so glad this is done this was hard

for real though: if someone’s whole thing is “I’m going to be as offensive as possible,” whether for ostensible comedic value or as some sort of commentary on the state of our culture, then they should be proud when they lose book deals. they should celebrate when they’re fired or forced to resign. you did it, friend! you were so offensive people did something instead of just talking about it!

especially if they’re trying to make a point about how society is too sensitive. that’s grade-A proof, right there. don’t you feel vindicated? aren’t you glad you can say “I told you so”?

not that it’s actually hard to be that offensive. it’s childishly simple. the hard part is probably convincing yourself that it needs to be done, because it so clearly doesn’t, and that you’re the one who needs to do it, which you’re not because nobody is.

but like… congratulations on achieving exactly what you set out to do. what, you’re not happy now? what more do you want?

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I don't want to post off and on due to privacy reasons but I used to identify as otherkin due to delusions because I have a hard time separating reality from fiction and what I'm making up and what's real but this blog really kind of brought me to my senses a while ago. at first I was angry but then I started realizing that they were delusions and I got some real help. So I just want to say thank you for all that you've done for me

Glad you were able to help yourself mate. Good luck to ya! ✌🏻


From one era to the next astro has blessed us all. Today is astros 1 year anniversary and I’m already super emotional but I just wanted to make a post about how far they’ve come. I’m so proud of everything they have done is just one year. They’ve had a mini album for each season which means four in one year which is pretty amazing! Every single one of them has grown from hard work and practice everyday. They have touched the hearts of so many people around the world and aroha has grown so much. I’m extremely proud to call myself an aroha and glad we can show our love to astro. In return they show the most love to their fans that I have ever seen a group give. This year was astros year and they made it incredible. This next one is going to be even better because we will keep supporting them as they grow and become bigger idols. I love you astro! Happy first year!

i would like to give the world’s biggest shoutout to rebs @quietlyprim for everything xe’s done for all of us, for sharing xer love and enthusiasm with us in such a huge way, and for being an amazing friend and a great person. thank you for helping make this community what it has become and for all the hard work you’ve done and for making the world a better place. im so glad to know you. if anyone deserved this, you did

Yoonmin is so special to me Bc yoongi is so quiet and he’s sad and he struggles and works really really hard, and Jimin also struggles and works really really hard, but yoongi supports the hell out of Jimin because he knows Jimin is so sweet and pure and he can’t help but to love him and feel the need to take care of him because he’s absolutely an angel. And Jimin gives yoongi the perfect place to share his admiration for hard work because he’s not content with himself yet but he is with Jimin and all he has done. And he gives yoongi a place to feel fine and happy and be able to love in a really really pure and wholesome way. Jimin is so good for yoongi and yoongi is so good for Jimin. Because even if yoongi teases him or doesn’t always prove his affection in conventional ways, Jimin knows what he really means. I’m so glad they have each other. They understand each other a lot more than we think.

@kidgeweek - Day 7 - Holiday

Can’t have a Christmas party without a little teasing and murder romance. <3


Lance totally ships it is a bastard. (i love him so much)

This one gave me such a hard time for some weird reason lol. so glad to get this one done lol

done in Photoshop and SAI

Hey tumblr.

I’m a chronically ill lesbian woman trying to make my way in the world. I can’t really hold down a 9 to 5 job, but what I can do is write and edit. It’s incredibly hard to break into the freelance writing and editing business, so if anyone needs work done I would be really glad to work with you (for a very reasonable sum).

Things I have experience in are:
Writing entertainment articles
Writing retro videogame reviews
Editing business documents
Editing fiction
Editing websites

If you need your ebook looked over before you’re ready to publish, or to have another pair of eyes on a business document, or if you need someone to write pretty much anything that isn’t extremely technical, I’m your girl.

Please reblog this so I can get this seen. I’m trying to take some of the pressure for paying for my medical care off of my parents, who are lovely but can only do so much (and I am an adult).

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I am a brand new witch, just trying to start practicing witchcraft. I am super interested in crystals, I've been researching tons and I tried meditating tonight. I had such a hard time visualizing and then i couldn't breath and my heart was beating too fast. I am so scared that I will not be able to practice witchcraft, since I am having such a rough start. I don't feel connected yet and I don't know what to start with. Any tips on what I should do to feel more comfortable in witchcraft?

hey anon! first off, welcome to the world of witchcraft. 

i’m glad you’ve done tons of research! that’s the best place to start. what i want you to do is take things one step at a time. don’t get so overwhelmed with witch ideals that you stress yourself out. your craft should never be stressful. if something stresses you out, take a step back and try again later.


rather than trying to combine meditation and visualization, focus on just one or the other for now. when you meditate, you can feel your entire body, from your head to your toes while relaxing all your muscles. you could also place some crystals in front of you and focus on them with your eyes closed, only feeling their energy. let it circulate through you. experiment with things you feel and sense… its all about what you enjoy personally and what you can feel. don’t overthink it, instead just relax and see what happens when you let energy flow with no worries. its hard to not overthink sometimes in a very still room.. if you need to play music or some white noise (like rain sounds for instance), feel free to do so. your meditation does not have to be the same as everyone else’s. sometimes it is hard to get the hang of it, and that is a-okay! personally when i meditate, i close my eyes and focus on my breathing. i do so until my body fades away. it took a lot of practice to learn how to not overthink or jolt myself out of relaxation, but if i can do it, you can do it too.


when it comes to visualization, don’t feel like you have to dive in. start with the small things. take a walk outside and notice the colors of the trees, the wind, the temperature on your skin, the sounds around you, notice all the little things and appreciate these small details. heightening your senses is important to visualization, and i often tie this exercise into grounding. i remind myself, hey! you’re here on this earth, look at the things around you. it is all beautiful and alive and so are you. 

an exercise is to visualize eating something preferably with a strong taste and aroma. a lemon for example. close your eyes and visualize holding a lemon. (you may want to do this exercise when nobody is watching or you may look strange!) feel its weight in your mind. admire its color. take as much time as you need to do so. don’t stress yourself out, if you cannot focus, you may be distracted or simply not in the right state of mind or place to visualize and that okay! simply try again later. now take that lemon and bring it up to your nose and smell it. it smells citrus-y right? taste the lemon. imagine its sour taste on your tongue. now hold your hand out again and look at the lemon. imagine it turning into a source of energy. lemons are bright, strong tasting yellow fruits so imagine a very strong and bright energy floating in your hand. feel its energy as long as you like. change it until it feels right. eventually absorb it and let it flow through you, energizing you. use exercises like this to strengthen your imagination and thus your mental strength. you can do it, i promise you. it just may take a little more practice than you thought and that’s okay. 

on another note

you can absolutely practice witchcraft. as long as you say you are a witch, you are a witch. keep researching, and let witchcraft come to you. i believe that anybody can be a witch, but that certain people are more so called to this lifestyle than others. we have both been called to this wonderful life, and now it is your mission to be a witch. take your time. take it slow. begin collecting crystals and discovering their energies. don’t rush. take this time to learn as much as possible. find happiness in witchcraft and don’t compare yourself to other witches. you are your own witch and this is your story. 

a reminder that if you have any sort of anxiety or other stress related mental illnesses that medicating is a wonderful way to help, and if you are medicated that meditation can be a wonderful addition to helping relieve stress. stay healthy love!

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I don't really have anyone to talk about this too, but Mchanzo is like therapy for me. I'm a gay Japanese-American man and I spent a lot of time growing up in southern America (NC, SC, AL, GA). English is my second language, and my first crushes were all with good ol country boys, like backwoods pickup trucks fishin and drinking sweet tea. I also have had issues with my own masculinity, so seeing Hanzo being portrayed as powerful and with Mccree, its like I can live vicariously through them.

I told myself I was done answering asks for the night, but I’ll make an exception for you. I can’t say I know your struggle, but I’m so glad you’ve found happiness through McHanzo and everything it stands for. Adjusting can be hard, but it’s always amazing to have role models we can look up to and see ourselves through. Just remember that you yourself are special and important, and that you’re just as strong as Hanzo in your own way! And you deserve to be happy and find your own Jesse McCree someday too ❤

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Oh my god I'm in TEARS at Resurrection! 😭 That broke my heart, but in a good way I suppose - I'm so glad Teddy got to finally meet his parents and see them together (even if it didn't last long). The acting was amazing, well done! 😭👏

(( OOC: I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Everyone worked really hard on it and it paid off, I’m very proud of my lil Lupin fam. ))


i wasn’t sure if you meant farewell adrian or stolen adrian so i did both because she’s wonderful and double the adrian is double the fun

I’m finally done!! I think shading and his hair was the hardest part but here he is! My favorite character in all of Nanbaka: Squad 5′s Supervisor Samon Gokuu!

I’m really happy with how this turned out actually so I’m glad I finished it (after watching @sugar–trash art stream). She gave me the motivation to finally finish this piece! I probably am going to clean it up a bit further tbh but for now I’m done!

edit: forgot to post this one thing!

Reblogging is okay but I worked hard on this so please don’t just repost it on like twitter or something…thanks!


Day 1: Red/Blue

Bless Voltron and bless Klance week. 

I’ve been determined to make this video for an eternity and thanks to Klance week here I am- I can’t remember the last time i enjoyed myself while editing- but making this was so great

So yeah, long story short, I love Halsey, I love Klance, and thank you for Klance week. 

Sources + More Info in the description of the video

Thank you!

(Here’s the YouTube link bc I was dumb and forgot to pitch the song last night ^^’ )

((Just finished finals woot! Submitted my dissertation. Done and dusted. For those of you still having finals or working real hard, have this comic. I sure could’ve used someone like Luna while I was burning the midnight oil. For those of you who have finished finals or don’t even have finals, congrats! You’re free!! Expect more updates to come ^^))


One of my favourite pair and their birthdays are really close what a coincidence

-yep Mikuni’s birthday is the 1rst October and Jeje the 2nd so I celebrate their birthday together-

ahaha @incorrectservamp might think it’s christmas lol

2 quotes fanart in a day, so unusual

(oh and btw thank you for always reblogging and saying such nice things about my art everytime :’) that flatters me so much)

But I was preparing this one for a long time. IT WAS SO LONG AND HARD TO DO QAQ But I’m glad I finished it before their birthday I was scared that I may not have the time but here it is. I’m pretty proud of it actually ;u; I worked so hard on it yay~

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I think one of the main reasons i'm so glad we're getting episodes like Lily Sunder, showcasing some really good emotional moments and actual talking, is because Cas as an angel tends to have a hard time finding an in between with Dean and others? Like, if they have a fight, it used to be Cas thought Dean was done with him, Dean didn't like him or want him around, etc. He didn't grasp the concept of "sometimes people who love each other fight." So i'm SO glad healthy dialogue is happening!!

Oh, same. Remember Cas has learned like 90% of what he knows about Being A Human from Dean, and Dean’s got a long history of bottling stuff up to a painful degree.

I mean, he’s the king of shove it down, drown it in whiskey, and punching his way through.

Dean’s also really good at internalizing his problems and believing that the best way to solve them is on his own. Not involving his loved ones. I mean, this is how he ended up with the Mark of Cain in the first place, so we KNOW that’s a terrible way to handle things…

But yeah, I’m THRILLED that Sam, Dean and Cas are ALL talking more openly, expressing their feelings with words, expressing their concern AS concern for each other, and not just anger. And I’m THRILLED that they’re not just assuming that everyone else already understands how they feel.

I mean, for Dean I think this is just a side effect of who he is. He’s naturally empathetic. He’s really good at getting a read on other people’s feelings. He’s also really bad at concealing his OWN feelings, which is one of the reasons he tends to hole up, storm off, lock himself in his room, drive away, etc… it’s a self-preservation technique, because he probably expects other people can read him as well as he reads others… and Sam just… doesn’t. He doesn’t pick up on stuff the same way that Dean does.

Tell Sam you’ve got a problem, tell him what the problem is, and you’ll have the strongest ally, the most sympathetic and supportive person at your back, but Dean doesn’t tell him stuff. He assumes Sam just knows.

So that miscommunication goes both ways. Then you throw Cas into the mix, and he’s getting two different things from Dean and Sam. He’s stuck in the middle, trying to figure out how humanity works, trying to figure out where he fits in, and he really could use a road map. And someone to sit him down like that, hand him a beer, maybe wrap him in a blanket occasionally, and tell him he’s important and loved and welcome and that his life is just as valuable and necessary as Sam’s or Dean’s or Mary’s.

And I think he’s beginning to realize it. If 12.10 didn’t drive the point home (because hey, when does one nice thing EVER fully drive the point home on Supernatural?), then whatever happens in 12.12 is going to push the message a little more firmly at him. :)

I have spent the better part of the past 2-ish weeks working on this, and omgosh I’m so glad to see it done! \\ ٩( ᐛ )و //  
The idea here was to try and design kimono ensembles for each gal basing them on their main outfits/colors and taking my interpretation of their personalities into account. I’m not sure that I actually ‘nailed it’ with these designs, but I had a lot of fun! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
every time Emma and Regina say each other's names
(at least ALMOST every time) I made it longer than you want to know Once Upon a Time, seasons 1-4 (If I had added season 5 there'd been way more Emmas. trust...

I hope you like this, I made it with love + blood sweat and tears

I seriously started this almost a year ago

what the hell

I wish I could’ve added season 5 (and 6 lol) because there would’ve been sooo much more “Emma”s…. but I don’t have them and besides, at the time I started this s5 hasn’t come out yet. (!!!)

I’m just glad that it’s done.

p.s. You have no idea how hard it was to pick the “Regina”s, Jmo doesn’t always pronounce it very clearly….