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this is just a little spec fic I wrote after tonight’s episode. i’m very sleepy and this is very un-beta-ed, but enjoy!

This wasn’t the first time.

The first time someone had tried to break him.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, he had endured so much in his life, by now he should be numb.

How much easier would it be for him if he just didn’t feel anything anymore?

He had lost track of the days he had spent chained up in this cold, dark room. The hours he was alone were almost harder than Adrian’s visits because the only company he had was the words of his captor echoing in his mind, imprinting themselves as truths, continuing his torture.

Old wounds that had never fully healed had been reopened, not just the ones currently dripping blood all over the concrete he was laying on, but deep emotional ones that had been hastily patched up underneath whatever crisis was more of a priority that year than giving them time to heal. Adrian knew everything about him, knew where to twist the knife to make him scream, to haunt him with memories he had tried to forget.

He knew his teammates were looking for him, knew they wouldn’t stop until they found him, but every minute he spent here made him more afraid that time had run out, that Adrian had gotten to them, one by one, before they got to him.  

The sound of the metal door scraping the floor caused every muscle in his body to tense up in preparation for whatever blow would be delivered to him this time. Would it be the one that finally shattered him?

Lifting his head ever so slightly, he saw in the dim light through his blurred vision a sight that made his breath catch in his throat.  


She rushed forward, collapsing to the floor beside him and gently cradling his head in her hands.

“We need to hurry,” John’s voice reached his ears. “Adrian could be back any minute now and we need to get you two on your way.”

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Make up or break up- Josh Dun

Josh had been spending a lot of time in the studio lately. He had even spent the last 2 nights there. You understood how stressful it would be trying to finish an album but you couldn’t help but miss him. You had been texting him all day asking when he would be home. He didn’t answer. You haven’t talked to him in a day now. He didn’t even bother to text you good night last night.
Hey Joshua. It’s your girlfriend. Have you forgotten about me? When are you coming home? I know you’re stressed but I mean you haven’t talked to me in over a day. I miss you. I love you.
Sent at 5:36pm
I’m extremely tired. I’m coming home now and going to bed.
Received at 5:38pm
Ok. See you then.
Sent at 5:39pm
Josh seemed short in his text. That meant he was in a bad mood. You just wished he would talk to you. The front door opened but you didn’t really notice. You just sat a the kitchen table and stared down at your cup of tea continuing to think. The slamming of keys hitting the counter made you jump slightly and pulled you from your thoughts.
“Oh hey babe. How was your day?” You asked in a calm nice tone trying to make him calm down a little.
“Really, how was your day? That’s what you ask me? My day was fine. I told you I was tired. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” Josh’s tone was very aggressive.
“I-I’m sorry. Goodnight.” You went to give him a kiss but he just turned around and walked towards the bedroom.
You couldn’t hold back your emotions. That hurt like hell. You slid down to the floor and broke down crying. After a few minutes you heard footsteps approaching you. You looked up and saw an angry Josh. He wasn’t there to apologize or comfort you.
“Y/N can you stop being so damn dramatic. I can’t sleep with you out here crying and feeling sorry for yourself. Now either come join me in bed or why don’t you just leave. You don’t do anything around here. You don’t work and you expect me to be with you all the time. Well guess what I princess I’m at work all day and I don’t expect to come up to you being a fucking drama queen.” His face was red from anger and yelling. You just looked at him in shock unable to even stick up for yourself.
“Say something god damn it.” And with that he slapped you across your face.
You held your face for a moment before you pushed him aside and grabbed your keys and left through the front door.
As you walked to your car quickly you could hear Josh behind you.
“Fuck Y/N wait. No. Fuck. Shit I’m so sorry.” He grabbed for your arm to stop you. You looked into his eyes which were spilling out tears.
“Y/N please. Don’t leave. Please. I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything. I love you. Don’t go.”
You could tell it was going to break him if you left. But if you stayed and didn’t take time to think you might brake.
“I’m sorry Josh, but I can’t. I have to go.”
“Where are you gonna go. Please let’s just go inside and talk about it.” He was holding back his tears from falling again as yours fell one by one.
“Goodbye Josh.” With that you got in the car and drove off. You didn’t know exactly where you were headed but you ended up at Tyler and Jenna’s front door.
As you knocked it finally sent in what happened. You broke down as soon as the door opened.
“Holy crap Y/N. What’s wrong?” Jenna asked as she pulled you into a hug. Ever since you and Josh started dating 2 years ago you became best friend with Jenna.
“J-josh came in f-from the studio and h-he w-was really tired and h-he s-lapped me and y-yelled at m-me.” You tried to explain as Jenna lead you to the couch still hugging you. Tyler appeared in the room with a confused look.
“Hey Y/N, why aren’t you with Josh?” He realized that he probably shouldn’t of asked that once you looked up at him and sobbed harder.
Jenna got up leaving you on the couch and Tyler still stood across the room. She stopped to whisper something in his ear. His jaw dropped as she talked to him quietly. His look of shock turned to pissed. Jenna continued walking towards her room where she grabbed you some pajamas and Tyler came and sat next to you. He was like an older brother to you but it was awkward because Josh was his best friend.
“Y/N. I know you don’t want to hear this right now but it will be fine. He’s just really stressed and he’s never dealt with his stress well. I’ll call him and make sure he’s okay. But I need to know your okay first. You did the right thing coming here and not just leaving for good. Josh loves you so much. He needs you. You guys can’t give up on this relationship yet. I know he hurt you but…” he took a pause searching for the words. “He should have never touched you. I have no excuse for him for putting his hands on you. Why don’t we get you to the guest room and you can rest.” You nodded and he led you to the room where Jenna was setting up the bed for you. You thanked them and they left you alone.
As you got into bed after cleaning yourself up you look at your phone to see that it was 7:32 pm. Josh had called you 17 times, left you 13 voicemails, and texted you 43 times. You had to admit it made you happy to see he wasn’t giving up on the relationship. You still couldn’t bring yourself to listen or read any messages so you deleted them. You laid in the bed just looking at the ceiling. What felt like hours later was only about 45 minutes later when you heard the doorbell ring and footsteps heading towards the door. You heard Tyler raising his voice then slamming the door. Whoever it was he was clearly very pissed at them. You heard a quiet knock on the window that was to the right of you. You got up and opened it and saw a really upset Josh. He gave you a slight smile then spoke.
“I didn’t want to spend the night alone. I didn’t know where you were going and I couldn’t stand knowing that I made you so upset. I came here to see if I could crash here but Tyler said you were in the guest room and told me I needed to leave. But I could let you go again. I can’t do this Y/N. I love you too much. I so so sorry I never meant to put my hands on you.” As he said that you cupped your cheek. You felt a tear roll down your face.
“Please just come in here Josh.”
Josh hoisted himself through the window. You were glad Tyler and Jenna lived on a one floor house because otherwise you probably wouldn’t be in Josh’s arms right now. You went over to turn on the light when Josh let out a slight gasp.
“Shit Y/N. Did you see your face. It’s all bruised. I’m so sorry. I’m such a bad boyfriend. Oh my god I’ll never hurt you again.” You cut him off before he could go on.
“No. Josh it’s okay. Your stressed. I get it. Please just please promise me you’ll take a break from the studio. It’s changing you for the worse.” You looked into his mocha eyes as he just nodded and held back a few tears.
“You know I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. You do so much for me. You cook, clean, take care of me, you practically gave up your job for me. Your such an amazing person and I’m so glad you’re mine. I really mean it. I love you so much.”
“Josh shut up and kiss me already.” With that for the first time in over 2 days he gave you a kiss. It was a small yet loving kiss.
Once pulled apart you both got under the covers and cuddled into each other. You fell asleep after exchanging a few more kisses and ‘I love yous’.

BONUS // Q&A with Christian Yu
  • Christian and you have been spending so much time on Youtube. Watching everything from puppy videos to conspiracy theories. Christian then suggested to you that he wants to do a Q&A with you. He even printed out the questions so he knew you would say yes anyway.
  • Christian: C’mon babe, it would be fun and the fans will get to know us better. Pleaaaase.
  • You: Okay fine but you owe me something.
  • Christian: Awesome! The first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we had dinner Jamie's Italian.
  • Christian: Yeah the one near Circular Quay and after that we went to check out the lights because Vivid was on. Oh and all of this is back in Sydney btw.
  • You: Mhmm. What's the next question?
  • Christian: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We actually met at Boost. We were waiting for our drinks and funnily enough, we ordered the same one. The girl called out the drink and we both went to grab it. Christian then insisted I take the drink so I did. I thought oh what a gentlemen, he's so sweet.
  • Christian: What did you do after you took the drink?
  • You: I said thank you.
  • Christian: Yeah and you just ran off.
  • You: I had a train to catch.
  • Christian: So rude babe.
  • You: So that was your first thought of me? Rude?
  • Christian: Nooo, I saw you standing there and I thought oh hey, this girl has good taste in clothes. I remember because we were wearing the same type of sneakers.
  • You: Nice save.
  • Christian: What is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: I really loved it when you took me here for the first time. It was the afternoon and the sun was setting. The view out of this window was amazing! And you had like scented candles all around the place. Another bonus was you made dinner and DESSERT that night.
  • Christian: Yeah, you know that dessert was a fluke. I definitely did not expect the cake to rise because I added too much flour and little baking soda.
  • You: It was really good. So what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • Christian: You babe have the habit of leaving the cupboard doors open. Like it's not fully closed or opened. Just like a few centimeters away from it being fully closed. Why don't you use a tiny extra effort to make it close all the way?
  • You: Er I wouldn't be bashing me with my habit, Mr. Always leaving the bathroom lights on. And Mr. Always Spending So Much Time On His Hair. Your hair is always fine babe.
  • Christian: Fine, guess we're both bad. The next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: We tend to have dinner at home then take a stroll. I remember that time when our stroll lasted until 3am.
  • Christian: Yeah, I remember that. And it's nice walking around at night because I like to shoot short videos on my phone. You guys probably can see them on my Instagram.
  • You: You included this next question?
  • Christian: I didn't read the questions beforehand. I just printed them straight off the net. What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Christian: OHHHH. I see what you mean. Do you want me to address this babe?
  • You: Yeah but keep it PG.
  • Christian: PG? I'll try. Umm we do a lot of erm you know, sexting, dirty talk and sometimes foreplay. That's all I'm gonna say.
  • You buried your face behind Christian's back.
  • Christian: Alright, glad we got that out of the way. The last question is do you have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: Babe, you take this one as well.
  • Christian: Umm funny, embarrassing sex stories? Only one comes to mind. Okay so we were on the bed, this one behind us, and I was um going down on [Y/N] but my back was facing this wall. So like you couldn't see anything besides the back of my back and [Y/N]'s legs. Anyway so after the deed was done, we cleaned up and stuff then I realised my laptop's cam was still on. I was doing a short recording of Lori trying to jump on the bed before we did it and I forgot all out it. Turns out, it was recording the whole thing. So being me, I actually made a short time loop of me and [Y/N], you know just me going down on her.
  • You: I still can't believe you name that file as TEST01.
  • Christian: I wouldn't think anyone would open it.
  • You: But who opened it babe?
  • Christian: Dabin. Well I didn't expect him to open that file, not my fault. He thought it was a test video for his new mv. I should've filed that video in my personal folder and not on the Desktop.
  • You: Take notes for next time then.
  • Christian: Next time aye? Anyway Dabin couldn't even tell it was us.
  • You: Are you sure? Your tattoos and that painting on the wall would have given it away.
  • Christian: Well he hasn't said anything so let's just say Dabin didn't see anything.
  • You: Is that all the questions? I'm hungry now.
  • Christian: Hmm yeah, that was the last one. Want to you wanna eat?
  • You: Pizza and let's watch Back to the Future?
  • Christian: That's my girl.

AN ~ just a little bit of Skimmons sickfic/cuddle/fluff for @pizza-is-my-buziness. hope this makes your day a little better! partially inspired by the songs Beautiful Madness - Delta Goodrem and Underneath a Beating Heart - Rosi Golan

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Jemma Simmons wakes up early. Not that early, she thinks, but early enough that Daisy’s not usually awake, and that Daisy and almost everyone else they know has at some point commented on it. Even as Daisy’s routine changed, she was still a sleep-in person at heart, so Jemma was surprised to wake this morning and find the other side of the bed empty, even though they had been given the rare morning off.

Curious more than anything else, Jemma stretched and padded into the kitchen, looking around as she went about her usual morning routine. She stuck her head into the lounge and that’s when she saw Daisy, curled up on the couch, looking positively miserable, and if Jemma was not mistaken, possibly even making the quiet growling-moaning sound of a stressed dog.

“Morning,” Daisy groaned. “Did I wake you?”

“No,” Jemma confirmed. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Daisy pouted. “It’s just my stupid crappy uterus being stupid and crappy.”

“I’m glad I don’t have one of those anymore,” Jemma said, and smiled kindly, if a little mockingly.

“Whooptie for you,” Daisy muttered, and Jemma dropped her teasing pretence and instead crooned quietly and stroked Daisy’s creased forehead with gentle fingers.

“Did you take some ibuprofen?” Jemma asked her.

“I couldn’t find it.”

“Aw, babe, you should have woken me up! I moved it when I cleaned the bathroom, I’m sorry! I’ll get you some. D’you want some tea?”

“Yes please.”

It wasn’t often that Daisy got the chance to wallow and feel sorry for herself, so neither of them minded if she was milking it a little. In fact, when Jemma returned to her side she had with her not only ibuprofen, water, and tea, but also a banana, a muesli bar, and a heated rice-pack.

“You should get your implant replaced,” she pointed out, as Daisy tucked the warm back against her belly. “They don’t last forever, you know.”

“You’re right, that was super high on my list of priorities last year while I was running for my life. I can’t believe I didn’t get to it.” Daisy rolled her eyes.

“I know,” Jemma said, apologetic, and Daisy sighed.

“I know you know. I’ll make appointment later, I’m just feeling crappy. Although, it’s nice to have little regrets for once.”

“You know what’s nicer than that?” Jemma challenged, her face lighting up in a bright smile. Daisy smiled uncertainly up at her, not sure what she was getting into, but Jemma just kissed her gently, and turned around to pick up an armful of blanket from the other couch.

“An excuse to cuddle my girlfriend,” she explained. “And to not move, all day.”

She wriggled into place so that she was somewhat spooning Daisy, and had the blanket draped over both of them, if in a slightly haphazard way. Always the planner, she had brought the TV remotes over without Daisy even noticing, and flicked through the programs available to them with a great sense of purpose, until she found the perfect thing, and snuggled deeper into the blanket and Daisy as it began to play.

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the Arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport….

Lucifer imagines - The Devil’s all around you part 5

Originally posted by thecwspn

A/N: I know I was meant to post this ages ago but I’ve been really busy and just haven’t had the time. Sorry!

(Overall) Summary: When there’s a way to transfer Lucifer’s damage from Sam to Cas. Surely, there’s a way to transfer that same damage from Cas to you. When you take the damage from Castiel and Lucifer wriggles his way through your mind, can you handle it? What if things get too personal or just simply go wrong? You knew the risks but you didn’t care. If it will help the boys, you’ll just about do anything.

LuciferXreader fic. AU: Lucifer is actually in your head, he isn’t a hallucination. 

Italics is Luci speaking inside your head

Word count: 1, 406

Warnings: strong language, Luci being Luci, mentions of sexual abuse

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)

You fell asleep soon after the dirty deed with the devil. He didn’t plague you with nightmares like usual, he just let you recover and sleep it off. 

When you woke, you slipped on some sweatpants and made your way to the kitchen.

It was around midnight, Lucifer had let you sleep all afternoon and evening. When you thought of his touch, you cheeks flushed with embarrassment. You had orgasmed because of Satan. Satan. 

“Don’t act like you didn’t crave it, (y/n).” Lucifer invaded your thoughts, the carton of milk that you got from the fridge fell from your hands as he startled you.

“Get out of my head, Lucifer.” You pleaded as you knelt down to deal with the split milk. 

What? If I recall only a few hours ago you were whimpering my name like a puppy.” Lucifer smirked, you growled the threw the half empty carton in the direction of the apparition. 

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wtfoma  asked:


Thanks for reading it and I’m so glad you liked it <3 here’s part two! Enjoy xx

Part One

The phone rings again. You ignore it again.

Last night after Calum left, you spent at least an hour just sitting on your bedroom floor in complete shock. Once that wore off, you stumbled to the bathroom to clean yourself up, and that’s when the fear set in.

You’ve trusted Calum since the moment you met him. He’s got such a warm smile and a cuddly personality, that there was absolutely no reason for you not to trust him.

It’s scary when the one person that you believe in more than anyone turns on you.

You only slept for about two hours before you gave up and just decided to make breakfast. The wound on your forehead constantly stings, and the pain gets more intense the more you think about it.

You keep picturing Calum’s shocked and hurt expression when he looked at you after you fell. He seemed so… broken.

You want to feel bad for him. You want to tell him to come back and for everything to be okay. But what you want doesn’t matter anymore. The reality of the situation is that he hurt you. The man that you’re supposed to be able to trust more than life itself has hurt you, and there’s no way to take it back.

Your phone has been ringing almost nonstop since you woke up. If it’s not Calum calling you, then it’s one of the boys. You wonder if he told them about what happened, or if they just think you kicked him out for no reason.

You’re not mad at any of them, so there’s really no reason for you to be ignoring them. In all honesty, you just don’t really feel like speaking to anyone right now. You just want to be alone with your thoughts.

You’ve just sat down on the couch to watch t.v. when the front door suddenly opens. You spring to your feet and get ready to throw something at the intruder until you see Luke’s face peek nervously inside. He holds up his hands defensively and offers you a weak smile.

“Cal gave me his key,” he explains. “Considering how you’ve ignored all of our calls, I didn’t figure you’d let me in if I just rang the doorbell.”

You sigh as you set down the remote that you had been preparing to throw. You sit back down and turn away from Luke.

“You’d be right,” you admit. “I don’t feel like talking.”

“Fine,” Luke says as he makes his way toward the couch. “Then we’ll just sit here together in complete silence until you do feel like talking.”

He sits down and kicks his shoes off to make it clear that he has no intention to leave. You roll your eyes and look over at him.

“Alright,” you concede. “What do you want to talk about?”

He sighs and stares at you with pleading eyes. “Please talk to Cal,” he begs.

You start to protest, but he holds up his hand to stop you.

“I know you’re angry and probably scared and maybe even sad, and you have every right to be. What he did was unacceptable and if it was any other situation, I would’ve kicked his ass for hurting you. But he really didn’t mean to, (Y/N),” Luke says. “He came to Ashton’s place last night and he was a mess. He hasn’t eaten or slept since he left here, and he’s really starting to worry us. He told us what happened and he blames himself completely. He feels like he’s completely failed you, and he can’t live with that.”

You feel more tears starting to form in your eyes as you listen to Luke. What he’s saying is only making you want to take Cal back even more, but you’re just not sure that you can.

“What if he hurts me again?” You ask, your voice just above a whisper.

Luke shakes his head. “If I had any doubt in my mind whatsoever about Cal ever hurting you again, I wouldn’t be here right now. You’re like a sister to me, (Y/N), and I would never put you in danger, I promise.”

“Luke?” A voice says from the doorway.

You hadn’t even heard the front door open, but you look over to see a disheveled Calum standing there.

“What are you doing here?” Cal asks, his red, puffy eyes focused on Luke.

Luke shrugs. “Hanging out with my friend (Y/N),” he answers nonchalantly. “Is that not allowed?”

Calum seems confused by Luke’s answer, but he doesn’t push the issue. Instead, he turns to you and his face softens.

“Can we talk?” He pleads.

Luke places a hand on your thigh and quietly asks if you’re okay. You nod and Luke excuses himself to the kitchen in order to give the two of you some privacy.

Calum walks over and sits down where Luke just was at the other end of the couch. He’s very careful not to move too quickly or get too close to you.

“I-I’m so sorry,” he says, his eyes forming fresh tears as he talks. “I know that there’s a chance that you might never forgive me, and I’m not sure I’ll even be able to forgive myself, but I wanted you to know just how sorry I am about what I’ve done. I d-don’t know how to live with the fact that I hurt the one person who means the most to me, and I’m not really sure if there’s a way I can fix this, but I’m gonna try, (Y/N). There’s no way in hell I’d give you up without a fight. I just want to know if you want me to fight for you, for us. If you tell me to pack my shit and leave, then I promise I will never bother you again, and that just might kill me. But I would do anything for you, I hope you know that.”

“Calum,” you say softly as you nervously play with your hands. “I-I want to forgive you. I want to make this work. I’m just not sure if I-,”

He nods as your voice trails off, his eyes looking down at his lap. “I know. I understand.”

“But please don’t stop fighting,” you say, causing him to look back up. “I can’t promise that it will be easy, but I want you to keep fighting.”

You see a hint of hope in his otherwise sad eyes, and he smiles.

“I love you,” he says.

You nod and move over so that you can rest your head on his shoulder.

“I love you too, Cal. We can make this work. I know we can.”

My New Pet (Part 2) ~Jim Moriarty Imagine~

Hello humans! I’m sorry this took so long, but as requested, here is a part 2! I really, really want to make a part 3, so let me know if I should! I hope you enjoy it! :)    

Part One!

*Not My Gif*

Jim pulled a chair up to mine and sat his torso against the back of it.  
“Please don’t hurt me.” I whispered through my tears.
He stared at me intently before speaking.
“I’m not going to hurt you unless you hurt me, kitten.” He stated calmly.
He tapped his fingers against the chair and sighed.
“First thing’s first though. Since you’re going to be my pet, you need the right attire. There’s a change of outfit for you upstairs. I
want you to put it on then come right back. If you try anything, it’ll really hurt me..and we don’t want that now do we?” He taunted.
I shook my head and straightened up.
“That’s my girl.” He smirked.
He stood up from his chair and untied me from mine, but kept the ropes around my hands. We walked up the dark stairs and into a
very big room that I guessed was his house. He walked me towards a bedroom and opened the door, leading me in. He kicked the door closed
behind him and pointed to the outfit that laid on the bed. The outfit consisted of a black pencil skirt, a white button up with a navy
blue vest, a skinny black tie and a pair of black heels. He undid the ropes around my wrists and leaned against the door.
“Get dressed.” He demanded.
“I’m not getting dressed while you look.” I stated as I rubbed my chafed wrists.
He rolled his eyes dramatically and turned around to face the door with his arms crossed. I knew better than try to run or escape, so I
did what he said. I put on the outfit and heels, then cleared my throat when I was finished. He turned around and looked me up and down
before grabbing my arm again and leading me to the living room. He sat me down on the couch as he pulled out his phone and made a few
calls. I stared up at the high ceilings, then glanced at the paintings on the wall. A tall painted portrait of Moriarty was hanging above
the stoned fireplace and the wall was gunmetal. The couch I was sitting on was black leather and the matching silk curtains were drawn,
making the room slightly dim. I huffed at the thought that for a criminal, he had great taste.
“Lovely isn’t?” He spoke, breaking my admiration.
My eyes met his and I nodded slightly.
“I may be a consulting criminal, but i’m not tacky.” He remarked with a smirk.
I felt my lips try to tug at a smile, but I looked down instead. He sauntered closer to me and grabbed my arm, pulling me up.
“I have a special project for you.” He smirked as he walked me towards the hallway, stopping at door at the end of it.
The door was big and metal and was activated by a small key pad. Jim quickly typed in the code and it opened, revealing a round, narrow
staircase that lead somewhere below the flat. We carefully walked down the stairs, the door closing behind us and entered a pitch black
room. He clapped his hands twice and the lights turned on revealing his gun room. Different kinds of machinery were hanging on the walls
and the horizontal tables held different kinds of bullets. I couldn’t help, but chuckle a bit.
“What’s funny?” He asked in annoyance.
“Nothing it’s just…this is so typical mastermind villain. You kind of remind me of a James Bond villain.” I joked.
He smirked to himself before turning to me with a serious stare.
“I’m glad you find this amusing because this is where you’ll be spending most of the day. I want you to take apart, clean and reassemble
each gun. I want them to shine and I want it done by 6. Got it?” He demanded.
I nodded and sat down on the stool at one of the tables. Jim took one of the guns off the wall and laid it down in front of me.
“Get started.” He hissed before walking back up the staircase and locking me in the room.
I sighed and began to take the gun apart.

2 hours past when Moriarty came back. He examined the guns and nodded.
“Good. You did good.” He stated.
“I had enough time to clean each of them twice.” I reported.
“How?” He questioned as his head turned to me.
“Like you said…I’m Sherlock’s sister, I’m not completely dumb.” I laughed.
He dropped his head and smiled at the floor.
“Your next project is going to involve a change in outfit.” He remarked, looking back up at me.
“What am I doing?” I asked as I stood up.
“We’re going to a dinner event tonight. I’m meeting with some clients and you’re going as my date.” He explained.
I nodded and followed him up the stairs and back into the living room; this time without him holding onto my arm. He opened the same bedroom
door from earlier and let me walk in. He stood by the door frame and leaned against it.
“There’s a dress hanging in the closet.” He said pointing to the black doors to my left.
“How do you have all these clothes for me?” I asked.
“I like to plan ahead.” He sighed before shutting the door, leaving me alone.
I walked to the closet and opened it. A long, one sleeved, emerald dress was hanging on the hanger. As I reached out to grab it, I heard my
phone buzzing. I exclaimed in shock as I pulled it out of my jacket on the bed. I hadn’t even realized Jim had put it back in my
pocket. Sherlock’s name was across the screen as the phone still buzzed. I checked my surroundings, then walked into the closet, closing the door
behind me and answering the call.
“Y/N, where are you?” Sherlock immediately spoke.
“Moriarty has me.” I whispered as quietly as possible.
“I don’t know, but I’m okay.”
“I’m going to find you Y/N..I just need time. Distract him as much as you can and whatever you do, don’t make him angry.”
“I have John and Mycroft helping me so it won’t be long.”
“Okay. I have to go before he hears me.”
I hung up the phone and slid it back into my jacket pocket. I then grabbed the dress and put it on, along with the black heels. After looking in
the mirror, I opened the door and strolled into the living room. Jim was fixing his cuff as he stared into the mirror above the fire place. His
eyes shifted and he looked at me through the mirror. He hands slowly dropped as he turned around to look at me physically. His eyes trailed up and
down my figure as I stared back at him. He was dressed up in a tux with his bow tie neatly done around his neck and needless to say, he looked very
attractive. His lips tugged to the corner of his mouth before finally speaking.
“Ready, kitten?” He asked.
I nodded as he grabbed my hand and led me to the front door.

Part 3!

Request are currently closed! (Sorry about that)

You’re not alone

Requested by anon

Can you do a story where Gideon dies and Spence is extremely distraught and upset so the reader tries to comfort him? Spencer x Reader

Warnings: talk of death and mild depression

Spencer hadn’t been into the office for a few weeks, and every mission he didn’t show up you grew more and more worried about him.

The day everyone found out about Gideon’s death was one of the darkest days for the team, especially for Spencer, they had been close friends, so when he didn’t come to work the first week you brushed it off thinking he needed time.

Then the second week came along, he still hadn’t come into work or answered any of your calls, you started to become nervous about his well-being.

Now three weeks later and still no word from him you decided that he had been gone long enough; you missed him, and besides the team needed him. So after work you drove over to his apartment to check on him and to ask him to come back.

Once you found his apartment number you knocked furiously and yelled through the door “Spencer open up I know you’re in there I saw your car” you waited moment but there was no answer so you tried again “Spencer open the door right now or I’m going to break it in” you counted to ten in your head and just as you were about to break down the door it flew open.

Standing before you was a Spencer you didn’t recognize, he had scruff all over his chin, his short hair was standing up and poking out at various angels, he was in pajamas, and his once bright brown eyes were now dead, you felt like you were looking at a stranger.

“Hey Spence we haven’t seen in you or heard from you in a while so I wanted to stop by to make sure you were okay” you said looking past him at the dirty apartment.

When he responded his voice was just as dead as his eyes “I’m fine y/n”.

Your heart broke seeing him like this “Spencer it’s okay if you’re not okay everyone’s struggling right now, Gideon was good friends with everyo…”.

“I said I was fine y/n now go home I don’t need you or anyone else for that matter” He said cutting you off.

The words stung but you weren’t ready to give up that easily “You may not need me but I need you, the team needs you and whether you believe it or not you need us too”. You said trying to reach him past his walls he had built up.

“No I don’t, go home y/n I want to be alone!” he said raising his voice and slamming the door in your face.

You stood there in shock, you could not believe he just slammed the door in your face, Spencer was one of the nicest guys you knew and hearing him yell at you hurt but there was no way you were going to show that so you slammed your fists against the door “Fine if you want to be alone be alone!” you yelled turning and walking away.

When you got home you felt terrible about the way you acted, Spence didn’t deserve that, he was mourning the loss of one of his best friends, sure you missed Gideon too but Him and Spencer had always been closer of course he would want to be alone, so you decided to go back tomorrow to apologize and try again.

This time you didn’t even bother knocking you knew he wouldn’t answer the door so you tried the nob and it twisted open without resistance, Spencer obviously wasn’t thinking straight if he had left his door unlocked, he knew about the kind of people we dealt with.

You walked in and saw the place in complete disarray; this was so unlike Spencer you became even more distraught about him.

You looked around but he was know where to be seen so you moved towards the bedroom, you opened it and saw him lying on the floor shaking with quiet tears. Your breath caught in your throat you couldn’t stand to see the man you were in love with so completely broken.

You rushed over to him and pulled him up into your arms. You held him and let him cry for what could have been hours, you didn’t care all you could focus on was Spencer and making sure he would be okay.

Once his tears dried he sat up and looked at you with a desolate gleam in his eyes then reached out and put his arms around your waist pulling you into a tight hug. You let out a soft sigh his arms around you made you feel safe in this big and scary world.

You sat in the quite for a moment before Spencer asked “I thought you said you were going to leave me alone, I wanted you too?”

You didn’t sense any anger in his voice just curiosity “I did” you answered “But I was wrong, no one should be alone at a time like this” You said rubbing circles into his back.

The room fell quiet again until you decided to ask your own question “You do know you’re not alone right? You know that the whole team is here for you, that I’m here for you?” you asked pulling away from his arms so you could look up into his eyes.

He sounded sad when he responded “I know” his voice broke. “I know, but Gideon’s death made me feel that way, I know we hadn’t talked in a while but it was comforting knowing that he was out there, and then this happened and it felt like the whole world was closing in around me I felt abandoned and I wanted Gideon to fix it, not you, not Morgan, not anyone but then you came and it felt like you were intruding on something , that you weren’t supposed to be there, so I said some things I didn’t mean to get you to leave, and that’s exactly what you did. When you were gone I felt worse than I had before. I couldn’t shake it, the utter loneliness, so I cried my heart out and then the strangest thing happened “

You raised your eyebrow in question.

“You came back” he said simply.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him again hugging him tight before standing up “Well good I’m glad I came back then” you said looking around at his room and wrinkling your nose in disgust “Should we start cleaning this place it’s kind of a pigsty?” you asked giving him one of your biggest smiles.

He sighed and got to his feet as well “I guess” he said dramatically rolling his eyes and giving you a playful wink.

Your heart did little summer salts while you thought to yourself that it was a good thing that the room was dark so he couldn’t see the blush you felt coloring your cheeks “Alright let’s get started” you said trying to keep your voice as even as possible.

You guys worked in tandem for a few hours until the apartment was completely clean, then you both took the garbage to the dumpster and then he walked you to your car. You opened the door and you were about to get in it when he reached his hand out and put it on your shoulder to stop you “Thank you y/n, for everything, you’re a great friend I don’t know what I would do without you” He said giving your shoulder a quick squeeze before dropping his hand and turning to go back inside.

You couldn’t let it end like this; he had to know how you really felt. You didn’t care anymore if it was the right time or place; you were tired of him hurting you indirectly, at least if he knew then he could avoid it. So you pushed away all your fear like you do right before every mission so you reached out and grabbed his hand.

He turned back towards you and you bravely took a chance with your heart. You got up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his. It was everything you thought it would be electric and addictive.

Spencer was completely taken by surprise he remained motionless while your lips moved over his not knowing what he should do, he had never thought about you like this before, but then logic left him and his emotions took over, he closed his eyes and was about to kiss you back when you pulled away.

When he didn’t immediately kiss you back you became a little worried but you kept trying hoping he was still in shock but then nothing came, you were devastated, so you tore your lips away from his and jumped into your car started it and pulled away.

He stood there staring at the empty space you had been standing in feeling more alone than he had in his entire life.

                                                                                                                            Part 2

i feel so accomplished right now and i’ve been in a manic high for the last few hours.
my mom and i have to go out of town today and she wants to leave at 6am to beat traffic so we went to bed earlier than normal. but i couldn’t sleep (despite all my pills putting me in a state of 100% relaxation) and i was obsessing over cleaning so i got up and worked on my bedroom. i honestly can’t remember the last time i had a real cleaning session in my room besides picking up garbage, and 2 of the corners in my bedroom are just pilled with junk- clothes, books, boxes; basically everything i didn’t feel like putting away got thrown into one of the corners.
SO i just spent 1.5 hours cleaning one corner and dusting and rearranging my bookshelf and it looks so good!! i feel almost giddy right now, i’m just so glad that it’s cleaned and that you can really see the result.

damn i really do feel manic and hyper right now. but i’ve been awake since 11am yesterday so i know i’m going to crash soon out of exhaustion and i’m sure it’ll take my mood down, too. but for now i feel good and accomplished and ya. idk i feel like i’m rambling?? ok text post over. fin.

Got my own art tablet so i decided to try and draw. Inspired by @vibluu and her witchsona, so i made one of my own. Meet Sirena! 

Will add more stuff about her when i’m done drawing her. For now, please enjoy the fun facts on the side.

Too lazy to go over it and clean up the sketch tonight. :P

anonymous asked:

mel my cat is really hugegigantic like the size of two cats in one very buff cat body but i finally cleaned up enough to empty my old chair again and its a really big chair and in it my cat looks like a regular sized cat i found out thank you for listning

I’m so glad your cat got a nice place to sit on now, it’s important that she can feel like a normal sized cat if she wants!!

Also huge cats are good bc more cat.

Thank you for cat update!!! <3

When you are a hurricane.

Poem in this fic is by the incredible Clementine von Radics

“We have both known loss like the sharp edges of a knife. We have both lived with lips more scar tissue than skin.”

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

The bunker’s air was seeping with anxiousness, as you stood in the kitchen gathering plates and utensils for dinner. You grab three cups out of the cabinet and place them next to the plates. Checking your watch, Sam and Mary would be back soon from getting the take out. So busy making sure everything was ready for the three Winchesters to eat, you hadn’t noticed Dean leaning against the kitchen doorway until he cleared his throat. Jumping back a little, you look up at the handsome man with a small smile.

“Hey, here are all the plates and stuff for dinner,” you motion him over, taking a sip from your cold beer can.

Dean strolls to you, helping himself to your drink, much to your dismay.

“The fridge is literally right there,” you tease snatching the can from his hands.

He groans, but did what he was told. You hear the snap of the beer can being open and suddenly Dean was leaning against you, peering at the items you had laid out.

“Wait, wait. Where’s your stuff?” He grumbles.

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Red Strings and Blue Hair pt.1

Anonymous asked: pls do more syndisparklez <3 Your last one was amazing

Yes dear anon, I can do that :) I had wanted to do a fic on this concept for a while now and this gave me the perfect opportunity. If you’ve ever heard of the red string of fate then I think you will know what’s in store. I’ve decided to do this in 2 parts because it was becoming quite the unwieldy beast XD  I hope you enjoy it you guys let me know :) <3

Warnings: none

Word count: 2516

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Christmas Company - Christmas Prompt - Derek Hale

-gif source unknown-

Christmas Prompt: #5. Character A can’t travel to see their family on Christmas, so they invite their grumpy loner neighbor Character B. – Requested by a total of 4 lovely Anons

Warnings/Labels: Cuteness

Approx. Word Count: 900

A/N: Okay but see… here’s the problem with me as a writer. I get ideas and they’re so expansive. This… God this would make an awesome series. An awesome series. And I just don’t have the time to do it. ARG!

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Playboy and Chanel

 For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories;
Sam and Dean Series                        Requests and Stand Alones
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A Love She Never Knew       Dear Diary
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Enjoy my lovelies.
                                          Stand Alone
Playboy and Chanel

WORD COUNT: 1250 ish

  ‘Y/N, I’m going to need you to take your shirt off,’ Dean told me.
  ‘Ah no.’
  ‘I can’t clean the wounds and stitch you up with it on,’ he explained.
  ‘Then forget it, I’ll wait for them to heal themselves.’
  ‘Damn it Y/N, they will get infected, especially if there’s rocks and crap in there. It’s here or the hospital,’ he threatened.
  I watched the smirked appear on his face. The hospital. I hated them and the damn Winchester knew it. But that said, it was a hospital or strip down to my bra in front of Dean. I considered my options.
  ‘Just take your shirt off,’ he sighed, lifting the hem of my shirt up to help take it off.
   I hesitated and caved. Dean helped me take off my shirt revealing my aqua and black lacy bra. I could feel his eyes wandering over my body, and watched as he shifted uncomfortably. Great now I had a turned on Winchester healing my wounds. I knew the bra looked good. Most did, the joys of a larger bust size I suppose. I filled them out rather well.
   Dean got to work cleaning out my grazes.
  ‘You shouldn’t have done that you know,’ he said quietly.
  ‘It was that or watch Fido eat you, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to be turned off my dinner.’
  ‘You could have gotten yourself killed.’
  I winced as he pulled a bit of rock out of a cut. Stupid werewolf. It attacked Dean so I ran at it, knocking him off his feet. My plan worked well until I realised there was no ground the other side of him, just a lovely drop into a river. I think I hit every tree branch and rock on the way down. I did however manage to pull a silver knife and kill the bastard so I couldn’t complain too much.
  I gasped as he cleaned the wound with alcohol.
  ‘So what’s with the lacy girl bra, and…’ I felt my jeans get pulled away from my waist. ‘Nice,’ he muttered, approvingly. ‘Panties.’
  ‘Seriously you want to discuss my underwear choices?’ I laughed, before gritting my teeth.
  ‘Just trying to take you mind off it,’ he chuckled. ‘I figured in this line of work it would be sports bra’s and practical underwear. Not that I’m complaining. The view is awesome. I’m thinking of trying to find a way to stitch you up more often.’
  ‘It is practical, if I need stitching or get sent to a hospital and score a super hot doctor, well, it’s worth it,’ I grinned. ‘I am thinking of my needs when I plan my outfits. What better place to get laid right?’
   I glanced at him and saw his jaw tense slightly. Dean and I had an unusual relationship. There was sexual tension but we hadn’t done anything about it. I was too scared that if I made a move that I would loose my hunting partner. I knew it was a possibility if Sam ever returned to the hunt from college but still right now, I’d rather shelf any relationship and just stay friends. But if he ever made the move, God there’s no way I’d say no.
  ‘Seriously though?’ he asked.
  ‘There’s a lot about me you don’t know,’ I winced.
  ‘We’ve got time, fill me in on the Victoria Secrets hot underwear.’
  ‘They’re Playboy.’
  ‘The brand, it’s Playboy.’
  ‘Damn, that’s so much better,’ he grinned.
  I cried out softly and grabbed his knee, as he pulled more debris from a wound. His face crumbled.
  ‘I’m sorry.’
  ‘I know,’ I sighed.
  ‘It makes me feel girly, good about myself, reminds me of who I was.’
  ‘Ok I get the first two but not the last part.’
  ‘Before this life, I was you standard bratty little rich kid. High schools most popular cheerleader, dating the most popular jock, designer labels, silk sheets, my own Porsche, all that crap.’
  Dean stopped what he was doing and looked at me.
  ‘I know, I’m nothing like that now,’ I laughed.
  Dean smiled. I was the complete opposite now. The most down to earth person you could meet.
  ‘Anyway. I came home from school one day, and my Dad was acting weird. I figured someone had scratched the Maserati or whatever. A few days later I heard my Mom screaming and ran down into my Dad’s office and watched as the skin fell from his body and he killed my Mom. He came after me and I grabbed the nearest thing I could to stop him. After a struggle I accidently stabbed him in the chest. Thank God for silver letter openers,’ I told him quietly.
  I watched as Dean face fell.
  ‘Um yeah, so the Police claimed my Mom must have thrown acid on him and he retaliated. I knew it wasn’t true. My parents had their issues sure. But that? Not a chance. I started looking into things, and found out it was a shifter and I vowed not to let another person go through what I did.’
  ‘So you traded the Porsche for a Charger? And the fashion for Wal-Mart?’
  ‘Rich kid is easier to remember than an average American.’
  ‘Plus other hunters wouldn’t talk to a snotty little rich brat, apparently I needed to head back to the nail salon before I chipped my polish,’ I rolled my eyes.
  ‘What happened to the jock?’
  ‘He couldn’t possibly continue the relationship with a loser who believed in ghosts and wanted to kill them, it was social suicide and well you can imagine how horrible that would be for a man. It drove him into the bed of the cheer teams vice captain. He was that traumatized.’
  Dean looked at me not sure, from the look of it he wasn’t sure if he should laugh or frown.
  ‘It’s ok really,’ I laughed.
  ‘I can’t believe you gave it all up to hunt monsters and save people,’ he commented shaking his head.
  ‘I’ll be honest with you, since throwing out the Chanel and Armani my life’s been better. I’m happy, well as happy as you can be in this line of work. I’ve come to enjoy Wal-mart jeans and tanks. Honestly on they don’t feel all that much different,’ I smiled. ‘I just miss the dresses some days, thus the girly underwear. It’s nice to feel like a woman occasionally rather than just another one of the guys.’
   ‘You’ll never be just one of the guys. You will always be a woman in my eyes Y/N and a hell of one at that,’ he told me quietly.
   I looked over at him blushing, his green eyes boring into my own. I gave him a small smile, which he returned. He gently placed a bandage over the cut on my lower back and I felt the heat of his breath on my arm and shoulder as his lips and tongue brush lightly over my shoulder blade. My breathed hitched, as I moaned softly.
  ‘So,’ he told me quietly. ‘That should do it.’
  I got up and found a clean shirt and pulled it on.
  ‘I’m glad you gave up the Chanel and Armani. My life’s been better, happier, since you did too,’ he grinned.
  I smiled at him.
  ‘Although I do definitely approve of the Playboy, but I disagree with it being for some hot doctor,’ he commented, licking his lips and walking closer to me.
  ‘What about a fireman?’
  ‘How about a hunter?’
  ‘Don’t know, I couldn’t possibly ruin my social status with a hunter.’
  ‘Fed? Sheriff? CDC agent?’
  I laughed.
  ‘How about me?’ he asked, placing his hands on my waist.
  ‘I suppose for you I could make an exception.’
  He lent down and kissed me, softly on the lips.
  ‘Thank God for that,’ he murmured, kissing me again.

Nothing Even Matters (Calum Hood Imagine) - Part 8

Originally posted by lukes-hot-ass

Requested: Yeah

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of alcohol

A/N: This is a re-upload because I’m an idiot and accidentally deleted it -.- part 9 will be up at around 9.30 tonight (GMT time) :-)

Nothing Even Matters Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Thanks so much for all of your AA tips&tricks. They're helping me out so much :)!!! I have one question, I think you mentioned getting some clear bags but there are so many options and kinds there @_@ I'm not sure which is the right one. Could you please clarify which one you got for your art covers? Thank you again! Your wisdom definitely gives me a good guide on what to expect and set up!!!

Hi! I’m glad my posts are helpful! 

I get the “Crystal Clear” bags, which come in several varieties and sizes. The size and variety I get depends on my use for them:

  • LARGE PRINTS & ARTWORK:  about 12x18″ no-flap bags. This is because the bags primarily act as a way for customers to keep a print clean while they’re out and about at a con, rather than as a way to keep the print. My largest prints are 11x17″, and I got a bag that’s bigger because it’s easier for me to quickly slip it into the bag when there’s some wiggle room!
  • SMALL ARTWORK & BOOKS: 5.5x8.5″ protective closure bags. My small commissions are 5.5x8.5″, and when you slip that into a perfectly fitting bag with a backing board, it looks *super* handsome when you put it out for sale or when a customer takes it out of the envelope I mailed it to them in!

So basically, think about the following things when trying to figure out what to order:

  • what size artwork you own
  • how artwork will be given to the customer (in person at a con? will they be put up for display? will it be shipped with a backing board?)
  • if you want to save money, which bag sizes could do double duty  (for example, I don’t currently have 8.5x11″ bags for my medium-size commissions, because I can use a large clearbag and fold it over + tape it down so that it fits nicely. This way, I only buy two sizes of bags – large bags that fit medium and large-size artwork, and small bags that fit smaller artwork, prints, and books.)

Hmm, that’s all I can think of on that topic for now! I hope this was helpful and let me know if I can clarify anything!


Nerd - Luke Smut Part 2 

Part 1 -

Waking groggily you turned to shift out of your bed before remembering a sleepy Lucas Hemmings by your side. His arm flung loosely over you with your head secured against his warm chest. Not in a million years would you imagine the shy boy from study class would be laying in your bed.

“Luke..” You whispered almost sad to wake him so peacefully dozing by your side. Nudging his side he groaned lightly and twisted to pull you closer.

“No Luke?” Giggling at him he opened one eye to look at you.

“Its 7pm, we must have fell asleep.”


“You can stay i mean i just don’t want your parents to be mad.”

“Oh no they will be cool, wait what about yours. I mean your in bed with me.” He gestured down at your naked bodies.

“They wont mind i have a big family, we kinda come and go. To be honest they wont notice.” He only smiled

“I never knew that.”

“I’ll forgive you.” Poking his nose lightly he laid on his back sighing. An eye opening to see you beside him.

“Did you really mean that, about me sitting with your friends?” You were cautious not completely sure if he was only kind because he just lost his virginity to you or it he was genuine.

“Hell yeah, your too good for those fake bitches. My friends will love you just like i said.”

“Okay, thank you. It means a lot that you don’t see me as an airhead.” You weren’t sure why but you were a little bit embarrassed.

“Of course not. Y/N why do you settle for them?”

“Because i don’t have anybody else and as i said nobody else touches me thinking I’m like them.”

“You nothing like them your cool…and hot but cool.” He winked, did Luke Hemmings the shy boy just wink.

“And clearly your not as shy as you seem.”

“I just keep my mouth shut its easier that way.”

“Hmm.” Leaning down he rolled over now hovering over you. His lips were puffy from the contact with yours and the heeling wound from contact with that jock’s fist. His face was still handsome as ever, no matter what he probably would always be that handsome. Pushing up you kissed him and he caught on keeping you lips together.

“Can i thank you beautiful?” Nodding eagerly you began to feel the heat rise between your legs as the blonde quiff descended downwards. His hands on the skin of your stomach, softly tracing over it he leant down to trail soft kisses.
His soft lips pressing against you every now and again aided by his tongue licking teasingly. He circled your navel and sucked at the skin over your hip bones. His hands coming up to massage your breasts in them. Pulling at the nipples causing a breath to be sucked in by you. Your hands coming down to knead his hair, pulling at the longer strands as more goosebumps rose on your body.

“Luke..” You giggled as his fingers moved down to tickle the inside of your thighs.

“Mmm, can i?” Taking the sight of your heat above him he looked up before you gave permission by nodding intently. His eyes on yours as he leant down and licked over you. Biting down on your lip the sight below was almost enough to make you cum.

“K.keep going.” Smirking up at you he went down again. His lips wrapping around your clit as he sucked. His tongue flicking against it very now and again. You could tell his ears were wide listening out for your reaction. He was being guided by your voice.

“So good..” Moaning against you in reply your body jerked up, the feeling so sensitive against you. Continuing he did it again as you reacted to him.

“Finger, Luke fingers..” You gasped and he pushed one finger into you.

“Curl..curl it up.” He did what he was told moving it in a come hither motion. Your legs moving up so your feet were against the bed, bending your knees as you prayed for some relief.

“Agh Luke.” Gasping he continued adding another finger to your surprise, his tongue coming off of your with a pop. He focused on the fingers he was thrusting inside, curling them upwards. Slowing and speeding up as your back arched as you could tell he was enjoying watch you squirm.

“Please Luke, i need to, i need to cum.” It was hard to speak as you grabbed the sheets for relief he reached his free hand up to tangle with one of yours. His face went down again working wonders and you groaned out, the blood boiling inside as you neared the high you desperately needed.

Head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth open to allow a silent scream to come from you. The knot in your stomach came undone, toes curling against the sheets and your knees clamping around Luke.

“Jesus Luke.”

“Mmm you taste so good Y/N.” He continued to clean you up brining you back down to earth.

“That was amazing.”

“No your amazing, in a weird way I’m kinda glad i got punched now.”

(So i had a few requests to make this into a fanfic but I’ve decided to write a part 2 and see where it goes, hope it doesn’t suck too much)

Will I See You Again? (Part 3)

This is a continuation of Will I See You Again? which you can find HERE. 

Will I See You Again? (Part 2) is HERE

Will I See You Again? Was originally going to be just a oneshot, but now I am turning it into a long fic :D

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

-Admin Kitty

External image

The hospital stunk of anti septic and medicine as you followed a nurse into the room. She closed the door behind the two of you and asked you to take a seat. You took a seat on the cold hard plastic and Jay gave you an encouraging smile. In all honesty, you knew you were safe. It’s not like you didn’t trust the nurses here. It was just…people die at hospital. And that thought scared you more than anything. 

Regardless, you smiled back faintly.

“Right, okay. If you could just turn so I can see your shoulder.” She smiled warmly, putting you in a bit more ease, even though she was painfully patronizing.

You returned the smile, but you figured you mustn’t have done a very good job because she put a hand on yours, “Don’t worry, honey. Your boyfriend and I won’t let you get hurt.”

You blushed wildly, hoping Jay hadn’t heard. Of course he had, he was stood about two centimeters from the chair you were sat on. You hesitated, trying to explain, but he cut in, “Yeah, I’ll be here.”

Your heart plummeted. Had Jay Park…just let someone call him your boyfriend? He sat down next to you, and you realized he had put back on his shades. You guess it only made sense, we didn’t want to cause a scene in the hospital. But, even though seeing him smile at you calmed you down, you wished you could see his soft eyes too. He sat down next to you and took your hand in his, as though it wasn’t a big deal.

At the first touch of the wet cotton wool pad on your wound, you flinched and Jay squeezed your hand and rubbed his thumb over your hand softly. So you concentrated on that, the way his big hand felt around your small, delicate one. Before you knew it, she had done and had dressed the wound.

You thanked her and left, wandering back to the car park to find Jay’s car.

“I-I’m sorry. The meal you made must be ruined now…” You said quietly, feeling bad.

Jay turned to look at you as you patrolled the car park more, in search of the car, “Nah. It’s fine. I’m just glad you got that wound cleaned up.”

He flashed you his smile and you couldn’t stop your heart from bumping against your ribs, “Still…”

“_______, will you stop apologizing?” He chuckled, “We can just go get some food from the nearest takeaway store.”

You smiled, “Okay.”

“Come on, this way.” He said, turning left out of the car park and waiting for you to get to him. When you got to him, his hand came up to sit comfortably at the small of your back as he guided you in the right direction.

After you picked up a bag of chips, you began walking back to the car.

“Thankyou, Jay.” You said, taking a chip and eating it.


“For saving me that day outside the bar…and, for tonight,” You grinned at him, “I had a good time.”

At that, he laughed, “_______, we just spent most of our date on a hospital ward. You don’t have to lie.”

You laughed and shook your head, “Yeah I know…But…I still had fun.”

He started to laugh then stopped himself and just smirked, “Me too.”

Your hands bumped together as you walked in silence. Once, twice, and then the third time it happened, he wound his fingers through yours. 

You took the time to look at him then, up close. You watched the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, and you noticed imperfections on him that made him seem so normal. Although, on one side of it you had trouble forgetting he was a famous korean idol, you also, somehow, at the same time found it hard to remember that he was famous because he was so…normal. Well not normal, but down to earth. He was god like and sexy but he was also goofy and adorable. Your brain couldn’t even understand how he could be both.

You hadn’t realized how intently you’d been staring at him until you stepped out into the road, only to have Jay’s arm quickly loop around your body and pull you backwards.

“Yah! ________, if you keep throwing yourself at cars we’re never going to make it to the next date!” He joked, but he sighed in relief that you were safe.

You pretended to act disgusted, “You think there’s going to be another date?!”

He stared after you, wide eyed.

You laughed, “I’m joking, Jay.”

He sighed, shaking his head at you mocking him, “You are so not funny.”

When you had finished your chips, it became apparent to the two of you that you had also missed the movie you had planned to see aswell, so he drove you home. When the car came to a halt at your house, you actually felt sad. It was over. The date was over. You didn’t want to go inside and not be able to see him. You wanted to stay right there, in his car. You wanted to get to know him, properly. It suddenly occurred to you that you hadn’t actually found out much about him at all tonight, and if romantic films were anything to judge by, you were meant to both ask loads of questions about eachother’s lives. But you hadn’t.

He got out of the car, and ran around to your side to open your door. He opened it and you stepped out. You walked towards your door, and he walked beside you closely. When you reached your door, you both stopped. You turned to look at him and found him already looking at you.

“You look beautiful, ______.” He smiled, delicately.

You stared at him and he rubbed his jaw, “I know I should have said it before, that’s what your meant to do right? But I chickened out. God, I suck at this dating stuff, huh?”

You laughed lightly, “I think you’re better than you think.”

He just smiled wider, “I mean it though, you really do look good.”

You smiled and leaned against your door, “You know…you’re not at all how I’d thought you’d be.”


You nodded.

He smiled again, “Good.”

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours.

The next day of lectures passed quickly because Jay kept dropping you cute texts in his breaks at work. He’d ask you if you were okay, saying he was looking forward to your next date. Each time your phone buzzed with a message from him, you scrambled for your phone and everyonce in a while, as you typed your reply, you found yourself smiling. 

“Oooooo, who are you texting? Anyone cute?” Brooke winked at you, leaning across the table in the university canteen to read your text. You pulled it away quickly.

“Um, no. Just…a friend.” You winced at how rubbish your lying was.

She quickly looked over, “And who is Jay?” She waggled her eyebrows comically.

“No one.”

Her eyes widened and she grinned,“Tell me everything!”

You scratched your neck, “There’s nothing to tell. We’ve been on a couple dates…”

You knew it was annoying her how vague you were being, but she was a big fan of Jay. You couldn’t tell her. 

“Who is he!”

“I can’t…tell you.”

“It’s a secret?” She clapped her hands together, “Oo, a secret relationship!”

You rolled your eyes, “We are NOT together.”

“Yeah, but you wish you were…” She teased.

“Shutup!” You slapped her arm.

She giggled, “I knew it! Is he cute?”

“Brooke, I’m not telling you.” You said, and she pouted. You gave in,“Okay yes. He is cute.”

“How cute?”

“Really cute.” You blushed.

She squealed, “So are you going another date?”

You nodded, “Yes. Tomorrow night. So will you please go out so your not there when he comes and picks me up?”

She nodded, smiling, “Okay…Did you kiss already?”


“Okay…okay…” She muttered.

You started the next day in a surprisingly good mood. You sprung out of bed and went to the kitchen to get breakfast. As you and Brooke poured over your cereal, your phone buzzed. And you scrambled for it and clicked the answer button, “Hello?”

His velvet voice came through the speaker, “Hey, _______.”

You instantly smiled. Brooke started mouthing, “Is that him?”

You nodded and she took the hint and left, but not before miming to you, “Tell me what he said when you’re done!”

“I’m going to have to cancel tonight.”

Your heart sunk deep, deep down into the pit of your stomach, “Oh…” Did he not like you anymore?

“I know. It sucks, but I just found out I have to work late…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. What can you do? You’re an idol.”

He sighed, “I shouldn’t use it as an excuse, though. The only time I’m free today is this morning, and I feel so tired…”

“Why so tired?”

“I couldn’t sleep last night at all…It sucks I can’t see you today.”

You felt bad on him, he really did sound exhausted, “I could see you…this morning if you wanted.” You said timidly.

He sounded more cheerful as he said, “Seriously?”

“We don’t have to go out though. You could just come over…You know if you wanted…” You started to babble.

He cut in, “I’d love to.”

By the time the doorbell went, you had tidied your room three times and managed to worry yourself half to death about what he would think of your apartment. Up until now, he had only seen a strip of it for 5 seconds when you had been putting your shoes on, but today, he was going to be inside your house. For a reasonable amount of time.

You opened the door to him, and he looked as tired as he had sounded on the phone.

His hair was unstyled, but he pulled it off. You stared in disbelief: it seems he was the only person in the world who could pull off bed hair that good. He looked…sexy.

You told him to sit down on your sofa, and when he did, he practically fell onto it.

He looked up, “Come sit with me?”

You smiled and sat down next to him. He wound his arm around you, pulling you closer and letting his head lean against yours. 

“Talk to me.”

“What about?” You laughed at his random ask.
“Talk about you.” He said, falling further down into your couch so he could lay his head on your shoulder.

“What do you want to know?”

He paused and then said quietly, “Everything. Tell me what you do when your not at work and when you’re not with me. Tell me if your a dog or a cat person or both. Tell me what music you listen to. I want to know.”

You laughed, “I go to university.”

He re-positioned himself so you were cradled in his arms and he picked his head up so he could give you his full attention as he spoke, “What do you study?”


“You draw well?”

“I’m okay.” You said, shyly.

He grinned, “I bet you’re really good. Do you live alone?”

“I live with my best friend. She goes to the same university as me.”

He nodded,“Cool. Favourite musical artist?”

You, you thought. “Just a few bits of everything, really.”

“Sounds good….Let me see your room?”

You spluttered, “My room?”

“People say you can tell lots about a person from what they’re room looks like.”

You laughed, “Okay. But it’s actually pretty boring…It’s the one on the right.”

He stepped in, you close behind. When you got in, you gasped. You had totally forgot about the fact you had Jay Park posters. As in, pictures of his face. Pictures of a face that was now actually physically in your room in the flesh. And…one of the posters happened to be a calendar of topless photos of him. You blushed hard at the sight of the calendar photo of him smoldering sexily now.

He turned around, the biggest grin on his face, “Just a few bits of everything, huh?” He teased.

You covered your face with your hands, “Oh my god. This is so embarrassing…I’m sorry.”

He laughed, “It’s okay.” He stepped towards you and his lips turned up at the edges, “If I had access to pictures of you topless I’m sure they’d be on my wall too.” He winked, jokingly and you cracked up, still blushing hard.

He walked towards you, “Come here." 

He took your face in his hands and ducked his head down so he could touch his lips to yours. You kissed long and slow, like they do in the movies you used to watch. His hands left your face and skimmed down your arms, coming to rest at your waist as his body pressed against yours.

You molded together like two pieces of a puzzle as you sucked on his lip lightly. He opened his mouth, giving you access and you pushed your tongue in. Your tongues tangled together, lovingly.

When you pulled back to breath, he smiled, licking his lips. He sighed and threw himself back on your bed, pulling you down with him by the hand.

He sighed, "You’re so cute.”

You giggled but stopped when he looked at you, “Can I ask you something?”


“What did you mean when you said I was different than you expected? The other night?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know, I just thought you’d be different.”

He propped himself up on one elbow, and with the other arm pulled you closer so you were facing him and his arm was curled around your waist in a sort of half hug.


“No….Just more confident.”

He laughed, “You thought I was gonna be an asshole, right?”

You shook your head, even though you kind of knew it was true, “No…I mean, I was a fan so I wanted you to be this great guy but…I always had a feeling, because you were famous, and successful and sexy and all these things, you would be…” You tried to choose your words carefully.

He piped up, chuckling, “A tool?”


He pecked you quickly, making your head whirl, “It’s okay. You can be honest. But you don’t think that anymore, right?”

You shook your head, smiling, “No, not at all.”

“So what do you think now?”

“That…,” You hesitated, “I like you.”

He smiled and kissed you again, letting his lips linger a little longer, “You said I was sexy.”

You blushed, “Shutup.” You muttered.

He chuckled and you excused yourself to go to the bathroom.

When you returned, he had fallen asleep on your bed. His eyes were closed lightly, his mouth slightly agape as he lay on your baby pink duvet. You looked at the posters of him, then back at the real him and thought to yourself how little justice the pictures did the real him.

The Middle Is Always the Worst...

If you think seeing a whole stream of photos of someone cleaning out a closet is as boring as hearing the contents of an acquaintance’s dream, a) you’re wrong; b) you’re in the wrong place; and c) you have no formative memories attached to this image; and then we can circle right around back to the part where you’re wrong again.

Ohhh yeah, the B. Bears where they clean their room. It was like HGTV Jr., c. 1983.

And don’t act all shocked, though I have never again been able to find the picture of the inside of my underwear drawer that I posted on the internet, indeed I did in 2009. And the inside of my first military closet. Oh, and the second one.

So good, glad we’re caught up, LOOK AT THIS.

Oh dear, B. Bears. This was the last pocket of sorrow, the last place things just got crammed and slammed in the process of trying to hurry up and live already. It WAS going to stay like this until the new closet project was done, but as yet, permits are not forthcoming and this needed bettered.

The Hallmarks of Awful, so many hangers crammed on the rail you can’t shift them, floor piled, collapsing sweaters towers, things piled on TOP of the hangers? Bad. It’s only a three-foot wide closet, the size of your average coat closet maybe? 1925’s answer to where you should put your whole wardrobe, anyway.

After years of doing this for myself and others, there is only one real truth – it will get way worse before it gets better.

Admittedly, there’s not much to work with here. But if you just accept there’s a rail and there’s a shelf, you lose. There’s up, always up. And in this case, there’s an extra bit of depth in the back. That’s the game changer.

The back layer becomes “Cold Storage.” That is to say, things we will never need here because I’m currently wearing shorts, but can’t get rid of. Winter gear hangs out on the wire shelves, with bins above for gloves, hats, ski unders, and swimwear. The top striped tote is “archive clothes,” those sentimental tees and whatnot that you want to keep but not wear – that’s the limit right there, if it doesn’t fit in there it’s out.

This tiny closet has a big job: Dress, Winter, Coats, Sports, and Army Keepsake Uniforms, for two. That’s a lot. As packed as it was to start, I didn’t get rid of a lot. Adding the folding space freed up the rail so that it’s actually functional now. And I didn’t buy a bunch of stuff either – most is repurposed, plus a few containers from the 99 Cent Store and the Target Dollar Spot. Not everyone can be trusted to collect containers before one actually knows their purpose, and if you’re not sure if that’s you, ask, and I’ll issue your license – but my little stash made this project.

Have I opened the closet just to look every time I’ve passed it today? YES OF COURSE. Ahhhhhhh!

I can get to my triathlon tote, front and center, with easy dump containers for bike helmets and heavy rotation gear, there’s a place for dry-cleaning-in-waiting, and extra belts and purses are up top, with wellies and the like.

It’s actually better than I thought it would be. There’s a LOT IN THERE. But dang if it isn’t just like this.