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Inktober days 19-24!!!!!

I’ve been super busy so I wasn’t able to put a video out so I’ve been putting these off! I’m really sorry but here are a few inktobers with some close-ups of my favourites!

The prompt list I’m using

the speedpaints! (With explanation at beginning)

mantisandthemoondragon replied to your post: Crack!-Headcanon: After getting to know Terran…

@sevi007​ - Peter tries to get Rocket to be his animal sidekick and gets bit on the ass for it :3


I read this as “gets shot in the ass” for a second, realized my mistake, and then realized that most likely both would happen, shooting and biting.

But yes, absolutely, all the biting won’t change the fact that Peter is the Disney princess with Rocket as his animal sidekick.

Gamora is the prince to save the princess from all the peril he’s in?