so freaking far

  • Magnus: *jokingly* So how's the prettiest person in the world?
  • Alex: I dunno. How are you?
  • Magnus: *chokes*
  • Alex: *oops* jUST rEmeMBeRED!!¡¡ pOTTerY tO Do!!!! gOTtA gO!!!
  • Alex: *walks away*
  • Magnus: Did she really mean that?
  • Alex: Did I really mean that?



Pompeii 13

Kankuro made a full recovery, but Sakura’s hand would take a little longer to heal and get the feeling back in it. Gaara had held her hand all through the night in anxious worry, holding it even after she fell asleep in a chair by Kankuro’s bed.

When she woke in the morning, it was a few hours before dawn. Gaara’s brother was already stirring and she could see the signs of recovery. He’d be a bit groggy for the next day or so, she told Gaara, but it would be no worse than what happens during and after a cold. He would be right as rain in time for Founder’s Day.

“Thank you for mixing the Holy Water.”

Sakura frowned, thinking that an oddly specific thing for him to thank her for. “It was no problem.”

Gaara nodded, looking down with a soft blush across his cheeks. “It’s not easy to find someone who is brave or willing enough to handle both Holy Water and Dragon’s Bane. Even Chiyo is weary and he handles both more than anyone.” He paused to swallow before glancing up into her eyes again. “Most of our kind, most people in Pompeii are deadly fearful of one or the other, but you handled both without flinching. We haven’t even known you that long.”

“Gaara,” Sakura nearly laughed, smiling softly at the boy who was looking more and more like a frightened child. She drew him close and stood on her tiptoes to draw him into a hug where his face buried in her neck. She pat down the back of his head, combing through his hair with her short nails in small circles. She felt him shudder in her arms and deflate a bit. He must be exhausted.

Sakura was still in the sweats from yesterday and she didn’t doubt she had smelled better, but Gaara didn’t seem to mind as he all but melted into her arms. She remembered what he had said to her the first time they met. A sandman who can’t sleep. She didn’t know how he could still function, but she knew that no matter what he was, sleep was good for his soul. Gaara needed rest just as much as his brother.

Sakura rocked on her feet, softly back and forth, nearly unnoticeable. She hummed into the side of his head and traced circles into his back. When he went boneless she caught him with one arm around his back and the other slipping under his legs.

One of the things she remembered being teased about the most in med school was her stupid strength. A critique of nurses and female med students in the program was their lack of upper body strength. The sexist male interns made it a point to help their chances of being hired over their female competitors. Sakura never let that become an issue for her.

Gaara wasn’t heavy as she carried him to the far wall where a second, pop out cot waited. She rolled it out using her foot and pulled it close to Kankuro. Sakura set Gaara down on his side and he instantly curled up like a child, fingers still caught in her lab coat. Sakura slid it off and laid it over his body like a blanket.

The sand on the floor stirred when she began to step away, but Sakura went right back to Kankuro’s side and checked his vitals once more. She glanced down at the sand, sensing it’s agitation.

“I won’t let anything happen to either of them.”

The sand settled and Sakura breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like both boys would be able to recover this way.

Sakura brought her laptop into the room and booted it, prepared to update a couple of files and do some searching on dragon’s bane and Holy Water.

Sakura didn’t have a lot of date digitalized, so she wasn’t expecting much, but a handful of files popped up with the search words highlighted. Kakuzu was one of them, having listed Holy Water as one of his ‘allergies.’ There were several she recognized and several she didn’t.

Doing some detective work, Sakura extrapolated a pattern in the patients who needed Dragon’sbane as a medication and used that knowledge to pull hard files and update the database. It was slow work that would take days, but it was easy and fast and Sakura felt herself learning as she muddled through the files. Everything she read made her a better doctor. Everything she studied made her more helpful to the people in her new home.

She read and worked until the sun was up and Kankuro stirred.

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“Don’t worry about it, man. She’s gonna love it,” Josh said giving Tyler a hug. He pats his chest, “Come on, buddy. I’ll be right there. You can do this.”

Tyler gave him a small smile but his eyes betrayed his nerves. He took a few deep breaths before heading towards the stage with Josh by his side.

“Let’s make this the best freaking night so far,” he said with determination.

He fistbumped Josh and took one last breath before bursting out onto the stage, ready to make you proud.


It has:
•An entire species that are polyamorous and its like treated really well not made out to be “wrong” at all
•Different sexualities and its just normal and accepted 100%
•Cool space adventures
•It’s honestly so good and actually realistic? About how different species might interact
•space lesbians what else do you need to know

Can I just say that I love my mutuals?

Literally everyone I follow who is commenting on this whole Jinmin thing is defending Jin. And damnit, I appreciate that.

Oh and for the record, if you think Jin is in the wrong for this, you’re wrong. It was a bit cringy, I agree, but I hope you all realize that Jin has been on the receiving end of that (and countless other) rude jokes since the beginning of time.

I agree with the belief that Jimin is Not a delicate flower that can’t handle shit, and how Rude of anyone to even imply that. He’s a strong and grownass MAN that has come so freaking far in his self confidence and for anyone to say that one of his best friends making a joke about this (DURING A GAME OF INSULTS AND PURPOSEFUL NEEDLING) would crush his soul or something is just beyond ridiculous.

Jin apologized, Jimin was Very clearly not upset, and their best friendship is intact.

(And if you’re really still pissed at Jin, go count all the times Jin has been called a pig, or fat, or ugly (bonus points for never getting any sort of apology), and then come back to me and we can talk.)

Chanyeol's rap in "Freal Luv" [rom]

Love is a high, we feelin’ alive
You lovin’ the size, I heureumeul ta
I give you more, You feelin’ the flow
You never let none of them bring down the vibe
Hustle to win, we be livin’ in sin
Makin’ us two of a kind
Saeroun gil, babe we got temples to build
Ain’t no haters can step to our grind
We got that empire mind
Hamkke cheoncheonhi olla
(That be freal)
Jinsiri dahneun sungan
Neukkyeobwa nuneul gama
(That be freal)
You be the bank on my side
Nothing but dimes
Let’s make a deal
Seoseohi pil kkumgwa hyeonsil
Nae soneul jabeumyeon together freal

I got WAY too in to FreakTown in just 24 hours. And yes, I altered Lenny’s design a bit because I wasn’t sure how to recreate his original design into my style :U

(WARNING! If you want to start watching this bc I drew fan art of it I want you to know there are MANY INSTANCES where bodily fluids are ingested. The show it’s self has a lot of vomit in it so if you have a weak stomach I would not recommend this show for you!)

Headcanon that Kanji is almost violently supportive of Yu and Naoto’s relationship, to the point where he makes both of their wedding garments from scratch about six times until they’re perfect.