so fulfilling my own needs like a bro

seeing my prints in store was exciting (cause it’s luna! “so-bro” mecca of hip! i grew up on 52nd! it feels like a full circle moment) but i also panicked cause i noticed none had been sold so i quickly devised a plan to pay off my friends to go in and buy my own prints fulfilling some kind of warped need for validation and dear god it took me like 8 minutes before i fully realized that it was the most asinine idea i’ve actually given serious credence to in months

so yeah if you live in the indianapolis area and like my work and are in the position where you can shell out 20-30 bucks for a print, it would mean the world to me. (for the record this is the first time anything of mine has even been available to buy.. so if i ever get famous [ha] you have “first edition” bragging rights. think about the ebay resell value potential here. ayee)