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Outsiders 2x8

Lets’ get the best thing out of the way first.

Hasil in street clothes.

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Now lets talk Sasil.

Again, there is value in cell phones. Hasil…get one.

I liked their argument and I’m going to start defending and then talking out of the other side of my mouth regarding both my loves. 

I said it previous post but Sally Anne needs to find a purpose in her life whether that be through a social group, support group, Job,, whatever. It’s going to drive you crazy sitting at home worrying all day. It doesn’t even look like they got a TV so I’m concerned. She needs something else besides impending motherhood. Hasil is a grown ass man and he can come and go as he pleases even if it’s with his crazy ass family. He was coming home to you ( she didn’t know that) and you gotta start trusting him a little more. I was so proud of her these last two episodes showing him she understands the enormity of the decision he made to move off the mountain. He needs you to do more than keep pestering him about where he been. Maybe it’s cause I had to move cross state due to a pregnancy is why I’m being so harsh with her but I’m not about that woe is me life. And please stop calling his family trash (though you got your reasons) in front of him because that’s rude. You don’t have to like them but he clearly loves them and they are important in his life and she has to accept that at some point. He don’t go out of his way to trash your ass of a brother. I’m glad you got family in Cleveland. 

Now, for the other shoe. Hasil, Sally Anne just expressed to you her insecurity with his commitment to her. You know she is insecure about it so you can’t just keep dodging off without a hoody hoo or nothing. That insecurity probably comes frmo being abandoned by her own daddy. The only experience Sally Anne has with your family is awful. Repeatedly. As much as I love my mountain folk, they ARE criminals so every time Hasil gets involved with them he either risks jail or death and that’s not a good place to put your baby mama in. I mean if you were going up for a visit sure but you busting people out of jail like thats not a serious offense. Yes Lil Foster was innocent but the whole things could have went south and then what? Who would even know to tell Sally Anne you dead?  And I hate when people say you don’t know what I’ve been through but then when you asks its…

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And your crew is sloppy as fuck. Dropping the escape map last eppy?. Burn hat shit fool! 

I’m glad she went to Frida. They need more screentime together. The older woman needs to help her. She’s surely seen enough drama in this town to know it in and out by now. Hell, I will just be happy watching them get into trouble together. Make this happen WGN. I adore Frida so much.

I’m glad Hasi; is still helping his family and protecting them and there for Sally Anne. He’s gotta learn to handle both worlds now which is ALOT but if he really sees them the same ( which I believe he does. Family is family) then he just needs to work on better communication and keeping Sally Anne in the loop. Sally Anne you need to be more obliging. You knew what you signed up for…at least you knew with Farrells come drama especially when the town is trying to force them off the mountain. They are here to stay.

Ledda dying and telling her kids she is was so heartbreaking. I champion her so much and I hate that she really is giving up. I wonder if Wade will try to take her up the mountain for some magic healing. Seemed to have worked on someone else..get these in a minute. Wade trying to continue to stop her and telling her it’s not a good idea…

Didn’t you just help a Farrell escape prison. 

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Lastly in town there is Gordon and Hailey. Matt does not exist to me sooooo

Anywho, I saw that coming a mile away. Girl aint got no friends. No frenemies. I honestly don’t know why she is still around since she has no purpose other than to be a thorn but watching Gordon go in for the kill for satisfying. She was looking ready before he asked. When I saw he stole all of her files.

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 SHe played you gurl and got a piece of you in the process. Gordon for the win.

Now Shay Mountain

Big Foster JUST NOW thinking he shouldn’t be Bre’nin?

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You a little late to the conclusion. Your plan made NO SENSE whatsoever. I keep forgetting ya’ll are married so his concern for G’win was irritating. He didn’t even give his mountain magic a chance. I wanted Elon to punch him in the face for being a moron and getting their kin killed; consistently. G’win waking up…

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That’s too bad. Just too bad. I really want to like her and I hope she has come out of this more willing to listen especially to Hasil. They write him off but he’s the only one talking common sense. 

Lil Foster being welcomed home. That s was beautiful. I hope they give him so depth regarding his prison experience. I mean I starting to feel like he’s too precious for this world. So forgiving and committed to his family…I don’t want him not to addressing the shit that happened to him. Yeah I can understand forgiving and letting go of the Gwin drama cause she IS NOT worth it and I can even see him forgiving his father. But he was also an innocent man put in prison. Give me something.

Great episode. 

They are starting to find their pace and delving into the mountain magic. Hopefully we will get more soon. 

Princess Yeonhwa: The girl who dreams to rise above

“Look like the innocent flower, 
But be the serpent under it.”

–Macbeth, Shakespeare 

Man, I’ll tell you this now–long before Moon Lovers started, I was deeply, deeply interested in Princess Yeonhwa’s character. Knowing her history, the daughter of Taejo, and being future Queen Daemok, wife and consort to King Gwangjong (Wang So), I was curious as to how her character would play out. 

I actually thought that she would already be married to Wang So when the drama started out, because they all got married so young in Goryeo (and Wook was already married, and he’s the same age as So), but I’m glad that the drama is choosing to show more of Princess Yeonhwa before her marriage (and also So) and I think it’ll be greatly interesting to see how her path continues down. 

I adore female characters who have ambition. And I love Yeonhwa for wanting to rise above her brothers–the princes–and the Emperor himself. #usurpthepower #princessyeonhwaforEmperor943AD #SLYTHERIN

Princess Yeonhwa was introduced as a King-Maker, a genius above the emperor. And man, this girl’s got her eyes set on the throne, and then some.

Let’s take a look at her promotional material first. 

“I will become the Empress. If not me, then who will protect His Majesty?” 

(The word “페하” is used; direct translation of how you address the Emperor in a formal way; also “His Majesty.” But who exactly is she talking about? I would assume So, because he’s the only way that she can become the Empress.) 

I think many people worry that Yeonhwa will be reduced to a “bitchy second female lead” and I’d be lying if I wasn’t worried about that myself. Following Lady Hae’s death, I feel that she sort of disappeared from the narrative–but I’m glad that she came back with the rain festival, and with the past few episodes, I’m also greatly happy to see that she’s getting more screentime and seeing her character development and set things into motion. I hope the writers continue down this path. She’s got so much potential. She’s also the closest character to being a second female lead, but even then, that’s a bit of a stretch because there are so many other characters she has to share the spotlight with. 

On her character description, which I’ll loosely translate:

You tried to tie me down through marriage, and so, I will become Goryeo’s owner through marriage. 

The daughter born between Taejo and Queen Hwangbo, who receives her father’s love the most. Fitting to her status, she possesses class and beauty, but she’s also that much obsessed/fixated on her position. Being born a woman, she laments over the fact she cannot rise to the throne. Therefore, she wishes to become the genius above the emperor, a king-maker. She despises Hae Soo, who doesn’t understand how the palace works and has good fortune and love. Because for Yeonhwa, marriage wasn’t about love, it was a matter between life and death. 

Now the first and last last part are both interesting. While Hae Soo can’t control why her fate and wonders why she ended up in such a place as Goryeo, she still finds love. She finds love, and she can choose who she loves–whether it’s Wook or So. But for Yeonhwa, who is a princess, she doesn’t have the sort of control. Thus marriage is also a double-edged sword. Depending on who Yeonhwa marries, it could also harm her. She says they tried to restrain her through marriage, but Yeonhwa isn’t the type to lie low. No matter where she is, she’ll fight for what she wants. 

While she tells So and Yo that she wants a man who cherishes her (I’m not exactly sure if she’s even speaking the truth in the scene because she’s a woman who uses her words to manipulate those around her, along with her beautiful smiles), she will ultimately not have a choice in terms of love. Her marriage is a matter of life and death. 

Which is why it makes her marriage to So a very interesting one. No doubt, it’ll be a political marriage. As people have pointed out, Hae Soo wouldn’t quite have strong political ties as a wife or a queen, and her body is scarred (thus she cannot become a bride of the Emperor, but this rule could be changed or looped out of in the future). The Hae clan is quite a powerful family but they don’t really seemed to be concerned with her–so Soo is pretty much on her own. Yeonhwa has hinted at the possibility of marriage with Yo, who also dreams of becoming the Emperor of Goryeo. It’s not the ideal marriage she wants, and she wouldn’t become queen because he already has another official wife, she still is willing to use him to gain power. 

However, with Yeonhwa wanting to set her brother up to the throne and turn him into an Emperor, she may turn her back on Yo at the drop of a hat. Of course, if her brother becomes the Emperor, she won’t become the queen… but she’ll have protected her family and gain a significant amount of power that she wants. 

But following history, we know that Yo won’t last on his throne, and Gwangjong (Wang So) follows right after him as Emperor. I have a sickening feeling in my stomach that there’s a strong chance that Wook may die. It would explain as to why Yeonhwa may choose So in the end, as a way to survive. A matter of life and death, remember? 

Yeonhwa is also deeply interested in So, perhaps romantically… but perhaps not. I think for her, it’s not so much about love, but she’s interested in the idea of So. She tells Yo: “Sometimes I think it’d be fun to make a man out of a beast.” While Yeonhwa originally helps So in treating his injuries, I think she also thinks of him as someone she can use. (Conversely, I don’t think So is in the state of being where he sees people as pawns; he’s still learning how the palace works and how the people within it operate–which is why he struggles deeply with his mother, who is always playing games). Because in the end, Yeonhwa was also horrified at So’s face. Which is where the divide between Yeonhwa and Hae Soo occurs for So. Soo has seen the truth of So, beyond the scar, but Yeonhwa has merely tapped the surface (though she may divide to dig in deeper in the future). 

I don’t think Yeonhwa and So would make for a bad couple; they don’t hate each other, and they may get along well. Of course, if Soo gets in between them, then that’s where things may fall apart. But Yeonhwa will still be a queen, even if Hae Soo is there (Lady Oh/Queen Yoo parallels, anyone?) I still think it’s a darn shame that Yeonhwa and Soo can’t be friends–I’m so tired of seeing women being pitted against each other. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT, KOREA! NOT ALL WOMEN ARE OUT TO DESTROY ONE ANOTHER! 

Being the Slytherin she is, Yeonhwa is deeply invested in protecting her family. She greatly fears that the other clans will retaliate against her clan, and she already knows that compared to the Yoo family, their family has no power. Queen Yoo drove out her mother, her brother and her–it’s an act that Yeonhwa cannot forgive and forget. But in order to make her brother the emperor, Yeonhwa is ready to ally with Queen Yoo to gain that power. She can set aside her differences to get what she wants. Yeonhwa is cunning, sly, and resourceful.

But she’s still young. She played with fire, but I think the last few episodes showed that Queen Yoo has been playing this game for longer, and Yeonhwa is still on the weaker side. Queen Yoo, although she helps Yeonhwa, she would be willing to through Yeonhwa away to protect what’s hers. And I think Yeonhwa realizes that. That’s why she steps up to “drink the poison,” following So. She’s a fast learner, and I don’t doubt that she could easily surpass Queen Yoo one day. 

I really hope that Yeonhwa doesn’t become a character that is simply evil. She’s so much more than that. She’s a princess, she will be a queen, she will be one of the ones who survives the bloodshed that will inevitably come after Taejo’s death. She may be cruel or mean. She’s also fixated on her status and the rules. She’s had years of practicing her smile, using it as a weapon, and using her words to manipulate those around her. Taejo probably doesn’t even know that she’s got so much ambition inside of her, burning deeply. She is a flower, but a deadly one. She’s not to be taken lightly. Power is important to her, because she wants to her protect herself and her family. And I understand that, and that is why I find her to be a compelling character. 

This is also where I see similarities between her and Soo, because I think they both have people to protect. But Soo is kind and wants to be helpful to everyone around her, but Yeonhwa wasn’t raised that way–she’s seen the cruelty and ruthlessness in the palace–and she doesn’t have that luxury. The palace is a place where you can trust no one, and a place where you have doubt those closest to you. 

And so, while the princes grapple for the throne in their bloodshed, Yeonhwa will play her game slowly, using her power (no matter how limited it is as a princess) and using men in her family as much as she can to get what she wants–and she’ll succeed. 

Thoughts 6x19

Wow this was an amazing episode! When was the last time TVD had been that good? IMO not since season 2. So i’m just gonna list the characters/couples and then write my opinion on them for 6x19:

Elena: Well,she’s getting more annoying by the episode lol. I feel kinda bad for saying this because it’s Nina’s last few episodes before she’s leaving TVD but i just can’t stand her character…since idk i guess season 3 or 4 Elena has become more selfish by the minute, she doesn’t care about right or wrong and makes everything about herself. This show will be o good next season with Elena gone.

Damon: I love Damon this season, i really do. I never was that big of a damon fan but i can’t help but love S6 Damon. Looks like Bonnie really changed him. Of course he’s still acting selfish by hesitating to give Elena the cure but it’s so hard for him because he doesn’t want to lose Elena so i completely understand him. I probably would have done the same thing.

Delena: so i don’t really have an opinion on this couple. i don’t hate them but i don’t really like them together either so i’m just gonna say that i don’t care for that pairing. 

Jolaric: They are, after Steroline and Bamon, my favourite couple this season. I love Alaric and it’s so nice to see him happy and Jo is adorable, Alaric couldn’t find a better woman to marry. They fit perfectly with their history.

Bonnie: I love how badass she’s been this season, she doen’t take all this crap anymore and stands up for herself like she should have a long time ago. 

Lily: I really don’t know what i should think of that woman. She’s such a psycho and i hate her for not caring about her sons but then i also feel sorry for her because just like Stefan she didn’t choose to be a ripper and seeing her downward spiral this episode…i just wanted to hug her…But i loved her scenes with Enzo, she would be such a good mother figure to him. and i guess it’s really hard for me to hate her because i love Annie Wersching so much,she seems like such a nice and cute person that it hurts me that i don’t really like her character… 

Enzo: i honestly didn’t like Enzo this season (at least not since ep 7) but i flt sorry for him because this whole time he thought that Lily abandoned him and then when she comes back she’s asking him to leave just because he wanted to show her who her real family is because loyalty is so important to him.

Matt: We didn’t see a lot of him but he can show his pretty body more often :) i hope he gets more screentime (and a real storyline) next season.

Stefan: aww my boo…This entire episode all his scenes were about how he feels and showed that he wanted his relationship with Caroline to start perfectly and not with all this BS they went through. And his attempts to pretend that his humanity is still off ended really bad for him… Stefan’s such a bad actor when it coms to hiding stuff from Caroline :D 

Caroline: Well…what can i say? I LOVE HER! and i’m so glad she’s back. As much as she annoyed me in 6x18 (which wasn’t that good), she made up for it this week. She was all flirty with Stefan and i knew that she knew that he flipped his switch back on. It was so obvious. She was such a BAMF like Bonnie (how i love these two badasses). And i have to say that Candice is an AMAZING actress,her acting was so on point at the end when Caroline flipped her switch and her guilt came flooding back. I felt her pain and had tears in my eyes during that scene. It’s so sad that she won’t be in 6x20…

(and finally) Steroline: my favourite topic and pretty much everything i think about all day :) Their scenes were perfect. Caroline seducing him and Stefan trying (and pretty much failing) to resist her seduction :D it was really fun to watch. And that kiss…i mean WOW,it was (after the one in 6x14 of course) my favourite kiss of them. It just looked super hot and showed that Stefan can’t resist her because as much as he’s trying to, the urge to kiss her is still there. And Caroline’s comments like: “So take my mind off it.” and ”Am i making you nervous?” were so good because you can see how much her words affect him. He could barely take it and was so unconvincing this entire time, not even i would have believed him and Caroline’s so much smarter so of course she figured it out. Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt when she broke his neck (even though it was kind of hilarious) and tried to kill him. Then the flashback. Could Stefan be even more adorable?

“If I’m going to start something with Caroline, i want it to be perfect. No loss, no pain, no grief.”

“You might be waiting a while.”

“I’m a patient guy.”

This was exactly what i needed to hear because now we know why Stefan acted like he did in 6x15. He needed to be sure that his feelings for her are strong enough to start a relationship because he couldn’t bare losing her or screwing everything up because it’s not just any girl. It’s Caroline. And he wanted it to be perfect. And this scene also showed us how he feels before the kiss so i’m glad we got that scene because we didn’t really get an inside on his feelings for her before he kiss, he never really talked about it. And it also shows that now for Stefan, this whole ‘perfect start’-thingy isn’t possible anymore so he struggles with that and when Caroline flips it back on, she struggles with the guilt and now that she’s aware of all the things she’s done to him and the way he wanted things to go for them, she feels like she’s ruined everything between them, especially their first time which seemed to play an important part for both of them. And i’ll never forget Stefan’s  face when she talked about how sorry she is and started crying in front of him. It seems like everyone is a bit mad at Stefan for him to just stand there and watch her but the situation was difficult for him too and later he wanted to give her space instead of pushing her and i think that’s really noble of him. He knew that she would push him away and he was right and did you see that both couldn’t really look each other in the eyes? They were kind of ashamed and hurt and i think it’s good that she takes her time and gets away from MF for a while (even though i’m gonna miss her in 6x20). Their scenes were angsty but we all knew it was coming and i loved the angst (doesn’t mean i don’t wanna see them being all cute and fluffy but it’s a slow burn so this is a part of it.)

And i loved the fact that we got to see Liz again, i really missed her.

I’d say this episode was a 8/10. It was amazing :)

Wow,i’v never done something like this before and it tooks me over 2h to put this together but i think i’m gonna do that every week now. It’s fun :) hope you liked hearing my opinion on everything. 

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