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Brand X

A/N: Okay. This episode, you guys. This episooooode. I’m not kidding, I was thisclose to writing it as just some bad dream Scully had. (Luckily, @kateyes224 talked me off the ledge. Hehe, thanks again for that.) Not only do we have the nasty hiccup of an unconscious and hospitalized Mulder, who undoubtedly needs bloodwork, which would surely reveal the presence of fancy medication for his stupid brain disease. Oh, no. We also have a two-week gap at the end of the episode, in an already-super-tight time window between Chimera and Requiem.

So. Here’s how this is going to work. Brand X didn’t take place at this point in Season 7. Just like I did with The Rain King, I am placing this episode significantly earlier than it aired. I’m not even going to commit to it taking place in Season 7 at all. The scene I’ve written fits within the episode, without giving any larger context. That’s the best I’m going to be able to do with this trainwreck. ;)


“A form of, what, ‘super tobacco?’”
“Which possibly could have created super bugs. I guess the real question is could they have become dangerous to humans?”

“I don’t see how,” says Dr. Nance. “Even taking into account the morphological changes in the mandibles, I’m afraid I am at a loss as to how they could cause the sort of damage you’ve described.”

“Okay, well what about a pathogen, then?” Scully counters. “Is it plausible that the beetles could have transmitted something capable of wreaking such comprehensive destruction to the respiratory system?”

Skinner is so far out of his element, here. He’s glad Scully knows the right questions to ask.

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