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the 17th fantasy [bishounenpalace's edit]
Nojima Hirofumi x Takahiro Mizushima
the 17th fantasy [bishounenpalace's edit]


Edited from other R18 games & drama cds by myself. This audio is inspired by these images above, which are from the BL manga Toshishita Kareshi ni Semaretemasu by AIBA Kyouko.

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How do y’all decide on colors for him anyway??


Prince Henry in the 6x11 Sneak Peek


∟55 days of Delena 35/55

Deep down, you know who you are and what you want. Love’s always gonna require a huge leap of faith. A big, scary leap over a hot pit of lava. And, you might end up heartbroken, but you might be the happiest person on the face of the earth.

“wherever I end up after this in whatever reality, all those moments between us were real, and they’ll always be ours.”

march 11th, 1994 — happy birthday, chloe elizabeth price

We are slowly building the world of a past campaign.

Context: We recently started a new campaign with the same group of players who were playing in the campaign we just finished. The current campaign takes place in the same world, but like 200 years in the past, before the events of the old campaign. The party (Half-Elf Wild Magic Wizard, Human Fighter who was raised by Orcs, Incubus Druid who was assigned to be our babysitter, Yuan-Ti Rogue) has just gone through a ridiculously silly dungeon to farm XP and get gold and somehow ended up back in the bar in the town. Only the Wizard and the Rogue(me) passed the will save to realize we were still in the dungeon.

Wizard: (As I’m trying to figure out what the heck is going on with this bar) I’m going to go to the bathroom to try and look for anything weird.

DM: Okay, you walk into the back hallway and see several doors-One medium sized male door, one medium sized female door, one medium sized ambiguous door, one large door, and one small door.

Wizard: I open the medium male door.

DM: You walk in and instead of seeing the usual latrines you’re used to, you see what looks like a modern toilet with the porcelain and the handle and everything.

Wizard: I inspect this weird contraption!

DM: As you’re looking at it, you toggle the handle and flush the toilet. You’ve never seen anything like this, so you’re pretty freaked out.

Wizard: I start tearing apart the toilet and scream, “SHOW YOURSELF, TINY SORCERER!”

The rest of us hear him and, while the Druid tries to contemplate his existence and the Fighter picks fights with the bar patrons I go to check on him.

Rogue: What is wrong with you?

Wizard: I’m trying to find the wizard behind this contraption! Watch! *flushes the toilet again*

Rogue: *shocked, but too tired and busy trying to figure the illusion out to give too much of a damn* You…I don’t even care… *walks back out into the bar while the Wizard continues trying to find the magic user he’s convinced is making the toilet work*

DM: (OOC) So, by the way, this is where Brinna gets the idea for the Toy-Rey she showed your other characters in the old campaign, your stories of this bar bathroom.


YAYAYAY THE STICKERS ARE HERE YAY @platinasi thank you, thank you!! I love them so much!! 💕😄 The OC bookmarks are also really amazing and are currently marking some Very Important portions of the script. And the angelic ballerina reminds me of Astoria! Also: SPACE PAPER!!!! 💫 THANK YOU AGAIN

Listen Up Guys

Okay, guys, listen up.

I’ve seen a lot of hate going around for different writers (just three examples are @hamimagines @forlifeloveandhappiness and @offiicialhamilton - and that’s JUST on Tumblr, and JUST in the world of Hamilton fanfics, and JUST the ones I can think of off of the top of my head) and they’ve all been really gracious about it and dealing with it well and everything, but I’m addressing this right here and right now.

If you don’t like their stories, don’t fcking read them. If you don’t like the way they ended, keep it to yourself or rant to your friends. Imagine it ended some other way. Don’t give them sht about it. If you don’t like their lack of updates, then get over it. It’s not your choice to dictate when they’ll update and when they won’t. If you don’t want to wait, then stop reading their stuff, imagine your own scenarios as to how it could end up going or what’s coming next, or find something else to read for the time being.

Everyone on here is a normal person, just like you or me.

Everyone on here has a life outside of social media. Sports, homework, college, extracurriculars, jobs, family, friends, pets, traveling, etc., etc.

They’re not robots ready to write another fic every time you’re occupied with another one just so you’ll never run out of material to read. They have other things to be doing, and we all need to respect that. (Also, ever heard of this thing called writer’s block? Gasp! It exists! And it f*cking sucks - trust me, I’ve had it before!)

I haven’t updated any of my Wattpad fics in probably a year, and some people say they’ll update and then don’t for the next three to seven years (or ever again!)

Be glad they’re writing at all! I know this isn’t my battle to fight for the three mentioned above, but this is an issue that not only do I feel rather close to as a writer on another site, but I’ve seen it happen all over the place to all sorts of people, and I’m not about to sit here while you make others feel down about themselves because you’ve run out of reading material and need someone to take it out on! I’ve seen this far too much on far too many sites and something needs to be done about it, so this is me, telling you exactly what I think about all the negative things you have to say to these writers.

Do you know how hard it is to publish your writing for anyone in the world to see at any given time? It’s TERRIFYING! You have no IDEA how people will react and get extremely self conscious about your writing - nitpicking every little thing and taking out some of your favorite parts just because you think others won’t like it. Let me tell you right now that it took me a long time to get over it, and it kept coming back to me. Heck, probably the last five chapters on most of my actually published stories are all boring and pointless author’s notes from a year ago! I get horrible writers block and I’ve NEVER finished a story! I’ve written so many drabbles that I’m too afraid to share with anyone and I have two Wattpad accounts just so if I write something I think my friends won’t like, they won’t see it because it’ll be on my “closet account.” So yeah, pretty freaking terrifying, and it’s a major blow to my confidence every time someone even READS OVER my work without smiling - even worse when people criticize it.

Do you know how bad it makes me feel when someone calls me an ***hole because I won’t update, continually badgers me about the way I write something, or says I suck at writing?

I can guarantee you right now that it makes most writers feel awful, but even though a lot of them can get over it (sorry, I’m not exactly one who does it easily), there are still some who can’t, or are going through something so tough that some little comment that wouldn’t bother you could have concussive effects on their life, and you’d have no idea who they were before you did it or what happened once you did.

I get it, you have a life, too, and you’d like to be able to sit back and enjoy a few hours of reading - believe me, I do that all the time - but there are other sites you can find fics on, actual books you can read, ones you’ve already read that you can reread, ones you might want to write yourself, and of course, other wonderful authors out there!

To all the writers out there who are brave enough to post their writing online (or anywhere - or maybe not at all), you’re amazing, and I really appreciate your hard work, even if I haven’t read your writing, and even if it isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Don’t let anybody get you down or tell you otherwise because even if your writing is still in it’s developing stages, just a few weeks can do wonders for your thought process on your stories or your writing style.

If you feel like you need more fics (or non-fic stories) to read because apparently you can’t handle waiting for an update from anyone on here, or you feel like you’d like to spread your writing or need a different scene for it, then I’d suggest, if you haven’t already tried them, either Ao3 (, Wattpad (, or ffn (

Okay, rant over, thanks for listening :)