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The prettiest Robin.

Bonus: Here comes the water.

hey like not to be salty but someone sent me an anon telling me to stop reblogging my switch post and while i understand it’s probably annoying only 1k of my 9k followers have switched over and that’s not many tbh so yeah i’m gonna keep reblogging it?? 

it’s my old blog anyways,,, if you don’t wanna see it unfollow it’s inactive anyways now so why keep following,,, just throught i’d address that,, :/

So I met with a tutor to help me with my Spanish and she actually said that I speak it well, considering that I’m learning through Spanish classes. I need to work on my patience and not roll my r’s with every word with an r in it. 

I haven’t posted a lot about what this semester has been like, but for once I’m having an easier time in math than I am in Spanish. The Spanish class has has a Spanish Only rule (with no Spanish/English dictionary use) and there’s only nine of us and like five of them are native speakers. So I feel really out of place and it’s been a struggle.

But Imma get it. I’m gonna learn to speak Spanish, dammit!

yesterday i had the best nb experience ever

my friend noah said “so uh i know ive known you for awhile but just so im not making assumptions, are you like a boy or a girl?”

and i said, with infinite glee, “nah.”

“… nah?”


“so youre… are you male or female?”


“oh…. okay”

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you... you wanna write a fluffy angst reddie fic so I can die????? Please???? ( Richie and Eddie)

I want to try something with this that I’ve literally been pondering on for freaking days. Like, the main part of what I want to write for this popped into my head in an instant, but I’ve been toying with the execution for a good bit. 

Anyway, here we go! 

As years passed, the remaining fear of the menacing clown dwindled down to a distant, fuzzy memory that almost doesn’t feel real. At least, that’s how Eddie sees it, and based on the others fully shifting into varying senses of normalcy, he feels he can confidently say the same for his friends as well. 

But, as it would turn out, fear doesn’t leave; it just hides and manifests when one is at their most vulnerable, as Eddie will quickly come to learn. 

It starts with Richie getting sick the day before their high school graduation; it’s not bad by any means, a nasty summer cold at the most, but it’s enough to have Richie down for the count, leaving Eddie a worried mess. 

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I had the loveliest time with a girl from my dorm floor? ?? I forgot to get her contact information

Who was Dimple really about?

I think we all know the truth…

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A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

Ok but that scene of Jaime leaving King’s Landing was literally beautiful, not just because we’ve been waiting for it for so long, but because the music, the scenery, Nikolaj’s acting, the snow, the way he covered the gold hand (the Lannister gold. He is now just Ser Jaime. It doesn’t matter he is a Lannister.)

Suddenly the air around me feels so much purer

Someone: when are you gonna stop drawing gay stuff omg

Me, drawing more gay stuff: wow suddenly I can’t read

dear tom holland fans,

i’ve heard that there’s been some (completely outrageous) negativity in this fandom especially directed at tom recently. some are about people getting mad that tom didn’t go to the china premiere of spider-man: homecoming when he was clearly sick and unwell. another thing i saw was that tom had apparently unfollowed all the instagrams of models that he was following because people got upset that he liked one photo of a model. i’m sure many of you follow guys or girls that you find attractive on instagram. and i’m sure there isn’t a group of people who are constantly breathing down your neck and making you feel bad for finding someone attractive. there’s plenty of other issues but these are the ones that i’ve seen most recently.

i would just like to point out and remind all fans in the tom holland fandom, whether or not you’ve been involved in this ignorance, that:

  1. Tom is HUMAN
  2. Tom has FEELINGS
  3. Tom has EMOTIONS
  4. Tom deserves PRIVACY
  5. Tom deserves to hang out with whoever he wants regardless of gender and not have people assume that he is in a relationship
  6. Tom doesn’t deserve the pressure some ‘fans’ put on him
  7. Tom doesn’t deserve the shit this fandom gives him
  8. Tom shouldn’t be sacrificing things for his ‘fans’
  9. and last but not least, Tom Holland is just like any one of us and i’m sure if you were in his position and being pressured by people that are supposed to be supporting him and loving him, you wouldn’t like it very much either

i want you all to understand that this is not an attack on the whole fandom. heck, i’m part of this hellhole of a fandom. but it’s to those particular few who seem to have the assumption that they can control tom and have a say in his life that i want to remind that there are boundaries to being somebody’s fan. you can love them, support them, laugh for them, cry for them, but you cannot control them. they are not yours to boss around. not now. not ever.