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Irregular conjugation

Irregular conjugation occurs when words are not conjugated the usual way. 

*Examples are conjugated into present tense 아요/어요/해요

ㅂ irregular

If the last letter of the word stem is ㅂ, then the ㅂ is dropped and 우 or 오 is added if the conjugation/addition starts with a vowel, if it starts with a consonant then the ㅂ is left:

If the vowel before ㅂ is 오, you add 오
If it’s any other vowel before ㅂ you add 우

  • 아름답다 - To be beautiful 
    The the ㅂ is dropped and 우 is added making it 아름다우 then once conjugated to present tense it becomes 아름다워요
    (It becomes 아름다워요 instead of 아름다우어요 because of vowel contraction)
  •  귀엽다 - To be cute 
    ↳ 귀여워요 
  • 춥다 - To be cold (weather) 
    ↳ 추워요 
  • 돕다 - To help (final vowel is 오) 

This rule is mainly applied to adjectives, there are very few verbs ending in ㅂ that the rule is applied to.

ㅅ Irregular

If the last letter of the word stem is ㅅ, then the ㅅ is dropped when adding a vowel, if adding a consonant the ㅅ is left:

  • 붓다 - To pour, to swell
    The ㅅ is dropped making it 부, then once conjugated to present tense it becomes 부어요 
  • 낫다 - To heal/recover
    ↳ 나아요 
  • 짓다 - To build
    ↳ 지어요 

Note that if the word stem has ㅅ as the fourth consonant (e.g. 없다 - to not exist), the irregular does not apply 

Here are some common words this rule does not apply to:

  • 웃다 - to laugh
  • 벗다 - to take off clothes 
  • 씻다 - to wash

ㄷ irregular

If the last letter of the verb stem is ㄷ, the ㄷ is dropped and replaced with ㄹ when adding a conjugation/addition that begins with a vowel:

  • 듣다 - To listen 
    The ㄷ is replaced with ㄹ as the verb is being conjugated with 어요 which starts with a vowel, therefore becoming 들어요
  • 걷다 - To walk
    ↳ 걸어요

Note there is no ㄷ irregular adjectives 

ㅡ Irregular

If a word stem ends in ㅡ, when adding ~아/어 you can’t tell which one should be used (because which one you use if based on the final vowel) therefore when deciding which should be used you have to look at the vowel used in the second to last syllable:

  • 예쁘다 - To be pretty 
     Because it ends in ㅡ, you look at the syllable before to determine if you use 아 or 어. 예 is the second to last syllable so you use 어, therefore becoming 예뻐요
  • 바쁘다 - To be busy
    ↳ 바빠요

르 Irregular

If a word stem ends in 르 and ~아/어 is being added, ㄹ is added as the final consonant to the syllable that came before 르, and 르 changes to either 러 or 라  depending on if you are adding 어 or 아:

  • 다르다 - Different 
    ㄹ is added to the syllable coming before 르, so 다 becomes 달, then 라요 is added making it 달라요
  • 자르다 - To cut 
    ↳ 잘라요


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“And a Zappy New Year” from Betty and Veronica Comics Digest #17 

Archie Christmas stories can be pretty hit or miss but something about this one really gets me.

High Lords at a Restaurant

Rhys: *Is confused because Feyre brought him to Taco Bell* Feyre darling, I would like to order the fois-gras. *Leans over Feyre at the drive through and stares at the confused cashier* “Excuse me! My mate and I would like creme brulee–Feyre, why are you driving away? We didn’t tell him if we wanted white wine or red!”

Feyre: Tried to take Rhys to Taco Bell, but he had to be a Drama Bat and ruined it. Now they’re at one of his ~fancy~ restaurants, where the butter is shaped like a swan and there are gold leaves decorating the ice cream. “What is it Feyre darling?” “Nothing.” “Okay, then try the–” “I just think it’s funny how everything has to be dramatic with you and all I wanted was a taco made out of Doritos, Rhys.”

Helion: The guy who hits on his waiter the entire time and makes very suggestive comments about how he could clear the table…sipping champagne and crossing his legs to show off those Pregnancy Inducing Thighs. Tips generously, mostly because he thinks he’ll have a better chance of getting the waiter’s number that way.

Kallias: Stressing because he ate about 23579429 breadsticks and now there are crumbs everywhere. Whatever he does, he cannot get away from the crumbs. Worse, he’s full, so when his entree arrives, he’s so stuffed on bread he feels like his favorite fox messenger, Caspian, after the little animal has gotten into the stores of fish. Viviane teases him mercilessly by saying “Oh, Kal, you just have to try this!” even though she knows he can’t eat another bite

Thesan: So polite, hands all of his dishes to the wait staff. Definitely wants to hear the specials, but ends up ordering the simplest item on the menu and telling the waiters not to rush it. He has time to spare. But he is definitely the one who got there early to make sure he and his Peregryn lover were seated at the best table in the restaurant (aka, the one that is half-hidden by a large plant, so nobody will notice if they spend half the time making out. But he does it inconspicuously because, you know, politeness)

Tarquin: The one who actually remembers to make reservations; everyone gets there and the host says “That will be a three hour wait” and the whole party glances sheepishly at each other until Responsible Tarquin steps forward and says “I made reservations,” thereby saving their asses. But he spends a lot of time trying to remember which fork to use, because he’s young and he needs some assistance at times. May or may not be brought a kiddie menu despite his level of responsibility, and he may or may not love it because sometimes the mac and cheese pasta is shaped like fish

Beron: Can’t get reservations anywhere. He tips horribly and complains about everything. If he finds anything wrong whatsoever, he will threaten to burn the place to the ground.

Tamlin: Everything gets dropped in his lap. Oops, champagne flutes spilled down his neck. Oh, no! The boiling hot soup landed all down his front! He doesn’t understand how this happens every. single. time. But then, he also doesn’t know that Rhys has paid off every restaurant in the area to make Tam’s dining experience hell. If he goes on a date, they send the most attractive waiter/waitress to distract Tam’s lady friend and blatantly give her their numbers, so when Tam freaks out they get to call security on him.


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Best Angst
-Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin), xxjinchuurikixx
-The candle that I burn, GraphiteFox
-When to Leave the Party, AnnaofAza
-The First Scotland Trip, anarchycox
-Far Away and Closer, 0_Q_0
-Laid to Rest, mauzymorn
-Patience and Sheer Determination, blacktofade
-All You Need, CQueen
-The Colour Blue, dreadpiratewatson
-all the riches you’ve surveyed, futuredescending
-bleeding out, ViolyntFemme

Best Hurt/Comfort
-A Fair Day’s Work, ProdigalQueer
-Take these broken wings (and learn to fly again), Blackbeyond
-Fallout, Whisper91
-Only Love Can Come Between, fuzzyslippers
-funny how it rained all day, dreadpiratewatson
-Healing, potentiality_26

Best Fix-it
-Exaggerated, Mochas N Mayhem (KoohiiCafe)
-My Darling Boy, anarchycox
-Class Of Conduct, fideliant
-Convalescence, LittleSpider
-A Different Place and Time, Ferrero13
-In Living Colour, Della19
-Dissolution, mauzymorn
-Consequences, Whisper91
-mountains and valleys, futuredescending

Best Romance
-Like It Was, RafaelaFranzen
-If we are patient with our lives, ColinFilth
-Far Away and Closer, 0_Q_0
-Same Old Sad Sensation, moonflowers
-The King’s Thief, twentyfourblackbirds
-The Courting of Eggsy Unwin, Sheepie
-A Knight’s Guide to Falling in Love, anarchycox
-The Lie, potentiality_26
-The Black Prince, ColinFilth
-And Then One Fine Morning, missbecky
-Bend, neroh
-The monsters are alright, potted_music
-Living by Your Wedding Vows, Nickygp

Best Mature
-Bespoke, Deepdarkwaters (Nomination pertains to the story and not the series. The story is part 4 of the series)
-No One’s Word and Nobody’s Promise, SongAboutExiles
-Final Two, kayecho
-And Who’s The Boy Now?, sanguisuga
-With Your Strong Words, ToriCeratops

Best AU
-Fallout, Whisper91
-Idylls of the King, marginaliana
-Pixie Love, jackalope212
-To Sail True, anarchycox
-less than a drop, futuredescending
-The Ink On Our Skin Stains Us Black, InsaneRedDragon
-Bon Appetit, Galahard
-Believe in Better Things, trekkiepirate
-You Get Up With Fleas, evil_brainmate
-Your Highness, Galahard
-How to get your very own sex scandal, BakaDoll
-sirensong, kirkaut
-Muse, Galahard
-You Have My Heart, Take My Number, whatthefuck

Best Crossover
-The Courting of Eggsy Unwin, Sheepie
-Mamma Mia!: The Gentleman’s Way, jackalope212
-As Fate Would Have it, midnightsurge
-Not Without You, midnightsurge
-In Which Secrets Are Secrets No More, Renai_chan
-Waterloo, missbecky

Best Drabble/Oneshot
-Mountains and valleys, futuredescending
-Sweet Release, BosieJan (Kingsman Drabble Collection-Chapter 5)
-Big news, BakaDoll
-Things Not To Do When You Have A Peanut Allergy, dreadpiratewatson
-Daisy’s first Nativity, LittleSpider
-Pancakes, DemonicSymphony
-Perks of the Job, trekkiepirate
-Out of the Cold, potentiality_26
-In Retrospect, Aspireeverything
-The Colour Blue, dreadpiratewatson
-The Five Times Harry Tried To Propose To Eggsy And The One Time He Managed it, LittleSpider
-I’ll take my time and make it last, elletromil
-I’m All Ears (as long as you speak up), violentcheese
-Pet Shelter, Lady Mephistopheles (Neko_wa)
-Boyfriend Material, Deepdarkwaters
-In Time, potentiality_26

Best General
-Of Sterner Stuff, schweinsty
-a change in profession, silversteiner
-Little Miss Daisy and the Big Bad Spy, 100ottersonaplane
-A Whole New World, harryunwin
-Wrapped In Wool, anarchycox
-Kingmaker, manic_intent
-Through Time, coloursflyaway

Most Humorous
-The Picnic, HalfAnachronism
-The Language of Flowers, Saucery
-The Ghost of Christmas Boning (Or a Dead Harry is still a Great Wingman), anarchycox
-Maybe Not Rock Climbing, kissingandcrying
-Connoisseur, Saucery
-Here Comes Santa Claus, AnnaofAza
-Hardwood, Deepdarkwaters
-Kingsmeme 4: A Meme Hope, EggMuffin
-The Five Times Harry Tried To Propose To Eggsy And The One Time He Managed it, LittleSpider
-mind your manners, badwolfbadwolf
-Egg$y, Scandalmuss

Best Hartwin
-The King’s Thief, twentyfourblackbirds
-The Black Prince, ColinFilth
-A Better Tomorrow, persephoneggsy
-Far Away and Closer, 0_Q_0
-Care and Custody, esama
-Idiot-Proof, Good_News_Everyone
-My End and My Beginning, CQueen
-Who He Is, sfumatosoup
-A Little of Your Company, patronusbro
-Bon Appetit, Galahard

Best Merwin
-We will make it there, Sheepie
-Welcome to the Blue House, Olor_et_Luna
-Bend, neroh
-His Constellations’ Chance, stereokem
-Always, yes, violentcheese
-Fitting Merlin, Merwin_Me
-Your Soulmate Always Arrives Precisely On Time, anarchycox
-A Little Extra, Sheepie
-Leave the Past Behind, mitslits
-Make You Happier Than I Do, sourdough_pup
-Lady Marmalade or what?, violentcheese
-Hands are Bound, Hearts are Free, anarchycox
-Your Body is a Wonderland, Sheepie
-fear on fire, neroh

Best Merlahad
-Love Makes Idiots of the Smartest of Men, anarchycox
-Weaknesses, HalfAnachronism
-The monsters are alright, potted_music
-zugzwang, potted_music
-Man’s Best Friend, mitslits

Best Merhartwin
-Fallout, Whisper91
-Good Cop, Bad Cop, sevenswells
-Carbon Copy, Blinkingkills (alexwhitewell), plingo_kat
-To Make A V, Dagonet (TsukikoCurrier)
-Anger Management, Sheepie
-With Good Intention, DyrneKeeper, rm (arem)
-There Was So Much Bread, Mercury_777
-Eggsy Unwin’s Full-Proof Guide to Becoming a Third, Sheepie
-Little Black Heels, Sheepie
-No One’s Word and Nobody’s Promise, SongAboutExiles

Best Roxlin
-The Lady Lancelot, StarlightAsteria
-Absolute, GraphiteFox
-Little sparks that fly and then land like dynamite, Deepdarkwaters

Best Other Paring
-Harry Hart/Victoria Winslow, from ‘Blush’, smaychel
-Harry Hart/Percival from ‘A Knight’s Guide to Falling in Love’, anarchycox
-Liz/Tristan from ‘Wrapped In Wool’, anarchycox
-Roxy/Eggsy from ‘who’s gonna catch you now?’, foxwins

Best Songfic
-Funny Valentine, LittleSpider
-Mamma Mia!: The Gentleman’s Way, jackalope212

Best Original Character
-Robyn Yeu from ‘A Gentleman Thief’, RafaelaFranzen
-Jasper from ‘Wrapped in Wool’, anarchycox
-All OC Knights from ‘Street Sweepers, Night Watchmen, Flame Keepers’, Deepdarkwaters, thekookster
-Hamish from ‘Wrapped In Wool’,anarchycox
-Ophelia from ‘Welcome to the Blue House’, Olor_et_Luna
-Gavin Unwin from ‘For the Price of One’, Renai_chan

Best Overall Fic
-The Ink On Our Skin Stains Us Black, InsaneRedDragon
-Bon Appetit, Galahard
-Wrapped In Wool, anarchycox
-You Get Up With Fleas, evil_brainmate
-My End and My Beginning, CQueen
-Bend, neroh

Best “Unknown” Fic
-Omnia Sol, Dagonet (TsukikoCurrier)
-Fatal Flaw, mitslits

Best Parody

Best Dead Story
-The Next Galahad, wallmakerrelict
-The Hart-Wins, ellisboydredding
-Off the Radar, AnnaofAza
-The Tail of Eggsy Unwin, agentgalahad
-Love like latte, bittenbullet
-Landslide, aphnxrising
-Lost in Translation, butterkist
-Power and Control, loved_ice
-You Better Run (Run from the Devil), midnightsurge

And those are our nominations! Remember, only ONE vote per category! Voting ends on November 27th , 2016 at 11:59pm EST, one month from today. Similar to the nominations, you may submit votes either through a comment on AO3 or via message on the Kingsman Awards tumblr (If you chose to message, please make sure it begins with the line “2016 Kingsman Awards Votes” or alternatively you can also email me at
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Who(’s) Are You? (?) Percy Jackson BSM AU

SUMMARY: Y/N finds the family she never had in a strawberry farm on Long Island.



“Can anyone tell me what this says?” Your mythology teacher tapped the board with a yardstick.

Your classmates all mumbled and frowned at each other as they looked at the message written out. You were pretty sure that they were playing and April Fool’s Day joke on you, because you were supposed to be the dyslexic kid yet you read the message on the board in perfect English. It said, “this is written in Greek,” which you thought was rather strange considering it was most definitely not written in Greek.

“Y/N?” She suddenly directed all of the attention to you.

You were completely unprepared for all of the eyes of the class to turn to you, along with the hanging expectation for you to provide some kind of answer. You gulped and looked at the faces of the other kids and saw that they were mostly looking at you with sympathy and confusion. It seemed that they couldn’t read the board.

You didn’t know what to say so you just shrugged, “it’s all Greek to me.”

Your class erupted into giggles and they looked away. Rather satisfied in the knowledge that your class didn’t laugh at you but rather with you, you glanced back up at the teacher.

She had an eyebrow raised, “funny you say that, because this was written in Greek.”

“What a coincidence,” you shrugged.

Your teacher didn’t look all that convinced but she moved on anyway. You hoped that she had let it go, but that just wasn’t the case.  She only temporarily put the issue off until class ended.

“Y/N can you come here for a moment?” She asked as you packed up.

“Yes Ma'am,” you nervously shuffled over. You couldn’t help but think you had done something wrong even though nothing came to mind.

“Y/N, this may sound strange, but I want to give you this,” she handed you a folded up letter, “if you ever need to go somewhere safe, open the note.”

“Uhhhhh, okay,” you said awkwardly taking the letter.

After you left the room that day, you never saw that teacher again. She just disappeared and no one else seemed to question it.

A few weeks later when your foster family started to go through your things and treat you less than nicely, you decided to open the letter.

Inside was just a name, Camp Half-Blood and an address in Long Island.

You took a nice bus trip as far as you could, and then walked the rest of the way.

When you finally made it to “Delphi Strawberry Service” as the locals called it, you had to climb a hill before you realized that you were most definitely not at a strawberry farm.

“Whoa,” you held in your awe as you looked down into a valley of sorts.

“Hello,” a deep male voice sounded from directly below you.

You looked down and saw and older man, well, half of an older man.

Your jaw dropped and you couldn’t help but stare. It was the first time you had ever seen someone with the lower half of a horse.

You were fully ready to turn around and go back the way you came when he spoke again, “Y/N, we’ve been expecting you.”

You froze and shook your head, trying to shake yourself out of your weirdest dream to date.

“What? How do you know my name?” You demanded, putting a hand on your hip.

“Ms. Y/T/N told me,” he smiled gently, giving you time to process it all.

Well, you had no idea what was going on, but you trusted your teacher as long as you knew her, and you quite frankly had nowhere else to go. You had been bouncing around foster home to foster home for your entire life and you had no desire to go back.

“So this is where she told me to go?” You asked, cautiously taking a few steps down.

“Yes, welcome to Camp Half-Blood, I’m the activities director, Chiron,” he said as you walked the rest of the way down to stand next to him. He was much taller when you actually stood next to him and you had to crane your neck up to see him.

“Half-Blood? What’s the other half?” You muttered.

He laughed loudly at this, “we are a refuge for Demigods, like you.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “me? I’m not half God.”

“I think you are,” Chiron smiled, leading you further into the camp.

“I think I’d know,” you scoffed.

“Y/N, do you remember the Greek Gods from your mythology class?” He cut off your train of thought.

“Yes,” you looked up at him, “what do they have to do with anything.”

“One of them is your parent,” he answered with another smile.

“What? No way, they aren’t real!” You exclaimed.

“Think of it this way, have you noticed anything different about you? That you can effortlessly read Greek? That ‘people’ who don’t look quite right take notice? That you have to move around a lot?” He hummed.

Well good Ol’ Chiron hit the nail on the head with that one, “well yes but-”

“But what?” He asked.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m half Greek God, they aren’t real,” you repeated yourself.

“HEY! DO I LOOK LIKE A CHAIR TO YOU?” Someone yelled.

You looked up to see a man in a Hawaiian style shirt, sipping on Diet Coke, staring you down.

“No…” you were still rather confused.

“Well then believe it sweetheart, I’m as real as real can be,” he snapped his fingers and suddenly there was another can of coke right there. “Chiron can’t you give this one to the Hermes delinquents already? I want to get back to pinochle,” he complained.

Chiron sighed and waved over a few boys, “Y/N, this is Travis and Connor, boys this is Y/N, can you show her around? She’s unclaimed.”

“Unclaimed? Who’s supposed to claim me?” You whirled around, looking at the two identical boys. They were tall, with brown tousled hair and bright blue eyes.

They both laughed and each started to walk on either side of you, “by your Godly parent of course.”

“Oh,” you said lamely, “when does that happen?”

“Well usually when you’re thirteen,” you think it was Travis that told you that.

“But if they decide to be all dramatic, it’ll probably happen at the campfire tonight,” Connor shrugged.

“Oh okay,” you were honestly too calm about all of this.

“So have you seen the cabins yet?” Travis asked excitedly, pulling you along.

“No. Is that where you stay?” You asked, trying not to fall over.

“Yup, organized by God, we’re Hermes,” Connor said proudly.

“What happens to me?” You asked, “Is there an unclaimed cabin?”

“Nope,” Connor giggled, “that’s what Hermes is for.”

You passed by a tall boy with dark brown hair.

“Hey wait,” he called, “is that a newbie?”

“Yup,” Travis stopped, “Alex meet Y/N, she’s unclaimed.”

“How mysterious,” he wiggled his eyebrows, “I’m from Apollo, we’re the coolest cabin,” he pointed down to the right side of the large U shape of cabins.

“That’s a lie, don’t listen to him,” Connor covered your ears.

“Which one is the coolest then? There’s so many,” you said in awe as you gazed out.

“Well I mean that one,” Travis pointed to one of the cabins on the far side, “is Hera’s, and she’s actually faithful so hers is empty.”

“Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon aren’t supposed to make any demigods, but they all have,” Connor continued, “So there’s one dude in Zeus, one in Hades, and two in Poseidon.”

“Oh,” you said in surprise, how many kids does Hermes have.

Travis snorted, “too many.”

“Well come on then, let’s go look around some more before dinner.”

After a rather colorful tour, and scraping some food into a big fire, you were comfortably sat down at the Hermes table, still between the twins.

“So Y/N,” Travis spoke with his mouth full of bread, “what do you think so far?”

“I think it’s a lot to take in,” you chuckled a little, “this morning I had no idea that anything like this even existed.”

“Cool right?” Connor grinned.

“Yeah, pretty cool,” you nodded.

“I hope you’re a Hermes spawn, you’re pretty cool,” one of the other kids spoke up.

“Thank you,” you blushed a little.

“Well we’ll find out soon enough,” Travis smiled.

“I say we make sure it isn’t Poseidon,” Connor grinned.


You were interrupted as they both screamed, “WATER!” And then threw the contents of their goblets at you.

“AH! HEY!” You squeezed your eyes shut, expecting to be drenched in water.

But when you looked up, there was just a giant shapeless drop of water hovering just over your head.

“Are you doing that?!” Travis asked excitedly.

“No!” You shook your head animatedly.

“WE ARE!” The three of you looked over at another table. It had two amused looking boys at it. They must be Poseidon. One was a pale blonde with twinkly blue eyes, and the other had raven hair and chocolate eyes.

“Uh oh,” the twins shut their eyes as the drop split into two and hovered over their heads. They promptly dropped, and soaked the boys, somehow without getting anyone else wet.

“See, you’re lucky you aren’t related to those ássholes,” Connor grumbled.

You just shrugged, you didn’t want to say that they seemed pretty cool as it wasn’t the time. But well, you thought that they were pretty cool.

“What are the other cabins?” You asked Travis, who was pulling the hair out of his eyes.

“Well that’s Hades,” and the one next to him is, “Zeus.”

He pointed to the only two tables with only one occupant. Zeus had a boy with a head covered in curls and tanned skin, his cousin at the Hades table was the opposite, pale with fluffy straight hair.

They went around from there, pointing at the other tables and telling you who was who. You soaked in all the information eagerly.

You couldn’t wait to find out where you belonged.

Everyone was looking at you as they gathered for the fire at nine. There was a sense of excitement, making the large column of flames glow a little brighter.

“Are you ready?” Travis asked excitedly.

“I was born ready,” you chuckled. That wasn’t really true. Your emotions were teetering between nervous and excited, you mostly just hated the suspense of it all.

Luckily for you, you only had to wait until nine on the dot when the ceremony started, it happened.

You didn’t notice it all, but everyone else did. They all pointed to the spot above your head and gasped.

“What?” You asked, looking over to see that Connor seemed rather pale.

“You’re dad is- is- is-” he stuttered out.

“Hades the old horndog,” Mr. D jumped into the conversation, “big whoop. Now can we please get back to the holding hands and singing kumbaya? I have a pinochle game to get back to.”

“Come here Y/N,” Chiron led you from the group of Hermes kids over to where the pale guy you had seen earlier was standing.

He looked pretty shocked as you were awkwardly placed next to him by Chiron.

“Uh hi, I’m Y/N,” you tried to be friendly.

“You’re my sister,” the guy repeated in disbelief.

You raised your eyebrows and looked at Zeus’ kid who was standing next to him. He just shook his head as if to wave his friend off.

“Michael, why don’t you say hi?” He asked gently.

“I have a sister?!” Michael didn’t seem to hear anyone as he again repeated the obvious.

“And I have a brother, you,” you smiled a little, joining in.

“Wow,” all of a sudden, Michael was hugging you. Rather tightly, as he rocked a little side to side. “I always wanted a sister.”

“I always wanted a family,” you admitted quietly into his ear.

“Well I’m your cousin, and so are those two doofuses,” the curly haired kid must have had some kind of gifted hearing abilities as he managed to make out what you had said.

“Don’t mind them,” Michael said as he pulled back, “they’re distant cousins.”

“Not really, our dads are bro-”

“Shut up Hemmings.”

Okay, I had to share.  Apparently there’s a new Persona music CD released, which you can see the ad for here:

It’s a spoof of some of the songs from Persona that use English - many Japanese fans understandably can’t quite catch the words in a fast rap song in English, and so “Burn my Dread” sounds more like “Burn my Bread”.  And so on.

So, they’ve done a full CD of 13 different tracks from Persona 3 and 4 resung with the “heard” lyrics.  It’s running about twenty bucks, and it’s so popular they’re having to burn more to sell already.

You can listen to the whole CD here on the awesome Joy’s channel, and she also has the whole soundtrack to Persona Q posted.  :3

Just thought I’d enjoy this while we all count down the days to Ultimax releasing.  It’s killing me, seriously.

Also, that CD cover is pure gold.  C'mon Yu, what’s the cow done to you?

told The Babe i was making pasta with a mushroom garlic sauce for dinner 2nite , while i was @ the store buying ingredients i was like oh.. i need a nice bread to tie this shit off , picked up a freshly baked ~ pugliese loaf and they offered to slice it for me - immediately the devil in me said “yes please.” now im home , and stuffed 2 the gills w/ sliced bread. she’s gonna be home in 30 mins and i havent even prepped anything lmao im abt to fall asleep i am so full of bread !!!!!!!

Best Bagel & Coffee, NYC

After almost three weeks away from NYC, I woke up on Saturday craving a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Problem is, there are no good bagel places in my neighborhood. Or so I thought.

I used to live on the Upper West Side, a bagel mecca. My apartment was a few blocks walking distance from H&H Bagels (RIP), Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass. I was never without an appetizing option there.

But now in Midtown… not so much.

So I googled “bagel” “lox” and “Midtown”, and the first place that came up was Best Bagel & Coffee on 35th St…

The place had great reviews, and being only two blocks from my house, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of them before. So we wandered over to check the place out. And were glad we did.

Best Bagel offers about 12 varieties of bagels, all made in house!

They also have a large selection of flavored cream cheeses, and a full deli, so you can get almost anything you want between your bread…

I went with my standard, a bagel with lox, cream cheese and onion. (Had to go with an onion bagel as their plain is the most popular and was sold out.)

I was quite surprised when they handed me the bag; it was heavy. And when I opened it up, I found a monster bagel sandwich inside. Quite impressive…

At first I thought that $9.75 was a bit excessive, but once I saw, and tasted, what I got for my money, it was worth every penny!

Best Bagel lives up to their name, and here they were right in my own backyard the whole time!


225 W 35th St.

NY, NY 10001


“Just keep running into each other everywhere” AU

Minho just doesn’t care about coffee.

 If it were up to him, he’d get up every morning, shovel a spoonful or two of store brand instant into a cup with warm water from the kitchen sink and then down it without even stirring. The last time he did this, however, Newt nearly had a heart attack; he doesn’t let Minho make “coffee”, anymore.  

Which means that it’s Newt who is to blame for the fact that Minho’s just spilled about three quarters of his overpriced double shot espresso on some guy with dark brown hair and broad shoulders and long eyelashes and a shirt that’s sticking to his abs in a way that Minho shouldn’t be so preoccupied with because he literally just soaked the guy with steaming hot coffee.

And Minho wants to apologize but all he says is “Fuck.”

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There really needed to be more TOS episodes were Spock and Kirk had to dress up in ‘incognito attire’ though just imagine all the possibilities

  • 1920s flapper/jazz age 
  • Rebel without a cause 50s James Dean era type punk rockers
  • like Jim and Spock in a bike gang tho come ON
  • Proper cowboy outfits (full on hats and all that)
  • 60s hippies ( not those weird space hippies tho) 
  • WW2 MILITARY UNIFORMS ( British air force had hella nice uniforms tho) - NAVY - like Jim having to go on a rEAL SHIP undercover
  • PIRATES (Spock with an eye patch yep) 
  • So sad they never really put Kirk in full gladiator attire in Bread and Circuses like what a WASTE 
  • lol omg Circus costumes

tbh I just want to see more of Spock’s ugly disguise hats really.