so glad i started watching it on netflix


Its been one hell of a ride and its officially over! I can’t even begin to explain how I feel. I first started watching TVD on Netflix when season 3 was on air. I caught up on time to watch the season 4 premiere and I was glad to be able to watch it week after week. This show has changed my life and has helped me through hard times. It helped me escape reality even if it was just for an hour. The songs chosen for each episode were beautiful. I loved some of the songs so much that I even downloaded my favorites to listen to. The cast is so special to me because I feel that I grew up with them. I know I won’t ever forget this show because it was a big part of my life and it will always have a special place in my heart. Hopefully in the future we can get a TVD reunion episode or movie, it would be very cool. I want to thank the cast and crew for the amazing adventure and all the hard work for these past 8 years! Also a huge thank you and standing ovation to Ian Somerhalder for giving us the perfect Damon! #TVDForever

Thank You and Goodbye! ❤️

doctorthetwitch  asked:

I think you posted awhile ago about into the badlands being on Netflix and bc of that I immediately started watching it and I am just so thankful bc I love this show so much

Anonymous said: After seeing you post about Into the Badlands I checked it out and oh my god I love it. So thanks for dragging me into it. :D

you’re welcome !!! i’m so glad more people are watching it now i’m so excited for the premiere tonight :D

Follow the Rules

Original request:  awesome, you’re alive! can I request some Yixing fluff? It can be about anything, really. You’re just really good at fluff and there isn’t a lot of good Yixing fluff unfortunately :(

Sorry this took so long! I originally started a different Lay scenario but lost interest in it, and then this one came to me. Hope you like it!

“The popcorn’s ready!” You hurried into the living room and plopped down on the couch beside Yixing. You held out the huge bowl between you both and tossed a handful of popcorn into your mouth. “I’m glad you got time off work today. But are you sure you don’t mind staying here and watching Netflix all day?”

He smiled back at you, his dimple making an appearance. “I don’t mind what we do for our anniversary. Besides, I really need to catch up on our shows.”

He started scrolling through the list of titles available and selected your favourite show. You set the bowl of popcorn down onto the table in front of you as the show started, and snuggled up to Yixing’s side. He put an arm around you and pulled you close.

“How about we make things interesting?” he said with a smile that brought his dimple back out to play.

“Interesting how?”

“Let’s make up rules for a drinking game, but where we have to kiss instead.”

“Alright,” you said, a bit too eagerly. “I’ve got one. Any time there’s a flashback.”

You both brainstormed a few more rules for the game, until Yixing said, “How about any time you laugh or make fun of the show?”

You groaned and rolled your eyes. “You’re going to be sick of kissing me by the time we’re done, then.”

You felt his soft lips press to your cheek gently, and his hand clasped around yours before settling his fingers between yours. “I don’t think that’d be possible,” he murmured, breath against your ear.

You felt your cheeks warming. “Well okay, then. Let’s start.” You turned your attention back to the show and laughed. “What do you know - it’s a flashback. I guess we have to follow the rules…”

“I think I’m going to like this game,” he mumbled, before leaning in close and planting his lips on yours.

Sense8 or The single best thing of the 2015

Just finished watching the first season of Sense8 and all I can say is ‘I NEED MORE!’

I’m so glad I gave this show a chance because it’s totally worth it. Let’s start with the characters. You have eight amazing main characters that bring a sense (see what I did there?) of diversity to the show, my favorite one is definitely Sun. This badass Korean warrior had me screaming ‘YAS GAWD’ through the whole season. She’s selfless and is ready to help, it doesn’t matter if she is sleeping (that happened btw). Then we have Will, the Chicago cop that is a total sweetheart, he’s the leader of the group and is the first to understand the implications of being a sensate. Will helps the other sensates to come to a term with their condition. Lito brings the humor of the Latin community to the table AND one of the cutest love stories on TV: Hernando and him are probably my favorite couple since Kurt and Blaine from Glee (#Klaine). Capheus is the sunshine of the team. This Van Damne fan is always ready for the action and doesn’t hesitate when it’s time to do the right thing, also his smile could light up an entire city, I’m not even joking.

Nomi is such an important character, she’s a brave trans woman and a hacktivist, it’s so refreshing to see a character like her. Her story is heartbreaking but she keeps fighting with a little help from her incredible girlfriend Amanita, a witty costume enthusiast. Nomi often teams up with Will and the result is pure awesomeness. Kala is the character i thought wasn’t that important but she proved me wrong, she balances science and religion perfectly and has one of my favorite lines on the entire season: “I do not know how to use my fists, but…that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight!” You go, girl!

I must confess that I didn’t like Riley that much, she’s an Icelandic DJ that goes through too much in one season, she struggles a lot and seems to give up since day one, but in the end, Riley saves the day. I thought she was the weak spot of the team, but then again, she proves herself useful so I won’t be too harsh on her. She still has next season to blow me away.  Last but not least we have our resident bad boy, Wolfgang. He fights for revenge and honor, he’s loyal to his friend Felix and happens to be the best safe-cracker in the world. Wolfgang is tough and gorgeous (they all are, but him specially). His cold blood is just what a team of nice people needs and when something not-that-nice needs to be done, Wolfie (yeah, they call him Wolfie) is your guy.

All the characters work as individuals but also as a whole. I could perfectly sit through an entire season of Capheus adventures on his bus. They complement each other and make an excellent team, I dare to say that the best team on TV (Sorry, team Arrow).  

As a TV enthusiast I’m always wondering how they do it. The whole show is edited to perfection and it takes you to places all around the world, from Chicago to Seoul. Every story is told with such a cultural accuracy that shows compromise and an intense research. This is probably my favorite thing about the show, the producers were careful and respected each culture, they did their research and the result is my new favorite TV show. As a proud member of the Latin community I was really happy to see a Mexican telenovela actor that is gay but isn’t a cartoon. And as a feminist, an Indian girl who is getting married but is independent too, a pharmacist and also very religious, and a girl being the best fighter in a team full of guys who is very feminine. Thank you for that!

In case you were wondering, every location has a director, which means that every episode has several directors. It’s a different way of doing TV, the common way is to shoot the episodes one by one. So Sense8 is not only a new kind of story-telling, but a new way of doing TV too. Through the whole season you’ll have action, adventure, romance, comedy and a karaoke scene that had me singing 4 Non Blondes for a week, just wait for it, it’ll happen to you too.

Even though the audience absolutely loved it, the critics weren’t that good. Rotten Tomatoes rated it 5.8/10 versus the audience who gave the show a 91%, sorry folks the people talked and we want more Sense8. The second season is not confirmed yet but hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be very soon, otherwise the 500.000 people who watched it on the first week will be very mad (myself included).