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I called and talked to my ex, and he took it really well, he told me to focus on myself and my mental health and he agreed not to contact me or talk to me at school until I'm ready to have him in my life (as a friend) again and I'm incredibly thankful for how existence

I am so proud of you for putting yourself first!! I’m so glad you ex also respected you and your feelings. This is so wonderful to hear!!

So…kaisoo is dead because in one interview JI said he thinks the couple dance doesn’t match him really (but it matches Ksoo more) and that he wouldn’t marry anyone in exo as a girl. First off, good for him, he’s learning how to answer. If the context of the dance couple quote is true, sounds like he’s being humble and saying it’s too sexy for him but it matches Ksoo better. Still complimenting Ksoo (if that’s how he meant it). And he has his own room, well people need space and honestly JI was obsessive about Ksoo at first it’s good to make their love stronger and not clingy. Also the marrying a member, that’s a trap question and I am glad he didn’t step in it. If he chose Ksoo, that would put a target on their backs and frankly I think they aren’t in the mood to be separated again. So it’s a diplomatic answer and good for him. Finally, he brought up Ksoo twice. For his legendary video and roommate habit. I think that speaks volumes on its own. So basically he said something about Ksoo THREE times in his interview and you want to believe Kaisoo is dead based on context? We’re going to ignore him sticking to Ksoo like glue in all these Kokobop interviews, ignore him wrapping that big strong arm around Ksoo on the Knowing Brothers and backstage at Music Core. That’s fake but that one misconstrued sentence isn’t?

Thank you everyone who commented yesterday about the Ryan thing 💗 I’m so lucky to have you all hahaha you always all make me feel so much better about everything! having slept on it I definitely feel better! And see that you’re all right, he is so pathetic, and whatever his reasoning is for putting it up, he’s acting like a child (like with the Snapchats etc)… so glad I’m away from him, he’s toxic. I’m so much better off now and so much happier, he’s just proving he’s going to stay the same person he always has been.

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hey here's smth that might blow ur mind a little bit: so Fiore said in 2x02 that by killing Jesse, SoK will kill Genesis (I didn't know that could happen, I always assumed it'd just escape) WHICH MEANS that when Fiore suggests to DeBlanc "the other option", he's suggesting having Genesis killed. and here's the kicker: DeBlanc will only accept that as a last resort. if Genesis isn't his baby, why is he so protective of it? you'd think he'd be glad to be free of it. idk might be smth to think abt

Alllllrighty…I’ve been thinking about this for over a week, and I think the time has come for me to attempt to put my thoughts into words…this might be a long one. 

For starters - YES…this does indeed change everything. Based on what Yusef -and McTavish - had said in past interviews, I had been under the impression that the angels still intended to get Genesis back - until watching the fateful second episode of Season 2′s premiere. 

This realization in itself was numbing…but it was what I had thought originally last summer, before reading any interviews. That Fiore and DeBlanc hired the Saint to kill Genesis was(is) one of the biggest holes in the angelship theory…until you think about it in the way you suggested.

Before I go on way too long, I want to quote @priscillajeanohare:

“Fiore is living out the plot of We Have to Talk about Kevin.”

This is apt. But it takes a while for me to get there…because I think it is a Rube Goldberg of circumstance that bring Fiore and DeBlanc to the Saint’s Hell Chamber. 

Here’s how I think it went:

Genesis busts out of the coffee can, begins to wreak mayhem on Earth. Fiore and DeBlanc become illegally corporeal to go and fetch Genesis without anyone noticing. 

The original plan is simple: Try the lullaby. If the lullaby doesn’t work, cut open Jesse and catch Genesis on its way out. 

Fiore and DeBlanc are twice thwarted by Cassidy. Fiore and DeBlanc agree to let Cassidy talk to Jesse.

Cassidy meets Fiore and DeBlanc in the motel. Fiore vehemently affirms Cassidy’s impression - that the plan is to cut Jesse open with a chainsaw. DeBlanc, thoughtfully, floats the idea of using the song again, to “lure” it out.

Cassidy leaves with their money. Fiore pulls out the angel phone, and says it time to “tell them what’s going on.” DeBlanc doesn’t think this would pan out well for them. Fiore agrees after consideration. 

Now comes a pivotal scene I contend happened off screen:

Sometime after Cassidy leaves, Fiore lets slip how little faith he has in the lullaby working. DeBlanc is floored, and wants Fiore to elaborate. Fiore admits he doesn’t think Genesis is particularly sentient or capable of connecting with them at all. DeBlanc is shocked and adamantly insists that Genesis does feel connected to them - that the lullaby proves it. Fiore drops it, but DeBlanc can tell he is not convinced. DeBlanc insists that Fiore let him try the song one more time before they kill Jesse. Fiore promises to try the song again in the face of DeBlanc’s vehemence, but is annoyed at DeBlanc. 

Which brings us to “The Big as Texas Burger” scene (your namesake): 

After the disagreement, DeBlanc is stunned and depressed. He misses Genesis, and he misses life with Fiore before coming to Earth. He is heartbroken at the realization of Fiore’s true thoughts. He is struggling with the idea that Fiore might be right, that he may love an entity incapable of feeling anything for him in response. And if he is deluded about Genesis, maybe he is deluded in his understanding of Fiore as well. This is what DeBlanc is wondering about while he is staring into the coffee can.

Meanwhile, Fiore is annoyed that DeBlanc made him promise not to kill Jesse until they had tried the song again. Fiore already sees Jesse as a flight risk, and doesn’t trust Cassidy…killing Jesse is the safest and quickest way to get Genesis back. DeBlanc didn’t used to have a problem with killing Jesse - but now he does, because he cannot stand the idea of Fiore not believing him. Now they have to try the song, and Fiore doesn’t understand why. He is staring at a burger commercial when the phone rings.

DeBlanc - who has just been worrying about the legitimacy of everything he loves - is panicked, thinking that Fiore is going to answer. Fiore started toward the phone with no such intention, already assuming it was the hotel phone. But upon seeing DeBlanc’s reaction - and realizing DeBlanc thought Fiore might actually betray him like that - deliberately hesitates to draw out DeBlanc’s panic. When he answers the hotel phone, and hears DeBlanc sighs in relief, Fiore becomes blatantly pissed. He doesn’t look at DeBlanc as he begins to leave… deciding that - as long as they’re spending an excessive amount of time on earth - he might as well get to know more about earthly pleasures. When asked by DeBlanc, he says he is hungry. 

DeBlanc is left bewildered and alone…this is first time we ever see the two of them separate. 

[Much more under Keep Reading…apologies, I had to list all the components out - tried to bold the most relevant parts.]

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A Good Thing

“Bobby, you can’t keep doing that to him.”
Bob raises his eyebrows, putting down his fork. “Doing what, Alicia? Corralling our son into talking about his crush?”

Or, A fic about Bob and Alicia noticing Jack’s feelings for Bitty before even he does.

Bob Zimmermann is kind of messy, only a bit of a smart ass, and just a tad hard of hearing. Yet even without perfect hearing Bob can’t miss the affection in his son’s voice when talking about a certain line-mate.

Bob Zimmermann is many things, but he is no idiot.

“Did you get that paper done for your…what was it again- american pie class?”

Bob looks over his shoulder just in time to see Alicia send an appraising look from the couch. He catches a hint of a smile.

He winks back and she rolls her eyes in return.

Bob turns again to the large window, the white light blinding him for a moment. The large expanse of grass is still littered with snow, lining the way down to their lake. A blank sky hugs the horizon.

“Women, food, and American culture, Papa.”

“Right. So how’d you do on the paper? Did Eric help you out?”

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— 930302

Happy Birthday to Topp Dogg’s main vocalist and ray of sunshine, Yu Sangdo♡

Jealousy || Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Originally posted by elizabethccoper

Request: Do you do one shots too or only imagines? If you do, I was thinking maybe an teen wolf x Riverdale crossover. Like the reader goes to Riverdale for the summer to hang out with her cousin that just moved there (Veronica) and she meets jughead and he reminds her of stiles the guy she’s been in love with since forever and she starts getting close to jug and Stiles finds out and gets jealous bc he’s lowkey in love with her too and he goes to Riverdale to get her and maybe there’s some angst and smut

A/n: I haven’t posted anything in months (probably 6 months? Idk) and I’m really sorry about that. I had zero motivation to write anything and if I did nothing would come to me, so I’m really sorry. But now I’m back with school almost being over, I have a lot of time now. So enjoy this imagine that I wrote and sorry if it isn’t perfect and sorry if there’s any grammar error. Love you guys x

“Do you have to go?” A sad looking Stiles asked from across the room. You sighed, nodding your head as you packed some clothes in your suitcase. Stiles let out a puff and got up from the chair he was sitting in and walked over to your bed. “I don’t want you to.”

 “Stiles, it’s just the summer. It would go by pretty fast.” You told the brown haired boy and gave him a smile. He gave you a forced smile and you threw the shirt you had in your hands at him. Stiles let out a loud squeak, making you burst out laughing. 

 “That was so not cool.” Stiles claimed, glaring at you. You stuck your tongue out at him and giggled a bit. “Tell me again why are you leaving?”

 “I haven’t seen my cousin, Veronica, in a really long time and she always lived on the other side of the states and now that she’s 5 hour away I can finally go and visit her.” You exclaimed, getting excited about the fact that you’re going to see your beloved cousin after so, so long.

 “What if a monster invades the town?” He asked and you stopped folding your clothes to look at him, raising your eyebrows at him.

 “Stiles, if anyone invades the town there’s always Scott, Malia, Lydia…” you started to say, your face feeling hot before finishing your sentence, “and they have you. If anyone can stop those monsters, it’s you..”

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Lance is a Boy #1

Keith vaulted over a fallen tree, running as fast as he could through a dense jungle, thanking allura for making paladin armour so aerodynamic. There was a swift movement beside him as a lanky figure pushed ahead “Lance.” Keith hissed and pushed himself a little bit harder.
“Hurry up pretty boy! Or you’re lunch!” Keith’s eyes rolled as Lance cupped his mouth with his hands while running to deliver the sound over to Keith. It was more than unfortunate that in this second of diversion, Lance tripped over a tree root and face planted, letting his body roll with the momentum. Keith pushed his feet into the ground to stop as quickly as possible, he still had to run back a few paces to stop by Lance. The ground absorbed a groan from the blue paladin.
“Lance come on we need to go. Now.” Keith’s voice was urgent and persistent. “Please get up.” Keith’s hands wrapped around Lances bicep and he pulled, making Lance stagger to his feet. A dark red liquid stained his chest and Lance had drawn his hand up to his nose, pulling it away slightly and frowning.
“Ah quiznak.” The only words Lance left behind as they took off running again. Large stomps were suddenly eerily loud and very apparent behind them as they took long strides, staying closer together. It wasn’t long before their calves burned and the boys looked for any kind of checkpoint. Eventually they both dived past a large, off looking tree with high hopes. A long second passed,

then a loud buzzer went off.

“Simulation end!” A calm voice rang through an intercom, Allura. “Very good boys!”

“Really?” Keith’s voice was hopeful.

“Well… no, not really, but better! You both learned this time and took the wise route and ran, a wise altean once said ‘a brave person will fight relentlessly, a wise person will know when to fight another day.’, I’m impressed you chose to flee.” She walked through the door onto the training deck, her voice fading from the intercom. “Lance are you ok?”

“Better now that you’re here my princess” he winked and put his hand on his hip, clicking his tongue seductively, normally this would be as smooth as ever but with one hand pinching a dripping nose bleed, not so much. “Yknow my princess doesn’t really roll off the tongue, how about my everything instead?” It had only been about two days since Coran and Allura were awoken and Lance had flown in blue to the castle of lions, and he was still trying to get with allura, of course, to no avail.

Rolling her eyes, Allura turned to Keith “I’m glad you waited for him, I saw the hesitation in your eyes as he fell, you did the right thing and theoretically saved your friends life.”

“Wait wait wait, mullet hesitated!? Keith!” A swift (but gentle) smack on his shoulder made Keith smile.
“Lance I don’t think there’s a soul in this universe that wouldn’t have.”

Allura put a gentle hand on Lances shoulder “go see coran, get yourself set up in a health pod, he’ll need all of your information and then you’re set, that nose bleed, and whatever other damage, will be dealt with.” She smiled and turned to walk out, Keith following close behind.

Lance walked throughout the castle, his nose pinched and his mind starting to wonder. “Who knew finding an old man in a castle would be so hard…” as if summoned, Coran suddenly dropped from the ceiling and clanged to the floor. “AGH!” Lance jumped into an immediately defensive stance. “Coran?”

Other than looking slightly dirty, coran was intact and smiled warmly at Lance “sorry my boy! Was just cleaning out the vents, 10 000 years worth of dust, someone had to do it”

“There are vents? On a space ship?” Lance looked doubtfully at the orange haired man.

“Well, yes, they can be cut off but with them it keeps the airflow more consistent.” Lance shrugged and explained what had happened, as coran lead them to the room with the pods, they talked more and more about how advanced the ship was and reasoning for a lot of design choices.

“All right, Lance! I’ll need to ask you a couple questions to set up a basic data base and ID for you in a pod so it can optimize heal time.” Lances nose had stopped bleeding but he was pretty sure it was broke so he obliged.

“Fair enough, fire away.”

“Full name?”

“Lance Charles McClain.” He smiled, remembering his dad, Charles McClain, a nice, respectable man, he was named after him. Coran typed away happily, supposedly coding the system with Lances information.

“Height and weight?”

“5 feet and 9 inches, 130 pounds.”

“Sexual activities?”

“Woah Coran at least buy me dinner first.” Lance smirked and Coran tried not to but the corners of his moustache rose a little. “Currently not active.” He said, not ashamed of himself in the slightest.

“Ok last one, this ones easy, biological sex?”

Lance was about to answer but paused, thinking it over for a second, his answer was lower than usual and he looked down.


To be continUED…

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Reader waiting for her boyfriend Peter to get back from his first big mission with the avengers, she waits in his room but falls asleep bc he doesn't get back til like 2 in the morning. He gets back to his room and he's completely drained and exhausted but he sees her sleeping in his bed and it just makes him smile and he cuddles in beside her and it's just adorable

Peter limped down the hallway, his mask clutched in his hand and his suit draped over his shoulder. He was glad he’d listened to Bruce’s suggestion of keeping a change of clothes in the Quinjet, and gladder still that the clothes he’d left were his comfiest pyjamas.

As he entered the code to unlock his bedroom door, his thoughts turned to you, his girlfriend. Part of him had hoped you’d be waiting for him when he returned from his first mission, but the more rational part of him reasoned that it was two in the morning, and he couldn’t blame you for choosing sleep.

If he hadn’t turned the light on so he could see the drawer to put his suit in, he wouldn’t even have noticed you in his bed, sound asleep.

He smiled lovingly; you were snoring softly, a peaceful expression on your face as you unconsciously pulled the duvet closer to yourself. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, biting his lip as you smiled in your sleep and began to wake up.

“Pete?” you mumbled sleepily, your eyes fluttering open. “You’re back.”

“Hey,” he whispered, sitting on the side of his bed. “Sorry I’m so late.”

“’S okay,” you replied, sitting up and rubbing your eyes. “The mission went well?”

“It was awesome, Miss Romanoff said I was-,”

He stopped talking when he noticed you trying not to yawn, and he smiled slightly.

“I’ll tell you in the morning. You wanna sleep in here tonight? I missed you.”

You smiled softly, lying back down and opening your arms to him.

Peter climbed into bed beside you, resting his head on your collarbone as you wrapped your arms around him. He pressed a gentle kiss to the area between your shoulder and neck, and draped an arm over your belly.

“I missed you too,” you whispered, massaging his scalp slowly in the way you knew helped him fall asleep. “I was worried about you, out there without me.”

“I’m home,” he mumbled. “You don’t need to worry anymore.”

A small smile tugged at your lips, and you buried your face in his soft, chestnut hair.

“Good,” you whispered, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to fall asleep, content with the knowledge that Peter was home and safe in your arms.

Heart Rate!

Harry was on Grimmy’s show once again, for like the millionth time. It wasn’t a special occasion, at least as far as Harry knew. Nick had told him he just wanted to check in with him, let people know what he was up to. It was unusual, but what in their relationship wasn’t.

Of course you had joined him and were now sitting behind the glass, seperating the audio booth from the control room.

“Now, I brought back a friend of yours, because you enjoyed it so much the last time.”, Grimmy was currently telling Harry with a laugh.

Harry groaned when he saw the heart rate monitor.

“Not again.”, he said, shaking his head and shooting you a look, silently calling for help.

You just laughed, while nervously playing with the hem of your shirt. Lou put a hand on your shoulder, soothing you.

“It’ll be fine, hun.”, she told you, giving you an encouraging smile.

You nodded hastily. You were glad the monitor wasn’t hooked up to you right now, because you were certain your heart rate would tell everyone just how nervous you actually were.

“Let’s start with something simple.”, Nick said, after Harry had been prepared and the monitor was ready.

He held up a picture of a puppy, making Harry smile.

“Cute.”, he chuckled.

“Staying steady in the face of an adorable puppy.”, Grimmy commented for the benefit of those listening at home.

“I’m more of a cat person.”, Harry explained.

They both looked at you and you nodded in affirmation.

“Well then.”

Grimmy continued with a few more pictures that barely had an affect on Harry, which to you wasn’t suprising, since you had been the one to pick the pictures.

Finally things got interesting when it came to the next picture.

“Aah, beautiful, wonderful.”, he turned it to Harry, “What about your lovely fiancée?”

Harry grinned and the numbers on the monitor went up quite a bit, to a good 95.

You smiled at him through the glass as his eyes found yours.

“Still makes my heart beat faster.”, Harry said, more to you than to anyone.

You blew him a kiss.

“Ugh, too much cheesiness, let’s move on.”

You held your breath.

“Now, Harold, what do you think of this?” Grimmy turned the next picture.

Harry frowned for a moment, then his eyes widened.

“Is that…?”, he stuttered, looking from Nick to you again.

You smiled broadly and gave a nod.

“Oh my gosh!”

The monitor gave a loud beeping, because Harry’s heart rate was through the roof.

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is Harry Styles’ reaction to realizing he’s gonna be a dad.”, Grimmy explained, turning the picture so the camera could see it. It was a sonogram of yours and Harry’s first child.

Harry had tears in his eyes and broke out in a hysterical fit of laughter, covering his eyes with his hand and turning from the microphone.

“Oh gosh.”

When he came back up, he shook his head with a laugh.

“I hate you all so much.”, he said, with a glance over at you and his friends behind the glass.

You were laughing as well, tears in your eyes.

“Well, go on! Go kiss your baby mama!”, Grimmy told him.

He didn’t have to tell Harry twice. He jumped up, ran for the door and into the control room. You had barely gotten up, when he already scooped you up and gave you a bone crushing hug. You slapped his arms.

“Watch it! Don’t squish the baby.”, you reprimanded him with a laugh.

He immediately let go, just gently holding onto your shoulders.

“I love you so much.”, he said, then kissed you with a smile.

Bet || R.M.

Originally posted by alltimewolf

Word Count: 2095

Pairing: Ross!Reggie x reader

Summary: Chuck bets Reggie five hundred dollars to hook up with you, his tutor, and the outcome leaves you heartbroken.

Warnings: smut, fingering, cussing, unprotected sex, Reggie being a complete fuckboy, complete filth

Requested by anon:

“Hey Can you do a Reggie imagine where his bet that he couldn’t get the reader to go out with him. The reader is really pretty and awkward. So he tries and eventually falls in love with her. With a really fluffy ending. I know it’s cliché, haha.”

I kind of strayed off from the request, hope that’s okay! I might do a second part where it’s fluffier though!

Masterlist // Part Two

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Spiderman to any exAvenger "i don't Like to be handed things."

So Peter Parker loved to copy Tony.

Mostly in little things. Like how one day he had a pair of sunglasses he wore constantly. Or the way he started responding to everything sarcastically. Peace signs as he left a room. Calling MJ “mother hen” anytime she seemed remotely concerned about anything at all.

Or when it was his birthday and Tony took him and Aunt May out for dinner, and Peter wore a black suit that looked exactly like the one Tony was wearing.

Or the time Colonel Rhodes had come to visit the compound and Peter had looked up from the table with a grin. “Hey Rhodey!”

Really it was cute. Really Tony had a hard time not being flattered by it. So he let it all slide.

Until the rest of the team came home anyway.

Peter was scarce around the compound once Nastasha and Clint were wandering around. He didn’t hang out in the lab anymore now that Bruce was there working. He certainly didn’t sit on the kitchen counters and talk excitedly about his day when Cap and the Winter Soldier were eating dinner.

So it was altogether unexpected (and admittedly hilarious) when Peter strolled into the compound one day after school, dressed head to toe in a fitted black suit, sunglasses firmly on his face.

He threw a few waves when some of the team greeted him, but didn’t say anything back as he headed right for the conference room for their weekly meeting.

He sat right next to Tony at the big table, put his (small) feet up and folded his arms over his chest. Tony of course, noticed and smiled a little but didn’t say anything.

“Peter Parker.” Captain Rogers acknowledged. “Glad you could make it. Here’s your information packet. We scaled it down because you are still underage and honestly the team isn’t one hundred percent comfortable with utilizing your skills yet, impressive as you are.”

Steve paused for a few seconds, still holding out the file. Peter glanced up from his phone and shook his head.

“I don’t like to be handed things.”

Beside him, Tony burst out laughing, just absolutely dropped his tablet on the phone and cracked up, then reached for the file from Steve, wiping his eyes as a few more chuckles escaped.

“Mr Parker doesn’t like to be handed things.” He said as seriously as he could, and the thwapped Peter on the head with the file. “Don’t be such a punk.”

“Just trying to be like you.” Peter mumbled, but when he peeked over his glasses, Tony winked at him.

“Continue, Captain.” Tony said, and leaned back in his chair, propping his feet up on the table in a mirror image of Peters. “We’re ready.”


favorite character meme » six scenes
↳ 6. watchdogs (3.14)


“It’s not my heart you’ve broken, idiot!”

Word Count: 1603

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Nope

Warnings: Injuries, some swearing, teasing fluff

Synopsis: Soulmate AU where whenever your soulmate gets injured, so do you. Peter Parker’s soulmate is none too pleased by the recent development after he obtains his powers. After all, just because he’s super resilient, doesn’t necessarily mean his soulmate is, too.

Send me a request!

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Master List

Originally posted by grysamobojcow

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Was I a good Sister?

Characters - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester

Warning - Swearing, angst, character death

“Y/n! SHOOT NOW” I heard my father voice yell at me so I took my aim at the werewolf heart and tried to fire but I then realised that my gun was jammed! “oh no” I whispered

I saw the werewolf advance towards my elder brother and it threw him across , I watched in shock when his body slammed into the tree, the werewolf turned towards me but my gun was still jammed, I tried to shoot him but it wasn’t working just when then I heard a loud bang from behind me and I saw the werewolf fall to the ground, I turned around and saw my other elder brother Sam.

My father suddenly appeared in my view and ran towards Dean, me and Sam followed him, we dropped on our knees around where Dean lay unconscious. I tried to caress his forehead to inspect the damage when my father shoved my hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch him! ”,he snarled.

He then looked at Dean and tried to find if he had any serious injury on him. I looked at Sam but he was too focused on Dean. I then felt my cheek burn severely and loud resounding slap could be heard across the forest. I realised then that my father had hit me and he had me so hard that I was lying on the ground. I definitely had a bruise now.

“Dad, what the hell was that!? ” I heard Sam shout but my dad just glared at him and then at me, he shook his head in anger dropped down so he could swing dean’s arm around his shoulder.

Sam who was staring at his father in shock and anger immediately pushed his feelings aside and grabbed the other arm. They carried Dean this to the impala with me trailing behind him.

“y/n/n, go sit in the backseat and then we will lay him down” I nodded slowly and did as Sam said, the entire time I could feel my dad’s eye on me.

The ride to the isolated cabin was extremely quiet, I kept caressing Dean’s forehead and his hair and I kept on whispering “ I am sorry, I am so sorry ” and the tears trailed down my face.

Sam’s POV

I heard my little sister sniffling in the backseat and comforting my elder brother while saying sorry. It literally broke my heart to see her so upset. All I wanted to do was hug her tightly and tell her everything was going to be okay but if I say something now I know my father will be even more furious, I still cannot believe that he had hit her.

We reach the cabin and take Dean inside, we inspect him and wonder if any serious injury has taken place but he was just knocked out , I look over at my little sister and see that she was standing at door with an expression of fear plastered over her face. I smile at her but she doesn’t smile back.

After tending to Dean my father walks out of the room but not before he take Y/n’s arm in vicious grip, I spare my brother one look and walk out of the door.

Y/n’s POv

“what the hell were you doing?!
“I.. ”
“You could have gotten your brother killed you irresponsible idiot, why can’t you do anything properly?! ”
“Dad just listen to her”
“You stay out of this Sam, it does not concern you, we could have lost Dean because of her, you are the reason that your brother is in there….. Hurt”
“But dad.. ”
“JUST SHUT UP! I can’t even bare to look at you, my son is hurt because of you, you are an ungrateful, irresponsible and disgusting sister and I can’t even call you my daughter ”

That was it. This sentence did it for me, I was in pain ,not the physical kind the other one the one where your heart feels heavy and it hurts, I looked at my father with tears in my eyes but I would not let them drop.

“what the hell is wrong with you dad, why can’t you just listen to her, who says that to their own child?!”

My dad didn’t answer my brother he just walked out the door, Sam then removed his attention from John and then kneeled down so he could be of my height, he kept both his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye.

“hey, listen to me sweetie don’t you dare even for a moment think that you are not a good sister, you are the most amazing, beautiful kind girl in the whole world and me and Dean love you so so so so much! ”

I looked him in the eye but I did not have the strength to reply so I just went back to the room where Dean was sleeping.

Sam’s POV

I watched my little sister walk back in the room, I was so shocked to hear my father say such horrible things to a 13 year old girl.
I went in the room and saw that she was covering Dean up with a blanket she then sat at the edge of the pushed his hair back and kissed him on the forehead.

My heart melted right there, how could my father say such horrible things to someone as sweet as her, I just couldn’t resist so I walked up behind her and put my arms around,she turn around and put her arms around my waist and her face towards me, I hugged her for a while but then I felt her shoulders shake I looked down and saw that she was sobbing her little heart out so I kneeled down again so I could be of her level and then hugged her tightly.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, she said this while hiccuping in between her sobs.

“I can’t lose you or Dean, I love you too much, I am sorry ” I knew I couldn’t say anything to comfort her so I picked her up and carried to my bed, we are used to sharing beds so I lay her down and I lay down beside her I put my arm around her and gently stroke her back soon she is fast asleep.

Y/n’s POV
I wake up the next morning to see that my Sam was sleeping beside me softly snoring , I looked on the other side and saw that Dean was also sleeping, so I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I came back I saw that Dean was starting to wake up.

“Hey Dean, can you wake up? ”, he groaned but slowly opened his eyes
“hey, how are you feeling? ”
“Ummm…. Extremely sore”
“well you were thrown into a tree so that is to be expected I guess”

“Wait, what the hell happened? Are you okay? ”

“Yea bro, Everyone is good, you were the only one who was hurt”

I grabbed his medicine from the side table and then got him a glass of water.

“Here you go”
“Thanks sweetheart, you know you always take such good care of us”

My smile wavered a bit as I remembered last night’s events but I didn’t let the sadness or the immense guilt I was feeling come to my face. I then took both his hands pulled him in a sitting position.

“you can use the shower and have a good long bath”
“Thanks sweetie ” he said looking at me but then his smile turned into a frown and his hand went to touch my cheek.
“Did the werewolf get you or something? ”
“No why? ”
“You have bruise on your face”
I immediately felt extremely tense but then I just brushed it off and then walked to the living room. I saw John sitting over there with a pen and newspaper he looked towards me and said
“We are going on a hunt tonight.”
“What? What about Dean”
“Your will brother will not go obviously ”
“Dean is not going to agree to that ”
“Just be ready, there were not ONE but TWO werewolf but because of you we could not kill it last night so I suggest do as I ask”.

Later that night.
Dean had thrown a bitch fit and was here saying he was fine and will not be left at home. I had persuaded Sam to not tell Dean anything now, but we could do it after the hunt. I had rechecked my guns atleast 10 times to make sure it wasn’t jammed.

We walked through the jungle looking for the wolf, but it had seemed like hours had passes but we still had no clue where it was.

I still don’t know how I saw but I did, the werewolf was standing behind Dean, it had raised its claw to strike at my brother but I pushed my brother put of the way and felt it claws go deep in my stomach.

Dean’s PoV

I saw in astonishment as my little sister pushed me out of the way and the werewolf impaled her in stomach. I raised my gun and shot him straight in the heart, the werewolf fell down with a thud.

I looked down at my little sister who was bleeding from the stomach profusely, I picked her up and put her head in my lap, I then felt Sam and Dad running towards us.

“De it hurts a lot ” she cried
“Shhhh sweetheart, don’t worry everything is going to be okay you are going to live and we are going to talk about cutting Sammy’s hair in sleep and well pranking people and making them annoyed”

My sister shook her head and coughed and I saw the blood trickle out of her mouth so I wiped it away with my thumb
“ I am not going to make it, I know it” she croaked
“No y/n/n don’t you dare say that ”, Sam said in a crying voice “ you our baby sister we need to here, I love you so much”
“You heard Sam sweetheart, you can’t go we need you here:

But she ignored us and then asked in a croaked voice
“Was I a good sister? ”
And then both me and Sam just broke, both of us had tears running down our check so we each grabbed her hand I said

“oh yes sweetie, you are amazing sister and I love you so so so much” I then looked at my dad who was standing with an emotionless expression. Y/n looked at all of us “ I love you. ALL OF you I am going to miss you and I am glad I saved you dean”

Saying this my baby sister took her last breaths and then her head just fell sideways, he beautiful eyes were now not looking at anything.
So I put an arm around Sam and pulled him close and cradled my baby sister in my other arm. Oh god I will never see her smile, never kiss her while she was sleeping, never see her taking care of us, never take care of her she is just gone.

My father then came next to us and said “I am sorry baby girl please come back”

And at that time all we wanted was our little baby sister to come back but I knew she wouldn’t listen because she can’t, thinking about this we cried and screamed at the sky above us.

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