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Attention // Ethan Dolan Imagine


A/N: This Imagine is inspired by the song ‘Attention’ by Charlie Puth

Y/FF/N: Your Friends First Name 

I know that dress is karma, perfume regret

The sun was setting and the clock turned eight. You stood in front of your mirror staring at your reflection. Your fingers ran over the tight red dress that adorned your figure. His favorite perfume on you was soaked up by your skin and your face filled with light layers of make up. Your hair flowed freely against your back as it was left in it’s natural state. The black heels on your feet added another three inches to your natural height.

You knew he was going to be there. He would be perfectly dressed with his hair styled perfectly. You wanted him to watch you and regret ever breaking your heart two months ago. 

Giving yourself one last glance over, you grabbed your purse and went on to your car. The drive was short as your friend lived only ten minutes away from your house. You could have hitched a ride with another friend but you knew that you would probably end up leaving before they did. 

The moment you reached the house you saw the red cups already littering your friends front yard. The house blared with music as you turned your car off and began to walk inside. 

The blaring only got louder as you stepped inside and greeted a few people you knew. Making your way through the living room you spotted your friend and went on to greet them. 

“Hey Y/FF/N,” you greeted grabbing her attention away from the beer keg. 

“Oh my gosh hey! I’m so glad you came. I thought I was going to have to go drag you out of your apartment,” she joked while giving you a sympathetic smile. 

“No, I thought today was the day so i made myself come out and join your famous end of the summer party.” you smiled at her. 

“Drink?” She asked while handing you an unopened bottle of water. 

“Thanks,” you smiled happy that she wasn’t peer pressuring you to drink beer. 

“I saw him down in the living room if you want to avoid him,” she informed you while giving you a sad smile knowing why things ended between the two of you. 

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mooncallerautumn  asked:

Hello! I love your blog! :3 You write so well ^-^ I hope it's okay I make a request? ^^; If it's alright, may I request for Iggy? Like, his s/o can somehow heal his blindness in exchange for her losing her sight but she didn't tell him that before she heals him? Sorry if this sounds weird, I had a dream similar to this o.o I hope you have a lovely day! ^^

Oh hello! :D I’m so glad you like, and thank you so much!!! I feel like such a flustered mess and hope that I’m doing these men some realistic justice /sob

Yaaaaasssss! Make ALL the requests!

One angsty Iggy oneshot coming riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight up!

Warning: Obvious spoilers

Additional note: You’ll start to probably notice a pattern, but I make my s/o (“Reader”) characters a mage that uses both white and black magic (per the FF-universe). So that will be mentioned in here as well.

Also, sorry if this feels rushed at all? I wanted to keep it one-shot length while still trying to get certain information in there. I hope you still like it, though, @@queenchocohoe !

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                  OOC.      ok so this may seem a bit strange, but i feel its necessary!!  i’ve met so many cool people in the sailor moon fandom over the past few days. poeple who have not only helped me out in real life, but have genuinely befriended me and allowed me to have fun, be silly and reach out. this is mainly in reference to accepting me, a magical dog demon, into the sailor moon discord and allowing me to befriend you guys. THIS LIST IS SHORT, but it is full of kind people who have allowed me to begin to get to know them. this  is  also  a  list  for  those  in  the  anime  rpc  that  have  allowed  me  to  do  the  same!!  to  befriend  them  and  to  truly  come  to  enjoy  my  spot  here.

                                        special mentions.

@serapiikisu​   ://    puddin gets her own friggin brand on this bias list, because she’s been a super supportive friend through all of my issues, and she’s allowed me to become something similar– an actual friend, which i have had so much trouble making these last few years. i’m hard to get along with, i’m weird, and i can be impulsive at times. but you had no trouble with opening your heart and letting me in. i cannot thank you enough for embracing the meme that is nook. thank you so much. 

@tcssaiga   ://   you  get  your  own  little  niche  because  GUESS  WHAT  YOU  HELPED  ME  STAY  HERE.  without  you,  i  probably  would  have  been  one  of  those  blogs  that  got  caught  up  in  not  having  a  partner.  but  you’re  my  friend  and  we  work  so  well  together.  our writing, our graphics, and our muses just meld. i’m so glad you’re my lil bro. 

@narcku   ://   john is john. he gets his own spot because john is great and john is good. he has become so much more than when he first started on tumblr 3 years ago in the FF fandom. his writing his grown, his graphics have grown, and i can tell he really is starting to develop a true love for the sick character, naraku. he doesn’t excuse the character, he will make no exceptions, but i can tell he enjoys writing him.  nothing could make me happier!!

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liSTEN. I was perfectly fine with my life that didn't include a Jeff Hardy love. BUT YOU RUINED THAT. I see what you reblog all the time and because of that I now have an unsatisfiable love for Jeff Hardy. AND THERES NOT ENOUGH FANFIC ABOUT HIM. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know that you are solely responsible for my love of Jeff

omg lmao you’re fucking joking!! i’m glad i could be of assistance lmao.

well okay i know the issue with fanfic and him so. if you aren’t already aware, you get reader/oc fanfics on here and on ao3.  occasionally on FF but those usually are terrible, no tea no shade but that’s just how it is. on FF and livejournal and those angelfire websites you get fanfic with other wrestlers and it’s 97% slash and the good shit is slash so there’s that. be warned that anywhere you go, there will be incest fics. it’s just how it is. just don’t read it. please don’t. for your sake and mine.

tumblr fanfic

so you have to raid these tags: here here here here

“downright neighborly” part 1 & part 2 by @concussed-to-pieces

“permission” by @wrestlingbabe

“lazy day” by @wrestlingbabe

“reunion” by @wrestlingbabe

the nsfw alphabet @wrestlingbabe did

“morning surprises” by @it-is-reigning-men 

everything else is in the tags, i just had those specifically bookmarked lmao 

FF ( fanfic

great users with that quality fanfic: neroanne slashdlite winchestervivi jeffromattyhardy terrahfry codyrhodesfan dark kaneanite hardyboyz4eva xxxarwenxxx undertaker1465

and randomly assorted mixed things in this person’s favorites tabooh and in this person’s as well, assorted jedam fanfic

archive of our own (ao3) fanfic

raid this tag 

and this is @it-is-reigning-men‘s fanfic (”don’t break so easy”) but on ao3 lmao i couldn’t find both parts linked on tumblr so forgive me 

i put specific favorites here to the ff & ao3 fics but it isn’t all jeff fic but yeah you can look around lmao and i may or may not have forgotten stuff that it is on that list 

other/assorted fanfic

THIS WEBSITE is has literally almost all the jeff fic you’ll ever need and it has a part 2 and part 3!! and is being updated to this day so that’s a win PLUS there’s series fics over here!! this shit is all slash though so if you aren’t into it just fucking run lmao

there’s some stuff over here

and i don’t have anything from livejournal actually saved, but i know there’s stuff there lmao. it may be worth looking into. just google ‘jeff hardy livejournal’ or something like that. 

i hope i could be of some help!!


What do you think the cage is like?”  


I’ve been asked this question before, and I answered it in San Francisco.” 
“I didn’t see it.”
I’m glad you didn’t - because I was cyber-bullied for like three days by people that thought I endorsed rape.” 

three times emma swan married killian jones

a/n:  Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my sweet followers! I’ve had this in my drafts for the longest time and I figured, what better day to share it with everyone than today? I hope you enjoy it! <3


The first time Emma Swan marries Killian Jones, it is spur of the moment. He’d proposed like that, too, yelled that he wanted to marry her in the middle of an argument regarding the latest villain to come to town. She’d yelled back that she wanted to be his wife, and it sort of all just happened.

They have been engaged for two and a half months when it happens.

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Urgh fucking hell I hate these men.

Scottish pot is such a misogynist, I know it’s kind of a given that a middle aged man dating a 19 year old is probably going to be a tad misogynistic but ffs sitting through an entire dinner just listening to this guy and nodding and smiling and flirting whilst inside I literally wanted to peel my skin off and hurl myself into the abyss just so I didn’t have to hear any more about how he hates wives who gain weight or women who have grey hair OR and this one was more homophobic than misogynistic but still one of his greatest hits!!!!!! How he can’t talk to this gay guy because he’s worried he’ll try to sleep w him.. ARGH!!!!!!!

I guess that saying is true - if you date someone for their money, you’ll end up earning every penny.

FF XV React: Seeing you again after thinking you were dead

Suggested by: montalbinowitch

All aboard the feels train!! Q^Q

Noctis: B-But I saw, *slowly walks up to you, on the verge of tears* I saw your light…I saw it and, and *carefully touches your face, and sharply takes in a breath as he realizes that you’re real. He procedes to embrace you tightly* Please Etro! Please dont mess with me! Dont decieve my eyes! *sniffles loudly* Please, dont leave me again…

Gladiolus: You-I better not be dreaming…I dont think I could deal with reality if I was…*places a hand on your head to confirm for himself that you are real. He smiles and embraces you quietly* Dont scare me like thaf again y'hear! *starts to laugh* You better promise me!

Prompto: *runs and tackle hugs you to the ground, refusing to let go* YOU’RE REAL RIGHT!!? I-I’M NOT DEAD AND NEITHER ARE YOU RIGHT?! *begins to sob loudly* I-I SAW YOU! ALL THAT BLOOD AND-E-EVERYTHING!! I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE ALIVE!

Ignis: *silently and tightly embraces you* I-I dont care how…I just care that you are here and now with me…That’s all that matters! That’s the only thing that matters is that I can see you again! That I can hear your voice again, and hold you!

Cor: *very roughly ruffles your hair downwards so you dont see the tears in his eyes on the verge of falling* You damn bratty pup!! Dont you dare go off and commit another miracle like this ever again!! An old man like me, I dont think my heart could take it! *without warning he has you in a tight embrace* Good to have you back pup…

Regis: *takes in a sharp breathe* Will wonders never cease? *walks up to you as calmly as possible, but his ever changing eye color betrays him. Once in front of you he gently hugs you* I thought I lost a member of my family, I’m so glad I was wrong. Welcome home.

eggpunk  asked:

hey! what do u think of alex kapranos' blonde hair? what colour do u think he should dye it next (or do u want the brown back) just curious cause the franz ferdinand fandom is fucking dead and im starved for ff posts thank u have a nice day!

BIH im so glad u came to me ive been dying to talk about ff but i dont wanna annoy my followers fhjdhfis anyways honestly i think he actually pulls it off?? but he needs to get a haircut and then he’ll look even better …. and he looks good with both colors but the brown just suits him best hehe

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog. Watch the news every day haha. *-* I have a question. Why? Whyyy Prompto such a hot bitch ?!

I’m soooo glad you love my blog sweetie ~ Thank you, you’re so kind ♥ Oooooooooh ho ho hooooo…. Thaaaaat’s… an awesome question. It really is. There are so many things I love of Prompto, I love him so much. 

Why Prompto is such a hot bitch: Character Analysis

First of all, he’s blond. I don’t know you, but I think that in a world like FF where Chocobos and other awesome creatures exist, Prompto is like the missing part. He’s like a perfect humanization of a chocobo, let’s be honest: his hair are awesome, simply awesome because they are not exaggerated and their blond tint is astonishing, he totally looks like a sun. 

Second, his freckles. Once again, I don’t know you, but I found them extremely sexy and appealing. Don’t ask me why, I just have this feeling and I actually cannot explain it, so don’t bother asking me xDD 

Third point, his smile. His smile is not the commonly seen perfect smile, it is very natural and because of its “imperfections” I find it very sweet and attractive at the same time. You don’t have to suspect or question it because it is very natural and you can clearly see that Prompto is not faking it, he would never do that, not even to gain something from doing so. And when you don’t have to worry about someone faking his smile, the whole interaction with this someone is definitely smoother and enjoyable. 

Forth point, his spontaneity. I bet that if anyone of us suddenly finds himself involved in an epic escape and has to fight against creatures and fearful enemies, even the bravest one of us would act just like Prompto - at least during the first sessions. He’s clumsy - and this definitely attracts me in a very particular way because I really feel like helping him staying steady on his feet xDD - but he moves extremely fast and he spurts inner and kinetic energy from all of his pores. It is astonishing how he can laugh and sometimes make fun of a terrible situation even if he’s really scared in the first place. He bares an extremely powerful inner strength, but nobody wants or seems to notice it. He’s an essencial character in my opinion, he deserves much more attention because I honestly think that he has a thunderstorm of emotions, past experiences still not completely worked out inside of him, but he keeps the moral of the group high anyway. I personally think that Gladio is the only one that really understands his inner situation because he’s always there to make him laugh, despite of Noctis, that laughs at him and his jokes but he basically doesn’t support actively his friend. 

Fifth point: Do we want to talk about his body? His splendid, slender, agile body. It makes you think to one thing and one thing alone - if you know what I mean. It’s my opinion, but I personally find his whole range of moves very, very sexy. The way he moves in the environment, the agile and playful way he jumps and moves aside when Noctis gets too close to him, I just love them. 

Also, he’s the kind of guy that is not aware of his hotness, so the only thing you want to do to him his actively show to him he’s such a hot bitch. Just thinking about his surprised expression when you suddenly and passionately kiss him is enough to turn you on, you know? 

And we hit the seventh point: his inner strength. I already mentioned before I think he has an incredible inner strength to keep his friends’ mood up, but this is not the only sign of his strong personality. Just take a look at him: he’s playful, he’s not scared of making silly jokes just because he can be judged by someone, he’s not apparently worried of his clumsiness. He’s extremely sensitive, and for this reason he can be negatively judged. He’s basically not scared of judgments. This does not mean he does not feel “unsuitable”. He always tries to keep up with the guys, but he’s conscious of his limits. His pals are evidently very important to him, and knowing that Ignis thinks he’s a total disaster and he’s stupid does not help him. Knowing that he will never be strong as Gladio doesn’t help his purpose to protect Noctis no matter what. Knowing that Noctis is a prince and has special powers doesn’t help his self esteem too. Despite of everything, he keeps trying. No matter what. That’s absolutely adorable, let me say this. 

Eight: this. 

I think this doesn’t need an explanation. 

Now, if you want a post like this about FF versus XIII’s version of Prompto just let me know. I think I don’t need to say I love to do this kind of stuff. 

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omg 5 for the drabble meme! Marichat but chat being jealous of himself.

thank you

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

He wants to say no. The last time Chat Noir got jealous - it had gotten someone akumatized. He had told himself that he wouldn’t let it happen again, that even if Ladybug did like someone else, he wouldn’t get - 

Well. Like this.

“No,” he says, unconvincingly, and Marinette’s eyes widen - and then, suddenly, she’s smiling.


“I’m not!” he insists. “I’m - I’m not.”

He is. He is, and he hates it.

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“ffs jungkook i am nothing but nice to you and this is how you repay me” - jimin, probably

Ok, so in the interest of making this COMPLETELY CLEAR:

Please everyone pay attention to Exhibit A:

Where Sasuke REMEMBERS HIS FAMILY when he thinks about the love he felt for Sakura before all this crap happened. Especially HIS MOTHER.

Now, let’s move on to Exhibit B:

 - Sage of the 6 Paths, referring to Exhibit A specifically as what Sasuke felt towards Sakura.

Now, funny story, the Sage is ALSO not talking about brotherly love. Sasuke KNOWS what brotherly love is, HE HAD THAT WITH ITACHI.

I seriously don’t know what the fuck can Kishimoto do to make NaruSasu/SasuNaru even MORE canon. I mean, all that’s missing is them actually having butt sex on top of Madara’s statue, for crying out loud. Because they have already kissed. Twice.

On another note, I am SO FUCKING GLAD FOR SAKURA. Oh my dear gods, can that crazy, deluded, self-destructive bitch PLEASE stop daydreaming about becoming a noble Uchiha and just go fuck Kakashi already? Dude’s gonna be the Sixth Hokage and HE IS NOT GAY, unlike Sasuke and Naruto.

FFS, Sakura, LEAVE THE GAYS ALONE, there is a hot piece of straight man-ass right beside you, go get him before Tsunade does. Cause if you don’t, SHE WILL. And you’ll end up an old maid.

a one time thing (and other untruths) (1/?)

For CS AU Week day 3: Modern AU. 

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number all those weeks." 

Notes: Perhaps my first foray into a fandom shouldn’t be what promises to be a multi-chapter fic, but the idea struck me so I’ll go with it, and hopefully a few of you will join me on this journey. Hopefully they’re hot terribly out of character. Enjoy. 


            She knows before she calls him but she needs to tell him before she loses her nerve and he might be an asshole who’d want to see a test with his own eyes so she doesn’t even bother taking one, just calls the number he’d programmed into her phone (that she’d ignored for weeks because she doesn’t have time for dating) (and yet—) and tries to remind herself to breathe and—



            She hopes her voice isn’t shaking.


            He sounds pleased, if a little surprised.

            “We need to talk.”

            No point beating around the bush here.

            “Everything all right, love?

            She squeezes her eyes shut because God, she liked him and he was nice and he actually sounds concerned even though she blew him off and he’s going to hate her, probably, but if things were different—

 But it’s like a band-aid, right? Just gotta pull it off.

            “I think I’m pregnant.”

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naiariddle  asked:

After Emma is rescued from darkness she and killian fell sleep in her parent's couch. Snow and David simply let them sleep and cover them

Things have been strange since Emma had been consumed by the darkness.

David had spent one night distraught, wondering where she might have gone and what she might be like. He’d laid in bed with Snow, but neither of them had slept, splitting their time between caring for Neal and worrying about their daughter.

They had worried about Henry and Killian too. Killian had collapsed in the middle of the road after Emma vanished, and David had needed to lift him up and force him back to the loft. But only Killian had managed to tell Henry what had happened, and the two had seemed reluctant to part after that.

But the next morning, Emma had returned, entirely herself except for a slight anger simmering underneath all her words. Snow said she seemed to be her old self, with walls raised, but this time David knew it wasn’t to protect herself but to protect others.

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and I can’t breathe without you

and we know it’s never simple, never easy
never a clean break
no one here to save me
you’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand

“Why bring me back, if I should just move on?” 

Her heart stops. She’s already crying, but fresh tears spring to her vision so that she can’t see and an ache builds in her gut so strong that she wishes she could scream. She feels like she can’t get air into her lungs. 

But, she levels her gaze with him, refusing to look at his brother behind him for fear that she’ll shatter completely. 

It’s his fault, something in the back of her mind screams.

She tells it to shut up.

Because maybe he’s right. 

She thinks back to a field of flowers and a man begging her to let him die, but she hadn’t let him, and he’d resented her for it. Even with that forgiven, she suddenly knows that she can’t take this choice away from him again. 

She nods slowly, reaching out to take his hand, thankful when he doesn’t snatch it away. His fingers wrap around hers in a familiar way, and she holds on just a little tighter.

“I want you to come home with me,” she says, her voice cracking as a tear slips down her cheek. “I want to let you move into the house that you picked out, and I want to have a future with you.” 

He looks away, down at their hands, and she’s going to break, she knows it. “But, I do not want you to do anything that you don’t want to do. I want you to want to be with me. Take your time. Decide. Just… know that whatever you pick, that I love you.” 

She’s already crumbling to pieces, but she leans up and kisses his cheek, giving his hand one squeeze, and then she walks away, sobs already escaping her throat as she passes his brother. 

(When he almost goes, almost crosses over, it takes everything in her not to run after him, to beg him to stay, to let her go with him, anything so that she doesn’t have to tell him goodbye again.

But he stops. 

He looks back at her. 

And then he’s back in her arms, telling her that he’s sorry, that he’s never leaving her, that he loves her.) 

(She’s never been more glad for anything.)