so fresh so clean


a grin made for war
and eyes flecked with ash
striding, powerful, into the arms of death.
perhaps she will be the one you follow into battle.” -x
Tsukuyo in the Red Spider Arc. | Happy birthday, my love. 2.09 

hi hi hi! it’s been a while. have some updaaates:

  • turned 23 wtf
  • can run for 8 minutes THIS IS A BIG DEAL
  • dropped out of uni / official term for it is “withdrawal from studies” but it sounds more edgy to say “dropped out”, so
  • just did 3 loads of laundry so the flat smells fresh and clean! 
  • am getting a tattoo today what
  • currently sitting on the windowsill in the sun with a cup of tea, my flatmate is making veggie enchiladas and later we’re having friends round for a crêpes soirée and things are shiny happy good atm :))))

Throwback Thursday:

OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean