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Dewey’s KageHina fic list

I’m pretty sure I have more than this, but being a dummy I forgot to bookmark them!! I’ll update this as I remember or read more :)

1. Come and get lost with us by boxofwonder - I think this was the first kagehina fic I read that I was like ohmygod?? This is SO GOOD!!! I read it a long time ago though, and theres a sequel but i think its not as good :( 

2.  Icarus by iisintrovert Very interesting AU I never would have thought I’d like because of the setting but holy sh it *tries very hard not to spoil anything!!* 

3.  Anonymous asked a question by kageyama_drama so friggin CUTE UGH… UGHHH…

4.  Gemütlichkeit by genericgayanime ;___; my heart… This is one of my favorite types of AUs!! 

5.  Painting with Words by iwillstillopenthewindow (Part 1 of Painting with Words) this fic is so beautiful!!! <3 it is literally bookmarked on my phone as “THIS FUCKING FIC!!!”

6.  Painted Words by iwillstillopenthewindow (Part 2 of Painting with Words) Kag’s POV!!!!

7. I’ll wait with you in rain or snow by poopything - I just recently read this… it’s mainly daisuga with a side of kagehina! THE ART IS SO INDULGENT! There’s a sequel  Curtains of the waterfall that has a bit more kagehina in it. 

8. gold star, ash sky by bigspoonnoya - UGHH HERE WE GO…. HERE’S THE ONE I FORGOT TO ADD!!!! The biggest heartache in this is that.. ITS INCOMPLETE AND ABANDONED….. :’’’’’’’’’((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL I’ve never seen the movie for this au but holy damns this fic is so. frickin. GOOD!