so glad i own the dvd of the movie

Quick Review of Suicide Squad


This Tuesday I finally decided to put my middle finger up to the critics who praised Sausage Party and shit on Suicide Squad. I wanted to make my own judgement so I finally saw the movie and below are my thoughts on it! There are spoilers so read at your own risk~

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zodiac signs as my own tweets
  • Aries: Always hide your feelings at all costs
  • Taurus: "I'm so glad we're having this movie dinner date tonight, babe :))" [puts Shrek 2 into DVD player]
  • Gemini: all I do is suffer
  • Cancer: "Dad, I'm depressed." "Hi, Depressed, I'm Dad!"
  • Leo: [looking at your penis] "I have stilettos longer than that."
  • Virgo: "No, that isn't enough! It has to be perfect!", hissed Danny Devito with unassuageable rancor.
  • Libra: [Decrepit and bed-ridden, gazing into the distance with weary malaise] "Thinking about fashion."
  • Scorpio: "You're a terrible human being." "[looking at tumblr astrology post] no it says right here that I am 'elegant' and 'well-received'"
  • Sagittarius: Welcome to Dom's Subs, may you take our order
  • Capricorn: "You're cold-blooded. You're cold-blooded like a snake. Just like your father." --my grandma to me when I was 13
  • Aquarius: and the whole time you don't notice that my feet have been hovering an inch and a half off the ground
  • Pisces: my self esteem is a fragile, porcelain doll