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hey jimin um i’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to look that cute while pretending to shoot a gun?

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oops i can't decide so here's 2 in case u wanna write a lot of things OR just like. pick ur preference!! 😘 1) patater + 9; 2) parswoops + 47!!

I’m gonna do patater first but i will write parswoops at some point!!

9. meeting online au

When Kent got the notification, he almost yelled and threw his phone across the room. But, Kent was a rational adult, so he calmly picked up his phone and saw that Alexei Mashkov followed his cats instagram. Kent was fine, he wasn’t freaking out that his crush ever since he freaking entered the NHL followed his cat on Instagram, but he also commented on a video of Kit and him. “very cute )))” Kent is allowed to freak out a little, so he does what every normal and calm adult does and calls Jeff. 

As soon as Swoops picked up, Kent started yelling. “Fucking Mashkov followed Kit’s Instagram! And then he commented on a video of me and Kit and said VERY CUTE with a bunch of weird smiles! What does that mean!” Swoops sighed, he was one of the only people who knew about Kent’s crush on Alexei so a phone call like this happens like every week. 

“It probably means he thinks the video is cute, Parse.” Swoops sighed again, “Listen, I’ll come over and we can have this conversation in person. So don’t start hyperventilating until I get there, okay?” Kent mumbled an agreement and hung up the phone. Kent plopped down on his bed, Swoops has a key so he doesn’t feel the need to get up and let him in.

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What do I have to do to make this shitehole of a site understand that if I don’t like sp*hura it’s not because I’m racist and *how dare spock be with a black woman* (What is this bullshit people pull out of their asses???) but it’s literally because I detest seeing a competent, amazing black woman being used as heterometer for the two obviously closeted leads

“ ah/soka ta/no wasn’t important to an/akin skyw/alker’s life. “

“ ah/soka ta/no is insignificant in the st/ar wa/rs universe. “

“ who the hell is ah/soka ta/no? “

“ ah/soka ta/no is just so annoying ugh why is she even canon? “

“ ah/soka ta/no the twi’lek. “

Me: Yeah I prefer smaller shows but I don’t get why bands would want to avoid bigger venues?

Me: *sees the size of the gap between the stage and the crowd during a deg live*

Me: nm I get it

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What the hell!!!! I have watched that brits video so many times and never noticed how zayn laughs at louis' relieved face when harry turns up....OMG!!!!

Hehehe yeah I know… There is a reason you should always look at the other boys’ reactions because the initial one is usually the most unconscious and therefore the most revealing….


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

rant about thai k-idols

okay so,,, i’ve seen A LOT of ppl using a thai idol’s real name as if it’s normal (esp in fanfics) and as a person who grew up in thailand and is thai,,, that is actually very awkward. a thai person is born w a first name, last name, and nick name. the nick name is the name you will be called by throughout your whole life and many of your friends would prob never know your full name tbh. your full name is only used in official papers and business type situations. for example, in school, the teacher would call you by your first name and your nickname (it depends what they’re saying,, if it’s roll call or smth like that it’s your first name!!) i’m going to use ten as an example, so bare with me. if you’re friends w ten, you would never call him ‘chittaphon’. not even his family would call him ‘chittaphon’. it’s really just used for MAINLY official papers. please just call your thai idol by their nickname (which is most likely their stage name). i’m sure this is hard to understand bc different culture,, but i’m honestly rly uncomfortable w it??? it’s okay that you’ve been ignorant to this, but i hope you guys learned something new!! feel free to msg me for any questions!

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 

Let me make one thing clear:

We’re not into KS because of the ‘yaoi’.

We’re into this manga because of well-written and developed story which is interesting and creates fear and suspense greatly, nice art style and well-written characters.

We’re not promoting abusive relationship. We’re perfectly aware how fucked up both of them are, and we do not ship them. So stop insulting the fandom for it.