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Doctor Strange Review [SPOILER FREE]

So I saw Doctor Strange a week ago (November 5th); I don’t know why it’s taken me a week to write this but whatever.

Doctor Strange was awesome! The effects were insane and it was so funny! And of course, Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant (as always).

I wish DC films were this good (because I actually prefer DC over Marvel).

I’d definitely give the film a 9/10.

Reading masterpieces isn't helping...

So… I dont know if it’s the cold or being too close to my stories but i kinda want to print them out and burn them just cause AGGHHH!!!! You know?!

The ones im working on right now all feel like shit and reading beautiful fanfics isn’t helping with that.

I met @tisfan a couple of days ago and started reading their stories and OH MY GOD! They are sooo good. The writing is so easy and smart and funny and it’s that mix of brilliant and cool i’ll never have.

God,I know I sound aweful and it’s NOT their fault, I adore the stories and they make me laugh and giggle and blush but at the same time I’m a teeny, tiny bit jealous and I’m at that point where I want to go to a crossroad and beg the devil for a deal.

Let’s hope work and actually getting out of the house and talking to people helps me get some distance and clearity and find my spark again.

And till I find that spark i’ll just read more fanfics and give crazy comments all in caps cause I adore them.

  • EXO in front of Junmyeon: Ha that joke was so lame don't do it again grandpa...also wtf are you so messy?!We don't want to share a room with you
  • EXO behind Junmyeon's back: That joke was brilliant!! Seriously he is so funny and cute! Best leader ever 10/10 would recommend~ There is no EXO without Kim Junmyeon!
  • "I want to be his roommate just to see him sleep like a baby ;;"

obviously shape of you is brilliant but i find it so funny when fully grown man and two time grammy winner ed sheeran puts on voices in his songs like he’s reading a kid a story??? when he sings in that super high pitch voice because he’s quoting a girl??? that cracks me up sorry

Experience with the Signs (from a Capricorn sun, Libra moon)

Aries: Mm. Okay. I’ve got mixed feelings about them. I love their passion and intensity. I’ve got a couple of good friends that are Aries and while I love their craziness and the fearlessness with which they jump into adventure, at times their irresponsibility and carelessness irritates me.

Taurus: These are some lovely people. Quiet and peace-seeking. But they’re quite stubborn, and if they’re on your side that’s awesome but when they’re not it’s the most annoying experience to try to reason with them because they lose all capabilities of understanding.

Gemini: I LOVE GEMINIS. They are so funny, and quite brilliant at whatever they choose as their passion. They keep up in most any conversation and I love how fast they talk. They don’t take everything personally so that makes them have an awesome sense of humor. Super intellectually stimulating conversations. They are great.

Cancers: Emotional and at first seem feeble, but they’re strength is in their sensitivity. At first the duration of their moods (i.e five seconds) is a little difficult to adjust to, but once you do, they’re worth it. Very caring. Extremely caring.

Leo: What can I say, they’re very loyal, but they hold true to their dramatic reputation. A little petty in their victim stance to the world at times. They’re very sweet and always willing to lend a hand though.

Virgo: I love these people, honestly. At times their pragmatic and perfectionist cravings make them get ahead of themselves, but overall they’re very reliable and logic always wins out in their heart, which from me, is greatly appreciated. They’re always trying to better themselves. Hard on the outside, the true softie of softies on the inside.

Libra: Their wit is so greatly appreciated. They’re diplomatic and while that may annoy some, there is much to be learned from the wisdom of their ways. I like how they know how to be well liked and how to feign enough to where people to question them. They are pretty light though on the inside which is a very awesome thing to me.

Scorpio: The Scorpios in my life, and almost every (more mature, often adult Scorpio) I really like very much. Their intensity..I appreciate. People often find them intimidating, they tend to scare the fear of God into some, but that’s only because people are afraid of their prowess. I like that a lot. They’re very sweet if you manage to not be scared. They are THE most reliable people. Their perspective on life is my favorite. They’re some of my favorite people in general.

Sagittarius: So much fun!! Their honesty and frankness is a breath of fresh air. They’re witty and intelligent. Their fearlessness is breath-taking, and although sometimes rough on the edges, they’re someone to respect. Truly.

Capricorn: MMMM. The mature and well rounded Capricorn is awesome. They’re witty and their challenging persona is intriguing. They seem to be tightly wound but more often than not, they’re the kind of people who just want to laugh and live and do something really fun. A mature Capricorn is ambitious and dedicated. One of the best friends you’ll ever have, too.

Aquarius: SO INTERESTING. Very smart, the kind of people to be quieter than everyone else merely because they outsmart everyone. Not clingy friends, but very reliable. You can call or text them and they’re quick to respond and give fantastic advice. Their cool-minded demeanor is refreshing and allows for much laughter.

Pisces: They’re sweet and caring. A little too sensitive at times but if you get past that, they’re very loving and will always hold you when you need it. They’re the kind of people to call you at 10pm on a Tuesday if you’re having a rough day and bring you goodies for the car ride to your favorite place in town. Spontaneous. Always ready and willing to listen. Advice is not very good but they’re always willing to give it.

Impractical Jokers Live (Santingo Sent US Tour)

On Friday 13th January I saw Impractical Jokers Live for the first time & it was amazing to see Sal, Joe, Murr & Q live. The show was brilliant, it was hilarious, the stories the guys told were so funny & the clips they showed us were bloody brilliant, especially The Creep Off, Hands down Murr won that creep of by a mile. I couldn’t stop laughing at the creep off clips every single clip was hilarious, From Joe being dressed up as a creepy Willy Wonka offering people sweets…. CANDIES?? To Q being dressed as a bush shouting “I’M A BUSH!”, Sal driving around in a unmarked white van, opening the van door saying “GET IN THE VAN!” And Murr didn’t even say anything in his creep off clips, to be honest he didn’t need to say anything, just looking at him made you laugh out loud.  

Also the clips with the guys skidding on the bikes & Q could not skid to save his life. The clip they showed where they offered Murr 300 dollars to eat a piece of dog shit, and OMG Murr you’re disgusting, cannot believe you actually ate it!

Also loved the part where they were talking about the time they were on the Katie Show & they were taking the piss out of how they all looked on the show, Loved the part where Joe made a knock knock joke about himself….  Knock Knock, Who’s there, Fat fuck on the end!!! Sal & his Heineken pajamas, The whole show was brilliant, honestly if you’re a fan of the show & you have never seen the guys live, please go, you will love it, they’re touring again in October. 

Also the support act Owen Benjamin was so funny, you should definitely check him out aswel. 

I am so proud of the guys, they went from performing in front of 2 people, to performing in front of over 15,000 fans.  I love how they don’t refer to us as fans they refer to us as friends. They have so much respect for us, and they’re so grateful for the support. I was sat quite far back at the show, but this time I hope to get seats closer to the stage.  

My pictures are not the best, as I didn’t realise until near the end of the show that I didn’t have the flash turned on my phone, as I was too excited when the guys came out.  

I brought a property of Impractical Jokers T-Shirt from the show aswel as the official tour programme 

Like I’ve already said if you’re a fan of the guys please go to see them live, you will not be disappointed :)

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so I heard you like keith, shiro, AND lance? Is it their abs? It's totally their abs.

TEASE MATT ABOUT CRUSHES || lowkey always accepting

“WHAT? No, I- okay, it’s a little bit their abs, but uh, it’s mostly other things- like Shiro is one of the most kind and resillient men I know, and Lance is so brilliant and funny it amazes me, and Keith is so fierce and full of fire and life that it’s captivating…. and they’re all gorgeous so that helps….”

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We are more who love your humor, sarcasm and all your funny mind. I think you are so smart. You're brilliant. You're my fave account and i want to go on a date with your mind even when mine is not rise to yours. Marry me! Ok no that was too much 😙

Thank you so much, man!! I really appreciate it 😘😘

my mind will go on a date with you, but it looks kinda creepy, in a Hannibal Lecter kinda way lol

And show me the ring first lmao maybe I’ll reconsider my stance on marriage. 😁

So I want to express how brilliant my eldest brother is

So lately my brother (let’s call him b for the sake of this story) b my eldest brother has been doing some crazy (stupid) shit. He’s constantly arguing that he’s always right and always starts talking. To give some context to what I mean one day we went up to the mountains where some people had chains, he went on to say how those people were dumb there’s not a point in having chains. By the end of the trip, he didn’t even give warning but he started off about how “see this is why we needed chains god I wish we had chains” :,D you aren’t fooling anyone.

Anyway! So tonight this takes the cake, I came out to the living room to let the dogs out. B was standing near the wood burning stove that’s near the back door he was shuffling HOT COALS INTO A PAPER BAG that had died in the fire…… so first off I was all wtf and then HE PUT THEM OUTSIDE BECAUSE “IT’S COLD SO IT WON’T BURN” right next to the house. Luckily there wasn’t enough to light the paper bag on fire, but am I the only one who thinks cold does not snuff out a fire….. sure their coals but if that lights the paper oh my. And why the duck didn’t b just grab one of the black trash bags and put them in there?

And that is the end of my story, I hope you enjoyed a day in the life of me.

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I wish more people knew how great Vicki actually is and how amazing her writing truly is because she is more then just “Misha Collins’ wife”. She’s an amazing human being who has done so many things to help so many people. And she’s written so much and all of her writing is brilliant and funny. All around she’s just this really fantastic person and there are all these people missing out on knowing this and I feel really bad for them. Vicki is amazing and brilliant and a wonderful role model and everyone should know that.

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1? Your post on Beth/Tara was brilliant! It's funny how we see so many of these parallels, it's not until they're put together that we can see how important they could be. The post made me think of other Beth/Tara parallels *Both are optimistic in a cruel and harsh world. *Both losses two boy/girl friends. *Both had older sisters. *Both had Noah as a friend. *Both losses loved one's (Beth-Hershel) (Tara-Denise) who's death Daryl blames himself for. *The next part I'm theorizing,

Wow. I have to agree with your first statement about seeing parallels but not realizing their import until we actually see them side by side. Back when I did my re-watch posts over the summer, I did notice the head-wound thing and how it very much paralleled Beth. But even I didn’t realize how many potential parallels there were in that situation until you laid them out here. Awesome! Thanks so much Hon! You’re insight is always impressive. :D Xoxo!