honestly wtf is the pilot
(this is an actual unedited clip btw for those of you who have yet to see it)
like John smiling up at a moonlit, batman-style silhouetted Sherlock who he just met a day ago
and the music really
like that’s the actual track
they didn’t not air this pilot because they were testing things out, they didn’t air it because it was too gay

lmao sherlock’s just like ‘yes let me just pull out this massive file of information about my best friend i have in hard copy and keep on me at all times lol i have seventeen laptops but this, this i must have on paper, in triplicate actually, the backup copies are in bank vaults on opposite sides of london, what do you mean i’m in love with my best friend,’ *acts casual*

The best part about the “I’m with you to the end of the line” bit is that they made it gayer. It could have been Steve and all the Howlies charging into battle, and instead we got just Steve and just Bucky, sharing a small, touching moment at home. 

There are arguments for queerness either way, sure. Bucky saying anything at all to Steve ever in those movies can be construed as pretty gay in general. But the fact that they made the moment more personal and more intimate in order to make the end of the film more emotional. It’s just. Guys, it’s so gay.