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Can I just say that I like the way you draw Raditz? Best fuzzy jackass!

Our lovable fuzzy jackass :’D

 Thanks so much man! Hes always gonna be one of my top fav babs ;; i gotta draw him more often//

You’re My Superhero

Title: You’re My Superhero

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 989

Warning: I teared up writing this one….so it’s hella fluffy with LOTS of fuzzy feels

Request by @secretlittledelights said: Idk if you take requests but I would love a Sam story where he is explaining to his son AU about showing his mama her body is beautiful When she’s feeling insecure about her body and the son making her breakfast in bed cuz Sam knows she can’t turn down anything from ether son?

A/N: I’m not a mom, I’ve never had a child, so this is written based on what I have seen in my personal life and in my OB rotation in nursing school, so I hope this is accurate and I hope you all like it. Enjoy!!!


Celebrities fucking suck. They pop out a kid, or two, or four, and within months they are fit as all hell. Do they not keep the kids after they have them?! Between the baby, a household, work, your man child of a husband that bless his heart is sometimes a bigger trouble than a help, how the hell do they do it?!

Shutting the magazine, you got off the couch to start on the ever endless to-do list for the day, hoping to get some before the baby woke back up.

“Hey beautiful,” Sam wrapped his arms around your waist as he came in. Stiffening up and pulling away you shrugged him off.

“Can you just not today? Sorry. I just, I don’t want to be touched right now.” Giving Sam a weak smile you headed upstairs to put away the laundry as your little man came running through wearing one of your shirts he’d swiped earlier.

“Mommy mommy mommy!!! Look! Your shirt, it’s a dress on me!!”

Normally you would have laughed, said he was adorable, something along those lines but all you could focus on was how big the shirt was. Am I seriously that big? God I could practically fill that top out now and that’s a maternity shirt.

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Tale of Gency (Chapter 1)

Laboratory of Love

A soft yawn came from the otherwise empty room, one which was quickly stifled by the slender hand of its origin. Angela had been working for hours once again, feeling so close to yet another breakthrough and yet all so far. For hours she’s been focused on the prototype in front of her, meticulously working on it without a single moment of rest. Analyzing, tweaking, experimenting, being disappointed, and repeating the process all over again. She was no stranger to such process of course, every scientist was very well aware of the tiresome path to success. She’s been at this for days of course, each day with the same determination and optimism, and each day without any new success. It should not be this difficult, and yet she could not finish it. Perhaps it was due to all the thoughts that continuously cycled through her head, distracting her from her work. Or quite possibly, perhaps it was the deadline that was all too soon approaching. In fact, this wasn’t simply just another improved medicine or antibiotic, this was more special than that. This project had not only a significant place in her heart, but also carried an important deadline as well. While she rather disliked being rushed in her work, it was in fact by her own wish that she had set this deadline. Though it really was frustrating her now, considering that the deadline was actually to be the day that is so soon coming. After all, it was Genji’s birthday.

While Angela knew that the awkward cyborg may be a bit too shy for any bolder surprises from her, she figured that he would greatly appreciate this one at the very least. He had already managed to sneak into the base one day and coincidentally overheard their plans to throw a surprise party, hence completely ruining it and persistently insisted on not doing such a thing for him. His selfless and sweet nature was a charm that made her heart throb with happiness; it was also sometimes a bit bothersome as she felt that he rejected certain things because he didn’t consider himself worthy of them. Of course he was courteous and polite about it all, however it doesn’t change the fact that he still thought of himself as less than what everyone else sees him to be. As such, they had managed to make yet another event this time, under the guise of a date for him and her.

While Angela had been a bit hesitant to have them so directly bring up their relationship in that manner, she did feel as though it was a good time to finally take him out to something nice. As such, she reluctantly agreed to let them deal with the location and other details of the date itself. With the help of Lena, she had managed to find a lovely dress for the occasion, crafted just for her size. She had insisted on simply buying a premade dress but her protests fell on the deaf ears of the nimble girl that flitted around the shop looking at fabric and pouted at her in an attempt for a chance to personally take down her measurements. Angela had finally relented and simply used the measurements she had taken for her Valkyrie suit, seeing as she had stay in practically the same fit physique, much to Lena’s disappointment at her lost opportunity. However, all these events had taken up much of her time, leaving so little for her own personal project.

As the new serum, fizzed out once more, its contents not dissolving and reacting in the way she had wanted them to, Angela let out a loud sigh and leaned back into her chair, looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. These thoughts were interrupted by a soft and polite set of knocks on the door. She blinked in surprise and looked at the door before a soft smile appeared on her lips. She pulled herself out of her chair and opened the door, saying at the same time, “You know you don’t have to ask permission every time you want to enter my lab, Genji.” Ah, if only she could gather the courage to say the same about her personal room.

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Hey my fellow night owls!🦉🌘 I’m up kinda late tonight so I thought I’d share one the drawings I finished earlier! ✍💕 This girly is “Tres Chiqué” and she will be part of my Easter Etsy launch this Friday! 🐣💖🐣I had to do something different from all the bunny themed items and I was feeling a little pun-ny lol 😜 Not to mention little baby chicks are adorable! 🐥💞 So fluffy! 😍❤❤If you want some little fuzzy cuties in your life, she will be going up April 14th at 9AM PST on! 👉💻 Make sure to set an alarm 😉 Night my loves! 😘🌘💕

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Ereri and 14. Open the door?

“Open the door!”

Levi wakes up to a quiet, empty bedroom. A quick skim with his hand across the mattress tells him Eren isn’t there. 

The sunlight streaming through the window is bright enough that Levi knows it’s well past mid-morning. He’d been up grading papers until very late the night before, so that he could enjoy the rest of his holiday break with Eren. It’s not much of a surprise that he’d slept later than usual. 

He rubs the heels of his palms against his eyelids until it burns a little, in a good way, and stretches out his heavy limbs. When he presses his nose into Eren’s pillow, it smells like him, and it makes him want to rub one out, a little. It sounds like a great idea to his sleep-addled mind, anyway, but he remembers that it’s late in the day already, and he’d much rather find Eren.

He’s about to jump in the shower when a loud banging fills the silent house.

“Levi,” he hears a distinct voice call from downstairs. “Open the door!” 

His mind reels a little as he pads down the stairs, very aware that he’s only clad in light grey joggers and his morning wood is pressing distractedly into his upper thigh. As he hits the last step, he thinks Eren probably forgot his key or needs help with groceries.

But that’s clearly not the case as Levi freezes and stares at Eren through the thin vertical windowpane of their front door. 

His boyfriend gives him a lopsided grin that does terrible, funny things to his stomach. But then his eyes land on what Eren is struggling with on their tiny front porch and it makes the sleepy, warm haze of his mind retreat immediately. 

“Levi, can you open the door, please?” He stares dumbly at Eren for several seconds in silence until he beckons at Levi through the glass.

Reluctantly, Levi walks to the door and opens it a crack, just wide enough to slit his face through and glare at Eren.

“What’s that?” Levi asks in a haughty voice he knows Eren can’t stand, and his voice is rougher and lower from having just woken up. He already knows the answer, clearly, but he wants to hear Eren say it.  

Eren’s gaze goes sheepish and warm from beneath impossibly green pine needles. “It’s ah, well, a Christmas tree.” 

A Christmas tree. It’s only been two days since Thanksgiving, and it’s 55 degrees with no forecast of snow in the foreseeable future, and Eren is standing on their porch looking hopelessly gorgeous with a small, pathetic looking Christmas tree tucked under his arm.

Eren is dressed in an old flannel that Levi likes to sleep in, sometimes, and a black beanie covers his messy, wind-whipped brown hair. He looks so much like a lumberjack that Levi wants to kiss him just to taste the maple syrup he likes to add to his coffee most mornings.

“Levi,” Eren says in a quiet voice. “Could you, ah, open the door a bit more? I’d like to come inside.” 

“I thought we agreed we weren’t getting a real tree this year, Eren,” Levi says without opening the door further. He watches Eren swallow and look away a moment. But when he lifts his chin, his eyes are brighter and there’s a determined set to his jaw that makes Levi’s heart beat faster.

“I know,” Eren says. “But I saw this tree at the market and it looked so lonely sitting there by itself, and Levi, I promise I’ll vacuum every day.” 

Levi opens the door a bit more, so that he can lean against the doorframe with his arms crossed. “What do you mean it looked lonely? It’s just a tree.”

Eren’s eyes get lost in the smooth skin of Levi’s bare chest for a moment. “It’s got a few broken branches, and it’s a bit on the, ah, smaller side,” Eren answers as his hand clutches the tree closer to his chest. “Marco said they sell the defective trees like this one to crafters in the market, so they can make holiday potpourri.”

Like that explains anything. “So?”

“Come on, Levi,” Eren’s voice catches on his name in the sweetest way, and Levi can already feel his shoulders slumping in defeat. “It’s going to be the best Christmas tree yet.”

“I swear to god Eren,” Levi says, but he’s fighting back a grin now, and Eren knows it. “If you tell me that tree reminded you of me, I’m kicking you out.”

Eren smiles then, big and bright and like the only star Levi cares about. “Don’t be silly,” he says softly, leaning down and pulling Levi in for a quick kiss that does, indeed, taste like maple syrup. “It’s just a tree.”

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Which one of you is softer?

Clarisse: “My fuzzy-wuzzy is consistently fluffy, so I’ll say him!”

Ludwig: “… Please not in front of other people–”

{ MONSTER MA 10.75/15 }