so glad she's singing this again


Okay so I just wanted to tell you guys something creepy me and my brother experienced about 10 years ago.

It was Halloween and we were visiting our dad in Ireland (as we did every year), we live in Belgium so we thought it was cool to write our own song in Flemish and sing it for the Irish people. As we were trick or treating our dad was following us with the car to make sure we were safe.
There was one door where we rang the bell and an old lady opened it, she was sooo moved by our song that she asked to sing it again. She asked us where we came from and said she was very glad kids still made an effort for halloween.

When we got back in the car my dad said he had taken a picture of us at that one particular door because it was taking so long (I guess he got kinda bored?). When he showed us the picture we noticed this strange girl/boy figure just outside the door but there was only 3 of us there??? I still don’t know what it is …


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50, for the fic questions thing: what tropes do you like best about the Kala/Wolfgang ship? I'm in mourning over Sense8 and want to write some stuff for them.

SAME FRIEND IN MOURNING SO HARD. Although I’m firmly in the first stage of grief for these two aka PURE DENIAL so I while haven’t hit the point of despair yet, it’s clearly creeping up on me.

Some of my favorite aspects of the Kala/Wolfgang ship are:

  1. The gravitational pull. I’m not a big fan of ‘love at first sight’…except when it comes to these two. They just can’t escape each other. It’s pure magnetism, and it’s hard to look away from.
  2. They’re only truly themselves around each other. One super telling moment is when Kala laments why Wolfgang isn’t asking for help?!?! and the other sensates are all like….well, it’s Wolfgang. And while Kala registers that, she also can’t quite wrap her mind around it. Because while he hasn’t explicitly asked for her help, he always shows up to her when he’s in trouble. She’s seen this piece of him—a softer, more vulnerable piece—than any of the others have.
  3. They complement each other. I love that they come from completely different backgrounds (geographically, economically, professionally) but are always able to (effortlessly, it seems) meet in the middle. The “you have something beautiful in you, as I have something wicked in me” conversation really encapsulates this.
  4. Wolfgang really just wants her to be happy. He’s so in love with her, but he literally won’t tell her that until she forces him to, because he thinks she deserves better. When he suggests that she might have been glad if something happened to him, because it would make her life easier? My heart. She is, as he says, basically all he thinks about, but no one would never know it because he keeps it so close to his chest.
  5. He’s softer around her, she’s sharper around him. Wolfgang’s out there with a rocket launcher in the back of his car and then he’s literally making heart eyes at Kala singing karaoke. Meanwhile, Kala’s in her gorgeous flower dresses, casually blowing things, a skill Wolfgang wholeheartedly appreciates. It’s the best.

…I shouldn’t have made this list I’m GETTING UPSET ALL OVER AGAIN. I just love them.

Don’t Mess With The BatFam


(A/N This song was on the radio this morning and this is what happened…)


  • Some villain disses Dick/Nightwing
  • Dick begins dancing, stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap. At this point its just him and the villain on some random roof
  • The villain looks around confused
  • Steph and Tim grapple over from an adjacent roof, and begin dancing as well
  • Dick begins singing “Buddy you’re a boy make big noise”
  • Jason climbs out of a air conditioning duct “You mud on your face you big disgrace” 
  • Slowly the villain is being surrounded by the batfam, and is becoming more and more regretful of his decision to diss Nightwing
  • The chorus comes around and the four of them sing together
  • Damian and Cass show up, they just being the stop stop clap
  • Jason and Dick sing “Shouting in the street gonna taker on the world some day”
  • The chorus comes again and the villain is now thoroughly surrounded by the Batfam
  • They all sing the chorus together, scarily in sync
  • Bruce Finally shows up during the line “Somebody better put you back into your place”
  • Bruce stands there, face palming and shaking his head, but glad his children are finally getting along, even if its is through something so weird
  • The song ends and Dick punches the villain, knocking them out
  • Alfred and Babs were listening through the comms throughout the entire thing 
  • Alfred smiling
  • Babs laughing so hard she has to turn her comms off and move away from the computer 
  • They have used this on other villains, and even some league members

In case you don’t know the song it is We Will Rock You”


fandom: sistar
member/reader: bora, female
genre/warning(s): smut, best friend’s sibling au
length: 2K+
summary: [request] in which “you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“ au 

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The Long Way Home (5/10)

I’m so excited to finally get to release this chapter! It contains a few of my favorite scenes, a couple of which you got to preview in the snippets. Be sure to check out the gorgeous art by @waiting-for-autumn that accompanies this installment. I hope you enjoy! Thanks to you all for your continued support. Your comments give me life!

As always, thanks to my beta, @captainstudmuffin, and to @lifeinahole27, @clockadile, and @ladyciaramiggles for their additional feedback.  Additional thanks to my wonderful CSBB artists, @waiting-for-autumn and @giraffes-ride-swordfishes for providing some gorgeous artwork to accompany this fic!  Links to their illustrations of certain scenes (*) will be in the text - go show them some love!

Find it on AO3.  Nautical term glossary here.

Missed a chapter?  Get caught up here.

Summary:  After an unnaturally long life fraught with personal tragedy, Killian Jones has become known throughout the realms as the infamous Captain Hook, an opportunistic ne’er-do-well and one of the most formidable pirates to ride the waves.  When he crosses paths with a mysterious young woman with no memory of who she is or how she arrived there, he recognizes the chance to claim a monetary reward that will constitute his biggest score yet.  But a journey across the world to get her home leads to a series of adventures that reveal that her value lies in far more than gold and jewels.  A Captain Swan Anastasia AU - sort of.  (Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance, Adventure, & Eventual Smut.  Rated E.)

Warning: Brief but graphic depictions of violence, peripheral character death, and smut.

The morning air is warm and balmy, but the breeze that greets Swan as she emerges above deck is still a great relief from the stifling heat of the space below.  It’s just over two weeks into their journey, and they’ve crossed into the tropics – the hottest part of the oceans – with the weather growing steadily less comfortable with each passing day.  The crew has taken to seeking shade whenever possible, and today she’s elected to join most of them in going barefoot, her jerkin and gloves also left behind in her berth and her shirttail fluttering loose.  

“’Morning, milady,” Smee calls from above.

She shields her eyes and cranes her head upward to see the bare-headed first mate climbing down the standing rigging. “’Morning, Mr. Smee.”

“It’s going to be a hot one,” he comments, jumping down.  He pulls out his red cap and mops his brow with it before tucking it back into his belt.

Swan rolls up her shirt sleeves, squinting at the eight o’clock sun and leaning her back against the side of the ship.  “Yeah. Is this typical?”

“It’s been a while since we’ve been in this part of the world at this time of the year,” Smee admits, sidestepping a passing crewman to stand next to her.  He leans on the gunwhale and looks out over the azure landscape.  “But this is warmer than I remember.  The men are talking about sleeping on deck tonight.  It’s getting too thick down below.”

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Won’t Be Another You (Part 2)

Simon Dominic/ Jung Kiseok x Reader 

Genre: Angst  

Part: 1 | 3 | 4 | 5   [Masterlist]

You arrived at the airport of Seoul, your friend would pick you up and when you saw her you walked over to her and she gave a you a hug “welcome back.” she said with a big grin on her face

“Thanks” you gave her a big smile and you both walked with your luggage to her car “How was it to be back home?”

“It was good, but I’m glad I’m back here again”

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The EXO’rDium 170402

so i finally know what it feels like to be one of them, one of those EXO-L’s that can be with them and share a lot of precious and unforgettable moments.. like it’s 5:31 in the morning and i’m still not able to sleep. i’m tired but i’m still super hyped up :3

buying the global package for that concert was actually the best decision i’ve ever made, and i would recommend it to everyone. the price may be ASDFGHJKL but everything is so worth it!

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Deep down in the lush green woods,
Where the streams flow free,
The heart rejoices with happiness and glee,
Where the birds sing glad songs of praise,
And youthful hearts there find their way,
There lives a mystical woman,
Who believes in omen,
She sits in her rocking chair,
Her wrinkled face so fair,
She picks fruits and berries,
She loves eating cherries,
Watching sunset and drinking sherry,
She spends her last days in serenity,
Reminiscing about her youth days,
To bare her soul,
To awaken once again, she waits…

-Pratibha Badgal

ok um here’s some stuff i remember from my show and sorry if i mention stuff she’s said at other shows because i haven’t been keeping up with the stuff from this leg of the tour lol

stop draggin’ my heart around: she phrased it as tom “benevolently” giving her the song and i was like woah, there’s the ten dollar word of the day, lol

belle fleur: she mentioned that “sunset sound” was a reference to sunset sound the recording studio which i actually didn’t know?

enchanted: she winked at me during this song!! i was in row 6 of the a1 floor section and nobody within a 10 foot radius of me was standing up during the whole song! none of them knew it but of course i was up and looking at stevie singing passionately and during the last “whoa oh, i hope you make it” part, she makes eye contact with me and winks. i wasn’t sure if she was me and so i kinda put my hand on my chest in a goofy, sitcom-esque way and said “me??” (knowing that if it wasn’t me, she wouldn’t respond to my goofy gesture) but she just nodded and smiled at me and went back to singing but oh my god!! stevie winked at me!!

new orleans: before the song, stevie said that this one was about a hurricane “not this one, hurricane katrina, but i can’t write another hurricane song” and she said that “we should all take a minute to think about what we’re gonna do to help these people” and after the song, she was like “we’re lucky that we’re not wet, we’re not being blown off the stage” and encouraged everyone to pick somewhere affected by the hurricanes to send “20 or 30 dollars a week”

moonlight: after this song she mentioned that it was about twilight but also that she felt it was about prince in a way and how horrible it was that he was the one always checking on her during her drug days but he was the one who died from them. i’m not sure if she said this remark after moonlight or stand back but she also said that “i feel like, somewhere out there, he’s still protecting me”

stand back: before the song, she talked about how she first met prince at an industry party in 1982 but she accidentally said “1992, way before he was famous” and probably confused most of the audience. she mentioned that he was shy and she had told him that if he was gonna be in this business that “well, you have to talk”. after the song, she said “this is a new story. see these? [lifts her leg to show the tight leather pants she wears under her dress] i told prince he could use this, and he did” or SOMETHING like that i don’t remember the exact wording but basically just saying that prince wore tight leather pants bc of her influence

crying in the night: stevie insisted that “if there had been a single (to the bn album), this would’ve been the single. i’m not sure if it’s selective memory or if she’s genuinely forgotten that that WAS the single? lol

if you were my love: stevie called this a song that she loved singing and told the audience that “it doesn’t matter if i’m singing for all of you or singing alone, i love to sing. i will always love to sing” and that this song really gave her that feeling

… and that’s all i remember! hopefully there’s SOMETHING useful to you in there haha. so glad that someone got the dragons speech though, bc that almost made me cry <3

Thank you so much for this! I’m watching a live stream of tonight’s show and she was just lifting the dress and showing the pants. Priceless! Thank you again. ♥ Oh, and OMG! I’m so happy she noticed you and winked!!!

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prompt for TLC: Lexi starts to become obsessed with girl groups (fifth harmony, little mix, etc) and Kara and Lena are taken back to when they were obsessed with the back street boys & *NSYNC so they help Lexi decorate her room w posters and surprise her with concert tickets

OMG yesss!! like she listens to the same songs over and over again and Kara and Lena are so tired of hearing about them, but also just glad to see Lexi so excited!!

“If you could take my pulse right now
It would feel just like a sledgehammer
If you could feel my heart beat now”
Kara looked up to find both Alex and Winn staring at her, barely suppressed grins on their faces. It’s then she realizes that she’s been singing the song stuck in her head.

Out loud.

“Don’t. Even. Start.” She wags a finger at Winn and then Alex.

“I didn’t say anything!” Winn is quick to defend himself, hands waving in front of him.

“If you had a teenager obsessed with girl bands, then you would have these songs stuck in your head too! They’re very catchy!”

“Like Winn said,” Alex placates, “We didn’t say anything!”

“You’re lucky Astraid is in their punk rock stage!” She jabs her finger in Alex’s direction one more time before good measure before snapping her cape and gliding out of the room.

She can still hear Winn when he finally speaks.

“She’s right, you know, they are really catchy.”

This is something that’s been bugging me for a couple weeks. I decided to give it a try as a multichaptered fic. I will do my best to try and update weekly or as soon as I possibly can!

Hope you guys enjoy.
PS: Unbeta’d, any mistakes are mine. 

Summary:  “He thinks this is the reason there are books and poems about music, this is the reason music has been around for ages, because of people like her.”
AO3 link

Would it be a sin?

Chapter one

Jughead puts out the cigarette before tossing it onto the trash can because he might be a smoker but he was not a litterer, thank you very much.

Taking his phone from his pocket he checks the time again, not surprised Archie was late. Jughead sighs, longing for his couch and some snacks instead of waiting for his best friend to come check the hundredth musician (If some they’ve seen could even be called that) to be their supporting act on the upcoming tour.

They had seen everything on the list their label had sent them, this was their last stop before they had to make a choice.  Jughead couldn’t wait for this to be over but a part of him was worried about the supporting act being complete trash. They had narrowed it down to three possible options, and they weren’t even that great.

Archie had gotten mad at him for being such a picky little shit as he had so eloquently put it but he simply couldn’t bring himself to pick just one and let it be over. He wanted everything to be perfect, they had worked hard to be where they are now and he would never possibly jeopardize it because of some crappy supporting act.

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Court, about you writing, I don't wanna be annoying BUT could you do something for lyrics and melodies (I guess that's the name, can't remember), 'cause I really loved that one :)

ANONYMOUS SAID: could you do a story based on AM? like this girl is just chillin with Harry and she’s about to leave and he’s like “wait, will you stay with me?” and then they hang out until like 4 in the morning and she ends up falling asleep at his place or something? idk do this if you want and do whatever you want with it it’s just kinda an idea ahaha


I decided to kinda cheat and combine these two requests. I know I’d had a few requests to continue THIS BLURB which I’d ended up titled Lyrics And Melodies. It was one of my favorites (and written from Harry’s POV) and I kept meaning to do a sequel. I thought the AM idea was good and would fit, so here’s what I came up with. Hope you like it. xo

Lyrics And Melodies - Part 2: AM

Help me, I think I’m falling in love again…

I was stood in the back of the bar, just like the first time I watched Julia on the stage, the night we met. After two dates (if you’d call that first night a date), I was still in awe of her. We’d only had one more date since then, but I barely count it. It was a very hurried lunch date because she’d had to get back to work. I hadn’t gotten to hear her sing that time, and sitting in the middle of a busy cafe during lunch hour was not the ideal date. Nonetheless, I’d enjoyed just being with her, but I’ll admit I kicked myself afterwards for not kissing her goodbye.

I was excited when she’d called to tell me she was going to open mic night again, and would love if I came. If. As though anything would have kept me away. This time Niall wasn’t with me. I was only there to meet Julia, and after she played her short set, we were headed back to my place to have drinks there. She was beautiful to watch, her perfect lips mouthing the lyrics into the microphone, her delicate fingers strumming the chords on her guitar.

And we love our loving…but not like we love our freedom…

The crowd cheered and clapped when Julia finished her last song and took a bow. Our eyes met for a split second and she smiled at me before stepping off the stage. The emcee took his place at the mic to announce the next performer, but I kept my eyes on Julia while she walked toward me, stopping a couple times to hug someone or say thanks.

“Hi,” she beamed.

“Hi,” I wiggled my brows. “You were great.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m ready when you are.”

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The Obvious

Seventeenth installment of the Mr. Thrainson, Mr. Oropherion series. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18.)

Based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit

Thranduil x Reader

Warnings: OUCH.

Word count: 3,148

It’s not hard to get a hold of medical records, Y/N, Thorin had said.

You think they don’t know that you use that physical therapist, Y/N? Thorin had said.

They’ll be waiting for you right outside, I just know it, Y/N, Thorin had said.

It took a little convincing to get Thorin to accept that you were going to your appointment come hell or high water, as bent as you were on finally get approval to remove the godawful boot from your foot. He was more than reluctant, perhaps a little downright terrified to let you go; he insisted on sending Fili or Kili with you, but you insisted they were needed at work much more than they were needed as your body guards. You had left the office mid-morning on your first day back in a large pair of sunglasses and a determination to accomplish living your life without giving in to someone else trying to ruin it. Though you still haven’t seen hide nor tail of Smaug in over a week, you refuse to let him or any others that may be watching see you cowering from him. You just wish that Thorin felt the same way.

Despite protective lovers and maniacal enemies, you’ve never felt freer, normal socks and shoes have never felt better. Your stride no longer suffers from the height discrepancy between your uninjured foot and the boot, even if a limp still remains. In all, as you step into the elevator on the way back into the office, you can’t imagine your return going much better.

That is until you look up from your phone.

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Hey, I'm the same anon from the lil bro request and I loved it! Al though I kinda feel bad for them now lol.. so.. The same request, but instead of the little brother being mean, he's really nice and trying to be helpful? :3 Only if you want.

Hey again! I liked your previous request and I’m glad you liked the hc, so I thought I’d do this one too! basicly I’m going to write it as if that first situation never happened, so I hope that’s what you were asking. I hope you like it! :3


-both you and Yoosung were super nervous

-you wanted him to meet your little brother

-but you thought you’d be able to be there the entire time

-instead it turns out Yoosung has to babysit him while you’re gone

-Yoosung was super excited AND nervous though

-he really hoped your brother liked him

-”bye” you say, walking out the door after stalling as much as possible

-”so you’re Yoosung then?” the little 5-year-old asked

-”um yea” Yoosung answered awkwardly

-they both just sort of stood there awkwardly for a second

-”do you want something to eat?” Yoosung asked

-he couldn’t think of anything else to say

-”do you have ice cream!”the kid asked excitedly apparently that was an icebreaker

-”yea!” Yoosung said, glad he had started a conversation

-he scooped them each a bowl and they sat down

-”MC really likes you you know!” your brother says

-”I know” Yoosung replies, grinning like an idiot

-and a conversation breaks out

-they talk about you mostly

-when you come back they’re talking about how they would get rid of possible future love interests

-they didn’t notice you walk in until you said something

-”Yoosung you aren’t going to kidnap anyone, why are you talking about how you would pull it off?”

-you’re glad they’re getting along, but your brother didn’t even want to leave

-”but we were just getting to what we would do if any ex boyfriends came back!”

-you honestly can’t believe Yoosung let a 5-year-old talk about that stuff next time maybe you should just ask a real babysitter


-he’s SUPER nervous to meet your little brother

-what would he even do if the kid didn’t like him?

-when you get there you pretty much have to leave right away

-and Zen is left alone with your brother

-”So, you’re Zen then?” the kid asks

-”uh, y-yea” he stutters

-”MC talks a lot about you. I guess that means you must be super nice!”

-Zen is super relieved that the kid didn’t instantly hate him

-Zen assumed he would be protectiive of MC, but apparently not

-”MC talks about you too” he said in effort to make sure the kid definitely liked him

-your brother grinned

-at first their conversation keeps on like this

-but soon they’re talking about Zen

-when you get home, Zen is singing a song to him

-you just wait off to the side until he finishes

-his voice is so beautiful

-as he sings the last note he turns to look at you

-”oh MC, I was just singing your brother a song”

-your brother does NOT want to go home

-”but I want Zen to sing another song!” you want to hear him sing again but you don’t mention it

-you’re extremely glad they got along well

-but you practically have to drag your brother out the door why was he so attached after just one night with Zen?


-Jaehee, frankly, had better things to do then babysit some kid

-but it was your brother so she reluctantly agreed

-she didn’t really like kids and they didn’t like her

-so she figured she just wouldn’t talk to him much

-but when he got there, he seemed to really like her

-even before you left he was talking freely

-”Wow! You’re Jaehee? You’re really tall!” 

-so you walk out the door knowing those two will be fine

-”Yay! I finally get to meet you!”

-Jaehee really wasn’t expecting a 5-year-old to like her so much

-”Um, yes you too” she replies, not sure what to say to him

-”Yea MC talks a lot about you! Hey I like your glasses!” 

-”Yea they’re nice I guess”

-”I told all my friends at school about you!” he went on

-”Did you now?” Jaehee says, suddenly interested

-”Yea they said its weird that you’re a girl”

-”Oh” she replies, disappointed

-”I told them it wasn’t weird at all though. If you love someone you love them right?”

-”exactly!” she said, suddenly feeling much better

-when you came home, they were just talking at the kitchen table

-”Hey guys” you say, cutting into their conversation

-”Hiya MC! Can we stay a little longer?” your brother says

-”No we have to go” you reply, actually kind of sad because they were getting along so well

-also, you couldn’t remember a time your brother had sat still that long since he could walk

-but you leave with your brother in tow

-”Can we come back tomorrow?” he asks

-”Sure” you say, glad your two favorite people like each other how cheesy


-yea he didn’t want to babysit at all

-but you FINALLY convince him after asking for the 100th time

-”ok fine you win!” he said, admitting defeat

-at first he was just going to have one of his guards watch him

-but he decided to at least greet you at the door

-as soon as you left he started to walk away

-”Hey where are you going?” the kid said, stopping him

-”I have to work” Jumin said, annoyed at the interruption

-”but I came here to meet you!”

-you had forgotten to mention it to Jumin 

-but the only reason he was chosen for the job of babysitting was because you wanted them to meet

-”MC always says you’re really nice and stuff” the kid says

-”and I wanted to know more about you!” he continues

-Jumin sighs and decides his work can wait

-”Okay. What do you want to know?”

-”Um, why are you wearing a suit?” your brother says

-Jumin wasn’t really expecting that to be the first question

-but he answers it, and the kid just asks more questions

-so Jumin just sits there talking to the kid until you come home

-”MC! You’re home already?” he says

-then seeing the clock, looks horrified

-”I didn’t realize it was that late, sorry I must go” he says and walks away

-”Goodbye MC!” he says just as he goes into another room really Jumin?

-your brother seems happy though, so you let it go 

-”I like his suit” your brother says

-”Me too” you reply, not really paying attention to the conversation 

-you secretly plan how to get back at him for that exit he made


-Seven can’t wait to meet your brother!

-he loves kids! Plus it’s your brother so bonus!

-as you walk in the door with your brother, Seven immediately starts talking to him

-”Hey there! I’m Seven, how’s it going?” he asks beaming Seven back off

-any other kid would probably be terrified at a stranger talking to them

-but your outgoing brother just starts a normal conversation!

-”I’m good thanks!” he says

-they don’t even really notice you walk out the door

-they talk for a minute. but Seven gets bored even before your brother

-”Hey wanna play a video game”he suggests, knowing he’ll crush the kid

-”Sure, but I get to pick”

-Seven goes all out, but your brother wins somehow?

-when the game is over, Seven just stares, dumbfounded

-”I went easy on you” he says after a second

-even though your brother doesn’t buy that

-after a few more rounds of Seven losing, he folds

-”Ok ok, I hereby declare you the winner” he says, grandly bowing down

-your brother is rewarded with a bag of honey buddha chips

-when you come back, the place is even messier than when you left

-”Seven, what the…” you start, but you can’t even believe your eyes

-there are chips EVERYWHERE

-did a tornado pass through?

-your brother was having a little TOO much fun

-he didn’t want to leave, but you eventually persuaded him with the promise of ice cream

-”Hey, I want ice cream too!” he whines

-he doesn’t let you leave without promising to bring him back some ice cream too

-sometimes you swear Seven is more of a child than the 5-year-old standing next to you

Yay! It’s done! I hope you liked it lol. feel free to send any more requests you want to see me or Elly do!


I’ll Be Your Nightlight(Lance x Reader Fluff)

(Just a request by this anon on my Lance blog - Mod Shiro)

I’ll Be Your Nightlight (Lance x Reader)

Lance wasn’t exactly getting enough sleep at night, he was probably only getting about 5 or 6 hours of sleep every night and it was affecting his training badly. He would get beaten by the training bot every time and he would fall asleep at the table, making the rest of the team worried about him; the one who was worried the most about him was (Y/n). (Y/n) was Lance’s best friend and she was there when he needed support or comfort. This situation just made her wonder: What is making him stay up so late? Was it nightmares or what?

(Y/n) was walking down the hallway of the Castle of Lions when she saw Lance, walking down the hall towards the kitchen while leaning against the wall. He had bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep he was getting. “Hey, Lance,” she greeted and waved, causing Lance to tiredly wave back and he yawned quietly. The female sighed and rubbed her arm as she walked off, not wanting to bother the other but at the same time she wanted to help him so he could get his proper rest; but one thought was stopping her: ‘What if he pushes you away and what if he doesn’t need your help?’; but this thought wasn’t going to stop her from helping her friend.

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Something About Her

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: 764

-Sam sees a girl singing karaoke and there’s just something about her that draws him in-

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send me an ask. :)

Sam’s Point Of View

           It was the third time I had come to the bar on karaoke night. I never picked up a mic, but I always found a seat and watched as others did. I didn’t pay attention though. Not to everyone getting up and ruining songs. Not until she got on stage.

           She had been there every time I had come. She was beautiful and had the voice any producer would have wanted for their record label. Yet, she sang in a karaoke bar every Friday night while drunks hit on her

           I had yet to talk to her. I had learned her name was Y/N from her introduction onto the stage. The only other thing I knew was that she was amazing.

           I was sitting there as she sang her song. I didn’t recognize it, but I liked it. Probably because she was singing it. But I liked it all the same.

           I was sad when the song ended. I wanted her to put on a full concert. I would buy tickets to hear her sing any day.

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@villian-or-hero || continued

      Lacie had always been someone that was able to make Jack feel… alive. In a beautiful yet strange way. He was still curious on how her mere presence was able to stir emotions inside of him, ones in which he has not felt even as a child. So, upon hearing Lacie’s proposal of singing to him, how could he say no? It was impossible for how obsessed he could be with the crimson eyed women.

         Jack believed it to be impossible for him to ever resist the brunette, at least not anymore of course. He was forever captivated by her and her lovely music.

         “Nothing would make me more happy!”

Always so excited. Always so happy. Lacie could see how much Jack enjoyed spending time together with her. How rejoiced he must have felt when they finally met again after all those years. To think Lacie would once see the boy she met once in the alleys again as she’d never imagined it. But there he was, trying to be with her as much as he could.

What did Jack mean to her? The same question kept reading in her mind over and over again. He wasn’t her family, so should she see him more as a friend…? It just seemed very strange to call anyone that. She never had a friend before, or at least it was her own choice not to befriend anyone, believing it wasn’t worth her time and who would want to be friends who carries two crimson eyes and marked as a child of ill omen?

“You really love my songs, don’t you?” Lacie giggled. “I’m glad. I’m glad someone is willing to listen to them~” These words…She really meant it. Singing was the only was to soothe her fragile heart and to see someone listen to them was truly a gift.