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Surprises (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: Surprises

A/N: This imagine was inspired by Dan’s video, ‘Our Awkward Fancy Meal’ and I thought it would make for a somewhat cool and funny one. I’m not too satisfied with it, but I do hope you enjoy it, guys! ^u^

Summary: Whenever Dan and Y/N hang out together, many things happen. So when she arrives and wants to be with them, Dan is reluctant and braces himself for the many surprises of the day with her.

Jittery and excited, I sat on Dan’s bed, waiting for my moment.

I had finally managed to go to London to meet with my two favorite people in the world: Dan and Phil!

So I had walked to their flat and knocked on the door, but only Phil was in. However, he was really excited to see me and invited me in.

He suggested that we should surprise Dan, and I chuckled and told him he would not expect Dan’s reaction to that.

I knew that, obviously, Dan would be very happy to see me just like I was to see him. But I was sure that his first instinct would be to go ‘oh, no’ in an amusing way. 

I smiled at the thought.

“I’m home!” I heard his voice, which tore me away from my thoughts. “Phil?”

Immediately, I heard Phil running down the stairs to welcome Dan.

I could somewhat make out their muffled voices from there, so I paid attention to hear what they said.

“I have a surprise for you!”

“I don’t like surprises…”

I grinned to myself, just picturing Dan’s expression of pure dread and horror.

“You’ll like this one!”

Feeling my tummy rumble in excitement, I stood up, waiting for the moment they opened the door.

I heard their footsteps growing louder and I smiled to myself yet again.

Just when the door swung open, I jumped to my feet.

“Surprise!” I exclaimed, making Dan jump, startled.

“Y/N! You’re here!!” My friend uttered in disbelief as he gave me a bear hug, but then his expression changed as he broke away. “Oh, no. You’re here!”

“Ha!” I laughed, nudging Phil. “Called it”

“I mean…” Dan rushed himself to say. “I’m so glad to see you!”

He chuckled himself and went to hug me again, so I gladly went to hug him too.

“Why did you say that?!” Phil inquired, outraged by Dan’s reaction.

“Alright” Dan began as we broke the hug. “Whenever Y/N and I meet, things happen”

Phil frowned in confusion and stared at us.

“Not bad things, but…” Dan clicked his tongue, annoyed because he didn’t really know how to explain it.

“It’s just a mess, basically” I summarized, to which Dan nodded in agreement.

“It can’t be that bad” Phil waved his hand in the air, taking importance out of it. “Let’s take a walk!”

As Phil excitedly walked to his room to get changed into his street clothes, Dan and I chuckled at the unison.

If only he knew.


The first incident of the day happened while we were walking down the stairs of their flat.

Dan screamt in horror and firmly grasped me by the arm while Phil squeaked in surprise and flailed around failing at grabbing me.

Yep, I had tripped and nearly fell down the bloody stairs. Luckily Dan had been fast enough to hold me up.

“You could have died!” Dan dramatically said, grinning at me when I glanced at him to let me know he was joking.

“You scared me so much!” Phil mumbled, placing a hand on his heart.

To be honest, I had flailed my arms around trying to find something to hold on to. I could have hit one of them in the face accidently.

“See? You don’t believe us, Phil!” I told him, holding on to their shoulders as I carefully carried on walking down the stairs.

“Bad things happen” Dan said in an exaggerated ominous way.

“I thought you said they weren’t actually bad things” I teased him, being used to those strange surprises that we encountered when we were together and having a laugh with it.

“I would say you tripping, rolling down the stairs and dying is bad, Y/N!” Dan tried to say it with concern, but ended up chuckling.

Phil laughed at our silliness too.

“That’s not bad things happening” He mumbled, opening the main door for me as we had finished going down. “It’s just Y/N being clumsy”

“Thank you, Phil” I softly punched him in the shoulder and rolled my eyes at him jokingly.

“Just wait and see, Philly” Dan warned him, knowing many more surprises were to come that day. “Wait and see”


The second surprise of the day came around an hour later.

We had been walking around London calmly. Casually chatting, buying some milkshakes, trudging around the city. Just having a good time.

And then, of a sudden, it started pouring down with rain. And by that I mean it felt almost like the bloody biblical Flood.

“Of course is going to rain literally that one time we don’t bring a bloody umbrella” Dan looked up to the sky in exasperation.

“What are we going to do?” I looked at the both of them, already shaking because I was freezing under the rain.

“For now, stay under that roof until we figure it out” Dan pointed the terrace of a cafeteria that would allow us to take shelter.

Phil and I nodded and we followed Dan as he ran over to the roof.

Once we were sheltered from the rain, we heaved a sigh of relief and looked at each other.

Dan messed up his hair, trying to comb it back again after it had been wet. Phil fastened up his coat higher to be protected from the water and cold.

“We could go home, that’s the obvious thing” The latter mumbled, curiously observing with his blue eyes how the people ran around, screaming because of the intense rain.

“But Y/N is here…” Dan complained with that little kid voice he put sometimes. “We should do something special for a change instead of staying home watching movies”

“And where would we go?” I asked them, motioning towards the city. “We’ll get pneumonia before we can get anywhere”

“I have a hood, I could go back and bring an umbrella!” Phil happily suggested. “Our flat is not too far from here either”

Before we could say anything he had already run out from under the roof.

“Phil…” I complained even though he couldn’t hear me since he was already so far.

“And he didn’t believe us when we told him things happened” Dan sniggered, making me laugh a little.

Shaking like a leaf, I linked my arm with Dan’s in an attempt to gather his body warmth and stop feeling like a popsicle.

“Are you cold, Y/N?” He chuckled as he allowed me to cuddle to his side.

“Shut up, you’re freezing too” I softly shoved him as I smiled even if my face felt tense and numb with the cold and the rain.

Then, just as I began to feel just slightly warmer, a car sped up in front of us and passed us by at full speed. On its way, it splashed a giant amount of water from a pool in the pavement and left us both even more drained.

I squeaked loudly and yanked myself backwards in an involuntary reaction.

“Oh my god, Y/N, what are you doing? Stop, stop!” Dan was exclaiming as I did.

He had been too dazed by the huge splashing of water and as I threw myself backwards I pulled at his arm, since it was still linked with mine.

Hence, we both fell to the floor.

If only Dan had been alert enough to hold me up and avoid the both of us losing balance and falling.

Luckily, even though he couldn’t keep us from falling, Dan managed to wrap his arms around me and stick me to his torso.

That way, when I landed on the floor I somewhat used him as a pillow and he me. So the fall wasn’t so painful.

“Fuck!” Dan mumbled and hissed in mild pain. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

I just cuddled to his chest, finding that whole situation ridiculous. Overwhelmingly ridiculous.

Despite all the difficulties I had arriving at London, it didn’t stop once I was there. I had to wait around an hour until Dan got home and then when we finally went out it all was a mess.

We had managed to spend a normal evening for a while, but then there we were. Dan and I alone, in the ground, sore from the fall and soaking wet from the storm and the car that splashed us water, shivering in cold. And we still had a long evening ahead of us.

My shoulders shook as he put his hands on my back to reassure me and I hid my face on his shoulder.

“Oh god, are you crying?!” My friend worriedly asked me. “Are you hurt that badly?”

I shook my head and patted him in the chest, chuckling and finding myself unable to stop laughing.

It had all been so incredibly silly and stupid!

I noticed Dan’s stiff torso becoming slightly less tense as he chuckled. He must have realized I was cracking up, not crying.

“Did you hit your head or what?” He joked, patting me in the back playfully.

We slowly sat up, still laughing, and looked at each other.

“Bloody surprises…” Dan muttered, rolling his eyes as he remembered how our day started.

I just kept laughing next to him, causing him to let out an amused chuckle every now and then.

“I got an umbrella!” A familiar but high-pitched voice startled me and dragged me out from my strange laughing fit.

“Holy-!” I gasped in shock as I looked to see Phil standing there next to us all of a sudden.

“Phil jumpscare! Jesus on a boat!” Dan placed a hand on his chest as he recovered from his heart attack.

“What are you doing on the floor?” Phil offered me a hand to pull me up and then helped our friend up as well.

“Okay, this day is over!” I exclaimed in exasperation and comedic resignation. “Staying home and watching movies sounds awesome now!”

Pouty and sulky like a child, I stomped my feet as I headed back home. My ankle hurt from the fall, but I didn’t care.

I thought about it, how I would get to change out of those soaking wet clothes. Dan or Phil could lend me something comfortable to wear. We would stay in, all cozy and warm and just being lazy instead of trudging through a rainy and taciturn London. Eating snacks and having warm beverages.

“And we can play videogames too!” Phil pointed out excitedly.

“You mean lose to me in videogames” Dan joined in, sniggering.

Thinking that a much nicer evening without surprises awaited me made me feel better. So I waited for them to catch up with me and linked my arms with theirs.

Dan was right, though, surprises weren’t always so cool.