so glad i got a ticket!

Ok so I’m watching their Okinawa concert rn, and I swear I’m constantly blown away by their guitarist. Like omg I’m so glad that she got to be a part of this tour. She’s fucking next level shit! I’m fangirling at her so much because she made their songs so much better.

Also, can I just say that 5h performs so much better now? They’re more natural and they look happy and ugh I love their interactions. They all look and sound so good now. I can only imagine how improved they will be on 5h3.

I’m now starting to regret I didn’t buy tickets for their Manila concert lol.

Secret Santa: 5th Place!!
  • Spain: France~~ Guess who got you as their Secret Santa~
  • France: moi?? really?? I'm glad it's someone I am in good terms with~
  • Spain: so what are you waiting for, open it~
  • France: oui, oui! *opens the present* ... it's a hug coupon...
  • Spain: yep, now you can get me to hug you anytime, anywhere, for as long as you like~!
  • France: ... don't you do that anyways-?
  • France: I'm using the ticket now.
  • Spain: wait... then IM going to get killed???
  • France: hey, mon ami; anytime, anywhere~

Yesterday was the day that I finally got to see in person what I’ve been obsessing over for OVER A YEAR

Thanks to the friend who had the gumption and organizational skills to get 50 people group tickets, because hello discount!

I hadn’t intended upon waiting at the stage door, but I’m so glad that I did, because I got the chance to say something to most of the main cast about how wonderful they are. Also, in lieu of photos, which I knew would be blurry and feature some severely puffy eyes, I asked them for hugs. And let me tell you, this cast gives some great hugs!

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Third attend to see Ed live, I GOT TICKETS! 😭😭 the first time I literally cried for a month, I'm from Central America and flew all the way to Spain to see him(it was also to see my family, but Ed was the exciting part 🙃), but a cancellation of the flight ruined my so waited day, second one a uni test didn't allowed me to flight and see him. I'm so happy I'll be able to see him, I'm crossing my fingers from today until the concert. I been waiting almost 6 years for this 😌💞


I’m so glad you’ll finally be able to see him in concert. It’s going to be fantastic!

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one time my friend had an extra ticket for BAP and she didn't want to go alone so she asked me to come with and I did and I had never even listened to any kpop but that concert was so poppin it was such a great experience western artists wish they could entertain like that anyways when they come back to la I want to see them again 10/10

omg im glad u got to see them and u enjoyed it!!! bap are one of my fave groups and im so happy to hear that they’re as good irl as they are in their vids :o
but thats true like i love western artists but im gonna be honest n say that kpop concerts r more exciting and fun and i hope i get to go to one someday

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Last night I went to the concert I got free ticket for (since I couldn't get a refund for the Andy Black show I got kicked out of) and it was a lot of fun. I thought it was nice that they had water for anyone who needed it so this time I didn't pass out. At the last concert they took my water away when I came in and wouldn't give me any after I passed out. They just made me leave.

I’m glad that you had a good time :) 


Soooo! I know I’ve been kinda MIA from tumblr for a while but I’ve been working full time all summer but I HAD to come and talk about my Endless Summer Tour experience for sure.


Last Wednesday, 8.3, Bob & G were in Mass at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, which I decided I wasn’t going to attend seeing as I work till 5:30, the concert began at 6:30 and it’s about a 40 minute drive, also I didn’t buy tickets just for that fact. I tweeted about how I was sad that I wasn’t going and one of my good friends dmed me saying to hold on and she was gonna try something for me. I got out of work to have a DM from her saying that I got put on the freaking guest list for the night with two tickets (me & my BF) and I was like what?! GUEST LIST?! Here I am thinking whatever, I’m so glad I can actually go and I didn’t care where my seats were. I get there around 6:40 and go to will call to pick up my seats. I got two guest pass stickers and I’m already excited about that, then I check where my seats were and I GOT PIT SEATS! For fucking free! I’m literally on the verge of tears at this point.

When we got to the pit, it was already full and the “Fuck you” picture is how close I was at first, which wasn’t bad at all I was so excited.

Lucky for me, I know one of the photographers that was in the pit and some of my rattpack family was in the front row and let me go with them.

When I say it was a movie, it fucking was. When Logic came out, I almost lost my shit. I was screaming and crying and just shocked at how close I was to my idol. My friend Kristen happens to be close with Logic and he stopped multiple times to talk to her as I was standing behind her, such a trip. Nick Mahar, logic’s photographer, pointed me out of the crowd and said hi to me and talked to me, too, which was insane!! His set was amazing and I legit was so happy and lucky at how close I was.

Then, G’s set. Holy shit I was in tears I swear to god I could feel his sweat on me. He was constantly on my side of the stage and I got some AMAZING pictures of him (I’ll post them on another post!) and he just put on an amazing show. He ended up taking Kristen’s phone and taking a snap while performing Forbes, it was insane. Marc E Bassy ended up coming out too and I legit LOST MY SHIT when they sang You & Me. I had never been happier that I was seeing my two favorite rappers on tour together, and if you know me, you know how excited I was and how much I cried.

Thank you @eazyseason for the tickets for the show, and thank you @g-eazysource for hooking it up. I love you so so much.

Now to the Connecticut show:

I ended up getting the skate deck VIP for Logic and got two signed posters and a skate deck with the TITS album cover on the bottom of it, which was insane.

I ended up being a whole section up from the stage which I didn’t mind at all. The show was great but SO MANY GREAT THINGS HAPPENED!!

Rhetorik, Logic’s DJ, said he was gonna meet fans after Logic’s set at the merch table and I HAD to go. When I met him at the Under Pressure tour, it was quick and the picture came out crappy. We ended up having about a 15 minute discussion about stuff and he was recording me the WHOLE TIME!!

Then, while waiting for rhetorik, sure enough, Marc fucking Bassy walks by. My heart was fucking racing and I had to ask him for a picture (I look like shit I was sweating from jamming during the show). He was so sweet and nice and was willing to take pictures and even signed some merch for me.

So I’m just gonna wrap it up now and basically that’s it.

I wanna thank Taty for being such an amazing friend across the ocean and making sure I had amazing night, Chris from eazyseason for hooking me up with the tickets, Smila for flying all the way out here and meeting me (pics to come), and G & Bobby for putting on such AMAZING shows as always and for touring together. I love you all so much, you guys are AMAZING!

Sorren fey

[asap?] so glad that that people are speaking out about Fey and Masquerade! Got scammed by Masquerade who later came back and offered me a free $c5 without a message last year, and had two bad encounters with Fey, there is also huge favoritism since the other person in dispute had 5,000 posts and were very active while I was still around 100. Fey won’t probably get punished since she’s a kissass to Tess and Nick and since 2013 I’ve seen posts about her get locked and the players banned. If you fill out a ticket for Tess, Sorren Fey might also be able to read it. My ticket for Tess regarding Fey was closed twice by Fey, and I was given a warning for it for misuse of the ticket feature. I hope Tess actually saw it but then again if Fey was able to do that and block me afterwards, I don’t think so.

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I got floor tickets to Ed 😭😭😭 is level 5 but I know it's worth it, I mean we are talking about Ed 😭😭😭 this is my third attend to go to see Ed live for the first time. I'm so damn happy and can't wait, do you know if being 5'2 will give me trouble?

Haha, I think being short will probably give you trouble all your life, but honestly as long as you can hear Ed at the concert, you’re going to have the best time! I’m so glad you got tickets! :)

had a nice weekend in london: 

-went out on st paddy’s with my first year flatmates (i hadn’t seen a couple of them since halloween 2015!!) and we got dim sum and drinks together last night as well. we’ve been through a lot together and i missed them so it was really nice to reconnect. 

-met one of my very best friends from exe for lunch on saturday. i hadn’t seen him since july because he hasn’t been well at all but his recovery is going great and i’m so glad we finally got to hang out.

-had tickets for rosencratz & guildenstern are dead @ the old vic yesterday and turned up to the evening showing to find out our tickets were actually for the matinee (oops) so A booked us tickets for who’s afraid of virginia woolf next week instead and i’m excited about it!!

-came home this afternoon and made my bro this rainbow road cake for his birthday and had a meal with the fam to celebrate.

- read half a life by vs naipaul on the train. i liked it. some of the passages about halfness/mimicry/assimilation were uncomfortably resonant w/ my own experiences.

You are internet best friends and are finally meeting (BTS)

Jin: The moment he sees you, he literally runs to you and picks you up in his arms, spinning you around because he is so happy he finally got to meet you!

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Jimin: The moment you text him telling him you are about to exit the plane, he begins squealing like a child, unable to contain his excitement at the notion of seeing you.

“She’s here guys! She’s finally here!!!

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J-Hope: “HEY THERE! I have the tickets for the movie, so what do you say shall we go?” *strickes silly pose, making you laugh, which in turn makes him feel warm inside*

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Jungkook: “You are finally here! I’m so glad to see you!” *proceeds to give you a strong kiss on the cheek, making you blush*

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Rap Monster: “GUYS SHE SAID SHE IS COMING TO VISIT!!” *random happy dance with J-Hope*

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Suga: *is nervously waiting for you at the train stop, so he closes his eyes, and takes deep breaths, rehearsing his confession in his mind*

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V: *suddenly becomes shy, so he hides behind the stuffed bear he had bought to greet you with*

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A/N: Non of these gifs are mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.

Omg Beauty and the Beast was sooooo good, I almost cried more than once…and I was expecting to hate it cos I didnt think it would be as good as the original, but its amaaaazing, I literally clapped at the end…my friend asked me to go with her for her birthday present and I am so glad I got her tickets and went with her, omg, I love it and I cant wait to watch it again…we are trying to go again this week, it was so awesome.

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Hey Jen I got a ticket to see ed and I'm so excited even though it's kinda up there I'm still excited do you know how long ed shows last I was just wondering because I'm going buy myself and I wanted to kinda leave a song or two early to avoid traffic and all I hope you got tickets as well

Ed’s set will end about 10:30pm, although to be honest seeing him perform live is so captivating that you may not want to leave early! But either way, you’re bound to have an amazing time. I’m so glad you managed to get tickets. :)

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Is it me or tickets are more expensive!? Well, I'm glad I got them anyway 💕💙 thanks for the help

Well yeah, it’s a bigger tour, Ed’s an in-demand artist, so the days of $20 tickets are long gone.

Congrats on the tickets! Have fun!

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Right. I'm just glad you're here Crutchie.. I don't know what'd I do without your can you stay so happy in such a sucky world?- Gazer

Crutchie- It ain’t easy, some days. I try ta think of how grateful I am. I got Jack and the other newsies, they’s my family. I still got my leg, even if I gotta use a crutch. I get enough ta eat, most days. I got a roof over my head, and I sure count my blessin’s I ain’t back in the Refuge! There’s a lotta kids still stuck there, though, an’ I think about ‘em sometimes. That gets me down… But hey, the whole world can’t be this bad, right? There’s a whole world out there that I ain’t seen yet! There’s gotta be somewhere out there that’s real sweet, right? Wouldn’t I love ta make it there…

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9, 27, 34, 47, 48, 58 : )

9) Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?

hmm i have a lot but one i’m currently super into is Broken Brass Ensemble

27) What was the last movie you saw?

pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides (i’m on a Pirates kick again and have watched all the movies again within the past week)

34) Love or lust?

lust, most of the time. it’s generally hard for me to connect with people

47) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?

this is super lame but i’m really glad i chose to play the horn bc i don’t even know where my life would b rn if it wasn’t for that

48) What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

literally just my name pls i don’t want a quote or some shit on there

58) You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?