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Here they are! All of my Charrs!! From left to right: Jobral, Venoga, Aidas, Spar, and Luka. Luka is my main xD

andrew is writing his memoir and i’m s u f f e r i n g

Not about number theory, my Mycroft and Moriarty Uni AU fanfic, is finally finished! I’m so happy to be done with it!

I uploaded the rest of the chapters in one go. Here you can continue if you’ve been following along.

Here you can read it from the beginning.

finally, shoutout to my beta @disgvises for being AMAZING.

anonymous asked:

Regarding your answer about names to sexualities; i understand that it helps many to have name for things. Personally I absolutely hate how _everything_ nowadays has to have a label. I wouldnt mind if we cut off labels and just love whoever (1/2)

(2/2) we want without specifying ourselves as one sexuality. I know it can’t work that way but I would love that, though I might be pretty alone with that thought. :) Then again it doesn’t break my world to have labels I just hate them myself.

Yeah of course it’s fine to not label themselves any way! To each their own but my point was that it can be a big help to be able to “stamp that label” on yourself to ease the process of understanding yourself (and also there’s the sense of community-thing as I mentioned)

To the anon that talked about asexuality: it’s a lack of desire, not interest. You can still be interested from a non-sexual perspective (like wondering what it’s like). You can also be fine with it, repulsed by it, or neutral. You just have no desire. 

And as an addition: there are tons of ways to be ace since it’s an umbrella term! Because people can also only feel desire in certain circumstances, so pigeon holing doesn’t really help in something so varied.

Thanks for this small ace crash course! haha

I considered myself to be (panromantic) ace for years when I was like 12/13 to 18, so this is also a psa that your sexuality can change over the years and it’s completely normal and it doesn’t make your current or past experiences any less valid.


Idk I just wanted to draw Gill and his first friend having a hug


In the darkness I will meet my creators
And they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator.