so glad i got to watch this in theaters :)

My Boo: Tom Holland x Black Reader

I swear every time I say I’m done writing about this boy, I get new ideas😒So this idea literally came into my head based off the song ‘My Boo’ by Alicia Keys and Usher. Reader and Tom were childhood friends but part ways and then they both grow up to become famous. Will Reader’s new boyfriend get in the way of true love? 

Here’s the song, incase you want to listen to it for reference: My Boo- Usher, Alicia Keys

Word Length: 3k…


You were heartbroken that your family had to move to London, you still didn’t understand why but you remember your mom telling you that daddy had to work. “Come on Y/N! Let’s go meet our neighbors, I heard they have a son who is around your age.”

You took your mom’s hand and walked behind her as she led you to the house. Your squeezed your mom’s hand as she knocked on the door. “Hello!”

After being welcomed to come in you still stood behind your mom, “This is Y/N, she’s a little shy.” Your mom laughed. “She’s so beautiful, I have a son-Thomas!” She called. You watched as the young boy stomped in the living room, “Mum I was practicing-” He stopped and looked at you. “Tom, this is Y/N. She’s going to be our new neighbor.”

“Hello Y/N, I’m Tom.” He smiled and stuck out his hand. 

After that day you two played for hours, “Y/N!” Your mom called. “Yes?”, “It’s time to go honey.”

“Awe man.” You pouted, “See you later Tom.” You waved and he gave you a hug. “You’re gonna be my new best friend, okay?”

You smiled and nodded, “Okay.” You waved and ran to your mom

Age: 8

You were the only girl hanging out with Tom, Haz and a few other friends. “I don’t even know why you keep bringing her.” One of the guys said to Tom. “She’s my best friend.”

“Well you need to pick a new friend. She’s too girly and she cries a lot.”

“Hey!” You yelled folding your arms. Tom stopped and pulled you to the side, “Maybe you should sit this one out Y/N.”

“But I wanna go to the dance competition too!” You argued. Tom sighed, “Fine.” He grabbed your hand, “She’s coming I don’t care what you guys say, she’s my best friend.” He looked at you and smiled. The guys groaned and reluctantly let you go. 

Age: 12

You were finishing up your homework when you heard a quick set of knocks on your door. “Mom, someone’s at the door.” You yelled. She opened it and a frantic Tom came running in. “I got it.”

“Got what?” you asked. “I got the part in Billy Elliot!” He yelled jumping up and down. You screamed and hugged him, “That’s amazing!” 

He got you and your family tickets to see him an you were over the moon with excitement. 

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so glad i got to spend these past two days, once again, in new york city. this trip has been a dream come true - the ultimate highlight was last night, seeing my favorite show, Dear Evan Hansen, again (third row!!). i am so grateful to have seen this show again and to be able to watch this show change lives every day (mine included). this show, this cast, this theater - i would not want to be anywhere else. my heart is full. 💙✨

Your Name

I saw Your Name in theaters, and it’s so nice to see a hand drawn animated film in theaters. Not to mention, a good story.

I’m glad it is continued overseas (Japan, France, London), and what I am still hoping for is that America comes back to the hand drawn animation game too. Someday.

By the way, the film is a nice watch. I enjoyed it. :) Anyone else got a chance to see it?

Kimi no Na wa

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, School, Drama        

“Once and a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must have had I can never recalled. But… The sensation that I have lost something, lingers for a long time after I wake up.”

“I am always searching for something, for someone. This feeling has possessed me I think, from that day… the day when the stars came falling.”

One day I was on YouTube just watching some anime edits and I see a clip of this movie and it got me hooked on and curious about it. Luckily they had the title in the description so I didn’t have to comment or search everywhere for this movie :D. I also noticed that a movie theater near me actually showed this movie (on certain days) and that really convinced me to watch this because I haven’t seen any anime movies in a mainstream movie theater. I’m very glad to have skipped home work and stayed all night to finish this movie, it was all worth it in the end :).

Kimi no Na wa (Your name)  is a Japanese animated film directed by Makoto Shinkai and was animated by CoMix Wave Films. This film revolves around Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachiban trying to reach each other –after one fateful encounter–. 

Mitsuha is a high school country girl wishing to be a handsome Tokyo boy, while Taki is also a student that is balancing his school work and a part time job yearning to be an architect.  One day they find themselves in each others body and finally Mitsuha gets the experience she wants. As time goes on they get curious about this supernatural phenomenon, so they try to search for each other. Make sure to watch the movie to see how fate ties these two together!

I personally really love this movie (I watched this 3 times). The artwork of this movie is also very aesthetically pleasing. I really like the colors of this film as well since it pops so much. Not to mention, the sound track of this film is so great, the music gets you up and dancing every time! RADWIMPS composed the music for this film. My personal favorite is Zen Zen Zense. I also enjoy Sparkle if anyone wants to listen :P.  

Some other aesthetic anime films by CoMix Wave Films, which i might review in the future, includes 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Garden of Words, and Children Who Chase Lost Voices.

INTP-ISFJ-ESFP-INFP - Emotional Movie
  • INTP, ISFJ, ESFP, and INFP were walking out of the theater after watching Inside Out.
  • ESFP: It's such a good movie!! OMG!! I'm still tearing up. Anyone got tissues?
  • ISFJ: Here *hands ESFP one and takes one for herself*
  • INFP: I'm glad I didn't go to that dinner and came here instead.
  • ISFJ: I heard you sobbing a little inside the theater.
  • INFP: Well, it was so bittersweet! *looks at INTP* INTP has been so quiet.
  • ESFP: Did you like it?
  • INTP: Yea... *is holding everything inside and trying not to cry in front of people*

So when it was announced back in the fall that John Cameron Mitchell, who wrote the book for Hedwig and the Angry Inch and originated the role of Hedwig Off-Broadway in the late 90s, would be taking over the part in the Broadway production, my friends and I pretty quickly agreed we wanted to be there for his opening night. We bought tickets for the show literally within three hours of his opening night being announced, and we still came damn close to being sold out - we were in the very back of the orchestra (It’s a small theater, so there are really no bad seats).

When we got there a little after 7, before the doors even opened, there was a giant line, and people were swapping stories about seeing Michael C. Hall and Neil Patrick Harris and other productions of Hedwig: as one of my friends said, there was no one there who’d just randomly picked that Wednesday night in January to see the show. Multiple Hedwig cosplayers too – some just in the wig, some in full costume. The show started late, in part I think because the crowd just kept milling (and lining up at the merch table).

So of course when Yitzhak (Lena Hall) came out to do the pre-show announcements, there was a loud round of applause, and of course when she said “And now, ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not, Hedwig!” she was drowned out by applause before she even got to “whether.” John Cameron Mitchell came on stage to a standing ovation. And then ANOTHER standing ovation after his opening song was over. And then ANOTHER after “Origin of Love,” and after “Sugar Daddy” and “Wig in a Box” - five all told DURING the show, which I have never, ever seen or heard about, except in old stories about 19th century opera fanatics.

Everyone was so thrilled to be there and be part of the experience and to see John Cameron Mitchell in this part again – as a commenter on the Hedwig Facebook page (where I got this picture) put it, “it was like being in the loudest 2-hour group hug of all time.”

And it was loud. As another of my friends noted, Andrew Rannells and Michael C. Hall were trying to be Neil Patrick Harris - John Cameron Mitchell got to put his own stamp on the part again, and rewrote chunks of the book to fit himself better as a performer (and happily also to better showcase Tony-winner Lena Hall). His Hedwig shows more of its punk-rock cabaret roots – it’s more anarchic, more vulgar, and the band was even tighter, if that’s possible. As Hedwig said a few times during the evening, she was taking us downtown, and they did. 

And it was TWO HOURS. The show is only supposed to run 90 minutes, but there was so much applause it ran long. At the end of the evening - with the whole audience ON ITS FEET through most of the final song, so when the lyrics went “lift up your hands” we were all already there - the applause was of course thunderous, even more so when composer Stephen Trask (in tie above) came out, he and JCM kissed, and the cast took another bow with him. We were all ready for multiple curtain calls, but then JCM just peeked out from stage right, waved once, and the stagehands started to come out. We looked at our watches, and it was 10pm – if they’d let us applaud as long as we wanted to, they would have had to pay the stage crew overtime. 

I have been going to live theater for a long time, and I have never had an experience like that, and I don’t know that I ever will again. (Which almost makes me not want to see JCM in the part again! Except I sort of do.) I am so glad I got to be there; I adore John Cameron Mitchell, and Hedwig, as a story of anger and forgiveness and love, means a lot to me. And I am glad he gets to have this experience of hearing from the people who love this show fiercely, night after night, for the next two months.

wakeupspring  asked:

This might be creepy, but fuck it: I work at the Landmark Theater and tonight I was at the concession stand and I saw you walking towards the bar and I almost involuntarily yelled "Dan!" but I froze and then I just hoped I could manage to get your attention when you left but then it got crowded with customers to serve and once it died down you were gone. So to wrap this up it was really so cool seeing you and I can't believe I regret not shouting at a stranger in front of people.

I’m really glad you didn’t yell “Dan!” You seem completely nice and normal and I have a job because you and people like you read my things and watch my videos, and MY first job was working at the concession stand of a movie theater so, hey, twinsies. BUT, I would have felt really uncomfortable if you’d yelled my name. I’m so happy this happened instead!