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Drop Everything Now (Meet Me in the Pouring Rain)

Summary: Phil never planned for a rainstorm to intrude on Dan’s second ever visit to Manchester–but maybe that’s exactly what they need to push them closer than ever.

Rating: G

Word Count: 5108

Warnings: vv light hurt/comfort

A/N: Literally when I saw the art for this fic, I just knew I had to write it–cuddly 2009!phan on a rainy day? Sign me the heck up!! Huge thanks to Jess @furryhowell for the simple yet wonderful idea and Courtney @danceswithsweaters for her lovely support when I got stuck and for giving this fic the finishing polish it needed–and both for putting up with my busy procrastinating ass! You can find Jess’ fantastic art here and I really hope that you love it as much as I do because it’s the softest damn thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t not scream about it. I hope you enjoy!!

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Hi, was wondering if you could help me. What does "Seize the boy" from a previous post refer to in regards to Cait & Sam? Thanks! Much love <3

Back in November 2015, Sam and Cait did this photo shoot.

They tweeted about it at the time and obviously none of us had any idea of what it entailed but we freaked out anyway because that’s what we do best, and this was around the time we were getting shipper breadcrumbs almost every single day so our fangirling was heightened. 

Anyway, Cait liked this tweet which according to Twitter translates to “friend, seize the day, seize the boy.” I think it might actually be “friend, enjoy the day, enjoy the boy” but either way it’s super cute and shippery and definitely what I’d call a receipt 😍

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Love your writings hon!!💓💓 i have a request for yaa, can you write about mc caught jumin cheating and she ran away from him, when jumin tried to catch up with mc, he almost got ran over by a car if was not for mc pushing him out of the way, whether mc survive or not is your choice ( I'm an angst freak)

Hello, love! I’m so glad you enjoy my writing. It really means a lot hearing that! <3

Jumin cheating and getting caught, then being saved by MC


- He didn’t mean it.

- Really.

- But the woman with stark, blonde hair and blue eyes entered his office in a short skirt and crop top.

- She was known to be a serious business woman, but here she was willingly giving herself to him.

- And he was so stressed,

- And he had a little too much wine to drink.

- And then her lips were on his and her arms around his neck, and he couldn’t help but accept the woman’s ministrations as he wanted to get lost in her arms and forget all the work he still had to do.

- You entered the large corporate building with a small chocolate cake you managed you bake that morning.

- You knew he was frustrated with work and you wanted to do something nice for him.

- Approaching his office, you knocked on the door once before opening the door.

- Expectation; A tired Jumin at his desk swamped in work.

- Reality; his pants halfway down his legs while a woman sucked him off.

- The sound of the cake dropping to the ground tore Jumin out of a trance and he frantically pushed the woman away, pulling up his pants.

- You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t know how to comprehend what was happening.

- You could hear him calling your name but his shouting fell in the distant as you ran out the door, desperate to get out of the building and away from the scene.

- He followed short behind, chasing you down the stairs and out the building.

- You wanted to get away from him, no, you needed to get away from him.

- You couldn’t look at him, because if you did, all you would see is the look of bliss on his face as another woman pleased him.

- “MC, wait, calm down.”

- He grabbed your upper arm and you turned around, slapping him across the face before untangling yourself from him.

- “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! I just caught my husband cheating on me.”

- “It’s not like that, I promise.”

- “Then what is it like, Jumin?”

- “I thought you loved me. Was I not enough?” you cried.

- Your words tore him apart. He wanted to hold you and comfort you, and convince you that he truly loved you and you were enough for him.

- But you were crossing the busy street, he couldn’t let you get away.

- “MC, please don’t go.”

- You turned around to snap at him, to tell him to leave you alone and just give you space, but you saw the car coming towards him and the driver on their phone not paying attention.

- You screeched as the car plumelled towards him.

- And you pushed him out of the way,

- And he watched as you rolled over the top of the car, tumbelled to the ground and falling almost lifeless, not a muscle in your body moving, and your small form crumpled in an unnatural position.

- He was frozen in place as he shouted your name before he finally fell to his knees in front of you and cried, begging for help.

- The two months of surgery felt like a year for Jumin as he watched you suffer now unable to move any of your limbs except your head, and now unable to speak.

- But you were fully aware of everything.

- You were fully aware of your surroundings, and fully aware you would spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair and needing to be taken care of.

- Jumin was fully prepared to take care of you and never leave your side, but there was no denying your resentment towards him.

- The two of you sat outside in a courtyard and he watched as you stared blankly at the garden in front of you.

- He reached for your hand that rested permanently on the handlebar of your wheelchair,

- But when he saw you grimace and shut your eyes, turning your head away from him, he recoiled and pulled back.

- He wanted to cry, but he shouldn’t be the one crying, it’s you who gets to cry. He has to be strong for you.

- But he was falling apart because he knew this was all his fault.

- He wished he could take your place and that you never pushed him out of the way of the car. It should have been him that was hit.

- There was nothing he could say to you, because there was nothing to say.

- He could only wish that one day you would forgive him.


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BNHA 161

Very late into the game cuz of thanksgiving but here are my thoughts about it:

Before I get into what I really wanna say, you guys know I obviously have to blab about Deku:

030 Shirtless Deku~Okay, so he apparently still has his scars?? Looks like Hori did forget to draw them after all, and the way he immediately cut the doctor off was freaking hilarious. The boy already knows how bad his arms is so he doesn’t need to hear it again. Still though, that means the handicap is still there…

Oh Izuku you sweet precious child, you were already planning on visiting her? Izuku’s literally the sweetest thing ever, and I love Dadzawa so much.

Now getting to the main issue. It was pretty obvious that Izuku was in a good mood before he found out about Nighteye, guess he was under the impression that he was going to survive and everything would be alright (kinda reminds me of a similar scenario in Naruto) But anyway, looking at Izuku here, you could tell that he was obviously shocked and a bit happy to see All Might, since he hadn’t seen him in a while…

But his expression is just so… gosh darn it Horikoshi…. 

It’s really sad that these two care about each other so much, but because of their contradicting ideologies they could never make up. Now AM finally gets to see him again… but for the last time. Nighteye’s constantly been searching for a way to change All Might’s future (even after everything that happened to them, Nighteye still cares about All Might ;A;) while All Might has been blaming himself for not being able to properly face him after all these years. 

…And then poor Mirio comes in. I honestly keep forgetting that everyone knows about All Might’s true form, so when I read this page I was like “lol what?”


Omg Mirio….MIRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, what this this ray of sunshine do to deserve this? He lost his quirk, and now he’s loosing his mentor. A few chapters ago you wouldn’t even believe he could make a face like this, and then Izuku’s expression too…. gosh darn it Hori!!!!

I just feel so bad for him… I feel like everything’s he been through, and everything he’s worked for,  has just gone down the drain, and has become absolutely worthless. Honestly, not even Shouto’s backstory made me this sad.

And like most people predicted, Nighteye finally acknowledged Izuku. Not in a way that would make him be a better candidate for OFA, but like, a true hero who believes in hope…or something like that. I just love the fact he thinks highly of Izuku now.

Nighteye did look into Mirio’s future though, and judging by his expression in the next page, I think Mirio will become a great hero in the future, a great QUIRKLESS hero probably.

And he smiled…he knows how amazing Mirio’s future will be. 

All Might’s face hurts me so much here…like I really wasn’t expecting him to cry. the man has been through so much in his life, and to lose someone that cared about him so deeply…is just too sad.

But on a sidenote…

Dadzawa, the Lock family, along with two precious bois and their dad.

Added bonus:

IDGAF-Zawa. I mean the guy’s had both arms broken and twisted, a broken face, and pretty much lost all the skin on his elbow so 10 stitches is like a mosquito bite for him XD

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So I’ve been keeping taps on the siren au which I freaking looooove btw. And I was scrolling through your ao3, and holy shit!! I hadn’t realized you wrote like a fairytale!! I love that series, I’m rereading it now!! Your work is great 👍🏻 😊

o (^♡^✿)o
Yep, it’s me!

How far I’ve come since LaF…
….how far I’ve fallen, orz

Thanksgiving Drunk Asks!

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Really it’s a terrible freaking holiday (besides the food and drink) so let’s distract ourselves with some drunk asks!

In case you’re not familiar with the rules:

You may send me anything. Any ask, opinion, thought, idea, hope for advice, memes, you may submit something if possible, send me links, tell me a story, talk about your dreams, confess your undying love, tell me your darkest secrets, ask me about my darkest secrets, etc. And I will respond!

If you would not like to see these, block the tag ‘#drunk asks’. If you would not like to see any nsfw posts, or are a minor, block the tag ‘#nsfw’!

I just wanna shout out my awesome friends!!!

@littlekawaiiusagi: you where the first person I talked to in cglre (that was when you were still in cglre) and you gave me a promo (but then I freaked out and deleted my blog cus I was going through some stuff and you were still nice and did not get mad so thanks!!) 

@daddywillprotectyou you are awesome to talk to and super nice thanks for being awesome!!

@princetkitten I know we have not talked much but it brings be joy to see you in my notes and I love all your content (as you can tell from me mass reblogging from you (sorry)) 

I sadly don’t really have many friends here some ummm don’t hesitate to message me I love to chat with other littles and cgs (just be nice and don’t be creepy that is all I ask!) 

i don’t celebrate thanksgiving but i wanna say i’m thankful for all of you and here are some mutuals i’m thankful for meeting this year

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all of you guys make my day better and brighter and i hope you know i love all of you with all my freaking heart

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do you think Tweek irrationally doubts his relationship at times? thinking he did something wrong or thinking that Craig is upset at him even though nothing even happened between them? jumping to conclusions kind of like in pd where he was freaking out that Craig hadnt texted him back right away even if it was only 10 mins

with his paranoia i don’t doubt it. But craig loves him unconditionally so he has nothing to fear, and craig constantly assures him as such

So, this is a thing that happened (!!!!)

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who have come to this little blog in the last year. After like, a year of my blog staying consistently at 15-25 followers, for it to grow this much in the last nine months or so is freaking insane. Especially considering I still can’t talk a good book photo!!!

If I wasn’t in the throes of Nano, I would do something more, like a dedication post or a giveaway or something - but given how things are currently going, this will probably happen in the New Year instead. 

Thank you to all the mutuals who became **my first ever tumblr friends** and put up with me being an awkward nerd - I won’t tag people because I’d probably miss someone and I don’t want to seem exclusionary or anything to anyone new out there, but y’all know who you are! And the last thing I can say is that I literally gained *973 followers* in the span of nine months - so to any new booklrs who feel like they’re screaming pointlessly into a void, keep screaming, keep interacting with posts, and I’m sure that you’ll soon be noticed! :D

Thank you everyone!!

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Oof you’re really adorable I couldn’t resist?? It’s just a doodle unfortunately since I can’t seem to draw anything properly yet- but hopefully it isn’t absolute trash w h e e z e ❤❤❤


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Imagine meeting Tae in person. Those BEAUTIFUL eyes (o.o). You see him and all his glory. What do you suppose he sees about you? Lover of art, beauty, aesthetics? Runs an awesome Tumblr blog? Gorgeous face. Great hair. PERFECT HEIGHT, Y'KNOW. There's something that could be different tho, something that is in your power to change. 59 kg is really such a great, healthy weight to be at, but you could do so much better and you know it. Reach your goal weight. It'll take time, but it'll be worth it.

I just screenshoted it because damn it is definitely one of the best I love it so much 😭😭 I swear im gonna read it again and again thank you so much for this, it motivates me so freaking much💜


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so i saw on your updating dashboard that you're making a jason percy octavian and luke fanfic again and i am freaking out Tm because i loved your last one so much??! also i gotta ask, is this one gonna be a kinky one like the last? or fluff or something? hugs from canada

Ah. There. Yes. Was in the middle of answering this before I had to go to classes.

It’s pure smut. Like. All the flith. Pet-play. Double-penetration. Collars. Catboys and puppyboys. BDSM. Like. I’ve done so many fluff-pieces for this series lately? Even though it started out as an outlet for smut? So. Smut. Pure smut.

I mean, if I have some time this weekend I might end up stretching it a little to add fluff because catboy!Percy is a cuddly thing and stern!Octavian melting into giving his boys cuddles is what I live for, so there is that.

Okay, so it’s thanksgiving and I’m gonna be mushy for a few minutes

@thevioletsunflower you’re awesome dude. You were my first friend on here and that’s great. You’re my editor of my stories (and my go-to person for all things autism). And I still love how we accidentally created that sequel that is currently the longest story (single-chapter anyway) I’ve ever published. Happy Thanksgiving Baden!

@emphatically-enthusiastic You’re one of my good friends on here and I’m thankful for that. You’ve reblogged and reacted to every one of my stories and I really really appreciate you. You also put up with me freaking out about cute things I find and in return, I supply you with cute pictures/gifs of the Ben’s of Newsies :) Happy Thanksgiving Fiona!

@almostoyster I am so so so incredibly thankful for you. You’re the best thing in my life right now and I love you so much. You’ve given me so much hope and happiness and I can’t thank you enough. I can’t believe I’ve only known you a little over a month and we’re close enough as if we’ve known each other for years. You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Every time I want to write a story and get stuck, or I publish one and I’m not sure on the quality, you are my biggest cheerleader and you keep me sane. People in this world, they suck. You are there to make me smile when other people just make me upset. It’s not hard for me to say “I love you” to people, in fact it’s pretty easy. But for me to say “I trust you”, that’s huge. Because that I never do. But Hannah? I trust you, wholeheartedly. Happy thanksgiving my love. <333

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So I’ve watched Justice League like 4 times and the soundtrack (song) that they use for the credits at the start of the movie is just SO GOOD and it fits the mood.But I think it would honestly fit your series;Heirs,better than Justice league.If you haven’t heard it,I recommend it.Just maybe wait till the end bit of the song cause it’s the best part.Keep up the good work,I’m such a fan of your amazing writing.It’s the highlight of my day😂😂😘

Wait, wait, wait…

You mean the… “Everybody knows” one?


Thank you love! For being here and for the lovely words. <3

New Heirs chapter very soon.


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Inspired by an ask you got I have to say this: I freaking love being nonbinary and having a massive crush on a trans guy! I freaking love him, and pages like queer-positive that help me figure out my gender.

That’s so great!! I love being nonbinary too ehe ❤︎ and I’m happy that the blog helps you!!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎