So what do you say? Are you coming?”

She smiled: “It would be an honor.”

He couldn’t tell when he fell for her but he’d always remember the moment he became finally aware of his feelings. It was after his first fight against Grimmjow where she’d been severely injured – again just to protect him.

All he could do at the moment was watch. Watch as Inoue was healing her wounds, waiting for her to open her eyes. He couldn’t be of any use here, he felt completely worthless. He hated it to be protected, because for him that always meant that he himself hadn’t been strong enough, that he had messed up again. So he was the one to be blamed for her current condition. If anything happened to her it would be his fault. It would be his fault cause his fight against Grimmjow had taken so long, because his defeat had taken so long, that he didn’t have the chance to take her to a save place earlier.

His eyes were fixed on her as if her wounds would heal a little faster with that, as if he could change anything watching her. He would never ever allow that to happen again, her getting hurt because he was a powerless idiot who couldn’t protect the people he loved. And there it was, the moment he realized she had belonged to that part of his heart for quite some time already. When did that happen, he wondered. He remembered all too well how annoying he thought she was, when they first met. She was rude, her language completely weird, a damn smart-ass, bossy as hell and her drawings really sucked. Well, she still was all of that, but at the same time she was sincere, caring for the people around her, way smarter and stronger than one would expect her to be and she was always right. She was someone you could trust no matter what, who’d risk everything for the people important to her – something he had subconsciously admired her for. Everything he was now he was thanks to her. So, is that really what you called love?

She was in the middle of arranging his tie, when he finally spoke his mind:

“I can’t do this.”

“That’s what everyone is saying right before they’re getting married.”

She wasn’t impressed in the least by his behavior and continued her work.

“No, I’m serious, I can’t do this.” He grabbed her hand forcing her to inevitably look him in the eye.

“I can’t marry her.”

She watched his face for a moment then tended to his tie again, ignoring his grip.

“Then why did you propose?”  Pleased with her job she let go of his collar freeing her other hand and gave him a curious and kinda cheeky look.

“I made a mistake. I can’t marry her. I don’t love her. I…” he was getting a little overexcited.


The tone in her voice brought him back, for the moment.

“You. Cannot. Ditch her. On her wedding day.”

“But…” he wanted to object.

I said: You. Cannot. Ditch her. On her  fu-“


He took her hand silencing her, letting their eyes interact on their own for a while before declaring with all his sincerity:

“Run away with me.”

She took his words in. He couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind at all. The seconds passed and her face slightly started to look enraged.

“Have you completely…?!” She paused before her voice could reach an unpleasant pitch.

Rukia seemed as if she tried hard to sort her words.

“You are going to marry an amazing woman who really loves you and…”

He had to intervene here: “But I don’t love her.” His voice was dead serious.

Now she was really getting angry: “Would you please…”

Of course she wanted to say ‘let me finish speaking’ but he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I love you.”

Again the seconds passed. It felt like a painfully long time before she raised her voice:

“Ichigo, I already told you…”

“…that we can’t be together, got it. But why?”

Now he was the one getting mad.

“And don’t tell me it’s because I am a human and you are a Shinigami, I am a Shinigami, too. My father is one and my Mom was a human. So what? There is no reason for us to…”

“Have you ever wondered if it is worth that? If I am worth that? If you’re time is worth that?”

She looked at him with watery eyes.

“I did. I did for the past five years. No, seven years.”

Rukia chuckled a little, although she was on the verge of tears: “You were 15 seven years ago.”

“Exactly.” He shot back.

“Did you think I’m that naïve not to think about any consequences? What it would mean to be in a relationship with you? I know damn well that it would not be and could not be the ordinary kind of relationship a normal human has. But my life is not normal, it never was. I don’t care, ok? I don’t want to have any regrets because I didn’t tell you about my feelings. So please, don’t tell me that you never had any feelings for me at all.”

His eyes flipped open. He was right. Well, the Ichigo in his imagination was right. He didn’t want to have any regrets. It didn’t matter what her answer would be, but he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life wondering what could have been. He made a decision, a decision he should have made years ago. He was determined – a feeling he didn’t have in a really long time.

He got up, took a shower, packed his suitcase and left for Karakura.

And with that he was somehow able to jump from one grain of sand to another.

“Urahara, you there?!”

The store hadn’t changed at all. Everything looked as he remembered it from his teenage days, as if he’d never left.

“My, my, Kurosaki-san. What an honor to see you here. What are you doing in Karakura? I thought you left for the better.”

Kisuke himself hadn’t changed one bit as well. No wonder, he thought, he was using a gigai anyway, so no one would ever be able to tell if he aged or not.

“I need to go to Soul Society.” Ichigo declared without batting an eye.

“How come, I wonder?” Kisuke retorted slightly amused, hiding behind his stupid fan.

“Just open the damn gate, ok?” he was a little pissed.

“How long haven’t you been in your Shinigami form?” the shopkeeper asked momentously.

Ichigo flinched, still annoyed although he felt Urahara had just seen through him.

“Since I left.”

“Well, that is a problem. You’ll have to train before you leave unless you don’t want to put yourself in danger.” Kisuke remarked calmly.

“I don’t have time for this shit!” the former substitute barked.

“Mmh, then there’s nothing I can do for you.” The ex-captain was about to turn his back.


Kisuke moved in slow motion, pretending he didn’t hear.


Ichigo had difficulties containing his anger: “I said ‘wait’! I’ll do it!”

A mischievous smile appeared on Urahara’s face: “If you truly desire to see her that badly, then…”

She was sitting in her office doing nasty paper work, when a knock at the door suddenly interrupted her.

“Kuchiki-Fukutaichou, there is a visitor for you outside.” Sentarou bowed to excuse the inconvenience.

Rukia looked up from the pile of empty forms: “I’m busy, so please tell the visitor to come back later.” She tended back to her work.

Sentarou cleared his throat, feeling a little uncomfortable: “I, uhm… don’t think he came here to wait. He seemed… rather impatient and short-tempered.”

She lifted her head up in an instance wearing a shaken expression. There was only one person she knew who’d fit such a description, but that was impossible. It was impossible that he was here. There was no reason to. She was entirely confused. She wasn’t even able to tell Sentarou to send the visitor in. Rukia sensed another presence behind her subordinate, who backed off to make way for the former substitute Shinigami.

Ichigo stepped inside. He took his time to examine her closely. He couldn’t believe he was here, right in front of her. She hadn’t changed at all.

He took a deep breath, getting rid of all the doubts he’d had for the last couple of years, getting rid of every feeling of regret to just focus on this exact moment.

“Yo, it’s been a long time.”

This time he had said it, for real.

She was just staring at him, confused, puzzled, disbelieving, shocked. Her lips were shaking as they tried to form  a word. She inhaled deeply trying again: “Y-you…” She closed her eyes, her mouth twitched.

When she finally looked at him again, she seemed a little steadier.

“Wh- what are you doing here?” she was able to vocalize.

“I wanted to see you.”

Rukia only kept staring at him. She could still not believe he was really standing in front of her. They hadn’t seen each other for years, they hadn’t even said goodbye.

“I missed you.” He continued to explain his sudden visit.

She wanted to scream, leave, run away but her body didn’t move. Of course she was happy to see he was alright but on the same time it just hurt so much.

“I made a mistake, a huge mistake just leaving like that back then. I should have…”

“Yes, you should have! You are the worst, you know?! I hated you! I hated you so much, although hating you was the least thing I wanted to do!” She tried hard not to cry.

“I know.” He answered remorseful.

“It was because of Juhabach’s threat, am I right?” Her voice was accusing, justifiably so.

“Yes. He is the reason I left. I did it so…”

“Oh, I know what you did!” she cut him off. “You thought you’d take the blame all by yourself, to put the weight of the world on your shoulders alone. You thought if you’d give up on your own happiness everyone else could just live a peaceful live! Do you even have the slightest idea what you have done to your family, what you have done to your friends, what you have done to me?! You could have told me, you should have trusted me! We could have done that together, you know?! Don’t you think we would have defeated him a second time if he really did show up again?!”

Her voice was getting silent until it was only a mere whisper.

“Why didn’t you trust me?”

“I am an idiot who has made a lot of wrong decisions so far, because it is a lot easier to run away sometimes. But I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to run away anymore. It doesn’t matter if he comes back or not, because I will defeat him, again and again and again if necessary. And even if he’ll be haunting me for the rest of my life it would be a lot better than being haunted by my own mistakes for the rest of my life.”

Although his outer appearance could be misleading to think he was still his usual impatient, rebellious self, he really seemed to have matured a lot.

She didn’t say anything but she had calmed down a little.

“Can we go outside to talk?”

They were sitting next to each other somewhere outside Sereitei on a hill.

“So, what have you been up to these past years? You’ve become a doctor?” She asked after a long silence.

“Yeah, I’m in the middle of my practical year at a hospital.”

“And you just took some days off to rush to Karakura head over heels and ask Urahara to open up a senkaimon for you.”

His head flipped around: “How do you know? Did you spy on me?”

“Of course not, you stupid.” She smiled. “I just know you, that’s all. You don’t want to tell me you thought this visit through for months. No, if an idea enters your mind you’re set to do it without thinking about any consequences and without questioning, that’s why you’re an idiot.”

“Excuse me?” Ichigo felt a little offended and wanted to retort something, but Rukia was changing back to their first topic.

“So, how have you been? In Hokkaido?” The way she had just highlighted the word ‘Hokkaido’ sounded as if she was making fun of him… again.

“Any interesting stories from your love life? I won’t give anything away, you can tell me.”

“Well, what about you?” He turned the tables. “Any husband waiting for you at home?”

She frowned. If that was a joke, she didn’t get it. “Why would I be married?”

“Isn’t that what is expected from you as a member of the Kuchiki clan?”

“I rejected every suitor so far.”

“Why is that?”

She paused. That was such a dump question.

“Why is that?” She imitated him. “Well, it’s because I didn’t want to marry any of them, of course.”

“Why not?”

Now she was starting to feel annoyed: “Are you trying to pick a fight, Ichigo?”

“Are you dating Renji?”

She looked at him, as if he’d just gone insane.

“What?! No, I’m not! That would be… gross.”

He let himself fall onto the soft grass, staring into the sky.

“I’ve seen  a future where you did. I even saw a future where I was engaged to Inoue. Maybe somewhere at a different time, at a different place this is exactly what is happening. There are so many possibilities out there. There could also be a reality where we both never met.”

“More like a reality where we haven’t met yet.”

She was lying next to him, staring at the same sky.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Huh?” He turned his head.

“What about your love life? You finally have a girlfriend?”

He pondered for a moment.

“Well, you know, there is someone I can’t forget.”

She tried to contain her laughter, but he had already noticed.

“What’s so funny?”

“You’ve said that before.”

Now it was him time to frown. It was a nostalgic sight to see his brows furrowed like that.

“I did? When?”

Rukia shook her head slightly, smiling at him obviously amused.

“Back then, right after your graduation ceremony. Don’t you remember? We were sitting at the riverside just like we’re sitting here now.”

He nearly jumped up from his position. “Did I tell you who I was talking about?” Ichigo was starting to get suspiciously nervous. Rukia followed him, rising as well. “No you didn’t. You just looked at me and told me to forget about it.

“Huh…” He wondered how that was even possible. As far as he remembered he had never told her about that.

“So…” she began, waiting to get his attention.

“Is it the same person it was back then?”

He sighed, chuckling a little, because he couldn’t quite believe what was going on.

“Yes it is. I couldn’t forget her all this time, although it has already been seven years. I tried to forget her, but I just couldn’t. That’s why I’m here.”

“Fool.” She smiled.

“You knew I was talking about you back then, right?”

“Of course I did.”

“Why didn’t you say anything back then?”

“I would have never done that.”

She made a break to get her words sorted out.

“I always thought you should have the choice to decide whether it is worth that. I would have never robbed you off any of your possibilities. I have no right to step into the depths of your heart if I am not sure that this is what you really want.”

“So, what would you have said if I had told you back then?”

“I probably would have asked you if you’re serious.”

“You wouldn’t have told me that we can’t be together?”

This time she really laughed.

“Please, even if I did you wouldn’t have listened. You never listen to what I say. Remember?”

She was right. Had he been wrong all this time? Had all of this just existed in his imagination? Had everything really always been just his decision? Did he choose to be rejected, because he decided that this would have happened, that she would have reacted like that, because he had already given up on his happiness?

She was right. She was always right.

“So, what do you say now?”

“Seven years are a really long time to not forget someone.”

She took a step closer to him.

“Well, you’re lucky that there’s someone I couldn’t forget all these years as well.”

She placed a hand over his chest.

“I told you I’d wait for you, didn’t I?”

“Wait, what?” he suddenly was alarmed. What was going on here?

“Would you please stop pretending to be stupid, Ichigo?”

“You just said you waited for me?” he was confused.

“You wish. I didn’t say anything like that, I’m not that desperate.”

“Misheard that, I guess.” He mumbled to himself.

Is that really what you called love?

He decided they didn’t need any label for whatever it was they shared. It wasn’t necessary, it never had been. It didn’t matter anymore how often he’d heard her saying that they couldn’t be together, because it was just his own stupid imagination that had come up with that. He could have made other decisions at different points in his life, true. But looking back on that day he came to Soul Society to see her every seemingly wrong decision, every mistake he’d made had simply lost its weight. As long as he’d make that one important decision to let everything behind and change what was often falsely interpreted as fate. He didn’t believe in fate, there was no bigger force driving them apart they had pushed each other away somehow and sometimes things just need time. Maybe it would have been too early to tell her when he had lost his powers. Maybe it had been for the better that he had waited these seven years, that he had at least matured a bit, that he had at least a perspective in life and that he was finally sure he knew where he belonged, where she belonged, with him.

“So…?” Her voice brought him back from his thoughts.


“Are you coming or what? I bet your family is already waiting for us, if we don’t hurry your dad will freak out and send some task force to search for us.”

It wasn’t always easy to live a life between two different worlds, but for them it worked, it always had.



“Thanks to you the rain has finally stopped falling.”

She examined him for a moment.

“You are a sappy idiot, you know that?” She dryly noted.

He smiled.

“I know.”

anonymous asked:

cows are such beautiful animals i can't believe how many i've hurt in my life i'm so glad i went vegan i want to save every cow. every animal that i can, but mostly the cows.

I agree, I love all animals but I have a particular fondness for cows. They are such beautiful and good-natured animals, and I consider them to be one of the animals most in need of our help given the atrocious extent of their exploitation at the hands of our species. Going vegan is such a positive step towards doing that, you should be really proud of yourself.

anonymous asked:

Honestly for the longest time I hated miyokichi (and I still have my reservations about her since even though she didn't mean to stab sukeroku, she was still emotionally abusive and manipulative) but I'm kinda glad and happy for them all that she's changed and seems to have reflected on her actions and the biggest part of that for me was seeing her let sukeroku do rakugo, which in life she berated and forbade him for and from doing so I'm glad they're all doing okay now

You know at first I felt the same way but I love Miyokichi, she’s a really fascinating character and her whole story arc breaks my heart.

Miyokichi is a deeply misunderstood character, I find. At her core she’s a good person but she’s someone who’s been through a lot and life really changed her. She also definitely has a lot of unchecked mental health problems, which did not help the situation at all (but really couldn’t be avoided considering the time period and the social climate in Japan with MI to begin with)

But yeah I won’t argue she was abusive and manipulative. (’cool story, still murder’ type of deal u feel)

When we first meet her in the series, and when she first starts dating Kiku, she’s actually quite happy (or at least appears to be on the outside). I find Kiku was a catalyst to her downfall as well, which was no one’s fault in the end (there were too many things at play to be able to point fingers). She became obsessed with him, but couldn’t get what she thought she wanted from him (open love and affection, his attention) they were never made to last, and Kiku’s lack of interest in taking their relationship seriously and him becoming absorbed with his rakugo training eventually made Miyokichi….like, jealous of rakugo itself. 

She desperately clung to the one thing she was invested in, Kiku fascinated her but also frustrated her immensely. When he finally dumps her she clings to the next thing that shows her affection, Sukeroku. And him being freshly banned from rakugo was PERFECT for her, she could have love and didn’t need to see that horrible thing that took Kiku away from her. (Sukeroku in general is a character filled with too much love, he fell to being manipulated by her because he just had so much love to give but even then that wasn’t enough for her. She was still hung up on Kiku).

In the end she pushed a lot of her repressed frustrations onto Sukeroku (and inevitably Konatsu too), having a child with him for revenge, forcing him to stop rakugo, abusing him (apparently yelling/berating him a lot with A KNIFE yikes girl?)

It shows later that Kiku does feel responsible for what happened to her (like MENTALLY what happened to her not just her death, [i.e her ghost haunting him, wanting to apologize etc.]) Where she did originally blame Kiku, she admits that no one was truly to blame. She had forgiven him and also herself for putting him in an unfair position (wanting him to be her sole emotional support, something he couldn’t give her)

But yeah death really…freed her? I guess that how you could put it, she’s no longer weighed down by the societal pressures of being a woman and she had time to reflect on everything that happened, she can’t be mad at Kiku anymore. She misses her daughter, she wished she treated her better and she gets along with Sukeroku finally (they still fight but not nearly in a terrifying/abusive way as before. Definitely more of a normal “I live with this person” sort of way)

Basically I love Miyokichi, she’s a deeply flawed character who deserved better in life but was given the freedom she needed in death.

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I was at the concert here in brazil and their reactions to the fanchants and the project (basically at the end of spring day we kept on singing the oh ooh oh part after jin finished, like in the mv), namjoon changing the lyrics, also hobi was smiling so much during mama cause everyone was singing, honestly it was just one of the most amazing moments in my life and I still can't believe I got to see them live, also I screamed so much my throat still hurts 😂

this is going to be me friday njfdkngsfh I’m glad you were able to have fun and be wrecked at the same time

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proof trans girls r all wonderful: they all have such great fashion sense?? like no matter their style. even if u would hate their clothes separately u look at them and can't help but go "wow" bc they put them together so well and pull them off amazingly

okay but this is real as HELL i cant put together a matching outfit to save my life but trans girls always looks incredible…. even if theyre wearing like a sweatshirt and jeans somehow it looks #couture like how do they do that??? how do they always look that good?? i dont know but WOW me too anon i dunno if its magic or science but probably both tbh just like…. trans girls  😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

I feel like I complain too much about the new episodes so let me just say I’m super happy Mateo isn’t traumatized by what happened earlier in his life. 

I’m so here for Ro and Xo! Just please don’t have them break up again @jtv writers I’m begging you.

Lastly, I’m so glad Petra and Jane are trying to resolve their mom competitiveness and realized that it stems from their own insecurities. Their scenes together cleared my skin, watered my crops. I love them so much.

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I agree with you on playing as yourself. For me DAO's dwarven commoner origin meant a lot and made me believe in myself as I played as myself - girl with alcoholic parents from a place people see as a ghetto, and still doing great against all odds.

Anon, this is so beautiful. For the record, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with OCs - I have many myself, and I love them to bits - but there’s a special kind of power in experiencing these stories as yourself. It can be beautiful and meaningful and I really believe it should be honoured and respected.

For my part, I know you haven’t said much but I found your message to be so powerful, and I’m so glad you decided to share this brief snapshot of your life with us. I hope that playing the Warden as yourself gave you some peace of mind. I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, and thank you so much for adding your unique perspective to the dialogue.

Sending my love your way.