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Cleaning the Cloak of Levitation

Dr. Strange had just saved the world, again with no casualties besides his pride and hygiene. So he went to one of the bathtubs in the Sanctum Sanctum of New York because the Cloak was very agitated with the guck and stuff all over it and Stephen knew it’d sulk if it got stained because he didn’t clean it quickly enough. So he filled up the bath with hot water and soap and started to clean it quickly. The Cloak look relieved and happy splashing at Stephen playfully like a toddler. “I’m glad you’re having fun.” Stephen said half sarcastic half sincere. This would be even more of a chore if it fought him,after all. After a while Cloakie was all clean,Stephen said,“Are you ready for your favorite part?” The Cloak nodded and and got out of the bath waiting to be blow dried with the hair dryer. Stephen chucked a bit and blow dried it evenly an thoroughly dry. “Thanks for being patient.”, Stephen told the Cloak. The Cloak hugged him tightly. “I got to clean my clothes and myself now then I’m going to sleep.” Stephen said. The Cloak gave him one last hug and floated away to amuse itself elsewhere. Stephen smiled then did what he said he’d do. Today was a good day.

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D-Arts Megaman X SDCC Ver.

Shooting this figure was an absolute pain in the a**. This is one of those toys I wanted a DSLR for, and when I finally got my camera - I intended this version of X to be one of my first sets, but ended up moving back over seas before I had the chance. I’m glad I got delayed by a couple of years so I could get to a point where I am comfortable enough with my skills in post that cleaning this up wasn’t so bad. And even though I was comfy with my clean up work - I still sat on this set for X for nearly 8 months -.-. I was really dreading that reflective metallic. That said I absolutely love the tackiness of the metallic finish on X, so much so that I can’t decide which version of X I prefer. 

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Hey Crutchie! Just wanted to say that I used to be in a wheelchair when I was younger but I got sponsored to have several operations and now I'm not in one anymore! Maybe one day it'll happen for you? 💖

[Crutchie] Oh, that’s awesome! I’m so pleased for ‘ya! I dunno though, I ain’t sure if my leg’s ever gonna get fixed - Jack still says some clean air an’ open space would fix me right up but I ain’t so sure. It ain’t so bad though - I can walk okay, all I need’s my crutch! Don’t worry ‘bout me. But hey, I’m glad you’s doin’ good!


* Maybe, with what little power you have… You can SAVE something else.