so glad the show is over

This is Disney Channel’s biggest mistake yet. That company is so unbelievably scared of showing this generation the TRUTH about the world that they are willing to give up one of their most successful programs of all time. Girl Meets World taught REAL lessons. Taught lessons about divorce and loss of a parent. Taught lessons about mental disorders. Taught lessons about violence, about war, about discrimination, about feminism, equality, it taught lessons that all of these other bullshit shows NEVER touch on. It’s unbelievably frustrating. This generation deserves the love that Girl Meets World has to give and I am so heartbroken to hear that it is over. 

I am glad that Sabrina and Rowan along with the rest of the cast can move on to bigger opportunities and I know they will all do beautiful things, I just wish this could have lasted.

Chastity, you asked for it.

My own fault, sent the key to an ex-girlfriend, who am still good friends with. She called me up, thanked me for the card and asked what the key was for as I had asked her to call me when it arrived and to hold onto it for a few weeks. I said I didn’t want to tell her over the phone but could I come down an show her. She said I have to tell her first, so I said a chastity device. She asked if it was on, I said no I was waiting to confirm she had the key. She said I should have asked first and she was going to throw both keys away. I was glad that I hadn’t put it on but sad with her response. About a month later she called me up, said she still had the keys safe and asked if I still had the device and could she see it. I drove the 3 hours to her place and showed her the device. It’s a metal belt device with a anal ring and a solid cock sheath sticking out and down at the front and a cross at the end. She picked it up and turned it over a few times in her hands. She then said you are willing to wear this if I say I will be your, your keyholder as you described it? Yes I said. Let me get this straight, I don’t have to do anything apart from not giving you the keys back and that means you can’t get hard, cum or even touch yourself unless I say so? Yes I said again. Fine do you have the padlock with you? I showed it to her and she said lock it and hand it to me. I did and told me to wait. She then went to her room and 2 minutes later came back with the open padlock. Now you can see I have the keys so now I want to see this chastity device on you. I started to strip and she kept asking if I was sure about this and did she need to do anything. I kept assuring her it was fine and no she did not have to do a thing. Once naked she turned to me and said do I want to do anything before it goes away. My heart was racing and my mind went blank, I just said I need to get it on quick before I get to hard or change my mind. I put the belt around my waist and she passed the underside between my legs to me. Within a few seconds my cock was in the tube and my balls were through the hole just below. I could feel my cock start to harden as I put the left side over the tab for the padlock. I then pulled the right side over and slid it over the tab. While holding it she slipped the padlock through the hole, sat back and said are you sure you want this. Let me look this over. She then pulled, turned me around and bent me over and said so this is where you poop and you have to sit to pee, right? Yes. Ok I will ask you one last time if this is what you want? Yes this what I want, I said. Right, she said, stand in front of me, hands behind your back, last chance… before I could open my mouth she snapped the lock shut. Got you, she smiled, and I get to say when you get out as you forgot to ask. You see I have been reading up online about this and the best way is to get them locked before a time limit can be set, then it becomes the keyholder’s decision, you might regret this before long. She then grabbed my balls and said these are mine also and I expect then to get real full, and she gave them a firm squeeze. I let out a sharp breath. She let go and said get dressed we can go for a meal and a movie, your treat to me. Everything was fine until it was time for me to leave. Work the next day and a 3 hour drive home. As we kissed goodbye she placed her hand on the device, all mine she said, I like that idea. She then placed a sealed envelope in my pocket. Be sure to call me when you get back, but I know you will. The drive home was fine but I needed to go to the toilet as soon as I walked in. Then it sunk in, sitting to pee, every time. I cleaned myself up and called her to say I was home. She then showed how into this she was by saying stay on the phone as I bring myself off. An hour later she had finished and had told me to call her tomorrow. There I was in chastity, with a woman over 3 hours away with the only keys, but then I remembered there was a third key I had held back in an emergency. It was in ice in my freezer, so would defrost in about 2 hours and the I could masturbate myself to sleep. The time seemed to take for ever but I got the key. Time for release, I put the key in but it would not turn. I tried over and over again still it would not turn. I then remembered the envelope she had given me. I opened it and 2 keys were inside with a card saying, I am returning your keys and as you should have found out they don’t fit your padlock. I checked online and I found out that type is issued with 3 keys, so I purchased my own so I have all 3 to the one you are wearing. Let this be your first lesson, do not try me. I want to do this for you and you will follow my rules. The first rule is from now on no male underwear ever. You might have to buy pads to help with the leaks. Now call me and say thank you for being such a great keyholder.
My face dropped, this is it, for real. All I can say is be careful what you wish for.

Let’s chat: Raphael & Magnus, regarding Camille.

I see a lot of people talking about how great it is that Magnus finally stood up to Camille, one of his abusers, and put her in her place. I too, am so so so glad for that. It’s very difficult to stand up to someone who manipulates you for long periods of time. I’m proud of Magnus Bane. But I am also so proud of Raphael. His desperation was a life or death situation, yet not once did he treat Magnus with disrespect or demanding. He completely and totally understood that what he was asking for was a very hard and complicated request. He didn’t pressure Magnus to choose him over Camille. He didn’t give him an ultimatum. He stressed that he would die, but he didn’t show entitlement over Magnus’ help. This is so important, because it shows how healthy and deep their relationship is with one another. Raphael’s respect for Magnus as a person, for everything he’s done for him, is finely showcased in his neglect to use any force in getting him to give Camille up to The Clave. He trusted him to make the right choice, while not pushing him to do it. For that reason, Magnus was able to make the decision on his own. He did it for Raphael and himself. He saved both of them.

Can we just talk about how every time even moved isak woke up.

He cares about him so much my heart is so full of love for them both wow.

Some thoughts after episode 7

-a legitimate, realistic, healthy gay romantic relationship is on screen in a show that is not yaoi/BL/shounen ai

-while the incoming US government threatens to institute explicitly anti-LGBT legislation I feel like this ray of hope will get me through however long the fuckwad is in office

-for once queer people didn’t get fucked over and I am so fucking ecstatic

-this show is so personal to me in a way that really doesn’t compare to other shows, and I’m so glad that the creators chose to portray a queer romance positively yet nuanced and believable

-I recommended this show to my mom gushing about how much this show means to me and she’s going to watch and I’m so thankful that my mother is so accepting supportive of me and my gay ass

-honestly what a wonderful time to be alive

Do you realize how important this scene is?
It’s basically saying that Naruto’s loneliness is Sasuke’s as well. The swing always represented Naruto being alone, sitting there and growing up by himself. And it’s Sasuke who comes up to him, standing next to him, staying by his side. Showing that he will share his pain, that he is there for him even though he doesn’t admit it and it doesn’t even need words because this gesture is enough. I’ve always wanted to have a scene like this because it has such an important meaning. It might not be done by Kishi, but I am so glad the studio put that in. Because if you compare these pictures, the second one doesn’t look all that lonely anymore. Sasuke is watching over him. 

this premiere was bellarke af with no chill aND I AM LIVING

Hhhhhhhhhfff?? Whaa???

It’s crazy to think there’s now 500 of you (and no porn bots! I checked!) following the Adventure Lizard™ on her stumblings through Eorzea. Or you’re here for the screenshots, art, and lore bits. Regardless of why you’re here, my feelings are the same;

How the fu—

I mean, Thank you!! ;u; ♥

I’ve been in the XIV community for just over a year now. I have made so many new friends, many of whom have shared adventures with me or been a part of my antics. You’ve endeared yourselves to me, and I’m so glad you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy running it! So, to show my thanks, I’m doing my first-ever giveaway.

== Rules and screenshot requirements below the cut! ==

The prizes:

1st Pick:
Your choice of ONE of the following: the Fat Moogle Mount, the Bennu mount, or the Sleipnir mount from Mog Station
OR your choice of TWO of the glamour sets on the Mog Station from the following: the Far Eastern Matriarch/Patriarch set, the Far Eastern Garb set, Y’shtola/Thancred’s Modish set, and/or Lightning/Snow’s Attire
OR any THREE minions on the Mog Station
OR 10 pots of your choice of THREE dye colors on the Mog Station
AND a waist-up screenshot edit.

2nd Pick:
Your choice of ONE of the following: Far Eastern Matriarch/Patriarch set, the Far Eastern Garb set, Y’shtola/Thancred’s Modish set, or Lightning/Snow’s Attire  
OR any TWO minions on the Mog Station
OR 10 pots of your choice of TWO dye colors on the Mog Station
AND a waist-up screenshot edit.

3rd Pick:
Your choice of TWO items from the Mog Station Seasonal Attire (Valentoine’s / Witch / swimwear / yukatas / All Saint’s / Starlight)
OR any ONE minion of your choice on the Mog Station
OR 10 pots of ONE dye color on the Mog Station
AND a waist-up screenshot edit.

Good luck!!

== Rules and screenshot requirements below the cut! ==

All three winners’ prizes will include an edited screenshot, regardless of the Mog Station choices. Check out my edit tag [HERE] to see some of my past edits.

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I want to shout a big fat thank you to all our norwegian friends in the Skam fandom.
I love you for all the work you do to translate so quickly not only the clips but also all the texts. I’m very glad to be able to follow season 3 in real time because living the story at the same time with Isak makes everything much more real, and I have to thank you for make this possible.
I watched all the seasons over and over, it’s incredible how deeply you fall in love with this show.
I cried with Eva. I was scared with Noora. I felt the same loneliness of Isak.
I laughed with them and with Chris, Sana and Vilda, and with Jonas, Magnus, Mahdi.
I loved Jonas and William and Even.
They broke my heart too.
This is all thanks to you people who translated the episodes.
I’d love to read all the texts from season 1 and 2 because I feel like I’m missing a huge part of the story. I’d like to know better Eva and Noora and the girls.
Sadly, google translate isn’t very helpfull.
I’d like to ask a favour to you guys who talks Norwegian: someone could please translate those texts?
You’d instantly became my favorite person ever.

mom: i’m so glad you’re not into weird japanese cartoons and those diabolic things


Today marks exactly one year since I started this blog and wow dang how time flies!! To celebrate, I did a redraw of the very first drawing I posted!

Creating this blog was a big deal for me. I spent over two years previously being so ashamed of my skill level I didn’t show anyone anything I made. So I was BEYOND nervous about putting my work out there, but I’m so glad I got over myself and did it. I’ve progressed so much, met so many amazing people, and the TF fandom has been wonderful to get into!

So thanks to everyone for all the support and kind comments this past year! It’s helped me more than you can imagine!

Seriously though, I am so glad Jemma mentioned how Fitz has remained loyal, trusting, and caring despite all the crap he’s gone through. I was so scared that the writers were just gonna gloss over this trend of people abandoning him, but I am happy they actually took the time this episode to focus on this side of Fitz. I am surprised that he was so quick to be “over” hearing what his father said, but I guess that was there to show the impact of what Jemma said to him. Which btw, was an A+ conversation that we need more of.

This show means a lot to a lot of people. 
I love it, I adore it and I’m so glad and thankful it exists. 

I first heard of Woy through a top 10 about the best modern cartoons like, 1 year ago or something. I decided to give it a try and watch the first episode… I closed it two minutes after it began. I got BORED because I thought I knew what was going to happen in the rest of the episode. I never even thought about it for one year.
But then I heard about it again, from this new amazing person that came into my life. She said she loved it and told me about it’s qualities and recommended that I give it another chance. So I re-watched the first episode and boy was I suprised to see that actually enjoyed it. 

I can’t thank my friend enough for this, because this show has quickly become one of my favourites of all time. It’s a show I never get tired of, I could watch it times and times again without getting sick of it. Because this show makes me feel good. It’s just a good show that wants you to feel good. 

The animation in this show is eye-candy, it’s smooth and simple yet so complicated; for an animation fan, it’s a treasure. The designs are so imaginative and YET AGAIN so simple it’s perfect. The colors are A TREAT, I’m always amazed by the wonderful background they have to do for every episode it’s crazy !

Really, I can’t find anything I don’t like about Wander Over Yonder, I could talk about this show for days about it’s characters, animation and themes ! 

Dear Woy crew, I wish you all the luck for tonight and the future of this wonderful show. 


i’m so happy this show exists you guys

i’m so happy it’s hysterically funny and landed a much needed zinger on trump and that i ship the devil so hard with a little blonde police detective and that they had so much fun with the “it’s not what it looks like but oh man chloe is jealous” trope all episode and dan channeling the fury of his purloined pudding into azrael’s blade

and then it turns around and hits you with feelings over lucifer trying to help dan and lucifer defending the woman who killed the man who raped her and lucifer not wanting to go back to heaven because his home is here

i’m so glad this show exists and is so warm and tender and funny and poignant and thoughtful and cheeky and irreverent and wise

i’m so glad it made me smile and laugh and flail and keysmash and be excited about things for the first time after an absolutely terrible week.

i’m just. you know. i have something in my eye.


It makes me so sad to think that nobody has ever asked Yurio to be their friend.

I’ve seen posts about the rings and banquet (I’m still not over either of those) but I’ve haven’t seen anyone highlight this important scene.

Whether you consider it important is your own decision but can you imagine how lonely Yurio was as a child. He had to independently seek out friends or just not make any. This could explain why Yurio is so attached to his Grandfather (Where are Yurio’s parents though?) and why he comes across as cold and mean to others.

I’m so glad that Otabek is in this show because he’s probably going to make Yurio very happy. Yurio might be letting his guard down more and becoming more supportive of Yuri and Victor.

Introducing Otabek into this show is going to create character development for Yurio. I really want to see some more character development for Yurio and I know others do. Stop hiding, I see right through you.

Yurio is already a complex character and I want to see how Otabek will affect him.