so from that perspective it did not disappoint

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Why does Sakura tried to kill Sasuke? I haven't been fully understanding it, and it's been nagging me for awhile now. Your smart, so why did she tried to kill him?

Well, she had heard from Sai about how much suffering Naruto was apparently going through because of the Promise of a Lifetime, and felt very guilty as a result of this because from her perspective, she was majorly disappointed in herself for failing to realise how much trouble the promise had been causing Naruto all along.

Now obviously, with hindsight, we know that Sai had severely misinterpreted the situation and was giving Sakura a very false impression here, but at the time, Sakura wholly believed Sai’s words, and it affected her greatly:

But what really cut her deep, was Sai saying that even though Sasuke’s actions were causing Naruto to suffer, he thought that Sakura was indirectly causing Naruto just as much pain and suffering because of the burden of the promise:

And as if that wasn’t enough, Sakura would then hear from Shikamaru that the village had already deemed Sasuke a dead man, and were planning his execution because they couldn’t allow his transgressions to taint their relationships with the other hidden villages:

So Sakura thought to herself that seeing as how Sasuke was already as good as dead, she would take it upon herself to do the deed, not just because she loved him and wanted to save him from the darkness:

But also because it was her own way of atoning for the burden that she had apparently placed on Naruto which was causing him so much suffering. Sakura wanted to carry out Sasuke’s execution by her own hands, and she was fully prepared to face Naruto’s resentment as a result, because she thought that was what she deserved:

So yeah, that’s how Sakura came to the decision to kill Sasuke - She rationalised that because he had already been marked for death, she may as well do it herself, because she wanted to save the target she loved from a life of further misery, and wanted to atone for the suffering she caused her friend.

Chronicles of a perfectionist

Okay for the record this is not me bragging but legitimately giving insight into the people that others might roll their eyes at and accuse of bragging or fishing for compliments.

I’m a perfectionist. A people pleaser, someone who obsesses over that one person who doesn’t like me, who sees a sea of good comments and only responds to the one or two that make me feel slightly bad. I am ridiculous. Completely ridiculous, and I know it.

I’ll be honest: I do well in English. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a passion for writing and that it happens to be my match made in heaven level creative outlet. This doesn’t mean I don’t bust my butt and still invest hours and hours into it academically and recreationally. So, with hard work and passion, I’ve managed to maintain all A’s, an A+ on the exam last semester, and my prof has praised my writing and scholarship to multiple people - has gone above and beyond for me, and states her compliments as inalienable facts.

Should be enough, right?

One time last semester, she gave me an A/A- on an assignment. It wasn’t even an A-. It was literally the difference between a 94 and a 98. And my knee jerk reaction? “Oh my god what did I do wrong why do I suck at writing?” I felt the physical symptoms of shame, I felt that I had let her down, I felt that now I was somehow a worse writer.

I was able to move on, because obviously I know that’s a good grade and I worked hard for it. But after sharing my research paper with her last December, I was so terrified that I would “disappoint” her (and myself) yet again that I refused to look at her comments or my grade. I finished with an A, but I assumed she didn’t like it or would say things like “not your best work” etc etc. I assumed I would disappoint her.

When I was on the phone with her yesterday, we were talking about the honors conference, where I have to choose between a division paper I wrote about tumblr from a psychological perspective, and the research paper on letter writing that I did for my final. I was like “I’m not sure if I want to do my division paper or research paper” and she said “well they were both fantastic!” So, I’m guessing I didn’t radically fail, and in fact got a good grade on that paper.

I still refuse to check my grade.

I’m still scared of falling short.

That’s the thing. There are so many facets to this. I know FULL WELL that it’s ridiculous. Would that I could be happy and that my emotions would align with my actual awareness of reality. So when I share a good grade, it’s not just me (casually, IMO) mentioning something nice about my day. It’s the perfectionist in me breathing a sigh of relief: I worked so hard on this, I was terrified and convinced I bombed it, and look, it paid off and I proved something to myself.

Yes, people resent me for getting good grades and “not being happy.” I resent myself too, to a degree. But it’s about so much more than grades. It’s about learning that I cannot always be 100%. I can’t. Not every paper is going to be stellar. Not every person is going to like me. For whatever reason (well there are a lot but that’s a deeper discussion than this), I can’t accept that. I have the drive - the all-consuming, agonizing drive - to be perfect.

And that blinds me to the world. It makes me zero in on the one person who doesn’t think I’m anything special, it causes me to discount the level of support I have - a level which I am honored and blessed and humbled to have - which many people don’t.

Now, this is something I’m working on, and if you guys are interested, I’ll happily share more about my work on this. But my reasons for posting this are:

1. I like discussing these types of things with you guys bc I know it sometimes helps you not feel alone.

2. In light of the entire “sharing grades” thing, this is just another tidbit for people who consider it bragging to say “I worked hard and I got an A and I’m proud.” An A may be academically easy for me (which is not to say it always is), but mentally, emotionally, and even physically - it’s not, at least not always. Please understand how hard I am on myself, and how much I doubt, and so being able to own getting a good grade is a massive step for me. To fight this hard and be told to keep quiet about my success because it’s “insensitive” otherwise will never sit right with me.

3. Someone commented on one of my fics saying that they didn’t like the second chapter as much as the first. Although to a degree that was unnecessary (just skip to the rest of the comment?), it sent me into that same mindset of “oh god I disappointed everyone, I wasn’t as good the second time, I’m a horrible writer,” and so on. It’s terrible and irrational and ridiculous and even narrow-minded and selfish, I’ll admit. But that’s unfortunately where I’m at right now. (Also, I really like the reader who left that comment, so it’s totally not about them, it’s just me battling really hard against that unhealthy and obsessive compulsive mindset.)

Anyway, it’s 1 am and I’m exhausted and not done cramming, so. I’ll talk to you all later. Sorry for the rambling, but I know at least some of y'all appreciate it ;)

The Andromeda we got is just so far removed from the Andromeda that I saw so much potential in…

When you ship a bunch of people of multiple species (who all have a wealth of history and politics between them) to another galaxy, the baggage of their past doesn’t just evaporate. I like the idea of finding a new home for all these people, but what exactly is that going to mean when the people living there all have good reason to be suspicious of and/or hate each other?

That is the set-up for a much more interesting story in-keeping with Mass Effect’s main themes of interspecies politics and unity, with the progression of the narrative’s tone in-relation to the choices you make basically tipping the balance of whether this is a positive step forward or a much more cynical future for the Milky Way galaxy’s former-residents.

If there had to be a central antagonist to this story (and there didn’t), it should have been Alec Ryder.

I, like many others, am generally tired of how Mac Walters has plastered Cerberus over every god damn corner of Mass Effect’s lore… but this is one instance in which their involvement could really work. ME1 and 2 went into a lot of detail in explaining and showing to us just how many pies Cerberus had their fingers in - certain spoilers from the game aside, it’s a situation where it would basically be inconsistent with ME’s canon for Cerberus not to be involved with the Andromeda Initiative.

Having Alec Ryder be the face of Cerberus in Andromeda, looking to propel humanity in ways that simply weren’t possible in the Milky Way, would be a much stronger and potentially greyer conflict for the protagonist (his son or daughter) than the Archon - who has officially out-lamed Corypheus. The very least you can say for Corypheus was that he was intended to be lame, but the Archon (and the kett in general, who are literally just the Collectors without the awesome Prothean reveal) does so much to damage this game’s story by having them effectively be what turns this story that’s supposed to be about exploration and interspecies politics into another popcorn action flick.

No Archon. No kett. No long-vanished precursor race. Mass Effect already did all that shit in the trilogy.

From my perspective, thinking about what this story could have been, it’s just really hard for me to not be disappointed with this from the outset.

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Hi there, How do you deal with disappointing assessment marks without 'giving up'. I just received a bad mark before my HSC trials and am finding it difficult to find motivation to study for the subject when I feel like I've failed.

Hi! I’ll start with a little story to show you that you aren’t alone. I started this blog because of trials. As I’m not Australian, it took me a while to fully understand the ins and outs of HSC. For months, I was told trials didn’t matter and that was my impression. I thought they weren’t a big deal and then I came to learn they actually did count and did mean something. At that point I was nervous, stressed and kind of thought it was too late. At the time I was struggling with English. I couldn’t wrap my head around some of the concepts and it meant I wasn’t actually understanding what I was trying to study. I started my studyblr in an attempt to combat this. Despite my efforts, I got a combined 66% in my trials for English. I was disappointed. I wish I’d tried harder before and not just left it because I preferred doing history! But despite this mark, I ended up getting 2 marks lower than the highest mark in our class which was an amazing turn around! It is really tough when you get a mark you aren’t happy with but what you do with that is really what matters. You definitely shouldn’t give up or not try because you think it is too late! Here are a few things you should do:

  • read through your assessment - identify the parts where you lost marks and think of what you could do to improve your answers. Generally looking back at an old test and reading what you wrote will make you go “omg what the hell was I writing” and you’ll get why you missed out on the marks. It is usually an easy way to understand where you’re possibly going wrong.
  • talk with your teacher - asking for help can be hard but worth doing if you’re struggling! Most teachers will be willing to help you if you tell them where you’re struggling and show that little bit of initiative.
  • adapt your study method - obviously something didn’t work in your last assessment! Did you study for too little? Did you forget content? Did you run out of time? Determining which factors were the problems allows you to move forward and improve. 
  • put things into perspective - bad marks suck, there is no doubt but you shouldn’t let it stop you. Your HSC isn’t ruined or jeopardised because of one bad mark. You still have the opportunity to learn from your mistake (and I wouldn’t even call it that, maybe slight bump in the road) and improve. Use it as motivation to fuel yourself. I’m sure you don’t want to feel disappointed again so you can use that to push yourself.
  • recruit some friends - maybe you need to add a little more interest to your studying so you aren’t feeling that sense of self-doubt. Try to get two or three friends together for a study session. You can debate ideas, test, each others knowledge and work together!
  • dedicate a bit of time and move on - try studying English in smaller session (but regularly) so it doesn’t seem overwhelming! By breaking it up and tackling one or two things in your study session, you’ll hopefully be more inclined to do it since you can dedicate a bit of time and then move on.

I hope this helps! Best of luck!! :-) 

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Hi, do you have any fix recommendations for Anthony x reader fluff

i don’t read a lot of anthony fics but boyyyy do i have some good ones (smut = *)

King of the Lost Boys by @sunshinemiranda

(pi, pii, piii, piv) IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS YOU SHOULD. Liv is so amazing and this series is fanfuckingtastic. The detail and the vibe she creates is so enthralling. I would live in this universe if I could. Also, from a literary perspective, it’s such a creative adaption to the Peter Pan myth/story and I would legit buy 5 copies if she turned this into a book. Please turn this into a book, Liv, I’m begging.

Douchebag* by @hamimagines

(pi, pii) Not only is Rachel amazing but I basically begged her to write this fic when I saw the request and she did. not. disappoint. I loved this series so much I actually collabed with her for part 2 so y’all should definitely check this one out. Totally not a shameless self promo.

What the Heck I Gotta Do? by @daveeddiggsit

This one is soooo cute. Like literally you’ll get cavities from reading this. 11/10 

How do you measure a year? by @iwrotemywayto-revolution

This one is also cute!!!!!!!! It’s a soulmate au where you don’t age until you meet them and I love it so much

Method Actor and Anatomy 101 by @sunshinemiranda

Round two of rec’ing Liv because she’s just so great and these one shots are the cutest things in existence

Until We Meet Again by @saynotofics

READ THIS. JUST READ IT. Sara is fantastic!!!!!!!!

Twi’lek vs Rylothean

starwarstheorist replied to your post “Dressing for the skies with Hera Syndulla”

What makes Hera particularly admirable and fascinating is that she comes from a culture (Twil'lek) where women are normally slaves and dancers.

This is actually something that I’ve discussed before at length, both privately and publicly, and I tried to address here. It a perspective that appears to be pretty common in the fandom and  I feel disappointed every time it comes up.

Hera doesn’t come from a culture of slaves and dancers. And even if she did, it wouldn’t be her look that made her admirable, it would be that she made something of herself independently. Hera’s species is Twi’lek. Hera is Rylothean, and so that would be the root of her cultural cues. Not only is she Rylothean, but she is the daughter of a political leader and planetary hero. A family that is of high standing (enough that Cham Syndulla ran for office against Orn Free Taa, and had the means to lead two resistances) and higher regard. That means that she would have been even further removed from the galactically held view of twi’leks as commodities. Her species, and particularly her gender, has a history of objectification and enslavement, and if I recall correctly this was due to outside forces taking twi’leks. In a post-Republic world, as we saw in Lords of the Sith, many aspects of this have been brought home to Ryloth with Twi’leks being forced to serve their new Imperial overlords, or choosing to collaborate out of necessity. I forget exactly when Lords of the Sith takes place, but it’s safe to say that Hera was already be actively taking steps towards her fight and not a part of this subjugation.

Rylothean women:

Syndulla family portrait, note how well dressed they are, particularly Hera’s (nameless) mother.

Rylothean women from various episodes in The Clone Wars, including civilians and freedom fighters.

Numa and Hera, contemporaries both in age and in origin - young Rylothean women who grew up in the darkness of war and have come to fight for freedom (Hera was/is of a higher rank than Numa.) Their aesthetics are not so different, suggesting that this basic attire is a favoured and practical look for free(dom fighting) Rylothean women.

Culture and species are two separate things, though often intertwined. In the case of Star Wars and Twi’leks, what we have seen are creators working backwards from a starting point of objectification (Oola.) A difficult thing, allowing space for what ultimately appeals about the species and respecting what has already been established whilst creating depth, substance and history. These sort of responses diminishes the extensive world-building work and balancing act and dismiss the characters. For instance: Yes, Aayla Secura wears a revealing costume, but that does not mean she is enslaved or subjugated. The two Twi’lek women in the current Han Solo comic, Nowk and Sotna, wear form-fitting suits with low-cut trousers, but they are padded and obviously pilot gear (and they are furious when it is suggested that they are slaves.) A woman can show flesh, her figure, and be empowered. It is based on the individual and on decision, and clearly Twi’leks do not shy away from skin. Flesh is not in itself slutty or demeaning. An alien species will not have the same taboos and standards and conservative western earthlings. Likewise, because Hera - and I guess Numa - covers up, she is not ashamed of her body as I have repeatedly been told in various conversations. The way Hera presents, holds and moves herself does not indicate any body shame. She is a woman who dresses for her job: Rebel pilot. (Of course this could be headcanoned, but do not tell me that it is fact when there is no evidence.)

Some of this work gets muddied in the recycling of models in TCW: typically the bodysuited Twi’lek women are indicated to be sex-workers, performers, or slaves, whilst those wearing dresses or other costumes are implied to be free, but this sometimes swaps around. A good example of htis work, though, is in the differences in twi’lek dancing in TCW. We see a lot (a lot, but that is a whole messy conversation I don’t have the energy for right now) of different twi’lek performance in the wider galaxy, including glamorous Temple of Doom style showgirls and out and out table dancing:

These are, obviously, performative for a specific audience, calculated and rehearsed and for a purpose. It’s a job and a commodity. Or rather, a means to sell the commodity of the twi’lek performer’s body. In contrast, we see dancing on Ryloth:

This is a group activity, a celebration that is joyous and shared. Dancing for dancing’s sake. Stylistically and performatively, half a galaxy away. The culture of these dances couldn’t be more different, and Hera would have grown up in this society that celebrated performance and beauty rather than tried to sell it. These examples also clearly indicating the two main looks the show worked with. 

As I’ve said before, discussing the sexualisation and objectification of twi’leks is hard, as every word runs the risk of sounding like an apologist. There is so much more to the conversation than ‘Twi’leks slave, skin bad.’

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Last time: The historicity of Satine Kryze

The fans are hurting (Sit down, we will talk)

I know I’m supposed to write a review about last night’s ep but this has to come first. I was so freakin’ exhausted last night that decided to hit the sack and watch the replay this morning, as usual I had to take a quick (take note, QUICK) look at Enca’s official twitter page (I don’t hang around their FB page that much since Twitter people makes more sense, lol!) I was kinda expecting that AB was going to make it to the trending topic last night and I’m surprised that it was KyRu and YA who made it to the 8th spot, I scanned the tweets from last night and I am actually kind of not expecting how the fans are reacting with the possible AleBarro come back, guess what? Some are disliking it, most people don’t care, and some really wanted them back together and I couldn’t blame them.

Going back to my post questioning what happened to Encantadia: (just in case you haven’t read it yet)
I haven’t really mentioned what was the root cause of all the mishaps that happened in the show right? As I was re-reading everything that I wrote in that post, I feel like I am being unfair—unfair in the sense that I kept pointing out stuff, ranting about other actor’s performance, shit like that that I failed to point out what really caused all of these. Maybe I was in denial that time, maybe I was just throwing all of my frustrations at Arra way too much because I couldn’t do that to Kylie. Yes, as much as I hate to admit this, I’m not going to be deaf and blind anymore and continuously deny that it was Kylie who really brought the entire show down. I thought by writing that three part response to Kylie’s “The Blue One” I can finally move on and just enjoy the rest of the show, but seeing how everything’s turning right now, I want to take back everything I said in that post. But of course I’m not going to do that. I love Amihan, always and forever, but sometimes I do want to sarcastically thank Kylie for everything she did to Amihan and Encantadia. Now before y’all react violently kindly read the entire post.

Firrst up, the show started great, Kylie was at the peak of her career, YA was sailing smoothly and this happened—an unpleasant surprise as it seemed, Kylie’s pregnancy really took a toll on the show, no matter how many times they deny it, no matter how much they shove to everyone’s faces that they are consistently trending and at the top spot, no one can deny how badly the show turned out after Kylie left the show. The prod’s mistake was making Amihan the center of the Enca-verse, maybe the pressure took a toll on her, who knows what was really happening behind the camera? Maybe she was just in-love like she said? As a person, I’m not gonna be one-sided and not listen to the other version of the story, but I am figuratively speaking as a fan, and as a fan who waited ELEVEN FUCKIN’ YEARS, I’m not happy, I am not satisfied, I dread of what’s gonna happen in the next two weeks. Everyone including me were pointing fingers at Arra when clearly the girl is just doing her job, I’m still not impressed with her performance but she wasn’t the first to kill Amihan—it was Kylie, she murdered Amihan so badly, the writers made it worse when they chose to go on with the show instead of listening to the fans’ advices to just end the first book at that, take a break and resume when Kylie is ready to work again, or if that’s not possible, at least take a break so Arra will have more time to study her character and improve her acting, that way, the fans would have been more excited, lastly it was Arra who brought the show down to it’s worst with her unconvincing performance. I hate the prod for not listening to their fans, I badly want to ask DMR why did he take such huge risk of choosing someone who clearly can’t fill in what Kylie left in the show. Is that a way of insulting Kylie? Is that their way to express how disappointed they were because everything they have planned were shelved? Seems like it to me. Recently you may have noticed that I’m not raving or ranting the show a lot like in the previous episodes, because I want the show to just end,  I have very little hopes of Kylie returning to the show, I am already predicting who’s gonna end up with whom in the finale and it hurts so much that I just want to fast forward time and get it over with. Marian’s return brought back my enthusiasm, true. But it was only temporary, even if it was a wise decision to bring back Marian in the show, it still didn’t cover up the lacking that only Kylie can fill in, it still didn’t hide the fact that this is no longer the show everyone loved. Why? Come on YA, at he end of the day, it’s all because of Kylie.

I believe Kylie leaving the show wasn’t her decision in the first place, but the decision she made in her personal life prompted the prod to kick her out. I know I have no right to comment anything about her personal life because I know nothing, but for me, you don’t have to “know someone” to distinguish what are the things that’s going to affect another in a negative way, the success of the show relied solely on team work, so when Kylie got pregnant while the show is still airing, it was like a chain reaction, the writers had to come up with a plan B to keep the story going and it’s not an easy task, and it’s hard to come up with a good story in a short amount of time, but then again, going back to number one, this wouldn’t happen if they decided to take a break. For the other side, of course when you’re living in with someone, the possibility of the girl getting knocked up are high, so don’t ever think that it is unexpected because the fact that you’re doing it, whether you are living in or not, well you know the rest…

Fine, let’s not dwell on that and move on they said. This is just a show they said, the story does not only revolve around Amihan, is that so? People gave this whole sarkosi plot a chance, but then again it only angered the fans because Arra is not giving justice to both Ariana and Amihan. This is the very reason why everyone’s demanding for Ariana’s death and Amihan’s return, I’m betting you guys a hundred percent the prod is not satisfied with Arra’s performance and they are probably regretting for choosing her. The YbriAna team up depended solely on Ruru and adding Joross in the picture did not help at all, unfortunately even if they showed hints of a possible AleBarro come back, they still didn’t get the reaction that they were expecting from the fans, people want Amihan, people demand for Kylie and I will be surprised if Kylie did not feel guilty at some point for disappointing her fans, although I believe she mentioned she was in that three-part post, with all honesty, if you ask me—well she should be. Knowing that her fans are still fighting for her even if the chances are extremely low she should be, she should feel responsible for all the chaos that’s happening in the show, I will stand firm on my decision to hold on to the YA ship, I will still hold on to that 0.00001% of Kylie’s return to the show even if it’s just the final episode, y’all know I too fought hard for Kylie, I fought hard for the YA ship, I fought for the entire show, but I’m getting tired see? All I ever want right now is an ending that’s worth the watch, I hope the entire team will not disappoint, because even if the show isn’t over yet, I have already come to this point that I have realized that this show is not worth the wait.
Please do take note that I wrote this from an Encantadia fan’s perspective, I did my very best not to stray and hit Kylie personally because that is not my intention, I don’t care about her personal life (or even Ruru’s), but I care about the show because this not just a show to me, it held so many happy memories in the past and I’m just angry that instead of reliving those memories, everything is just so…tainted.  

Hot for Teacher

It’s past 3am right now and my tired brain can think of no other name for this mess. I should be sleeping but I just want to get this posted and out of the way.
So yeah, this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought and with a lot more smut than I originally intended would be in it but there you go. Please forgive any spelling and grammar mistakes, I’m tired.

To the lovely anon who requested this, thank you so much for your patience, I’m sorry I take so long to write. I feel like a fail because I worry this smut isn’t what you wanted at all, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write Jimin as a high school student. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed I just find the whole underage sex thing too uncomfortable, and I consider a high schooler to be underage. I’m sorry I tried thinking about it from the perspective of a high school guy and I just couldn’t get into it. I found it off-putting, I’m sorry, so I wrote it as a College AU. Also I realise you didn’t specify whether you wanted Teach to like Jimin back or not, so I just went on ahead and assumed that you did. Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it anyway ♡

Genre: smut/angst/possible fluff??
Requested: YES
Warnings: NSFW, swearing, student/teacher AU

Originally posted by minpuffs

With my eyes closed my senses are heightened and the delicate tips of fingers tracing circles up my forearms feels more like trails of blazing wildfire than just a simple touch of bare skin against skin. I don’t need my sight to know who these finger tips belong to, the touch is familiar even if it is fabricated. The product of an unhealthy obsession combined with an overactive imagination. Pure fiction. Yet it still feels so, so real. They say an average person will have roughly four dreams a night, I don’t know if that’s an accurate estimate for me. It wouldn’t matter anyway. All my dreams are the same, all merging into one erotic fantasy that haunts my waking moments like a banal porno reel playing on repeat every time I close my eyes. It’s both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in a world where the object of my obsession will always be unobtainable and a curse because the more I dream about her, the more it makes me want her when I’m awake.

From my seated position in front of her, I feel her finger tips continue along their path until her lower body is pressed against my back, her fingers slipping into my hair, tangling in the silky strands. Stepping away from me, she gives my hair a light tug, pulling my head back and forcing my gaze heavenward.
My dark eyes snap open to meet her hooded ones, her pouty lips inches from my forehead, my skin tingling as her breath comes out in regular soothing waves across my face.
The edge of my vision is blurred, abstract objects refusing to take shape around me like a water colour painting, but I know where we are. Not because I can see the lecture hall around us, but because my subconscious is filling in the gaps.
Everything is hazy, everything except for her. But still, even in this abstract world where only she appears real, the first thing I see is always the same. Always her eyes. The bright specks of colour I’ve memorised while I’m awake always look back at me with the uninhibited lust I’ve long since accepted I crave from her. Not the cautious uncertainty I’ve become accustomed to in real life. In my dreams there’s no hesitancy, no lines to tow, no regulations to break. In my dreams I can have her.

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Musician (2) Masterlist

part one

Golden Glow (ao3) - theshyauthor

Summary: Dan is a musician without a heart and Phil the idiot that returns to his hotel room whenever he calls.

I’m A Stitch Away From Making It (And A Scar Away From Falling Apart) - arcticphan

Summary: Dan Howell is ‘the next big thing’ and Phil Lester is not good for publicity, will the increasing fame create tensions that simply cannot be overcome?

Learning To Seek Euphoria - itstheidiotluna

Summary: Dan is a musician who is really depressed, his music isn’t selling because it’s so depressing, and his labels threatening to drop him. So his manager sends him on a self exploration trip with Phil, a cheerful traveller and poet.

Peg Me Down - singinglester

Summary: ‘Boy, oh, boy. The things that Phil did for this boy.

Playing on Heartstrings (ao3) - serenehowell

Summary: Misery is the only thing Dan Howell gains from playing the piano along with his mother’s disappointment. Will it take a certain ebony haired violinist to change his perspective on what he used to hold so dear?

Rubatosis - phanimist

Summary: Dan’s new next door neighbour turns out to be an avid fan of playing the drums, something he and Dan don’t exactly have in common, especially after Dan has a long day at work. When he finally storms over to the source of the annoying drumming, he isn’t expecting the guilty neighbour to be so pretty.

The Sun Will Rise, And We Will Try Again (ao3) - conshellation

Summary: Phil, the clumsy Barista working an unstable job in a café along the Thames, always carries around too much spare change and really should stop smoking on his lunch breaks. Dan is a struggling street musician making his fortune in pennies on the south bank of London, another stranger in the city, who deserves so much more than the copper thrown at him by passers-by every day. But London is big, loud and really fucking overwhelming at the best of times, and sometimes, city life doesn’t always go to plan. And that’s okay.

The Way I Always Do - cafephan

Summary: In which Phil is a famous musician, and Dan struggles to keep up.

We’ll Never Be Royals - phanimist

Summary: royalty au where Phil’s the kind handsome prince and Dan’s a poor commoner who dreams of becoming world class musician. Phil’s parents hold a ball so he can meet his suitors, but he ends up falling for the pianist instead.

Service with a Smile CH 4

A/N: Okay. I think I should just point out that this is not how I anticipated/initially wrote out this chapter. Some things just happened, one thing lead to another, and… ta-da? I suppose? It still works, and I’m happy with how it turned out! :)

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“‘I never understood… amputees’- Wow. Wow. That’s, that’s real nice- ‘until I encountered Hiccup Haddock.’ Excellent use of a blank card. I applaud the mastermind behind this set.” Hiccup faked dry laughter. When real laughter from his friends erupted around him, he sighed and began rubbing his temples.

“Sure, that one wins. Why not? Keep the insults comin’, gang.” While he wasn’t the one to plan this little get together, he also wasn’t the one to volunteer his house. Still, he supposed he didn’t mind that much. He just… Gosh, Cards Against Humanity had to be the most offensive game ever. Ruffnut and Tuffnut snickered and issued one another a loud high five. Hiccup rolled his eyes. “Still not a team game,” he remarked, looking through the rest of the options provided to him.

Yep. All still offensive.

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My personal review of The Final Problem

What I liked:

- We’ve done a 180, from a show that’s all about the crime, to a show that’s both crime and emotional context, and then finally to a show where the decisions of the characters are based almost purely on emotion. We’ve watched Sherlock become human and seen the repercussions it brings.

- Every Moriarty scene, wasn’t Andrew BRILLIANT?! We got complete closure on Moriarty.

- Sherlock calling John family; we all know it but it’s beautiful to hear him say it.

- The subtle realisation that despite being less intelligent than Mycroft, Sherlock is stronger in many ways. Message me if you want my explanation for this.

- The way Sherlock got so angry after manipulating Molly, as it proves that he genuinely cares for her.

- John, and how he couldn’t shoot that man in the head. Just couldn’t. That was so pure. And how despite that, John remained a soldier the whole way through.

- The entire scene where Sherlock has to choose whether to shoot Mycroft or John, but more importantly Mycroft’s reaction to it. His complete willingness to die for John, because he knows Sherlock needs John more than him. His matter of fact manner - it had to be him. The fact Mycroft was willing to make that sacrifice was so so pure and I just can’t *-*

- Mycroft’s fucking umbrella sword gun. I’m in love.

- Redbeard being a boy not a dog - I think many people realised that Euros had harmed Redbeard in some way, so to make it a surprise, BOOM, Redbeard is a child not an animal.

- Okay, I’m ready for the hate…. Mary’s final voiceover. We got more closure for her character, and someone on the outside, just like us, summarising Sherlock and John’s closeness.

- When she (Mary) said something like, ‘Without me, I know what you could become.’ BE STILL MY JOHNLOCK HEART.

- The scene of Sherlock and John together playing with Rosie.

What I disliked:

- Some parts felt sort of, dare I say it, far fetched? I don’t know how to quite explain it… Perhaps over dramatic might be a better term? For example the way Eurus was sat crying… and that she just wanted someone to help her ground her… The way the cipher for the song was on the gravestones… etc.

- The way Molly was reduced to a teary wreck, I liked the Sherlock side of it but I just feel Molly deserves better from the writers.

- The freakin well scene. I was holding out for a nearly submerged John crying out for Sherlock, and a dramatic and dangerous rescue. Not a bloody rope and and a spotlight. THE CHAINS.

- The final set of scenes felt rushed… If each had been elongated for a couple more minutes I feel like that would have been a more rounded and fulfilling ending. I wanted proper closure for Molly, Greg and Mrs Hudson, not just Sherlock and John.

The only real disappointment I feel:

- How so many ‘fans’ reacted with unfiltered hate towards the writers. Having opinions is okay, criticism is okay, (isn’t that what I’ve just done?) But there is so much mindless and ill-considered hate out there, just because Johnlock didn’t become canon. Did you really expect gay butt sex on the BBC at 9:00pm? Admittedly, it could have been revealed more subtly, but still, it is the writers story and that’s not where they wanted it to go. Respect that. And for goodness sake, don’t call it ‘queerbaiting’. Watch it from another perspective and see how all the hints at their gayness can be interpreted as friendly, or family love.

John and Sherlock love each other. They don’t need to fuck to prove that.
"Now I get why you're the odd elf"

If you’re like me you like to try out as many dialogue options as possible. As someone who’s mostly played point-n-click adventures I’m kind of conditioned to do so as well. I’m always afraid to miss out on important information or quests. So if I dialogue option is available, I click it. 

It’s the same gaming attitude that makes me take all items that aren’t painted into the background. Game protagonists have huge pockets, zero tact, and zero responsibility for other people’s feelings.

Dragon Age Inquisition works differently. This became apparent to me as I started to befriend, and later romance, Sera–the lesbian elf who would really like people to shut up about what she is and start talking about who she is.

I found it very easy to like Sera from the begining. She’s in your face. She says what she wants. She says what she thinks. She has a pretty good understanding of classism and never shuts up about it, either. More important than that: She actually does something about injustice rather than just theorizing about what might work. She’s the normal person among crazies, the simple perspective among the aloof. Very down to earth. Very straight forward. Very honest. She’s hilarious, self-confident, and she has cute dimples, so what’s there not to like?

One thing I didn’t understand at first was her attitude towards other elves. I went into the game hyped about being a Dalish hunter, excited to be able to play from that perspective again. It was disappointing to not find any solidarity from the only other lesbian in the game. And I wondered why that is. 

Whenever Sera opened her mouth she was preaching to the choir. I agreed with her from the start. So why did she insist on keeping a distance to my elfy elf attitude? I found that unfair judgement on her part.

This changed drastically when I started to actually pay attention to what the inquisitor says, and some options I chose. To keep it simple, here’s about what’s going on in the game:

Inquisitor: Your people? Elves?

Sera: No.

Inquisitor: Is that an elf thing?

Sera: No.

Inquisitor: You’re not like other elves.

Sera: Ugh.

Inquisitor: Now I get why you’re the odd elf.

Sera: Gee, thanks.

Solas: Elf elf elf elf elf elf, Sera, be more of an elf elf elf. VEIL

I’m sure there are more examples, but you get the picture. Sera is not actually the one who keeps bringing up the elf topic.

Sera does see differences between races, and she reacts to them, too. But she judges based on personality (“I don’t have a problem with mages. I mean, you’re alright.”). The only thing she demands is that others see her as an individual as well and quit attributing fucking everything she says and does to her being an elf.

“Now I get why you’re the odd elf”

That’s actually a very shitty thing to say to someone who just opened up to you (or, you know, in general). And it is not surprising that Sera reacts negatively. 

People are quick to assume that Sera has low self-esteem or needs to be taught that being an elf is fine. 

My guess is that she very much knows that she’s alright. It’s other people, people like the lady Emmald, people like the Inquisitor, people like you and me, who keep pointing out that she’s wrong somehow. I started playing the game with specific expectations. Those expectations weren’t met. I started projecting that on Sera. Sera threw it back in my face.

In that, Sera shows a reaction I’m not used to in a game character. She reacts like a real person would.

“Now I get why you’re so different for a lesbian.”

Seriously, I’d flip my shit if someone said that to me.

“Is that a lesbian thing?”

“Your people? Lesbians?”

I think Sera is a lot more patient than people give her credit for.

Wanna Dance?

From strained nerves to agitated glares. From agitated glares to harsh words. From harsh words to wild gestures. From wild gestures to screaming altercations.

The same things played out every time you and Scorpio had spent too much time apart, and when you both finally had the chance to be together, he was always stressed from work constantly flooding the Department of Punishments. It was now three weeks since you had last seen each other, and Scorpio was less that delightful and you were more than fed up with it.

“Just once, Scorpio!” you begged. “Can’t you just forget about work and focus on me for once?!”

His cold, steel eyes flashed in the lamplight on the balcony of the mansion. “What do you freakin’ expect me to do, Y/N? Just act like everything is sunshine and butterflies for your sake?” Scoffing, he gestured toward the star-filled sky that shined too brightly on an occasion this dark. “I am a Prince of the Stars. If you wanna do something nice for a change, maybe you should stop trying to get me to look at things that I’ve seen every day for all of my life!”

You stared at him in disappointment, tears filling your eyes. Rarely did he ever want to go into the more civilized areas of the world, so stargazing was the only thing you could do together that satisfied you both. Why could he not see that you were trying?

“I’m trying to find a way for us to be together!” you said, imploring him to see everything from your perspective. “It’s like you’re not even trying to maintain our relationship.”

“Oh really?” he said, crossing his arms in derision. “I’ve been working my ass off to finish all of my work just so I could be with you, Y/N. But unfortunately, the entire survival of the human race depends on me and what I must do for them. You’re not my priority.”


The crickets continued chirping and the gentle hum of music playing from inside the mansion filled the air, but you heard nothing except utter silence. You could feel nothing other than the rush and cracks of heartbreak and the fiery scorch of tears trailing down your face.

The only thing you could possibly manage to say was, “Okay,” as you slowly wrapped your arms around yourself to walk back inside, away from the man you loved who continued pulling your entire existence apart. You longed for your own bed in your quiet apartment to drown yourself in your loneliness and heartbreak. But you also longed for the feeling of Scorpio’s arms around you, telling you that he loved you.

Yet that thought seemed hopeless now.

Right before you stepped over the threshold, you felt a strong grip wrap around your right arm.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, head downcast and voice shaking slightly. “I didn’t mean to say that.” 

White, hot anger flashed through you, and you shivered in the cool air despite the fire in your veins. Did he honestly think a simple apology could fix everything he ever said?

You laughed humorlessly, despite the fresh tears streaking your face, attempting to shake off the vice-like grip on your arm. “What do you want me to say to that, Scorpio? Because apparently, everything I say is wrong.”

He sighed so very, very slowly as his eyes, now a dark, liquid silver, locked on to your own. And the whisper of his next words flowed from his mouth in a small cloud of fog.

“Wanna dance?”

And just like that, your mind exploded into a sheer storm of confusion and longing and passion and love and bitterness and awe from the man in front of you. Nothing he said ever made sense, yet he always managed to send you head over heels once again. Your anger slowly dissipated and you began to relax. Feeling you ease up under his touch, Scorpio gently slid his left hand into your right hand as his right hand gently slid down your side to rest on your hip.

And ever so gently, he began to move and sway to the soft piano music playing in the air. Your body naturally floated along with his, following the way his arms led you around the balcony. For what seemed like hours, Scorpio led you in countless circles through multiple twirls and dips. His eyes never left yours, and his mouth never said another word. But with just those two, simple words, he had managed to erase every thing that had transpired between the both of you that night, and once more, your heart swelled with desire and affection for this strange, otherworldly man.

Throughout the dance, your head gently came to rest on his shoulder as his head rested on yours. Locked in each other’s embraces, you breathed in the cool air and waited.

Finally, Scorpio spoke. “I know I don’t say it much, Y/N, because I feel like you should know how I feel about you by now,” he said, murmuring into your hair. His warm breath tickled your ear as his deep, smooth voice washed over your entire being. “I love you. I love you more deeply than you could ever fathom. I love you more than myself. I love you more than my job. You are my priority in life. And I will never let you go. Not over some dumb argument. Not over anything. You are mine.”

You melted into his arms as tears of happiness trailed down your face now. Heart swelling with joy and love, you looked up into the eyes of your lover as his left hand came and gently landed on your cheek.

Just before his lips came to land on yours, he whispered:

“And I am yours.”

anonymous asked:

Omg on that note, could there be a short: "Five times the Avengers overheard Loki/Steve going at it? (And one time someone confronted Steve about it and he just about died from embarrassment)" in the RTC verse? Just a small idea for whenever you have time!

The Tenth Floor, loki/steve, remember this cold verse, what it says up there in the prompt (although it’s four+one instead of five+one), 2.1k

Bruce had lived in a lot of places with thin walls and overheard a lot of things he’d rather not. As a rule, though, Avengers née Stark Tower wasn’t one of those places, and he’d gotten kind of used to not hearing anything weird through the walls.

The kitchen on the tenth floor wasn’t the closest one to R&D, but it was the one stocked with more than just coffee Bruce couldn’t drink anymore. He didn’t think too much about its proximity to their…houseguest.

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Lips inches apart, CS love theme playing... but no kiss: Why Emma walked away

I’ve already written this meta on what was wonderful about this scene. So now I want to talk about why it ended the way it did - what went wrong.

Clearly it was an amazing emotional breakthrough for Emma and Hook, her walls came down. But sadly, what she revealed was heartbreak and disappointment - in part with Hook’s behavior. This post deals with the conversation from Emma’s perspective only (meta on Hook’s perspective coming soon). So lets look at some of the dialog - what she said - and what she didn’t,  to understand just why things went wrong.

What she said:

“Here I thought you weren’t afraid of anything. Always looking for the next adventure The hell were you doing for the last year alone on that ship? Seems to me it’s one swashbuckling tale after another. Until you decided to come back and save me.”

What she meant:  

Where were you? Who were you with? WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?

And that’s the heart of it right there - as irrational as it is -  she’s angry, at least in part, with him for not coming sooner.  Angry for not saving her from her cursed life before she could fall in love and get hurt. Angry because he is hiding something - and what could he have been doing that was so important that he didn’t come for her immediately.  And if it was all for her then why be secretive about it?

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TITLES TO KNOW TUESDAY: Holy Trinity Fanfic Edition (10.15 - 10.28)

Hello fine specimen of humanhood. Or whatever hood you like to affiliate yourself with. We don’t discriminate here at dontlovemelikexo, so as long as you don’t try and hug me, we’ll be fine. Hark good sirs and misses and lovelies, it is time for my round-up of all the fic that’s fit to feast your eyes on for the past two weeks. Can you contain your excitement!? No really, can you? I certainly hope so. You’re not an animal and if you hump my leg I will swat your nose with a newspaper. Down boy. Past editions located here.

Disclaimer: The main ship I read is Hartbig but I also read Swace/Mace/Jarto and other fantastically festive ships on occasion. (Oh, and I <3 Grester/Swarto but I don’t read the fanfic unless it’s forced upon me by an author I can’t resist.) SHIP ALL THE SHIPS. These lists are always in random order. 

1. Blue Eyes: by hartorotica (Swarto)

Ah yes, the long awaited trilogy sequel to Brown Eyes (Hartbig) and Honest Eyes (Hartbig)! I may or may not have begged (read: forced by public vote!) Jay to write this but as you can see from the ship name it’s under, things did not go according to the happily ever after plan I had in my head for Hannah and Grace! Here’s the thing though, Jay is one of those authors that even if I am not usually into the ship, she has a way of painting things so that you can’t help but want to keep going and see where the fuck she’s taking you. This one did not disappoint and given that it’s written from Sarah’s perspective (which I did not expect at all but was so pleased with) it gives you that other side of the relationship you don’t always see in fiction. I think starsandharts did a really great piece called Emily’s Heart that really told the “other side” well, but other than that, usually the focus is on Hannah and Grace and bringing them together in some way and sort of fuck everyone else who gets in the way, but in this case, we get to see the damage of the other person in the triangle and how hard it is to be the one who gets left in the wake and how difficult it is to trust again in the aftermath. People make bad choices and get confused all the time and the real show of who you are as a person is how you handle the fallout. This story is all about the fallout and that maybe, just maybe, it always turns out the way it’s supposed to be.

Great lines: Hannah doesn’t make empty promises. She’s worked with her for long enough to know that Hannah comes through. Apart from when she says she’ll put videos up twice a week, which has been irking her for months now, but that’s got nothing to do with Hannah’s character. Ten more minutes, six hundred seconds – that’s doable. She could countdown if she wanted to. She won’t, not really, because that would be slightly insane, and Sarah is not insane. She’s just, maybe, slightly insecure.

2. 19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements: by puns-n-butts (Hartbig)

A teeny little snippet of a prologue should not have left me breathless with anticipation. I mean, good freaking grief Lise, are you trying to kill us all!? This is a multi-chapter Hartbig that is apparently all planned out and ready to slice us through the heart with amazing prose and loveliness. Seeing as this is just the beginning, I can’t say for sure where this shotgun journey is taking us, but so far it sounds like a lot of secrets, a lot of pounding hearts and a lot of guns blazing. Mistakes always have consequences and whether these will be something Hannah and Grace can live with is really yet to be determined. Stay tubed!

Great lines: And they have talked all night, in that cafe by the side of the road, with sludge-like black coffee and conversation that made Hannah feel as though her heart had been dipped into liquid gold, which is now dripping down between her ribs. As Hannah blinks at the darkened road ahead, accelerating, and the blonde’s breathing slows, the light streaming through the window is suddenly almost golden too. The sun rises all at once, as though night were a plaster that could just be ripped away. And there are darkened things inside Hannah’s chest that cower away from the light.

3. Charis: by letusneverspeakofthis  (SATAN SO WHO KNOWS)

It’s baaaackkkkkkk. I refuse to label this Hartbig because who the heck knows what Ruth is going to do to our souls with this fic but the sequel to the heart-wrenching pieces of majesty that was Eris  is here and so far, I’m obsessed. Reading this fic is kind of like standing on the edge of a cliff, but somehow enjoying the heck out of the view, even though it might just bring you to your death with one small step. Yes, it is that dramatic of a feeling because I am loving that Grace is moving back to New York and that Hannah’s job seems to have her heading in that direction and well, anyone who has ever lived there can tell you that while New York City seems huge, it’s actually super tiny and you run into absolutely everyone them moment you don’t want to see them. Will they crash and burn? Will they tumble into bed together the second they lay eyes on each other? Will they run again? SO MANY QUESTIONS and you know Satan isn’t giving away any of the answers. So buckle up kiddos, this one is bound to be an epic ride.

Great lines: 
She wasn’t in denial about being gay, not any more. She knew exactly what kind of person she was. She also knew that every time she fell in love, really fell in love, her life fell apart. She might not love Eric the way he thought, but she did love him. He was kind and funny and their life together was good. Surely, she’d decided, a calm and steady life with a good man was better than the wreckage that Grace had left? Okay, so she’d never feel the elation, the passion, the delirium she’d felt around Grace, but at the same time he would never break her heart…A lifetime with him would be fine. She’d be content. Maybe even happy. That was enough.

4. A Splash of Colour : by didyoustealmytoaster (Hartbig)

Ok first of all, the premise for this story is fantastic in and of itself…your whole world is black and white and all the grey shades in between until you meet your soulmate and the world will suddenly come screeching into the light fantastic, bringing with it all the shades colors. (I keep watching to write colour to be cool but I just am not!) Stasia brings it with a tale of an impatient Hannah seeking out her soulmate in all ways possible to escape the blah world of muted life. It’s a story mainly about hope. Hope in the face of people telling you you’re an idiot for thinking a certain way or doing a certain thing to try and make your life your own. It’s a good lesson too, because there will always be people telling you how to live your life and without knowing their reasoning for being the way they are (we get an insight into Mamrie in this story that Hannah doesn’t know about), well it’s not exactly wise to take advice when your heart is telling you otherwise. You might just miss your fate.

Great lines: For as long as she can remember, everyone has told her that when she meets the one, things will be different. The world won’t be fuzzy shades of black and white; flowers won’t look like washed out versions of each other, each a more dull grey than the last. There won’t be that weird lingering disappointment when she goes clothes shopping, only to find that each item is just another shade of a colour she’ll never see.

Additional thoughts: 

Ray onemilliongoldstars is still jamming on Practically Strangers and IT IS GETTING SO GOOD! After the almost meet-up, word on the street is, and by street I mean me harassing Ray for details, that things will be heating up in the next few chapters and I am so excited to see what happens when those two idiots are finally in the same room together!

Cat, the newly Mrs. Wonder Kitten of yotoobfiction is on Ch 18 of Love and Evasive Action AND I SWEAR TO G-D THERE HAS BEEN NO MOUTH TOUCHING BETWEEN THE HARTBIG. She might kill me with this. Basically this is an update to tell you Cat is a big ol’ tease with her a majestic fairytale coat and the softest cozy scarf and we’re all just on the edge of our seats waiting for Grace to stop wanking and start dealing with how she’s feeling about homegirl Hannah. 

Hannah haveyouseenmyplot SHOCK OF ALL SHOCK updated Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations with a rather steamy NSFW chapter that left my mouth hanging open when I beta’d it. She’s got this talent for what I like to call “macro-fiction” meaning she takes one moment and zooms in so closely on it that you don’t realize until the end that you’ve been reading one whole chapter about a single kiss or 4k nuzzled words about a first time. It’s magical and spectacular and makes me super warm and fuzzy when I read her words! You’ll have to wait a bit for the next chapter, but it will be worth it.

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed our little cabaret of fiction today. Sorry there wasn’t any nudity but we’re a strictly bandaids over the nipples kind of club. Klassy with a K you might say. Or you might not. I don’t really care to be honest. (Ok maybe that’s a lie!) Did you enjoy your time here? How was the lap dance? No sex in the champagne room. 

Any recs for next week or have a favorite author you don’t think I’m reading? Send my way!

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Why was Jace replaced? I was so excited to see who had been chosen to place in the tv series because he fits more along the lines of the books. Now the show is as disappointing from a cast perspective as the let down from the movie.

I’m just gonna answer you initial question: They re-casted Jace for the same reasons they re-casted everyone for the show:

1. First and foremost, the auditions they had for the show were open to everyone; the movie cast could have, if they so pleased, re-auditioned for the role. But here is the thing: none of them did. So, clearly, that being said, they didn’t want to do the role again.

2. A lot of the original cast members had other projects and were too busy to do the show at the time it was filming. You asked specifically for Jace: well, Jamie was one of those who was too busy. At the time of filming, he was doing a West End Musical. He was all the way in London, doing shows every day, and was not able to be in a TV show that was filming in Toronto at the same time.

3. Now, with some original cast members being busy, it would be weird and feel off if half of the cast was the same and the other half made up of new people. 

4. Finally, this was a fresh new start. Fresh new platform, new writers and directors, new costume/makeup crew, new set designs, and, to go with it, a new cast. 

Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis - Steven Universe Cards breakdown

I picked up the Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic (its available on Amazon here, and you may be able to find it in game stores). I’ve played it quite a bit since then, as its very fun and my little sister (who is 8 years old) LOVES it. I thought I might break down my thoughts on some of the cards, starting with the Steven Universe-themed cards in the game, talk about my opinion on the cards both in how the play in the game as well as how well I think they suit the show they’re based on.

My other card breakdowns can be found here: Adventure Time

This is going to be fairly long, so I’m placing it under a read more. Here are the cards I’ll be discussing in this post. (I apologize for the quality of the images, I wanted to scan the cards but my scanner isn’t cooperating). I’ll first give a quick overview of how the game plays to help you understand what the cards do, then I’ll discuss each card, sorted by its type

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Sarah Jane Smith's Screams Per Episode

Sarah Jane Smith’s SPE has been logged and calculated!

Sarah comes in at .675 SPE (80 episodes, 54 screams) At the time when she left the show, she was the second-biggest screamer ever to appear on Doctor Who. (data concerning characters to follow is still being logged)

As she is one of the most popular companions and also one of the biggest screamers, I would like to propose two theories: First, that while screaming is often cited as a reason to dislike a companion, it is not as damaging to the audience’s appreciation of a character as it is made out to be. Second, that because Sarah Jane Smith is so popular and screams so much, people are more likely to only watch her episodes and get a skewed idea of how much companions scream.

I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t break Victoria’s record, and Victoria remains number  one with 1.097 SPE (41 episodes, 45 screams, so while Sarah did actually scream more, due to her long run she has a lower SPE.As a matter of trivia (and really, what else is this blog for?) Sarah’s highest screaming serials were Seeds of Death, with 9 instances of screaming, and the Brain of Morbius, with 11. While Victoria’s highest screaming serials were The Ice Warriors and Fury from the Deep, with 7 screams each.

To put that in perspective, in the Brain of Morbius Sarah Jane Smith screams more than Barbara Wright, Katarina, Vicki Pallister, Dodo Chaplet, Isobel Watkins, and Liz Shaw did over their entire runs combined. (Sarah was also blinded, alone, and being attacked, so we at Reasons My Companions Are Screaming do not fault her one bit for being scared.)

Well, Sarah might be able to make up the difference in reunion episodes, but I doubt it.

This is really important and we should talk about this.

In last night’s episode, I had prepared myself for Jane coming to Teresa’s door to tell her that he wanted to be with her, and not to go to DC with Pike. I would’ve been okay with this happening. But I’m so glad it didn’t. That’s the kind of big romantic gesture we’re all used to seeing in movies and TV, but honestly, it’s pretty disrespectful towards the girl in that situation. It’s saying “Don’t leave, because I need you” and “I won’t let you be with him instead of me.” It’s selfish and possessive. 

I think The Mentalist did a really cool thing (that fit Jane’s character much better) by having him tell Teresa that her happiness is what’s most important. And you could just tell how much it hurt him to say it, but that makes it all the more powerful. From his perspective and based on what’s she’s told and shown him, she really is in love with Pike. He was putting her needs before his own.

I think Jane knew how conflicted Teresa was about moving to DC, and I don’t think he went to her house to confess his love. I think he went to make sure that she made this major life decision based ONLY on what she wants, and what would make HER happy. So I know some of you are disappointed about last night, but I say… don’t be. All he did was prove to us, and more importantly to Lisbon that he loves her enough to put her happiness before his own.